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Kate Bosworth is Gorgeous... and Green!

Kate Bosworth is Gorgeous... and Green!

Kate Bosworth joins former Melrose Place star Daphne Zuniga and American Idol‘s Elliott Yamin in hosting the Global Green USA’s Gorgeous & Green event in San Francisco on Tuesday night.

The 25-year-old actress was eco-fabulous in a black minidress embellished with swirls of zipper-edged ruffles down the front. Custom-made by designer Phillip Lim, the dress consists solely of green materials.

Supportive of Global Green’s mission to fight climate change and protect coastal cities, Kate shared, “The more I learn about how far we have come, the more I am inspired and grateful to be a part of [Global Green] to help find solutions and to inspire other people.”

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Credit: SF Examiner; Photos: Wenn
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  • Oh dear

    She is not looking good here.
    Maybe it’s just that she insists on pursing her lips when she smiles. She has a beautiful smile, why doesn’t she use it? This closed mouth smile makes her look very severe.

  • mike


  • gerard Vandenberg

    On the other hand: SHE SUCKS TOO, folks!!

  • Yily

    what is her appeal really? she can’t act and have any talents whatsoever! of course she’s gorgeous but that can only take you so far. she’s kind of boring actually! never really interested about her. kate is so bland. i hope she’ll do something that will excite her fans!

  • closer

    This girl could’t be more superficial. I truly hate her. Don’t know why. It’s better if I don’t care but she’s pretending to be someone who she’s not, she thinks she’s more than someone else, she wears fur, she loves heaut couture…she’s no way ecological at all. She’s one of those who warms this planet. The hell, everyone in Hollywood does! To be “green” it’s necesarry to produce no waste (sorting), do not travel by plane, walking on foot (no car, even yhybrid one, no taxi, no train, no bus), eat products from near (no sushi from Japan), do not kill animals, no not use huge amount of electricity…behave like when we were just people living on this planet and regard it for being a beautiful place for living on it. There are many things we can’t do just because we’re too far. This industrial society is too far from nature and too stupid to stop this process. But we can try at least. And not only pretend we do like this stupid actress. This world is superficial and God knows that animals are much more smart than we are. They live in harmony with a nature. They don’t spoil water, one of the most precious thing in the world. They don’t spoil air. If we are so clever society how’s that possible we kill ourself by destroying place where we live? Everyone can try. But honestly I have no hope in change. We are too stupid to understand.

  • aaawwww

    shes’ gorgeous, I love Kate.

  • Natalie

    #5, she’s not superficial, she was accepted to an ivy league college… so what if she wears fur?the ones at PETA are superficial and brainless! And you, smarty pants, spelled haute couture wrong! you may not understand the whole meaning of haute couture, let me tell you, those clothes are art pieces… all hand made by very skilled workers in France or other places in Europe. you don’t know how special those pieces are and how delicate they are when you actually lay your eyes on them!
    so before you comment something, try and understand it first!
    I love Kate!

  • Ksss

    Oh, she’s so gorgeous! Anf tiny – wow! Little Tinker Bell! Love her!

  • Julien

    Wow this cheekbones!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Merrian

    How does being accepted into a ivy league (who will take anyone with money, actually and requires a lower sat score than my college did) make her not superficial? That doesn’t make any sense. Nor do any of her fans who only like her because she’s a skinny blonde who doesn’t threaten them.

  • bejeebus

    she is so washed out and insipid. i have never called anyone “vanilla” before and actually…she isn’t even vanilla. she wishes she was vanilla….what could we say she is? “white stock paper like”? that’s pretty boring….what about “dried elmer’s glue like”? wait that might be exciting to some people (and you know who you are)…i got it! she’s “drywall like”….that’s boring and it has a slightly offensive smell….perfect.

  • stopstartingfights

    She’s probably no more superficial than anyone else in Hollywood. She’s at an environmental benefit & you’re still criticizing her. If you don’t like her, just ignore her but don’t come here & spend time posting your negativity.

  • lafashionista

    That dress is gorgeous, you can’t really see it in the photos too well but it’s lovely. And good for Kate to support things like this, not too many celebs do this sort of thing any more…

  • Answer Guru

    I just love her! She is gorgeous!

  • mary

    uhmm, natalie, you can still be superficial and be accepted to an ivy league college. there’s really no correlation between the two at all. nice try though. everyone swings and misses sometimes.

  • betty

    I’m a big fan of Kate’s. I’ve seen and read many interviews and she’s anything but vanilla or superficial. I have to believe people who think otherwise aren’t too familiar with her. To #4, I saw THE GIRL IN THE PARK at TTIFF and was blown away by Kate’s performance. Needless to say, she’s beautiful. She’s got it all!

  • Gunnedah hobag

    Eye haight hur.

  • Joe

    She is something special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Joe

    She is something special!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Girl’s got class

    I think she’s classy and cute. She and Bloom made a really attractive couple – too bad it didn’t last.

  • dianel

    I just love her dress

  • Hm

    Her face looks funny. It looks like she got something done. Hmm…I miss the good ol’ days of Blue Crush.


    AGREE, ” MERRIAN ” AND ” MARY “, AND ” BEEJEBUS “……You guys said it all perfectly…..

  • @5

    What is wrong with eating sushi? Just because it originated in Japan doesn’t mean it’s been made there and shipped over here! The sushi we eat here may very well have been made from local ingredients (especially the fish).

    No one can be completely green. It’s about doing the best you can with your lifestyle situation. If you really wanted to be as green as possible you wouldn’t be wasting electricity by visiting celeb gossip sites.

    I do agree with you about the fur tho – it’s cruel and uneccessary. I guess she sold her soul to the fashion industry.

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    trying to impress leo

  • http://justjared hahahaha

    hope he stays 1000000000000000 miles away from this fame whore

  • Disturbed

    “the dress consists solely of green materials.”

    yea, and she’ll only wear it ONE time. How many times do average people wear outfits?

    LOL. It’s such a joke.