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Jessica Biel Falls For Fall Fashion

Jessica Biel Falls For Fall Fashion

Jessica Biel poses backstage at the William Rast Fall 2009 fashion show during Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week in the Tent at Bryant Park on Monday (February 16) in New York City.

After the show, Jessica and her boyfriend Justin Timberlake hung out together at Rose bar in downtown New York City.

Timberlake rocked the runway during the premiere of his William Rast fashion show while Jessica was sitting in the front row.

25+ pictures inside of Jessica Biel falling for fall fashion…

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jessica biel william rast fall 2009 01
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 02
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 03
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 04
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 05
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 06
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 07
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 08
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 09
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 10
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 11
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 12
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 13
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 14
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 15
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 16
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 17
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 18
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 19
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 20
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 21
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 22
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 23
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 24
jessica biel william rast fall 2009 25

Photos: Larry Busacca/Getty
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  • Jesse

    she’s soo freaking ugly for JT

  • Pff

    She has a funny face.

  • Jaguar

    I think she’d be better looking if she didn’t use so much filler in her upper lip. She and JT seem very happy, though.

  • http://ert@dol lola

    She is using him for publicity again! Seriously, she shoud start a career for herself but since she has no talent for anything she just follows him around everywhere…She is so ugly!

  • mela

    Her and her big fat fake upper lip.

  • marissa

    she is soo fucking fake. what a cling-on

  • marissa

    oh and she wants jt to go to the oscars with her..pathetic

  • JJ

    Her nose keeps getting smaller while her top lip getting bigger! She looks like she is 35 years old. I don’t get her appeal and Justin deserves much better!

  • JJ

    Her cheekbones look wider too

  • kT

    Her outfit is awful. Short skimpy dress with a rocker leather jacket with ugly man hobo shoes!

    Then there’s her face! *barf*

  • jenna

    holy shitt…I wore something like this in the early 90′s when I went clubbing!!! This is dreadful, but bringing me back to serious laughter. She needs a speaker to dance on…

  • Lívia

    she’s soo freaking ugly

  • rory

    ok…who cares about her when Emile is right by her side???:D

  • yeye

    I like her jacket but what the hell is she wearing with it? She has no style at all.

  • Gabi

    Jesus, why do you came here if you don’t like about her ¬¬’
    Go find something better to do then.

  • http://justjared ugly pig

    For god sake what has she done to her lips????????????

  • felixelgato

    she used to be so beautiful…now she looks like a clown

  • Katie

    she has the same lips to me…
    it’s weird when she smiles isn’t?

    but I still think she’s pretty, and of course she’s there with him…
    it’s her boyfriend and she went to support him, how is that use him?


  • marissa

    she is a user.

    why are people so naive now.

  • marissa

    and why do it bother people what we say? so what, everybody have a opinion.

    stop whining, when we disagree about something.

  • Blind item about Jessica

    Which actress pretends to loathe the paparazzi, but actually has her publicist call them to staged photo ops? Her unsuspecting celebrity boyfriend can’t understand how the paps know exactly when they will be walking the dog or going to the market or how they know every other private move the couple makes. Well, we’re going to provide Mr. Naïve with a big box full of clues. Your girlfriend is known as a successful TV actress, but her film career has been less than stellar. Since her own career and life isn’t interesting enough to warrant lots of attention from the paps, she needs you in the photos with her to guarantee publication. Every time you are going to do anything together, she makes that stealth cellular phone call to her PR flack, who in turn notifies the press

  • roja

    She’s natural, and beautiful, with just a little make-up

  • marissa

    she is fug

  • ladysdsandiego

    no wonder she never smiles. she looks so fucking ugly. i hate justin but he could do much better.

  • hottie

    While I agree her looks have gone downhill that last few years, look who her boyfriend is. Jessica has never been a beauty queen, but Justin is straight up ugly. He can’t help it. If blame is to be assessed, then look no further than his parents. When he first came on the music scene, he was a dork with highlights. Now he is a fugly, scrawny man with velcro for hair. IMO their looks are on par with one another, so I don’t think he could do better (appearance wise).

  • Seraphina

    As she gets older and her features change she is less pretty to me. I have never thought she had any fashion style whatsoever. JT needs to dress her – she surely cant.

  • http://justjared ugly pig

    With all that money(via Justin) you thing this ugly thing would hire a stylist her style is horrible she can never win what the hell is happening to her face ? I agree that she was cute and yeah had a hot body 4 years ago look at her now my god .

  • lakers fan in boston

    she looks really sexy, i just dont like the coat or whatever that is
    she’s been looking really nice lately, =]

  • marissa

    i agree ulgy pig

  • shialove!!

    something is wrong here….she used to be gorgeous and simple…now her outfit is ew ,and the hair aww my god awful

  • lisa


  • abby

    it looks like she didn’t even attempt to was her hair

    I have a feeling thier not going to last ! !
    Jessica and Justin friend look more like a couple

  • Fake nose and fake lips

    Jessica Biel is NOT natural! Her lips and nose are fake!

  • Abbie, here in seattle

    Hey, Jared!

    You never let the fans down, do you?


    We all LOVES you.

    Actor, Emile Hirsch, actually accompanied his long-time lady-friend, Brianna Domont, to JT’s show!

    So funny that pics show him ONLY with JT’s lady, Jessica. Nope, not true, hahaha.

    Are folks trying to stir up gossip about Emile and another woman?
    Because, if they are, he isn’t with another!

    He and Brianna are tight, no worries.

  • uptoolate

    dude…i think i just found Michael Jackson.

  • kbabe

    It’s too bad you have to sleep with famous men to get attention from papparazzi. This girl is very ugly and has no talent whatsoever. ENOUGH!

  • joey

    all people here are Jealous of Jessica Biel.

  • Custom T

    Does she even do anything beside suck the life out of JT?

  • sHAWN

    What is up with her cheeks? They look really different & not for the better.

  • taylor

    I used to think she was one of the most beautiful but as of late, not sure what’s happened? Seems like she’s not trying anymore. Hair needs a total makeover. She has the capability to look stunning, and it seems to put the aura out that “i’m so beautiful, I don’t even have to get ready and i still have JT”. I’m sure there’s more to their relationship than that, but what attracted him to you in the first place? You were on top of your game back then. i do think fondly of her & what she does for charity & I used to think they were a nicely suited match, but c’mon jessica, (best dressed-GQ vs worst dressed-Oscars?) step it up girl, don’t let him outshine you like that!