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Orlando Bloom: Robbed Of $500,000!

Orlando Bloom: Robbed Of $500,000!

Orlando Bloom takes a spin on his motorcycle in New York City while his home in the Hollywood Hills was being robbed on Wednesday (July 15).

Thieves entered the home of the 32-year-old Pirates of the Caribbean through a window and, according to TMZ, made off with roughly $500,000 in jewelry — including two very expensive watches.

No suspects have been apprehended yet but cops fingerprinted and photographed the scene.

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Credit: Sean Harding; Photos: INFdaily
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  • sweetness

    That’s really awful news..but luckily he wasn’t home and encountered thieves breaking into his home..the outcome could have been worse..

    What I don’t understand is how does a star such as himself not have electronic security for his home with that much valuables in it?

  • Nick

    bad news but what’s with these celebs and this ridiculous amount of jewelry

  • Amanda

    Ok, what is up with these celebrities getting robbed all the time? Can’t they afford better security? Or are they trusting the wrong people???

  • Amanda

    And why would you keep expensive jewelry at home? You’re supposed to put in a safety deposit box.

  • Tony

    I never saw him wearing jewelry

  • Granit

    @tony… maybe it was his girl Miranda Kerr’s

  • that’s my name


  • Raquel


    So your logic doesn’t revolve around anything but you and YOUR life, right?What a stupid comment, of course most famous rich people have an expensive jewelry collections.etc, everyone lives based on their earning standard, get a grip!

  • @ Granit

    Watches are considered jewelry. So far that is the only pieces of jewelry they are saying were stolen….

    “British actor Orlando Bloom was said to be devastated after discovering that thieves had made-off with part of his prized collection of vintage wristwatches from his Los Angeles home.
    Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean star Bloom, 32, is believed to own more than 40 valuable watches, but the stolen pieces are known to have been among his favourites and could have a combined value of more than £200,000.

    Although some of the eight watches are more than 40 years old, they were all described as being in “superb” condition.
    Six were rare Rolex models and included a special antimagnetic version called a Milgauss that was one of the first 80 of its type produced in the 1950s.

    Vintage watch experts say it could be worth more than £120,000, while other stolen pieces include a £20,000 Rolex Submariner of the type worn by Sean Connery in the James Bond movie Goldfinger and a 1970s Explorer model known as a “Steve McQueen” because it was of a type favoured by the Great Escaspe actor.

    Kent-born Bloom, who was in New York at the time of the raid on his LA home, recently sold several watches from his collection to raise funds for the U.N. children’s charity Unicef of which he is an ambassador.

    News of the theft has been circulated to collectors around the world.”

  • Anon

    It should be pretty obvious that the paparrazzi have been stalking and monitoring celebs so they can be robbed. A lot of the paps are criminals with police records not real photographers. They are just looking to make money. So it isn’t hard to figure out that they “graduated ” to stalking and stealing. A lot more people are getting hit then they are telling about..

  • amber

    some(most…maybe) papzz have criminal records. it’s too easy for them to break in. im not saying papzz did that, but i’ve heard some celebs’ home break in actually involved papzz

  • @ Anon

    Well it had to have been someone who knew that he was going to be in New York and not in Los Angeles at the time of the robbery.

    Most probably thought he would have been in Los Angeles since Miranda was going to be there for the ESPY award show.

    If they could narrow down the exact time when the watches were stolen, then they could narrow down the suspects.

    Either they saw that Orlando was not with Miranda, and he was still in New York. Because he was spotted walking Sidi yesterday during the day.

    Or they maybe thought that he would be out with her, since he is known for not walking too many red carpets with his girlfriends but showing up later with them. And he would not be at home.

    I’m just thankful no one was hurt.

  • burnt bacon

    So, will the “stolen” sex tape be surfacing soon? Because I would totally watch it.

  • Granit

    I forgot about watches…

  • megan fox

    With so much precious stuff lying around in the house wouldn’t it make sense to invest money in a good security system or guard? Thieves entering through a window is crazy! Makes it sound so easy..

  • rachel

    miranda was in los angeles last night for the espy’s. wouldn’t she stay at his house? is she the person that discovered the robbery?

  • Pokerface

    A relative of actor Orlando Bloom was visiting his Hollywood Hills house Wednesday and was the first to notice and report the theft of an undisclosed amount of cash and jewelry, Los Angeles police said Thursday.

    As previously reported, property was stolen from the screen heartthrob’s home Wednesday evening.
    Bloom, has learned, had spent a considerable amount of money to improve security at the home after he purchased it two years ago.…me-burglarized

  • Investment in security needed

    Orlando babe, you really need to invest in a damn good security system – and perhaps a well-trained guard dog (an ‘unfriendly’ type NOT like Sidi). Stop being so trusting – it only allows others to take advantage of you I’m afraid.

  • so sad

    That’s awful.
    Especially since it happened to such a nice guy.
    He had just donated four of his watches to be auctioned off for charity.
    Poor guy. He must feel so violated.
    He always admitted a fondness for expensive watches. i guess that he was quite the collector.

  • @18

    But he HAD a security system.
    They either got around it, or it was an inside job.

  • An inside job?

    Yeah, sounds like it was someone (singular or plural) familiar with the kind of rare expensive collectibles he kept in that home.

  • hmm

    Now TMZ is reporting that police say that it wasn’t a “typical break in”.
    It will be interesting to find out if anything else of value was taken, or if they only targeted the watches as if they knew what was there, and exactly where they were.
    The good thing about the watches, is that they are so unique, they won’t be able to just get rid of them at a local pawn shop. And I’m sure that every collector will now be of interest to the police.
    Poor Orlando.
    With all of his millions, those vintage watches were his only materialistic ‘vice’. Well, that and motorcycles.
    Such a shame that it happened to a good guy.

  • Irish Girl

    That sucks. I feel bad for celebs in this regard. With all of these gossip sites, etc. people know exactly where they are and when they aren’t at home. Thieves are crafty and know how to get around security systems.

  • http://justjared sad

    Poor baby hopefully the police will find his belongings and they will be given back to him as someone else said it must be difficult to get rid of rare expensive watches by now every knows he was robbed so hopefully someone will report it if those watches are offered to them .
    Having said that yeah it sucks that celebrities have no privacy at all and criminals know thanks to the paps and these kind of sites where they are 24/7 and when they won’t be home .
    It seems like he was targeted which is scary .

  • sweetness

    Well considering he has a private collection..It’s incredibly stupid to have them in his home while he is away. If the average poster here realizes paparazzi are also criminals and are watching their coming and goings..Why didn’t a man with $500000 worth of rare watches realize that?
    Aside from alarm system being installed he could put his watches in a safety deposit box at a bank…
    I’m sorry but Orlando Bloom doesn’t seem too bright.

  • @25

    Yeah, blame the victim.
    That’s really smart.
    He may own forty, but I doubt t hat there were forty in one place. He has more than one home, remember. These were watches that he wore, not watches that he bought simply for their value. Plus, the house had a security system. What else was he supposed to do?
    Blaming him is like blaming a person who owns a nice car for having it stolen. “Why were they driving a nice car? How stupid?”
    It makes that much sense.

  • @ 26

    “Blaming him is like blaming a person who owns a nice car for having it stolen. “Why were they driving a nice car? How stupid?”

    Cars are not kept in safe deposit boxes.

    Many people, celebrity or not, do collect watches and all sorts of other small items of jewelry, and many other collectible items just for the sake of collecting them.

    As many others have said, it does not cost that much to have a safety deposit box and keep things in it you may one day wish to give to your children someday.

    I feel very bad for him myself. How many of those collectible watches do you think he was hoping to pass on to his children and grandchildren someday.

    Who cares about cars? Those are being constantly stolen, and no one blames the victim in that case.

    But if there is a way to keep your valuables safe where no one else can get to them, until you retire, and then you can have a room where you can display all the stuff you collected over the years to share with those you love, why not use that system instead.

  • @27

    But as has been said…he WORE those watches. They weren’t just part of a ‘collection’, they were part of his everyday life.
    Do you keep jewelry that you wear every day in a safe deposit box? No. I bet that you don’t. And your jewelry may not be worth 500,000, but I bet it is as large a percentage of your net worth, as half a mil is to Orlando’s 30 or so million.

  • Irish Girl

    @sweetness: We didn’t say the paps were the robbers. Please learn how to read. We said that the paps take the pictures, report on their whereabouts and other more duplicitous individuals use this information to rob celebs.
    Sweetness, please try to keep up. Your illiteracy is an embarrassment.

  • @27

    It’s said that Orlando spent a lot of money in security systems, but the burglars managed to get through them. IMO a deposit box would not have been an obstacle for them, but a banner with “Please steal here” written on it.

  • lakers fan in boston

    that sucks man
    hope they find those losers, i f’ing h8 thieves so bad, scum of the earth

  • to all

    well he arrived home today and made a statement about the break in.

  • @32

    Well, he certainly puts things in perspective, doesn’t he.
    He’s such a good guy.
    Looks like Miranda was with him in the SUV (and Sidi). He didn’t waste any time getting home, did he? Poor thing.
    My guess is that Sebastian is the relative that notified the police. Unless Orlando has other relatives in LA that we don’t know about.

  • meemee

    I was on a bus tour in LA last year and we passed his house. I can see why his house would be a target. It’s secluded and surronded by many trees. You can barely see the house.

  • @33

    Thanks for the heads up – didn’t realize that was Miranda driving until you said she was there, with Sidi, of course.

    Glad no one was there especially the dogs. My mother’s home was broken into and only the dog was there – small dog, must have hid under some furniture. Anyway, that was everyone’s main concern – the dog. The rest of that stuff is just stuff – even if it is expensive jewelry.

    Kudos to Orlando for keeping it all in perspective.

  • @ 35

    not that it matters really. even though Miranda was in the suv with him, she was not the one driving. If you look at this pic, you can see the driver is an older gentleman.

    glad everyone is okay, and that he has friends and family around to be there for him.

  • @ 35

    make sure you click on the picture to enlarge it.

  • @35

    Miranda wasn’t driving, she was with him and Sidi in the back seat.
    The thing to remember is that as horible as this is, it could have been much worse. What if they were home and the intruder had a weapon? What if Miranda was there by herself? What if the thief had poisoned Sidi? It almost makes me sick just thinking about what COULD have happened.
    I’m sure that he feels violated. But I’m also sure that the knows how lucky he is.
    He has a very strong sense of self. He will be just fine.

  • @ 38

    well said. thank you for saying it.

    thoughts and prayers are with him and his loved ones.

    everyone expresses emotional trauma differently. some it doesn’t hit them until much later after the incident has occured.

    I would be terrified to breathe let alone stay in my house ever again.

  • more

    They are now reporting that artwork was also stolen.
    Vintage watches and art. Sounds like they knew what they wanted.
    Poor guy.
    In the Radar Online video, you can see a security camera trained on the driveway. Unless they just installed it, they should have a pretty good shot of the thief (thieves) coming and going. I hope that they catch the rotten b***ards.
    Orlando is too nice a guy for this to happen. I wouldn’t care as much if it happened to someone like Russell Crowe. But Orlando is a sweetheart.

  • Too trusting?

    I agree. Sometimes he’s almost ‘too nice’ for his own good. He seems a little too trusting sometimes and willing to give everyone the benefit of the doubt. In this hard-nosed cynical old world we live in, guys like him are more easily taken advantage of – even by so-called ‘friends.’.

  • http://justjared orlando fan

    Hope they find the bastards that did this .
    Orlando is a strong smart and optimist person I doubt he will let this get into him and I am sure he feels lucky that nothing worse happened as someone said what if Miranda was there all by herself what if those horrible persons were armed .
    Still a pity this had to happen to him

  • Suppress your appetite

    500000 ^_^

  • William

    whats wrong with buying a large heavy gun safe and storing your valuable’s in that. Its not like those OG’s were gonna be able to carry it away.