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Beyonce & Hugh Jackman Bring Back Musicals

Beyonce & Hugh Jackman Bring Back Musicals

Oscar host Hugh Jackman and singer Beyonce jazz up the 2009 Oscars with a Bubsy Berkley inspired stage performance on Sunday evening (February 22).

Together with real-life couples Zac Efron and Vanessa Hudgens (High School Musical) and Amanda Seyfried and Dominic Cooper (Mamma Mia!), the sixtet performed memorable songs from several musicals including Chicago and Moulin Rouge.

TELL JJ: What was your favorite performance of the night?

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Hugh Jackman & Beyonce – The Musical Is Back, 2009 Oscars, 02/22

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116 Responses to “Beyonce & Hugh Jackman Bring Back Musicals”

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  1. 76
    hugh rocked Says:

    Hugh really deserved that standing ovation after his first musical number. I hope he will be the Oscar host next year too.

  2. 77
    jay Says:

    Um just to let everybody know, Musicals Never Left….True Thespians already know that……

  3. 78
    Lindseyb8 Says:

    Hugh Jackman brought the class back to the Oscars that had been extremely lacking for the last few years. Not only was he extremely entertaining but exceptionally talented! Shame on those critics who thought otherwise. He was no Billy Crystal..HE WAS BETTER.

  4. 79
    Am Says:

    Did no one else notice that Beyonce was totally lip syncing???

    Hugh Jackman did a great job though!

  5. 80
    zanessa4life Says:

    Of course Zanessa was the best.
    Besides that I’m a huge fan I really think that they were incredible.
    They’ve got such a chemistry.
    Beautiful singers and dancers as well.
    Love them
    But have to admit that I loved Hugh Jackman too!
    He was great!

  6. 81
    Dominique Says:

    Hugh and Beyonce rocks! I really like the performance. Zac&Vanessa, Amanda&Dominica weren’e needed, Beyonce and Hugh totally stole the show and I was watching it only for them.

  7. 82
    lola Says:

    i really liked it, although i wish they had included defying gravity (from wicked) in there. it would have been so perfect, since they were talking about musicals being back and stuff.


    or even a popular reference would be nice.


    oh well, it was good nonetheless. i love musicals! :)

  8. 83
    emily Says:

    What a beautiful performance.

  9. 84
    Hello Says:

    Beyonce did sing live. She is just too good and perfect that one with lesser than average hearing abilities would mistaken that raw talent for pre-recored bull.

  10. 85
    palvasha Says:


  11. 86
    letmetellu Says:

    ok , i hate the high school musical stars, their so gay!!!! And i think musicals are gay too!!!!!

  12. 87
    gjc Says:

    Favorite? This performance!

  13. 88
    eyda Says:

    beyonce and hugh were amazing!!! vanessa and zack??? 10 seconds please guys…

  14. 89
    Natasha Says:

    I’m so out voted here but I thought Dominic & Amanda were cuter than Z&V, when everyone was stood there Dom & Amanda were looking at each each and holding hands where as Z&V just stood there till the camera was on them to be ‘couple-ly’.

    I though Hugh was AMAZING though. Great singing voice.

  15. 90
    msblknasty1 Says:

    @ 84 what planet are you on bey lip synch her ass off even mess up and they took the camera off of her … where was jay oh yea up rhi rhi ass lolol

  16. 91
    Arthur Says:

    That number and all the show was incredible and very dinamic (how supost to be every year)!

    Beyonce amazing and hot (wonderful singer)

    and Hugh Jackman is a very good entertainer!

  17. 92
    kris Says:

    i don’t get why everyone is saying “omgsh zanessa was amazing !!”
    don’t get me wrong i’m a fan of them both ..
    but Beyonce was just Wonderful!! her voice is amazing and flawless..
    V and Z sang like a couple of lines.. they certainly don’t deserve all the attention their getting from some of you fans..

    did any of you really even watch the performance. it was all about beyonce and hugh the real stars of the performance.

  18. 93
    Airika Says:

    Zanessa didn’t really need to be there.

    Hugh and Beyonce we’re amazing.

    “Pineapple Express” skit was still the best thing there.

  19. 94
    kasey11 Says:

    i love that video!! that part was def the best thing that happened!!!!

  20. 95
    someone Says:

    It was Beyonce and Hugh’s performance. Zanessa weren’t amazing. Are you kidding me? They sang a few lines from THEIR song. While as, Beyonce and Hugh sang pretty much everything. Zanessa, Amanda, and Dominic weren’t needed. They were more like back-up dancers.

    Love the performance, but it would have been much much much better without Zanessa, Amanda, and Dominic.

  21. 96
    Ashley Griffith Says:

    I am glad that i saw dominic and amanda and zac and vanessa i am really happy for them.

  22. 97
    Custom T Says:

    The performance at the beginning of the show when it was just Hugh was simply the best performance!

  23. 98
    lakers fan in boston Says:

    tbh this was one of the worst parts of the show
    i was really excited 2 see it, but it was just stupid
    vanessa and the douchebag only appeared for i swear less than a minute
    i usually dont like beyonce but she did ok
    i just didnt really think it was good as it was all hyped up 2 be
    really disappointed

  24. 99
    kathleen Says:

    It was all beautiful and one of the best oscar show i saw since 4 years lots of funny stuff. zac and vanessa look out standing in the musical and on the red carpet. i really like the dress she had on.
    zac look pretty handsome too.

  25. 100
    manuella Says:


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