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Michael Lohan Launches Official Blog?

Michael Lohan Launches Official Blog?

Lindsay Lohan‘s father, Michael Lohan, purportedly launched his own blog titled “The Real Story with Michael Lohan“. His first entry continues to skewer his daughter’s friends, quotes Scripture from the Bible and publicly airs more of his family’s dirty laundry. Check it.

“Since this is my FIRST blog, let’s start off on the right foot. Let’s set up some guidelines and rules “to live by” if we are going to participate on this website! First of all, try your best to refrain from cursing, lying or baring [sic] false witness. I know this is hard for some of you, but try.

“What this website will bring to you is the TRUTH! Facts, most of which can and will be cooperated. I know a lot of people like to ‘feed the fire’ and then hide behind a false name, anonymity or represent themselves as a ‘source,’ a ‘close friend,’ or an ‘insider.’ But in truth, when it comes down to it, you aren’t fooling anyone but yourselves. Instead of looking from the outside in, you need to be looking within first.

“It’s easy to point fingers and be judgmental. The hard part is looking in the mirror and judging oneself. So please keep these things in mind, before you comment.

“Okay, so here we go… Today, on TMZ, my darling daughter Lindsay was asked for a comment in response to me saying, ‘Samantha is on drugs!’

Lindsay‘s only response was, ‘look at him!’

“WOW! Linds, how forthright! Let me ask you; was it me who was actually pictured in the train station with a bag full of prescription drugs? Do you see me out partying with Lindsay, my other children or having raging wars with her? Was it me who jumped out of a DJ booth and punched Lindsay when she was with Calum Best? Did I drive Lindsay around for hours in LA until she fell asleep and before I ran low on gas only to call the paps and sell pictures to them? Uh uh!

“As a matter of fact, I was the one who tried to keep those kinds of parasites away from Lindsay. Like the psycho stalker ‘AJ’s,’ the parasite publicist, the wanna be manager(s), the backstabbing bodyguards, and the not so helpful assistants and the in-laws from hell who spend their time getting high and robbing the victims of the 911 disaster relief fund.

“No, not me, nor my family!

“Sure, I made mistakes, but I righted the wrongs. I continue to hold myself accountable for everything I did and continue to do! I speak the truth! I love God and I love people who speak and know the truth!

“NONE of us are perfect, but we should strive to be as perfect as we can. Don’t use people, don’t lie about people, don’t bare false witness, don’t be envious or jealous and certainly don’t LIE!

“Remember, God is the TRUTH (John 14:6) and the devil is a liar (John 8:44). So you have two choices, represent God (the Truth) or the devil (a liar).

“So, if you want the REAL Story, and if you want to have a voice and hear the truth, join right in!

“May the wind be at your back and the light shine upon your life.”

Check out the supposed blog of Mike Lohan at

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  • Brittny


  • gerard Vandenberg

    For naive americans, THIS WILL DEFINITELY SAVE THEIR DAY, folks!!

  • anon

    I REFUSE to read any of this douchebag’s ravings. Loser!

  • anon

    Trying to make a buck off his daughter, as usual. He needs to get a job and buzz off.

  • anon

    loool he doesnt give up, does he?

  • cutiepie32

    He just doesnt get it. Dude, your daughter hates you and wants nothing at all to do with you, obviously for good reasons. Leave her alone!

  • sofia

    I can see where Lindsay got her “talent” for writing. The typos and grammatical errors made my eyes water!

  • erin


  • erin


  • alicia

    very strange family, why do they keep talking s h i t about each other on blogs??? cant they just fix their issues in private?

  • cal

    Sam never tells the truth, maybe now we will hear some.
    Can’t wait until Sam sues this guy and loses

  • ryan

    umm michael lohan is the reason lindsay is a substance abuser, lesbian man hater and prescription drug taker.

    the freak just wont leave her alone!

  • the_boyfriend

    lmao, the best thing i’ve read today.

  • Sheri

    I’m appalled that at his age he would go tit-for-tat with his own child like an immature teenager. He needs to keep his mouth shut and be a real parent to her. If he really is a Godly man, as he states, then he needs to just shut up and pray for Lindsay’s well-being …

  • mary

    uhh.. who cares?

  • grocks

    oh! please save lindsay from him!

  • Just Me

    Would someone PLEASE inform this fool and his coke-head daughter that no one CARES about who’s lying and who’s telling the truth as far as the Lohans are concerned. We just wish they would shut the hell up!

    Settle your family issues in private. Arguing through something as public as a blog makes you seem even more white-trash than usual, Michael.

  • caro

    why they dont pick up their phones and call each other or just trying a met………….no the lohans prefer talk by blogs so comfortable and really keep their privacy …..if lindsay really wants privacy this is a good way “say all your problems to the world” thats why she gives so many advices she is so intelligent!

  • Ashley

    What a horrible attention-loving ‘father’

  • Ashley

    What a horrible attention-loving ‘father’

  • god…

    save us fomo such crap. this is THE OPPOSITE OF CLASSY

  • dear god why?

    WHY? oh why, did god not make this hideous man i m p o t e n t.
    could have saved us all from this crap. They are the human version of s h i t throwing monkey’s. As much as Lindsay Lohan b i t c h e s about the paps all over her for pictures, &then bringing her fued to the internet? Is that not the same? Or is it just me? &then her loser father, why Jared do you post this crap? He is just a ex-con, with a big mouth. He’s so full of himself he wears tight pants just so people will notice his camel b a l l s.. It’s sickening (someone pointed it out, I went blind temporarily. ) He needs to go the f u c k away. A man of god would never sink this low. He’s so full of s h i t.

  • Freddie

    What a freak.

  • jon

    What an abhorrent excuse for a father. My respect for Lindsay grows by leaps every time this fool opens his mouth. The best thing Lindsay’s ever done is cut ties with him and choose a partner who not only loves her, but has a family that supports and respects each other.

  • damien

    dear michael: get a life

  • damien

    dear michael: get a life

  • kjdfjfkdj

    Wow what a creep!

  • sammy

    This people are weird and screwed up… that’s all i got to say

  • lauren

    no class.

  • Kara

    Okay all this is not classy.
    Lindsay can’t stop bashing him every week so I think he has the right to open a website to talk about it. Lindsay’s had a “teenager crisis” for a long time now, she should be more mature and stop talking about her private life, I guess he would have never opened that site.

  • gigi

    dear god,
    save this young child from her a$$hole father who has a love child he doesn’t own up to!

  • dee

    I think it’s really sad that a father would do this to his child. He is the grown up, he should try to mend his relationship with her but instead he is doing this. An attention seeker, trying to make money off of his daughter. It’s really sad.

  • fresh

    LMFAO i love these crazies. Her career is so over.

  • me me me

    what a freak. no wonder lindsay turned away from men. i respect her for refraining herself from shooting him or sth.

  • twilight.spirit

    iAgree with #10.
    iReally HATE this family ..
    iHate lindsay and iThink that she needs to just… donno maybe dissapper :(

  • cal

    wouldn’t you freak out if your daughter who had been arrested, in rehab three times in a year, was all over the tabloids hanging out with some druggie shemale? If she had a hot girlfiriend, it would be different. She can do better than slobson

  • cheninator

    im not american, so i havent heard of him, but what the hell is this guy famous for? except for being lindsay lohans father.

    judging by what i have read about him, he seems to just be a fame wh*re, he makes public apologises to his daughter, rather than do what normal people do and send emails or call them.

  • Snow White

    With a father like that, no wonder his daughter is a trainwreck. Im sick of these people, why dont they just disappear.

  • oompa loompa

    “Facts, most of which can and will be cooperated.” Um doesn’t he mean corroborated? Well now we know who taught Lindsay how (not) to spell. Did this guy ever finish 8th grade?

  • cal

    Lindsay went to high school in Mean Girls. lol she never graduated. Ronson is English, she things she knows everything. She can’t be bothered to become a citizen just loves to tell people how to vote and then abuses our court system with her stupid lawsuits. Let’s deport her.

  • twilight.spirit

    agree with u snow white .. that was exactly wat iWas saying
    they should go to hell .. they and thier stupid issus :s

  • cal

    Everyone tells the dad to leave Lindsay alone. If Sam gave two shits about her, she’d move along and let Lindsay be happy. Everyone doubts Sam’s control, but why does Lindsay follow Sam all over to DJ crap jobs when she should be working? why is she turning down movie roles to be with Sam? Sam only cares about herself and her bank book balance. Lindsay is young and should be out there living, not hanging out in dive bars and smoke filled drug clubs.
    Everybody else spend Christmas with family or on some great vacation, Lindsay is smoking outside a shitty bar. Such class.

  • This is AWFUL

    What an awful excuse for a father!

    I wonder if Lindsay could have been a star if she was not so damaged by White Oprah and Michael Lohan?

  • naty

    I heat this kind of person that love to talk about how close they are to God, but their action are very different than what they preach, dud get a f@#%%# live, and live your daughter alone.

  • lakers fan in boston

    what a famewhore, honestly i would never imagine that some1 could be such a famewhore as him, making ur own blog?!?! rofl
    dude even i no talking about ur own daughter, to boost what u think is fame, is so low
    now i may not like lindsay but u r a fucking douche either way, is this why some kids hate their parents
    and ur a perfect example dickhead

  • Jules

    If this “father” really cared about his family, he would do whatever he could to protect them, AND not do it in public like the media whore he is. News flash Michael, you can be a good father and not announce it in public. You can try to protect Lindsay and not try to ring another few dollars out of it. Every time you open your mouth, you just look like another money grubbing idiot father.

  • yup

    you know he kinda does have a point… he really is just defending himself and he is her father so he actually does what he does because he loves her. this samantha character on the other hand is shady. read the whole blog and give him a chance guys. as he said no one is perfect.. if your daughter was hanging around with a manipulating psycho wouldn’t you be worried and angry too??

  • Kim

    Who cares about him anyway????

  • bailey

    It’s a sad world when fathers and daughters publicly humiliate themselves for some unforeseen gain.

  • Gracie

    Please, someone tell me why anyone would give a sh** about what this a**hole has to say. Pleas all you sites stop talking about him. He is not relevent in the least.