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Jake Gyllenhaal Gets a Haircut!

Jake Gyllenhaal Gets a Haircut!

Reese Witherspoon and Jake Gyllenhaal shop at APC clothing store in West Hollywood on Saturday (January 24).

The couple came out empty-handed but walked to their car holding hands. And it looks like Jake got a haircut and finally cut his mane off!

The Devil Wears Prada star Anne Hathaway recently complimented Reese on her figure.

She said, “I don’t think it’s just Hollywood that gives out that message. As a society we put out these unrealistic body images to young women. But I’m a normal shape and Scarlett Johansson is not a skinny, skinny girl. Beyonce looks after herself and has a beautiful body. Reese [Witherspoon] looks great.” 10+ pics inside…

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jake gyllenhaal haircut 01
jake gyllenhaal haircut 02
jake gyllenhaal haircut 03
jake gyllenhaal haircut 04
jake gyllenhaal haircut 05
jake gyllenhaal haircut 06
jake gyllenhaal haircut 07
jake gyllenhaal haircut 08
jake gyllenhaal haircut 09
jake gyllenhaal haircut 10
jake gyllenhaal haircut 11
jake gyllenhaal haircut 12
jake gyllenhaal haircut 13

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • T

    he always has great hair

  • hahaha

    he even died his hair too. next thing you know he’ll change his name to Rob.

  • Natalie

    she looks normal.. average…. not great.

  • gerard Vandenberg


  • sarcasm

    They look so happy and in love!

  • Jughed

    great couple. love jake and reese :)

  • Jughed

    i also like how Jake is flipping off the paps in pic #3. hehe.

  • Beard Disease

    What do you mean “walked to their car holding hands”? WTF? LOL! No they didn’t. They held hands 2 steps out the door while the customers inside were watching then Jake let go as fast as he could as if Reese had scabies. She probably does LOL! Jared you really need to look at pics not just post them and print out the PR release. Oh wait, sorry. Thats what you get paid to do isn’t it.

  • Sad

    How long have they been married? Because that’s exactly what my parents looked like at their 35 year anniversary before they killed themselves.

  • coco

    oh please! anne hathaway is herself borderline anorexic skinny, she doth protest too much!

  • dayna

    Sorry guys, but I’m not feelin the chemistry between them at all. And Reese is nasty looking. I hate her clothes.

  • Kirsten Dunst

    Sorry Reese, the young bohemian look just makes you look like a ridiculous old unkempt midget.

  • jules

    Wow, Jakey Boy doesn’t look to happy to see the paps. Maybe he should seek a different profession. Last time I heard, this whole charade is part of being a Hollywood celebrity. It goes with the territory.

  • mjkbk

    Gee whiz, what was the temperature today in West Hollywood that forced Reese to wear a STOCKING CAP and a MUFFLER? 50 degrees maybe? Good thing it wasn’t any colder–she might’ve worn a SNOWSUIT. ;-)

  • weatherman

    It was 63F. in West Hollywood. Too bad it wasn’t any colder then she would have worn a ski mask over that fugly mug of hers.

  • Anita

    Who cares about the midget beside him. Thanks to God! He has a haircut and get rids of the beanie. It’s time he should think about getting rid of the one beside him, too!

  • http://Q Hortense

    Good that he has ditched the Musllim terrorist look. Now he has reverted to semi-American. PofP will be the defining movie in his career. If it makes lots of money he’ll be on easy street. If it bombs, one has to wonder what he will do next. He is far more popular with the gossip columnists than with movie goers. He doesn’t even rank in the top 100 of celebrities.

  • OpsSS!!!!


  • sven

    The midget norwegian troll look does look particularly ridiculous on Reese doesn’t it.

  • Ivana

    Finally without a knit cap …. i sincerely start to worry, what happen to his beautiful hair and now i can relief, it still there… prettier than ever…

  • Ivana

    Kirsten Dunst
    You had your chance…. :))))

  • Lucy

    Oh, my god! What was she thinking when she put that cap on, it looks ridicuolus on her, she problaby thinks she looks cool. I know it’s in fashion now and a lot of celebs wear it, but not all fashion items suit everybody. This is what happens when her stylist is not available and she has to decide what to wear by herself.

  • Lucy

    After seeing these pictures I think RW was miscast in Four Christmasses, I think she should have played an elf.

  • Paul

    I saw a picture of Jake the other day wearing a shirt similar to one of Reese’s and now I see her wearing his beenie and his scarf, what’s next, a sex change? I think soon will see Jake wearing her dresses and shoes(maybe he does at home already) and Reese wearing his trousers,well, I think she already is wearing the trousers in the relationship, anyway. Man, grow a pair.

  • salma

    omg reese looks so Fugly in thses pics jake looks so hot as always………………..

  • salma

    omgosh reese looks so Fugly in these pics jake looks hot as always
    agree with #11 i don’t feel the chimestry either

  • debra77

    I just don’t know… It is not great to judge people you don’t know..But here goes.. They both just don’t seem like a ball of fire. I mean they seem kind of boring and not much fun to be around. JMO

  • LolaSvelt

    Wow, he got a haircut.

    But I actually agree with her comment. I hate it when people always blame Hollywood because it’s the only thing they can blame. Blame people who give the wrong message.

  • http://Q Hortense

    they seem kind of boring and not much fun to be around. JMO

    Well I doubt they do drugs or get high, if that is what you mean by “fun”. By all accounts they are pretty ordinary in what they do, stay home nights, etc. Only of course she’s got oodles of money and he isn’t poor. But there is none of the obscene display of wealth of some people in Hollywood. Whatever they do or don’t do at night, they are probably among the very sane people in Hollywood.

  • http://Q Hortense

    One physical characteristic of Jake is that he has very long fingers. I suspect he is proud of them since he often manages to show them off as he does in one, at least, of these pictures.



  • yuck

    Reese Witherspoon looks bad, the woman is fugly and looks 45.
    Reese and Jake didn’t feel like working, no fake smiles for paparazzi this time!

  • Paul

    If that was my wife, I would be asking her, are you seriously living the house dressing like that?
    Hortense, How do you know they don’t get high at home? We don’t know what these people do at home, he could be hitting the bottle at night and we wouldn’t know,he must need it if he has to go to bed with her, I saw RW buying boxes of wine before Jake came back from London. What we see is only five mins. of their lives and only what they want us to see.

  • omg

    i love that colour on him! instead of his yucky mousy brown colour! wow..never used to like this guy, but he looks hotttttttttttttttttttttttttttttt!!!

  • Ivana

    During the schools days i saw many super cute guys with ugly and even fat girlfriends, one of these guys were my closest friend… when i ask him what he sees in her…. he answer me shortly … energy and personality. After that i want to shoot myself for even asking….:)))

  • Ivana

    * asked :)))

  • se

    What is the problem with this old women! She must walk with her toyboy with holding hands. She has Alzheimer’s disease!
    She looks like a garden dwarf!

  • se

    What a prostitute men make for money! They can sleep with the worst old woman to get money of them!
    When the children of Reese Witherspoon will grow up they will be embarassed of her mother.
    They will observe that It was another bad child (5 years lod young as she ) holding hands with her and he will make competition with them about her money too!

  • lindsay

    Yes, Ivana, but you don’t take your personality to bed, you take your body. In this particular case I think it’s all about money and power. Jake is atractted to this woman just because she’s got lots of money and she made it, won an oscar, etc.Plus, I think he is one of those men that like to have an easy life, he doesn’t have to pay rent or buy a house, I bet she pays for all the shopping, does all the cooking,buys his clothes,etc, just like a mother to him. He is only 28, in 10 years time he’ll probably be looking for a proper wife to have his own family, but for the moment, this is comfortable and good publicity for both of them.

  • la

    Jake looks like he is 50 and his hair looks like crap.

  • se

    Jake Gyllenhaal is a prostitute men! She would like the money of Reese Witherspoon and he would like to haved profit in this dirty Disney film.
    Prince of Persia make merchandise for Video Games. Video Games damage children and teenager. Thjey have lot of subliminar messages and they are violents. Video Games damage the concentration of teenager and children and when they had the addition to play with them, these games damge the concentration of them to study in school.

    What these dirty people of Hollywood make for MONEY!

  • Ivana

    I think that these two never get married…. they will continue their relationship, while they enjoy in each other company.

    Lindsay… true you don’t take your personality in bed, but when you first meet person her personality is one of important things that you attracted in first place..

  • mia

    did he dye his hair? it looks more auburn than it’s usual brown.

    i think he might be giving the finger. haha.

  • Ivana

    About buying his clothes…. his jeans, T-shirt and sweater are old one…
    I remember i used to see him with that clothes…
    Reese maybe pays bills and their visit to restaurants … :)))


    Reese Witherspoon is using Jake for publicity and “have it all” public image.
    Jake Gyllenhaal needs straight image.
    Business as usual in Hollywood.

  • wendy

    You can tell he’s not interested in her. Could he be more obvious? And she looks like a little sister tagging along.

  • ellie

    great looking couple, just love Jake & Reese. great actors.

  • Denise

    There are actors who don’t like having the paps around all the time. Jake and Reese looked perfectly happy until they came outside, it probably just felt like an infringement of their privacy.

  • Tony

    Yes, ellie, great actors, the act 24/7…..acting non stop.

  • Mark

    God, I would be sooo embarrassed to go out in the street holding hands with a woman who is looking like that,……wohhh. Is she going to a fancy dress party after?I think he looks a bit embarrassed,too.