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Dita Von Teese is Triple Door Decadent

Dita Von Teese is Triple Door Decadent

Burlesque beauty Dita Von Teese performs her popular striptease act with her signature giant cocktail glass at the Triple Door in Seattle, Washington on Wednesday (April 1).

Hosting the evening was Murray Hill with special guests of the night including bombshells Angie Pontani and Ava Garter.

You can still buy $45 tickets for tonight’s show at $55 at the door. There’s two showings tonight — 7PM and 10PM.

10+ pictures inside of Triple Door decadent Dita Von Teese

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dita von teese triple door 01
dita von teese triple door 02
dita von teese triple door 03
dita von teese triple door 04
dita von teese triple door 05
dita von teese triple door 06
dita von teese triple door 07
dita von teese triple door 08
dita von teese triple door 09
dita von teese triple door 10
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Photos: Aaron D. Settipane/WENN
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  • sweetie

    beautiful! :-)

  • chewie

    Gorgeous costumes

  • jason

    Dita has great legs.

  • gerard Vandenberg

    ……………………………..naivity rules!!

  • Ava

    The detailing on her outfit is amazing.

  • Meka

    Who is this Drag Queen?!???

  • gullible

    OMG SHE’S AMAZING!!! Beautiful and its amazing that she takes her clothes of for a living and still has more CLASS than half of the young wannabe actresses and reality show whores out there.

  • pete

    Who is this gorgeous woman?

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    that dragy’s ug. horrible.. disgusting shape,. dirty – well known for smelling bad. ew.. i think it’s time for this square jawed guy to get a new routine.
    seriously, this stripping dude looks like robert z’dar’s (maniac cop) twin brother. hahahahaha..

  • robin

    I’d like to see her show.

  • way too easy

    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/02/2009 at 2:09 pm
    You’re too hard on your idol, Katie Homely.

  • Dusty

    @ 9 – Dita doesn’t have a square jaw. She has a soft jawline unlike your namesake who could cut a steak with her chin. Her outfits are extreme but understandable since she’s a stage performer and has a dramatic personality.

  • nysro

    HArd to tell anymore if it’s Dita , or what whore ass wannabe Katy Perry (and talentless..)

  • hello kitty

    I love the hot pink costume. It’s so pretty!

  • peanut

    Katy Perry does copy Dita Von Teese’s style, but how is it hard to tell between those two? They really don’t look much alike and Dita doesn’t sing.

  • lucy

    She looks pretty.

  • Aries

    Her cocktail dress is fucking gorgeous!

  • Aries

    Is it vintage?

  • paisley

    I wish she would go back to her long hair.

  • pokeman

    she has a small waist.

  • magda


  • crackberry

    She is looking luscious these days, super pretty I will never get used to the fact she actually married Manson, he just grosses me out

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    way too corny, please, try harder next time.. repeating the same boring line over and over again wins you no points. hahahahahaha..

  • kisses

    Dita looks fab, i love her hair, makes her look younger.

  • Joan

    I can’t believe she’s 35. She has the body of a 21 year old! I wonder what her workout secrets are?

  • wowza

    WOW this is in Seattle?

  • good news everyone

    She looks like a cross between Betty Page and Liz Taylor there.

  • cute

    so cute!

  • way too easy

    [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~] @ 04/02/2009 at 2:59
    Nope, you’re projecting and confusing your boring M.O. with everyone else’s. Points? Everyone knows you can’t count! lol

  • JenX

    Dita has the tiniest waist I’ve ever seen on an adult female. Is that all natural or has she had work done?

  • Mnemosyne

    She’s amazing :) gorgeous, glamorous and classy. And she’s wearing corset, JenX: she has an amazing hourglass figure, but not so dramatic.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    ugh.. c’mon, cunnyundrum. the corns getting cornier. oh well..
    strike 2. one more then – ‘newbie ignore’ list for you. 
    like many before you’ve begged for InFamous’s attention - you got it. be happy, take full advantage of the situation and make him laugh. okay.. now try again.

  • lakers fan in boston

    wtf does she do, i always hear about her and some giant cocktail glass
    she’s not really pretty at all
    and she’s 2 pale for my taste, as far as i go in paleness is like anne hathaway

  • guy lafleur

    Yes Gullible,
    That video where she takes that black dildo at the end of those high heels booth sure was classy.

    Although the one where she and a tranny looking blond are taking both ends of a 3 ft double ended dong is probably just as classy.

    But yeah, she does look less sleazy than Britney, Xtina and the skanks of Hollyweird.

  • Anna

    she is the true showgirl. the orange looks amazing on her. perfect.

  • FIlipino Jobs

    That beauty and sexy body is perfect for the show. I wonder those other commenter on the kind of woman they consider as beautiful.

  • Sal minio

    I passed 100 people on the street and asked if they knew who the hell Dita Von Teese was. Nobody knew.

  • jrayle

    Everything about her is fake, ugly, pretentious, unfashionable to the extreme, and plain boring.
    I don’t think beauty means being pasty-white and wearing circa 1840′s costumes!
    Undeserving of attention

  • Lana

    You guys are morons! It’s a damn corset not her natural waistline. If you’re gonna gawk over her and her work like a bunch of sheep, look into her background and the inspiration that came along with it!

    By the way, she looks like a tranny with too much glitter and her act is so 8 years ago.

    When will we ever get back to appreciating REAL talent, not a bunch of glossy strippers?

  • Lana

    Oh, and to all the haters hating on white people calling them “pasty” – get the fuck over it! This is AMERICA, not oompa loompa ville! Not everyone has to be orange inorder to look beautiful.

  • MMA

    She is so beautiful!

  • chris

    Don’t she feels stupid copying off of Natalie Wood from that stripper movie. Box hips and of course expressionless.

  • chris

    She is a fake and a copycat wannabe. The women from the 40′s were not that cheap and tacky. And she wears body paint to cover her spots just like bimbo Marilyn Monroe did. Who could really take this act seriously. She’s too old to be taking her clothes off for any Tom, Dick and Harry. Real lady like. She must be a Jekyll and Hyde character. Slut vs. lady.