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Hugh Jackman is a Popscicle Parent

Hugh Jackman is a Popscicle Parent

Hugh Jackman treats his kids Oscar, 9, and daughter Ava, 3, to some cold treats while mom Deborra Lee Furness watched on Thursday afternoon (May 21) at the West Side Park in New York City.

The 40-year-old Aussie actor hasn’t been updating his Twitter recently with good reason. Last week, Hugh tweeted, “Hey-Sorry, I have been quiet. spending much needed time with the deb and the kids.”

15+ pictures inside of Hugh Jackman spending time with his family at the park…

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  • HockeyGurL

    his kids are adorable, hes also HOT


    am i the only one who thinks hugh jackman is gay?? he’s waaay more attractive than his wife & he LOVES show tunes…its all just a little suspect. BUT i still love his sexy body! lol

  • Mark


  • Anna

    Oscar is so similar to Hugh. I can’t believe he’s adopted! :)

  • Anna

    “The Deb”??? WTF?? like “the thing”?

  • snoopy

    I don’t see what that has to do with a person’s sexuality.

  • Tanner

    Is Hugh the ideal Father figure? First he banks millions on a hit blockbuster, then he gives coffee and donuts to everyone who waited in line, he always looks good, and he knows when to take time off of work to spend with his family.

    Viva la Hugh?!

  • Saudia

    very cute

  • janelle

    I think Hugh is just not shallow. He seems to be more into inner beauty which is a good thing. His kids are super cute and I’m sure he is a great father. I met him briefly at the Wolverine Premiere. He was so sweet to everyone.

  • jake

    His kids are lucky to have him. He is such an involved father. I wish my father was like that when I was young. He left us.

  • parisgirl

    @ #4
    I agree, Hugh and Oscar do look alike lol.

  • xmen

    his wolverine movie sucked but his kids are both adorable.

  • Liza

    Hugh is absolutely wonderful. Deb is just way too old for him. She must be a “mother figure” to him.

  • sade

    Deb is only 9 years older than Jack…hardly old enough to be his mother. Deb is 49. Younger than Madonna and only three years older than Demi Moore. Her age difference is no different than Ashley Judd and her husband OR Halle Berry and her baby daddy. So get over it.

    If she had a sleeker figure she would look much younger…but, this is why I love this family. Deb is very pretty – not Hollywood starlet thin, but pretty. Hugdh loves his wife – it’s obvious and loves his family. You never hear drama out of this family and it is so refreshing.

    Now if you want to talk about a wife old enough to be her husbands mother thne you should point a finger at Demi Moore. Better yet there is the gross Madonna at 51 years old and her 23 year old boyfriend.

  • James

    Deb looks so old… and she really does look like she could be his mother. I can understand why Ashton went for Demi… She actually still looks young and HOT.

  • Sarah

    What is a 52 year old woman like Deb doing with a 3 year old daughter??? Playing “grandma”???

  • Burgess

    @sade: Sorry Sade but she’s 53, but she’s still an amazing woman and they love each other and they’re a great family.

  • [~☆Fug Face Man!ston☆~]

    coolest guy in hollywood. i see him on west street all the time and he’s always chill.

  • Ethan

    Do you actually all know Deb personally???

    She seems rather foolish to be a mother to a 3 year old at her old age. Hugh may be in love with her because she is a nice person, but I question her judgment. There are a lot of kind people in this world. Deb is not the only one.

  • sienna

    deborra is disgusting as usual and hugh is gorgeous as usual!!!! hugh deserves someone much better than this old,ugly, stupid woman

  • Fergie Fan !

    I just can’t see his babies ! I CAN’T STOP LOOKING AT HIM !

  • mimilala

    You people that judge this woman only because she does not meet the Hollywood beauty standard are disgusting. She is NOT in Hollywood…judge the people who are and who make it their life, if you must.

    That said…Hugh is the HOTTEST poppa out there! He seems like such a wonderful father.

  • JohnnyNacho

    Hugh Jackman loves his wife because ______________??? 20 pts to the person with the best answer!!!

  • gracemarie


    Just at the moment I thought the posters at JJ and JJJ had reached heights of stupidity that have yet to seen in some parts of the world a bunch of you come on and show that there is no limits to ignorance, prejudice and just plain nastiness.

    THere are more men than I can count in Hollywood in their 60′s with young children and 20 something year old wives. Debbie is 9 years older that Hugh hardly a milenium and having a child at 49 is not exactly a crime.

    But beyond that all you do is show how unhappy you are in your relationships if you have one which I doubt by your remarks.

    In the end Hugh loves his wife and no matter what she looks like to you she makes him happy – something I’m sure a good portion of you have no idea how to do even for yourselves.

  • kimberly

    Did she play one of the witches in the Disney movie, Hocus Pocus? I heard she is also an actress.

  • Carla


    Well his mother did abandon him when he was 8, so maybe that’s why he likes old women.

  • vivian


  • snoopy

    she didn’t exactly abandon him. she kept in touch with her kids. I’ve seen jackman and his mother together and they seem to have a good relationship, and he always talks about her with a great deal of affection.

  • tj

    Love how this family revolves around everyday routines. Hugh is a big star, but you don’t see him carting around gigantic bodyguards just to go workout or shopping like Tomkat.

  • Christine


    He married her because He’s gay and needed a ‘wife front’ so that he can still get ‘manly man’ roles, just like Tom Cruise.

  • alex


    Hugh is a hot man and you got to respect the fact that he is with her b/c he loves her and they were high school sweethearts. Good for him, he doesn’t need some hot bimbo.

  • lucy

    i want hugh jackman.
    divorce your husband, hugh and come with me.

  • april

    she looks like ivana trump…

  • Jessie


    uhm, because he has a wrinkled laundry fetish? He likes his women with, “Righ droopy swingers?” He’s legally blind? She has a lovely personality?

  • sarah

    It’s only natural that people comment on Deb’s age, she may be only
    9 years older than Hugh but she LOOKS 20 years older, he looks fantastic for 40 and she hasn’t aged well.

    I know people who have met her and they say she is VERY bossy and
    opinionated, because Hugh’s mother left the family when he was young maybe she is a maternal figure for him.

    I know he loves his wife but I can’t help but imagine how he
    would look with a hot young woman who enjoys the same type
    of things as him, he loves the sea but you never ever see Deb
    swimming and she is always dressed in dreary black clothes.

  • aimee

    Who cares if Hugh is gay or not. Nobody’s business really!!!
    What is great about Hugh is that he is totally into his family. Non of this huge-azz bodyguard stuff. Just him, his wife and kids.
    The difference between Hugh and the crazy Tiny-Tom Cruise, is the public and fans LOVE Hugh Jackman AND Hugh is multi-talented. Crazy Tiny-Tom is a alien loving freak show who is in love with himself.

  • jASON

    When they got married they were both poor so no pre-nup, now if he leaves, he has to give half to her!


  • jASON


    he doesn’t know any better….

  • allyson

    The Jackmans!!!!!!! One of the favorite “Hollywood” families. Along with Ben and Jen Affleck and of course the Jolie-Pitts!!!!

  • Correction Ho….


    SHE IS 13 YEARS OLDER THAN HUGH!!!!! She was born in 1955 (The year James Dean died). She graduated from High School in 1973! I know most of you fell asleep during math class, but does anyone remember how to do basic addition? Hugh is 40. 40 + 13 = 53.


  • sonny

    I agree, Hugh is a wonderful family man. You can tell he LOVES being out with Deb and the kids. No calling the paps or pimping the kids out for extra exposure like media hos Katie and Tom. Hugh kids ALWAYS look happy and are having fun!!!!!

  • whatever!!!


    Oh please, at least Suri is pretty! And I don’t believe Katie pimps her daugther out, she a just very pretty child, looks better than this rag doll. The media is just obsessed with Suri.

  • julia


    because he’s blind! Seriously, his bio on says he’s near-sighted and can’t see very well.

  • ellie’

    Hugh Jackman you are a wonderful father, its so nice to see such a hands on Dad like Tom Cruise..

  • Jane


    because under all those wrinkles is a beautiful princess imprisoned in her skin by a spell only Harry Potter can break!

  • aussie_hottie


    Mate, us aussie chicks are still trying to figure it out.

  • bobby

    If it worked for Randy Travis, why not give the fake marriage a try!!!!

  • shawn

    They should have casted his wife as Wolverine…lol

  • allison

    they’re soulmates, how many of you haters have found your soulmate?

  • bradley

    Why the hell are they feeding that child junk food, full of high fructose corn syrup? She’s already chubby for her age, and will more than likely be fat like her mom when she gets older! Bad parents!