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Rachel McAdams: Good Morning, Glory!

Rachel McAdams: Good Morning, Glory!

Rachel McAdams and costar Harrison Ford continue to film scenes together for their latest flick Morning Glory in Lower Manhattan, NYC on Sunday morning (June 28).

McAdams, 30, and Ford, 66, were first spotted shooting together early last week.

Jeff Goldblum and Harrison Ford were both subjects of false rumors that they had died (following Michael Jackson‘s death). For Goldblum, it was suggested he fell to his death while filming a movie in New Zealand. Ford supposedly disappeared while on a boat in the French Riviera. Despite these false rumors, both are alive and well.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel McAdams: Good Morning, Glory!…

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  • helen

    He’s pretty damn hot for a guy pushing 70.

  • Susie

    Looking good Harrison! And Rachel! I miss her with Josh Lucas!! And Ryan Gosling!

  • Morning Glory

    I love Rachel!

    I miss pictures of her and Josh Lucas! They are so cute together! Why are they hiding?

    But I respect their privacy, especially since there are so many pictures of her filming now.

  • Penny0212

    Agree completely! LUV Josh & Rachel! :-)

  • Harrison Fan

    It’s nice to see Harrison Ford is alive and well. I’m really looking forward to see him in another comedy– he also looks great.

  • juno

    come on jared—i want pictures of josh and rachel. im tired of seeing her in these ugly suits filming her movie everyday. different day, different ugly suit. harrison is damn hot for being in his 60s, but he doesnt compare to josh!

  • Nahla

    Rachel is one of my favorite actresses. She’s so beautiful, she has the prettiest smile ever! <3 LOL @ the death rumors, people invent so much bullsh*it over the web! Oh I LOOOOOVE Jeff Goldblum, he’s so damn HOT for an old man! <3

  • dancer

    Harrison looking good – in fact all the men in this film are looking good!!

  • mailey

    RMac is kinda washed up. She had like 2 successful movies – The Notebook and Mean Girls. The rest of her stuff bombs.

  • clubbber

    Maybe Josh and Rachel are done!!! Haven’t seen hide nor hair of them together for awhile???

    There have been sightings of them solo though??

  • I think you are right 10

    I thought the same thing 10. I looked around, and the last sighting and picture of them was 2 months ago. The paparazzi would have photographed them in the last 2 months if they were still together. Looks like they broke up!

  • Kendra

    Josh is a sweetie. Everytime Sweet Home Alabama is on I have to stop and watch it.

  • Indiana Jones Volume 10


  • H2O

    Yeah I totally love Rachel and Josh to

  • Annie Hall

    Where is Diane Keaton?

  • irish girl

    She looks quite “mature” in these photos. Do you think there’s any truth to the (old) rumours that she is way older than she admits?

  • megawatt

    There’s evidence posted to say that she’s 30 yrs…and not older as the rumours state.

    Yeah anyway, so whats up with Josh and Rachel…are they still together or what???

  • ok

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  • Santi

    Irish Girl, some stan went as far to get her birth certificate to prove that she is 30. I don’t know, I saw it on some site but it proved she’s not lying unless it was forged. She does look older but I think it’s because she looks anorexic.

    Posters above are right, her wardrobe has been boring for this movie and her and Josh Lucas are so done. A return of McGosling??!! :D <3

  • RDJ

    Rachel and Josh are adorable.
    I loved the bike riding pictures.
    We need more of those.

  • khm_chicago

    me too, I like her with Josh also. when is this movie coming out?

  • carvelle

    Hey she wears what wardrobe tells her to wear, and her hair is styled the way her stylists does it…don’t go off your rags if you don’t like the way her character is styled and dressed for a movie.

    And funny how the Rachel and Josh fans are trying to shift the focus away from the status of their relationship, I am like the others wondering if she is still with Josh or not??

  • obvious?

    Isn’t it pretty obvious that she’s not with Josh anymore? I thought it was. They were seen together alot after they went public and now they haven’t been seen together in over 2 months. Like I said, obvious.

  • I love Rachel and Josh

    Josh is hot. Love them both!

  • Right on

    I agree with you #23. It is pretty obvious.

  • ;) wowza

    Harrison Ford looks great in those sunglasses!!!

  • Kasey

    Rachael & Josh broke up?????? I liked them together. Sad.


    She’s a plain jane, nothing wrong with that. Good to see average looking girls in Hollywood..

  • Arielle

    Rachel is so pretty. I like Harrison’s purple tie!

    It has been awhile since she was last seen with Josh Lucas. Time flies. They looked happy together but guess it didn’t work out – I thought it would last longer than a few months.

  • anoint

    I like how Rachel is the youngest of this cast and yet she is the lead, amongst some of the best in this film. Love the cast and love her. As for her and Josh so sad if they have broken up!!

  • beni


  • Lena

    josh>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>ryan, but it doesn’t matter since it looks like she’s broken up with them both!

  • Film2TV

    There were reports in early May, which is around the last time there were pictures of the couple that came out saying she was happy to be single. I kinda wonder if he was just a rebound romance or a friends with benefits sorta deal.

  • swing

    love Ford but not McAdams…she is Zzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

  • gibbs

    she took a hiatus from Hollywood and she came back but her movies are not doing well

  • ….

    She’s not a good actress and her rotating bf’s get more
    attention than her work.

  • NO!!!!!

    Rachel & Josh aren’t together anymore? Maybe she’s just busy with her movie? I have a hard time beleiving they broke up when they looked so happy! Geez, Hollywood couples are just not meant to be.

  • ellie’

    Hes still one of the best actors ever.

  • carey

    Meh…he’s alright, nothing great, and “definitely” not one of the best ever, or he would be talked about more…but you nary hear a peep about him, except for Sweet Home Alabama!!!

  • mari

    Rachel still love Ryan!

  • Mine that Bird ’09

    awwww— I hope Rachel and Josh are still together. They are my favorites couple— we love them!

  • Jonaslvr247

    omg i saw rachel filming this on monday i was able to meet her and she was so nice! i cant wait to see this movie

  • Suppress your appetite

    she looks lovely

  • Dottie

    what does Rachel say when she is at that guys office something about not knowing when a guy likes her until his pants are around his ankles and shes like oh you dident want to see my cd collection.. i really want to know what she said exactly cuz that part was hilarious!!