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Orlando Bloom is Sympathy Shirtless

Orlando Bloom is Sympathy Shirtless

Orlando Bloom shows off his shirtless self during a filming break in downtown Los Angeles on Friday (January 30).

The 32-year-old British actor has been shooting his new dramedy, Sympathy for Delicious. Other than his shaggy new wig, Orly sported tattoos along his chest, torso and arms.

There’s tree branches growing out of Orlando Bloom‘s chest!

When Orly spotted the 15 photographers snapping his photo, he quickly ran back into his trailer.

15+ pictures inside of shirtless sexy Orlando Bloom

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orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 01
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 02
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 03
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 04
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 05
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 06
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 07
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 08
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 09
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 10
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 11
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 12
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 13
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 14
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 15
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 16
orlando bloom sympathy for delicious shirtless 17

Credit: Clint Brewer, Andy Johnstone; Photos: SplashNewsOnline, INFdaily
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  • Caduu, rio de janeiro

    Orlando Bloom has the hottest girlfriend in the world!
    Come to Brazil, Miranda Kerr!!!










    Personally, I thought Orli was WAY hotter as an elf. Yum!

  • allspice30

    There is a God and he answers prayers when we all prayed for him to loose the robe yesterday! He is soooo fine!

  • Hoodie

    He looks good! Love the tats!!

  • wow

    Someone worked out and became a greek god!

  • new-new rican

    Is that tattoo across his chest real? Or is it makeup for his film role? I hope ti’s real ’cause it definitely ads some sex appeal!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i thought he was doing a scooby doo movie
    who gets a tattoo of a tree, that’s almost as stupid as the tattoo of a bow on jessica’s butt crack

  • Jaz

    i remember having a HUGE crush on him when i was younger around the time pirates of the Caribbean and lord of the rings came out. i almost bought a life sized poster of him.

    he is going to regret that huge tattoo when he gets older. it looks good though.

  • marie

    It’s called makeup people……

  • Lookin’ Good

    I see someone’s been eating – and spending some quality time at the gym. Nice!

  • parker210

    He looks great- love his tats!

  • kirstie

    I think the sun tat is his only real one. He looks good.

  • more pics here….

    Some of the pics he has his eyes closed while on the phone and is using his hand to communicate…..Looks like he is having a very intimate conversation with someone…

    After you click on the link below, scroll down to post # 333 – pics posted by Stephanie – and it’s pics 10 -13

    Click on the pics to make them bigger and you can see his eyes are closed and his mouth is slightly open.

    Somebody is missing their girlfriend aren’t they?

  • em

    He looks awful and has lost much of his appeal. :-/

  • @ Jaz

    Those are called Henna Tattoos actually….they come off after a few days I think.

    Of course he may actually have someone really do the one on his chest once he is finished with the movie, you never know.

    Johnny Depp had his Captain Jack Sparrow tattoo done for real after he did the first Pirate movie.

  • OMG

    Holy Mother of God.
    He looks GORGEOUS!!!!
    I would love to volunteer to paint that tat on his chest every day.
    *runs off to take a cold shower*

  • Audra

    Henna tattoos? No way, they’re most likely the same type of stick on’s that the makeup people on ‘eastern promises’ used on VM.

    Plus you can see on the arm that has the two bands of ink it’s smudged/worn off, henna doesn’t smudge/wipe off.

    That said, he looks better now than in those first pictures we got. Maybe they found a decent wig.

  • Ouch!

    Oh my…
    I think he’s absolutely ugly, but big nipples are a major turn-on for me…
    I’m confused.

  • wow

    He’s doing this on purpose.
    First day =hair, and eye liner
    Second day = hair, eye liner and tight leather pants, but wearing a robe
    Third day = all of the above, but BARE CHEST!!!!
    He is teasing us!
    But baby sure does look good!
    Now I REALLY can’t wait for this movie.
    Ruffalo’s marketing plan of releasing hard body, rocker Orlando on his unsuspecting fandom is having the desired results, wouldn’t you say? ;)

  • anywho

    Yeah He looks hot! Way better then when he was nude in the Gran Canaria, way better. He looks like he is in way better shape than decamber too. lol. Im happy he is still working. This puts a smile on my face. Keep working OB. :D

  • Deb

    Looks like someone is hitting the gym lately.. did a girlfriend make you do it cause surely the gf is always fit and it’s a shame if the bf is looking saggy, or the movie required you to do so. Seriously, it’s good for bloom that he toned up.

  • @25

    I think a motion picture camera and a producer ‘made’ him do it. Makes sense to get in shape for a rock & roll singer type role. He’s slimmed down a bit but lacks real muscle tone. The muscle he had as Paris was better and leaner and more toned. Here, he’s just slimmed down a bit, but doesn’t look like he’s regularly at a gym, IMO.

    He’s been w/ Miranda since 2007, so it’s odd that he would start working out for her *now*, don’t you think?

  • sarah

    Wow! He’s still got a great body! :)

    F.Y.I. – The tree’s fake, the sun’s real.

  • @17

    you saddo- clutching at straws aintcha?? why on earth should it automatically be Miranda?? He knows TONS of people, and he doesnt look amazingly happy.. so yeah maybe it is randa lol, I have seen him happier on the phone before, in these pics he just looks a guy having an everyday conversation- this thread isnt about miranda kerr so shut the eff up for once please!!


    I’m glad he’s back from hiding and filming a movie ,he looks so yummy

  • ummmm

    @1-5, @17

    You get a thread with hot pictures of an in-shape shirtless Orlando and you come here to chat about the girlfirend. What is wrong with you people???

    Did you even look at the pictures? Or is OB not part of your agenda?

  • Jennifer

    I don’t think that is a real tattoo. Maybe it is for the movie.

  • @17

    Oh and his eyes are closed- erm blinking?? His mouth slightly open- erm hes TALKING- he laways uses his hands in conversation be it on the phone or one to one-Jesus you shippers or Team Kerr are a joke- what crap “evidence”- seriously you need to get a life! Miranda isnt in St Barts anymore, and shes off to Oz next week, so why would -ordinarily would he miss her? Think about what Ive said there.

    Please keep this thread about ORLANDO AND ORLANDO only, lets gush over his gorge body and how cool it is he is working at last- thats all we should be discussing, if you want to talk about fish face randa go to one of HER threads- understand???

  • Peskime

    I’m sorry, Orlando Bloom is about as sexy as bologna on white bread.
    His body is nothing to brag about and he has no lips.
    Thanks but no thanks.

  • tom

    He is so foul and a horrible actor.

  • @ 28 , 32

    I didn’t say he was talking to her, I said it looks like he was talking to “someone”.

    I said that it looks like he was missing his girlfriend. Who says the girlfriend he is missing is her? Who says she is his girlfriend?

    Other than him saying “she is my friend.”

    And guess what she just happens to be a girl, so automatically it’s his girlfriend, if she is around the correct age and happens to be a celebrity?

    I am not a Team – Kerr player!

    Nor do I wish the girlfriend in question was me!

    You want to ooogle him as a piece of meat be my guest.

    He is just a person people!

    He looks good as the character sure, whatever his character’s actual name is, anybody?


    Holy Mother Mary of God – now was not a good time for me to choose to be celebate for a week. Total cougar meat – totally. Damn, I almost forgot Chace Crawford!

  • Jaded

    LOL, henna tats have different colouring, they are more brownish shades. I am quite sure movie makers use a semi-permanent body paint for fake tats so they won’t have to re-paint them every time the actors take a shower. They also have to make sure it can’t be sweated off.

  • GUH!!!!

    He looks so freaking effable.
    Damn! When does this movie come out?
    Please film, edit, score, market and distribute in record time.

  • Ellie

    I think he would be hotter if he had better tattoos for this movie. Those aren’t screaming “bad arse rocker” to me. He looks cute though.

  • sharon

    god golly miss molly he is so HOT !!!!

  • dan

    he sucks

  • @41

    No, actually, he’s straight.
    Sorry to burst your bubble
    To each his own. But I think that he is extremely sexy. I like his lips. I’ve never been attracted to guys with pouty lips. They just don’t do it for me. I guess that’s one of teh reasons that I never found Brad Pitt sexy. Puffy lips on a man? Yuk.

  • josemiguel

    Put a damn tshirt on Orlando, nobody want to see your old bones.

  • @43

    Uhm, I do!
    And judging from the web response to these pics. So do a lot of others.
    I could stare at these pics all day, and be quite happy.

  • !

    I find myself completely unable to find a flaw in that body. Those abs are killer! And the fake tattoos look great too.
    Love the hair, it looks better than in the other pictures.

  • Annie


  • Ani

    Hey orlando, you really look like gangster now.

  • josemiguel

    @43 : I prefer my mens with a little meant in their bones, you know what I’m saying :D

    I just love a man with curves:

    Love and peace


  • drool

    I want to be that tree…… :p

  • @164

    Yummm…just yummmmmm