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Nadya Suleman Turns Down Free Help

Nadya Suleman Turns Down Free Help

Octo-mom Nadya Suleman is in high spirits as she goes to the medical center Monday afternoon (March 2) in Bellflower, CA, to visit her octuplets before returning home to play with her six other children.

Suleman visited a local window-tinting shop to prep her car to stay private. She has turned down the non-profit Angels in Waiting that offered a home and around-the-clock nursing care for all 14 of her children. The Los Angeles childcare group Angels in Waiting said that Suleman turned down the offer of help because she wanted to do a reality show around the children’s care.

25+ pictures inside of Nadya Suleman turning down help…

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  • ina

    I hate this woman. Her mom should kicks her out of the house.

  • Danielle

    i hope someone doesn’t cave in and offer her a reality show…which i just KNOW they will. with the sick world we live in.
    how could she just turn down help like that???!, she’s obviously mental and seeks fame. she doesn’t even care about the well-being of her kids, she just wants a 15 minute spotlight.

  • Danielle

    i hope someone doesn’t cave in and offer her a reality show…which i just KNOW they will. with the sick world we live in.
    how could she just turn down help like that???!, she’s obviously mental and seeks fame. she doesn’t even care about the well-being of her kids, she just wants a 15 minute spotlight.

  • DB

    She crazy!! I still don’t even get her!

  • DB

    She crazy!! I still don’t even get her!

  • NativeNYker

    Ok, I have had enough of the litter baring dimwit! For real. Cut us a break already. She is fucked up, we get it! But assuredly she isn’t the only one in these here united states…

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Pff

    What’s with her face!?

  • hahaha

    what as$wh0le gave her a tv show? was it that d!ck, Ryan Seacrest?

  • Jess

    What makes her think that anyone would support the idea of her getting a reality show. She’s shown nothing but selfishness. I just hope to God that her children are taken from her. They need to be with someone who cares about THEM, not the media.*sigh* We can only hope right?

  • bleh

    why are WE helping this NUT CASE !!!!!!

  • Lynn

    because she wants a REALITY SHOW and be famous blah blah blah and living on US! OUR SALARY OUR TAX!
    we are paying for this women and her kids!

  • Sam

    She needs Dr. Phil intervention once again.

  • boogie

    it will be interesting when and IF those babies are sent home—–where?

  • shay

    This is ridiculous, this woman doesn’t deserve anything. Children and youth services should investigate this airhead! I am so sick of seeing her face. I hope they don’t give her a show! This woman doesn’t deserve a uterus!!! I feel bad for her Mother and her children! And for countless taxpayers that are loosing their homes while this mindless twit is becoming famous!!! On our hard earned tax payments!!!!

  • loryn

    Jeez…I can’t afford a 24 oz coffee these days…I only have 3 kids…How does she do it? I thought she didn’t have any cash…
    What a joke..

  • Meg

    Stop writing about her! Don’t give her the attention she wants! She’s a sick lady and her children should be taken away. Don’t support her.

  • ann

    What a psychotic, plastic-surgery obsessed welfare FREAK

  • Marta

    stop posting about this psycho

  • Bubbaness

    She’s not a celebrity and not worth a second of the media’s time.

  • jimena

    why do you post this? we dont care about her
    shes not a celebrity

  • danielle

    My heart goes out to those poor kids.

  • girl5

    Jared why are you making her famous? Take her off of here!

  • Kat

    Please Jared!! No more stories about this lady!! All this media attention is disgusting!! I saw on Access Hollywood, they made a statement that they will no longer run stories on her. Unless there is a movie or something in which case they will “unfortunately have to cover it”. I have a whole new respect for that show!! Please join them!!! Stop posting stories on this horrible person!!! I’m sorry I even had to click on the story to be able to post this comment!!! Yeesh!

  • Carrie

    Jason Mesnick is a 20th Century pig and devoid of personal character to have dumped Melissa on television.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    Are most people that ugly in Bellflower, folks?

  • zzzz


  • Sue

    She wants all the freebies the Gosselins are STILL getting. What do people expect? I expect to see more of this kind of thing. If TLC wants to lavish every luxury and then some to the Gosselins, then they can do it for nadya too.
    They started this ball of wax rolling, so they need to continue to deal with it. As long as the gosselins are having their asses wiped by TLC, you will see more and more of this.

  • Nash

    What kind of mother would turn down that kind of help knowing that it can benifit her and her children just so she can have a reality show? isn’t she thinking of her children,and what about those poor babies that are stuck in the hospital.Babies,especially premature,have got to have love and attention from thier mother,how long does she stay with them and hour or two,that’s hardly enough.Usually it pains me to see a mother losing her children and seeing them be put in other homes,but maybe that is the best for them.Then again they might get seperated and never see each other again.All we can do is pray God that these children will make it out of this dillema.

  • a total fan

    ok I am watching tv right now and they are running a segment on this woman. It seems that this mother is not willing to do a reality but she is willing to do a documentary. In her mind there is a difference. Where a reality show could be tastless the documentary would be done in good taste. So I guess IMHO she is searching for some kind of fame.

  • benny mars

    A happy family!!!!!!!! Leave them alone.

  • benny mars

    A happy family!!!!!!!! Leave them alone.

  • ******

    I hope she does get a reality show. I think it would be the best thing for her and her children. She needs some kind of means to take care of her children. I’d hate for them all to be split up and end up in foster homes.

  • Halli


    She turns down FREE help in order to do a reality show.

    I am not surprised.

    We all know she is a pathological liar. She denies plastic surgery (yeah right) and she said she would never do a reality show becuase its “exploitation”.

    Now she turns it around and decides to do a reality show.

    Take those babies away from this woman.

    She is not Jon & Kate Plus 8. She is a walking tragedy.

  • jess

    #6, ok we get the women needs psychiatric help, but WHY ON EARTH would you call innocent babies bastards??? Maybe your the one who needs help too!

  • spicylily, thailand

    Jared, PLEASE …take this post down.
    I thought your website is pretty good but I do not understand why you keep posting this crazy woman.

    She is not a celebrity and she is not a good example for all counts.

    From across the continent.
    This woman is completely insane.
    She can not take care of her 16 children.

    She wants a reality show to sell them off and selling her life. ??
    Any morals or common senses ?

    This world already has over population.
    There’re millions of orphans and poverty is common in many countries.

    Why are you doing this ?

  • Sam

    she was on dr phil saying she wouldnt do a reality show because that would exploitation now shes changed her mind

  • She-whom-shall-not-be-named

    I don’t understand you ppl posting comments on this thread. I agree this woman has made some immoral decisons and she”s facing judgement by the public. Many of you accused her for making this media sensation surrounding her deliberate multiple births to pursue lucrative goals. Yet, now when you read that she hasn’t accepted any offers , you accuse her of not making her babies interest her top priority. It’s like there is no win situation here! What do you all want from this woman?

  • stepho

    Jared, why are you posting about this lowlife-good-for-nothing-money stealing person? seriously no one gives a crap. im sooooo sick of this woman!!!!

  • Anyone Surprised?

    She obviously just PROVED her real motivation- $$$ & Greed, Fame & Fortune- that is what this montrosity is after. IF she really was in it for her children and IF having the 8 was a “mistake” she now says she made in hindsight- she as well as any unemployed parent of 14 would JUMP at the chance for FREE round-the-clock-care! She is Vile, Vile, Vile. I only hope and pray that ALL of her children are removed from her care and placed in loving, stable homes- the children DID NOT ASK for this unstable woman as their mother- they are living a tragic circumstance!

  • RHONDa

    I doubt the doctors at the hospital are even going to release those babies to that nutcase.

  • http:/GPost Team Lara Croft

    This woman makes my blood boil! Take the kids away!

  • Re: #39

    #39: You are missing the point- she WANTS $$$, a public profile, high-priced “free” stuff like other multiple families- J&K+8= house, transportation, food, diapers/formula, toys, clothes, etc… all for FREE!

    She WANTS to live the free, easy adn rich lifestyle by EXPLOITING her octuplets and her circumstance(s)- this is why ppl. are OUTRAGED over this woman and her selfish, inconceivable choices!

    She did not take the Angels in Waiting “deal” because there was NOTHING in it for her- it was specifically and only geared towards the babies~! She has shown her “TRUE COLORS/ TRUE MOTIVATION(s) for sure! Disgraceful human being~

  • Gasol_fan16

    Yeah….But she is getting paid money for media wh*ring her ugly mug around.

  • Lily

    I hope she has a deal inked, ’cause once this gets out, it’s going to be even harder for her to get a deal (unless TLC has changed their mind about doing a show with her).

    This woman doesn’t deserve an ounce of help, but what’s terrible is that punished her will only punish those children, and they don’t deserve it. They didn’t ask to be put in this situation. :(

  • Lucas

    this woman is crazy. please California, take those kids away from her. some non profit (likely funded by some rich dead guy leaving them money) is willing to give her a free house and nurses to help her and she says no cause she wants to do a reality show. in other words, her fame is more important than her kids welfare. if ever there was a sign of ‘unfit’ this has to be it.
    her mother should ask to have this woman declared crazy and unfit, take the kids away and make momma in charge of all finances etc to prevent litter woman from having any more kids. and then maybe when she gets her head straight, gets a real job etc she can petition to get some of her kids back.

  • claire

    NO ONE CARES! people need to stop giving her attention, seriously.

  • claire

    NO ONE CARES! people need to stop giving her attention, seriously.

  • claire

    NO ONE CARES! people need to stop giving her attention, seriously.

  • ally

    When will every one quit picking on this woman? Yeah she messed up….so what….get over it. Your not the one who has to deal with 14 kids as a side effect of poor decision making. And all you mothers out there know how hard raising one child is! Imagine 14! Trust me she will get her full penalty in time. WITHOUT our help.

  • G

    Your not the one who has to deal with 14 kids as a side effect of poor decision making.

    It is obvious you have no idea what you are talking about Ally!!
    Maybe California tax payers can fill you in on all the bills they have to pay..
    left by this WH**E!
    Actually whether they want to or not..Your tax dollars will be feeding and clothing that monkey trolls!!