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500 Summer Days of Miranda Kerr

500 Summer Days of Miranda Kerr

Miranda Kerr attends a special screening of 500 Days Of Summer at NYC’s Tribeca Grand Screening Room on Thursday night (July 9).

Synopsis: Tom, the boy, (Joseph Gordon-Levitt) still believes, even in this cynical modern world, in the notion of a transforming, cosmically destined, lightning-strikes-once kind of love. Summer, the girl, (Zooey Deschanel) doesn’t. Not at all. But that doesn’t stop Tom from going after her, again and again, like a modern Don Quixote, with all his might and courage. Suddenly, Tom is in love not just with a lovely, witty, intelligent woman – not that he minds any of that — but with the very idea of Summer, the very idea of a love that still has the power to shock the heart and stop the world.

500 Days Of Summer will be a limited platform release starting on Friday, July 17. Watch the trailer at

FYI: Miranda is toting around the brown and nude ombre Prada handbag with silver and gold hardware.

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miranda kerr 500 days of summer 02
miranda kerr 500 days of summer 03
miranda kerr 500 days of summer 04
miranda kerr 500 days of summer 05

Credit: Johns PkI; Photos: SplashNewsOnline
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  • http://h ashleigh

    sounds like a crappy movie

  • Annita cox

    I never heard of this girl but I’d like to hear her in my bed at night

  • http://h ashleigh

    and 1st

  • yusef

    As expected… another post from JustJared lol

    JustJared has a thing for mediocre skinny/anorexic starlets from OZ lol

  • karenina

    omg i scared i thought it was a documental of miranda and her 500 summer days..

  • Lalique

    Try this at home. Start with flat feet on the floor, then gradually raise your heels while balancing on your toes until your feet look like Miranda’s in Photo #3. Now, tell me, can you walk more than two steps???????????

    STOP THE INSANITY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Cecilia

    Aww she’s pretty ! I love her jacket !

  • unhealthy

    she is scarily skinny… she would look so much cuter with an extra 10 pounds on her frame… sorry, but she looks unhealthy.

  • :)

    I as well LOVE her jacket… anyone know who makes it?

  • amuzed

    This model has the body of most of those skinny/anorexic HF girls, but damn, girl didn’t even walk a single HF show in NY/Paris/Milan/Germany.

    Oh wait… JustCavalli only i think lol

    Just a shame that you have a sick skinny bordeline anorexic body, but can’t make a twice appearance on HF shows!

    Girl, VS girls are known for having curves! But you only have BONES and SKINS!

  • @wh*relando fans

    Yo anyone noticed why the two much publicized GF/FB of Horlando are borderline anorexics… must be coincidence!

  • irish girl

    She looks gorgeous in that colur.
    I agree with the other posts, she is too skinny. I find it ridiculous that Victoria’s Secret models are considered “voluptuous”. Most are rail thin and have to stick their boney rears out to look like they have an a**.

  • yeah


    Truth is, since Gisele’s departure in 2007, VS has gone downhill! The interest with VS nowadays pales in comparison as with what it had in the previous years, especially now that VS is struggling financially! The prestige with VS is long gone!

    They’re just picking models left and right, mostly commercial/men’s mags type of models!

  • So lovely…..

    Miranda is stunningly beautiful, no airbrushing needed for this gorgeous
    girl…….pink is her colour, love the jacket, shoes and bag……all the negative comments sound like the same person posting over and over again……jealous much???…

  • sally

    It’s a gorgeous look. Classic and very elegant. She is very sofisticated, very classy in these pics.

  • brina

    she looks gorgoeus, a lovely shade of pink and nice jeans very classy and elegant yet relaxed

  • http://deleted @so lovely

    honey, every post which features miranda has a comment on the first page which has the same adjectives, same construction and same punctuation, its almost like you are using a template?

    The comments above yours don’t sound like the same person, they have a different style and construction from each other

    @Wh*relando fans – thats a very good point!

  • wow

    She looks absolutely gorgeous!

  • lills

    I like the look, especially the color and style of the jacket….. but she’s still a no-mark.

  • marie

    lol @13, every company is struggling financially.

  • yeah

    @so flovely

    so you’re saying i’m jealous because i said VS has gone downhill since the departure of Gisele and by choosing commercial/men’s mags type of models? lol

    btw, isn’t that the case with VS now?

    not everyone will like VS angels precisely Kerr, so anyone who is voicing opinion about Kerr or VS in general is not jealous as you may think. besides, if you think everyone here is jealous about Kerr, how about the other angels whom imo is far above Kerr, aren’t they also entitled to some jealousy’coughs’ ‘coughs’ comments from other posters?

    wake up! you just can’t label anyone who posts on JJ as jealous. there are a lot of other models ‘coughs’ ‘coughs’ who deserve an amount of ‘jealousy’ ‘coughs3x’ from posters, though jealousy is a crime!

  • LOL!!

    Well, I see that sweet-bee has found this thread already.
    What do you do? Sit on the internet all day searching for Miranda news just so you can lob the same, tired old insults on EVERY thread? Poor sad girl.
    Come on, at least have a little imagination.

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  • FYI-Orlando-loves-delphi-loons

    She needs to get over her Amanda Bynes obsession and copy someone else. Maybe someone with real style. And the bleached eyebrows have to go.

    @so lovely – the paps airbrush her candids? lol!! And yes you do tend to overuse the “stunning” phrase quite a bit. Your “LOL” personna does too.

  • lora

    she is a model people what do you want from her ?! models are skinny and tall and walk on enormous heels..She looks absolutely normal for her job . if you like prefer girl with ‘extra 10 pounds’ go watch britney spears . ;))

  • @25

    These aren’t airbrushed. The worse a celeb looks, the more money the paps can get for their pics. Why would they take the time to airbrush a pic?
    That’s just stupid.
    She looks beautiful. With no airbrushing needed.

  • @26

    No, they want her to gain weight so that they can insult her for being too fat to be a model.
    It was hilarious just a while ago. One hater was calling her fat, on the same thread that another hater was calling her anorexic. It was priceless!
    And such a great example of the intellect of the haters.

  • @26

    Some posters here pointed out that she’s a VS model, and that directly points you to having some curves!

    If she’s a HF model, her very thin body wouldn’t be mocked about, but heck Kerr is even thinner than the top 5 top HF girls today, and she is not even a HF model, never been actually.

    Fyi, Ambrosio is also criticized for looking gaunt and thin like Kerr lately.

    Lucky are those models who don’t have to starve themselves to death, but manage to have a HF and commercial careers!

  • huh?

    She doesn’t look anorexic, she looks thin and healthy. There is a huge difference between her version of ‘thin’ and Kate B’s. You can’t see Miranda’s sternum, and her skin is glowing and beautiful. Kate was unhealthy and scrawny, with a lot of problems. None caused by Orlando, BTW.
    Miranda is a model. She is a model because she is tall and thin. But she is a ‘healthy’ thin, not a ‘sick’ thin. You can tell that just by looking at her.

  • @29

    Oh, so now you can’t be a VS model if you aren’t voluptuous?
    Wow. I’m sure that Gisele would be surprised to hear that.

  • @31

    The last supermodel Gisele is skinny, but she is not as sick skinny looking like Kerr! One can tell that Giselut has some muscle defintions, an as* and boobs!

    While Kerr has gone way skinier and some people who knows her noticed that too but whateva, her skinny/bony body is your definition of healthy, so be it LOL

  • @32

    Go back at look at those “naked” pics that y’all were complaining about in the last thead. You can see that she is very fit. Strong legs and abs to die for. She has muscle definition out the wazzou, but I guess that you just ignore those pesky little facts, right? I mean, since they get in the way of your agenda, and all.

  • There is Something About Kerr

    a chipmunk face, devilish smile and a whole bunch of lies

    not to mention the very strong desire to obtain fame

  • Stinkerbelle

    Beautiful gal, lovely pink jacket. She always looks great..

  • @33

    That’s called the wonder of photoshop!

    If they photoshopped her face, why not her very skinny body! So what if most people think she’s very skinny and borderline anorexic… you can’t dictate people to have a same opinon as you! simple as that lol

  • @36

    ” you can’t dictate people to have a same opinon as you! simple as that”
    Then why do you keep trying?
    Oh that’s right.
    There’s that hypocrisy again.
    Silly me.

  • @37

    Then why do you also keep trying to feed up everyone who has a different opinion as you do about Kerr!

    Oh that’s right…

    There’s the hypocrisy again.
    Silly me

  • cutie

    I think she’s really pretty. And she looks cute in that jacket. I luv the color.

  • @38

    Correcting your lies is not the same thing as trying to change people’s opinions.
    As others have said NUMEROUS times….it’s fine to have a differing opinion, but using half-truths and flat out lies is not the way to have people respect that opinion.

  • me likey

    She is a model…I don’t think I have ever seen an interview with her.

  • Ellie

    I’m sorry to ask a dumb question but what does “HF” stand for? I’m a bit behind on all the lingo and shorthand.

    I like the color of the jacket she’s wearing. I think she looks a little too thin also, but I’m short and not anywhere near thin so what do I know. All that really counts is her opinion of herself and possibly Orlando’s opinion of her. He likes thin girls with really long legs. Good for him.(bad for me, but good for him and Miranda)

  • Fiona

    @Ellie: Most of what is said on these boards goes right over my head. I don’t know the lingo either. And I commiserate with you about the model figures. I’m green with envy.

  • @40

    Correcting your OTT praises/blindness is not the same thing as trying to change people’s opinions.
    As others have said NUMEROUS times….it’s fine to have a differing opinion, but using same defeaning excuses as if Kerr is the best/innocent one is not the way to have people respect that opinion

    So… Most people see Kerr for who/what she truly is while others try not to! So… if that’s what most people think of her… So then what’s the problem? If people thinks she’s not all that what she’s trying to project, So what’s the big deal with you?

    All praises to the very uber wonderful FAKE Kerr… Amen!

  • Fiona

    @@40: She’s trying to change people’s opinions of her? Why? She doesn’t seem like the type of person who really cares. You can’t please everyone. They either like you or they don’t. It’s a fruitless pursuit to try to please everyone.

  • Pearl of wisdom

    There is a good saying: If I love you then what you think is very important to me. If I don’t love you then what you think means nothing to me.

  • pearls of wisdom

    As long as Orlando likes her and she likes herself, that is all that matters. They are a very cute couple. I don’t think she is too thin.

  • @44

    Oh right, you haters are NEVER OTT *rollseyes*
    Haters and shippers only see what they want to see. That’s the way fandoms have ALWAYS gone.
    But I have to side with the ‘shippers’ on this one. There is a small group of haters that go the extra mile to twist things to suit them. I have seen plenty of examples on this thread alone. If a shipper says something positive, a hater will come out hurling vile insults that have no basis in fact. And I mean ACTUAL facts, and not the facts made up at that ‘other’ site. When a shipper points out a falacy, you attack them. That is not the way to have people take your opinion seriously. Neither is your constant exaggeration.

  • @47

    Now that’s just crazy talk!
    Don’t you know that Orlando has to clear each and every girlfriend with his fans?
    And don’t you know that there is no woman on earth that would be good enough to suit some of his fans?
    Well, they may be perfect for him before and after the relationship, but during? Oh heck no!!!
    During the relationship, she wouldbe called a ****, a*****, a*** and a *******, to put it mildly.
    After they break up, she will return to being classy, beautiful and elegant.
    It doesn’t matter that Orlando is in love with her. It’s the FANS opinions that matter, not his.
    You silly person.

  • food fight

    You are sort of losing me. What do you think she is lying about?