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Jennifer Aniston's Vanity Fair Fairytale

Jennifer Aniston's Vanity Fair Fairytale

Jennifer Aniston gets her fairytale ending as she spends quality time with her boyfriend/musician John Mayer at the 2009 Vanity Fair Oscar Party hosted by Graydon Carter held at the Sunset Tower in West Hollywood on Sunday night (February 22).

The pretty pair also got cozy inside the party and smiled for photographers!

Jen, 40, also posed backstage with Oscar. Here’s looking at you kid!

25+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and John Mayer‘s Vanity Fair fairytale…

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jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 01
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 02
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 03
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 04
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 05
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 06
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 07
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 08
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 09
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 10
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 11
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 12
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 13
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 14
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 15
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 16
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 17
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 18
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 19
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 20
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 21
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 22
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 23
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 24
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 25
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 26
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 27
jennifer aniston john mayer vanity fair 28

Photos: Michael Buckner/Getty Images
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  • n.o.l.a

    AWWWW!!! Prom night. It’s nice that John took his mother..

  • a total fan

    I am still not sure what to think of this couple.

  • faye

    Her hair is a mess. Dress is ok, nothing new to the red carpet.

  • Georgette

    awww..she still thinks she’s at the prom.’re 40…not 18

  • jen and john go public

    he keeps looking for someone.

  • youwillmissme

    She looks great being 40!

  • thats_right

    oh my god why is she soooo ugly? what was Brad thinking when he got married to her? Well I’m glad he fixed his mistake.

  • zk

    Sorry to burst your bubble folks…..

    Check youtube for DeNiro’s Best Actor nom for Sean Penn….notice Chinny Maniston in the background glaring to her left… the BRANGE.

    Please spare me the ‘she’s over it’ nonsense…..every single gossip blogger goes on and on about her insecurities. I thought staring at the brange was disrespectful to John Mayer.

    Anyhow, she’s just in over her head, trying to play ball with the A-Listers. Wrong timing, wrong date. I thought she looked really desperate to “appear” over the brange when it was clear she is not. (and if the camera caught that one long glare, how many more were there?)

    I expect a breakup announcement to follow within 1 month. He served his purpose – to give the illusion she’s moved on.

    She was also super duper nervous standing in front of them, as she should be, presenting with Jack Black. She disrespected the oscar winner, talking to Jack Black during the acceptance speech – a big no-no.

    Sorry folks, but she ain’t oscar material….regardless of how many “Rachel Green buys a dog” movies she does…..

  • mertz

    so it’s too early to be a hater, but really one would think someone would tell her to take out that ugly braid…atleast then she’d have some wave. ugh. was she gooing for a grecian feel. what was she going for. i don’t mind her but that dress is not it, the hairstyle without the braid would have been better, and i know she usually does her makeup like that, but like many others have pointed out in other threads, TOO MUCH BLUSH! the guy is so unnatural. thom york is unnatural but he’s also a genious so it’s absolutely awesome. this guy makes me want to puke up my crispers.

  • Naomi

    Her and John Mayer look great together. She looks beautiful

  • jade

    Jared, Thanks so much for this thread.!!
    I love this beautiful couple together. These are the best pictures of them. They are in love and happy together.They both look so nice and
    comfortable together.

  • bet

    Jen and john were looking perfect. they look amazing. john and jen look very happy and very much in each other. john never let his eyes off of her, every time he see , he simile. he looks he is proud of her.

    she look radian t, gorgeous. strunning dress with stunning body , the body was flowless, all the curv to show. lover her.

  • grinch

    I bet she was on meds

  • mertz

    don’t forget pitt wanted kids/family and she didn’t cause she was career focused. yeah. so i hope her future is bright, but not as la douche’s baby momma. now that would be sad. way worse than your husband leaving you for apparently the hottest woman in the world. can you even imagine having john mayers baby. forget about his money when you contemplate that. ugh. throwing up while typing that shit.

  • Theodora

    Is she pregnant? Is that an engagement ring I see?

  • bet

    no one can say nothing wrong with her dress , it was perfect, she was really look stunning.

  • Joanne

    Such a stunning dress, she looked wonderful yesterday.

  • Malicious

    Is there even a single picture of him looking at her? Or is he afraid he wouldn’t be able to hold up the pretenses? John, you have let your fans down. I hope this is the final act. Now go hole up and detox all that fake PR while you work on your music again.

  • danz

    I must say, she looks a lot younger than 40. John doesn’t seem to be marriage material (not yet anyway) but they look cute together.
    I don’t understand why people have to make such cruel comments about Jennifer all the time. She never did anything to any of you personally so I don’t get why the bitterness is necessary.

  • loyal

    Yes, the dress was lovely but everything else was not. She looked awful and every bit her age. I am sorry but it is true. Even with that young dope on her arm, she looks 40.

  • dabu

    Dress was beautiful. Her hair and make up not so much. Still don’t understand what she sees in pee boy. Wonder if she is into golden showers also?

  • Imzadi

    She looks stunning and that dress is beautiful.

  • jen fan

    Beautiful pics of the two of them, both looking very happy and having fun. They bring a little sunshine into what usually seems to be such a formal, starchy event. Good on them.

  • dlisted

    To Jen,
    Please dump this douche bag. He is using you to advance his show.

    You are beautiful and rich. There are a lot of much better man than this guy. But there is nothing wrong with being a RICH BEAUTIFUL WOMAN.

  • bet

    She did not put too much time on her hair, which is perfect, that will take away from the dress.

  • jen fan

    Hi Jade,

    Well tons of pics on the web with the two of them, love the party they attended later as well, too sweet…. Very much in love with each other.

  • You/Me

    They look great together :-) I am glad all the bs is finally overwith and jen and brad can finally be happy with their other partners in public without everyone waiting for the “big drama”…lol..well everyone except the morons who are still trying to make there be “sides”…..
    Jen looks absolutely happy, and I wonder why idiots are making her sound “old” when she isn’t even as old as brad and angie is younger tha brad but no one makes a big deal out of brad dating a “younger woman” ….this isn’t the dark ages people, women are just as able to date younger men as men are ab;e to date younger women, geez. Besides, Jen’s “oldness” is most likely a lot hotter than many of the allegedly younger people on here…lmao…

  • bet


    go to other site and look he is all over her.

  • bet

    actully i heard that E! that Jen tell him “she love every inch of him” . love it

  • ej

    To #12 – You say that John couldn’y take his eyes off of Jennifer – well how come there isn’t even 1 pic in this batch (or any other that I have seen) that shows him looking at her at all? You never saw him looking at her during the show either. They are awkward together. Just liek the airport kiss. Why is she always looking at him like a lovesick puppy dog and he has this stupid grin on his face the entire time? He looks like he’s looking for his next date! What a joke and she continues to be more pathetic as the years go on.

  • Jennifer and Jack last night


  • ej

    To #29 – Were the microphones on her? How classless that she has to get down to Mayers level! Her age belies her immaturity!

  • bet

    in the party she is cinderela and he is her price charming.

  • ej

    To #28 – What “other site”? Be more specific!

  • jen at vanity fair party

    Did you all notice that everyone Jennifer tried to get a photo-opt with literally gave her the cold shoulder.

    Meryll had her back to her and Gwen had her arms around Christina Applegate and her shoulder towards Jen.

    Two photo-opt snubs was all maniston can take so she had to resort to making-out with the paid boyfriend to get her publicity. Classic d-lister move. Luvs it!

  • maryrowery

    I don’t like them together, something wrong here

  • bet

    go to popsurg, may be you will see the man is do not want to let her go. the chemstry between them is fire.

  • ej

    To #15 – Who wears an engagement ring on their index finger?

  • Victoria

    I agree with ej. Their body language is awkward and stilted and her head is tilted away from his ( experts will say that’s a sign she’s not connected to him.) They seem as if they’re play acting. Not gonna last. He’s trouble, but she may be too.

  • p.j

    I think they actually like eachother…shocker.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    that braid gives me a headache. and stars should prove that they were either nominated for an oscar or have been in an oscar nominated film to show up at such events. This is not the Emmys. This is the big time.

  • dianel

    John and Jen make the nicest couple her dress was beautiful

  • sillyme

    They don’t look like they match as a couple. Oh, well, maybe they’ll grow into it. She looks like his big sister…or older cousin.

    I would like to see her happy, though. I haven’t liked her movies lately, but she did pretty good in Marley and Me and He’s Just Not That Into You. I hope she sticks with comedy.

  • oh please!

    For those who say Aniston wants to move on, yeah right! She needs & loves the Brangelina triangle, it is what keeps her in the gossip magazines. Otherwise, if she didn’t she would have made sure her life would not be victimized by the press, but she allowed it and it is who she is today. I mean she is not remembered or talked about for her work (other than Rachel Green and it’s not about how great she was). So what else does she have? All Aniston offers her fans is a tanned body (that never have bore children I might add), bikini photos in Mexico, boytoy Mayer (because he is not Ashton Kutcher maturity), boring rcom’s, gossip rag articles and everlasting victomhood of being the scorned wife (seems to appeal to those who felt they were gilted by their own lovers). Everytime I see her I don’t see a scared, insecure woman who don’t know who she is or who she wants to be other than that out of reach vision in her whittle head.

    She should take her millions and do something out of the ordinary and become a real woman and not a teenaged thinking over the hill 40 year old.

  • oh please!

    Excuse the typo: Everytime I see her I see a scared

  • Ghost

    Anonymous ! You lying, slimy, pathetic , paid for freak !!!!!! You may have duped most of the idiots on this blog but your game is soon up. Not theirs. I can not imagine anyone here who actually believed this idiot. Zippy, you are in the loop about as much as a smelly turd !!! Keep saying the things you do and prove my point……

  • Malicious

    Okay, bet, I went to Popsugar and there was only one of Jennifer Aniston with John Mayer. It was a kiss on the cheek and you call that all over her? She even looked like she was cringing a little. On the other hand, check out the picture of John and Penelope Cruz. His eyes say it all, he would rather have been with her than his date. And please, do something about your grammar and spelling, you are difficult to understand.

  • badgirl101

    #21 comments never posted why?

  • http://justjared scroogenot

    wouldnt have watched if not for jennifer aniston!she was glowing,despite seeming a little on edge.Nice to know a real human with emotions in the middle of so much fakery known as hollyweird!!

  • palvasha