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Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Rockit Couple

Ed Westwick & Jessica Szohr: Rockit Couple

Despite rumors of a break-up, Ed Westwick and co-star Jessica Szohr are still a real-life couple, sources confirm to

Ed, 22, and Jessica, 24, were just spotted grabbing a late lunch at Rockit Bar & Grill in Chicago, Illinois on Friday afternoon (August 7).

On Tuesday, Jessica dined with former O.C. star Adam Brody.

Just last night in NYC, Ed was seen in a tux, shooting scenes with costar Taylor Momsen.

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  • Nick

    She’s beautiful… gorgeous eyes

  • Nick

    She’s beautiful… gorgeous eyes

  • deraj tsuj

    nasty hair for Jess, she should shave off the dead animal

  • Jess

    Dang it. Just break-up already.

  • chloe

    she looks 30 yrs older then she is. Poor girl.

  • KinsleyKate

    She’s awsesome, I remeber seeing her on my wife and kids, her hair looks gorgeous when its curly, she should look after it better and go get it treated professioanly, by a hair dresser, its not her hair type that is the problem its the way she nurishs is it. I have the same type of hair as her and it has never, looked like that when its straight, its never that dry.

  • dundies

    how exciting

  • rachel

    Finally, now people are gonna stop with those stupid break up rumor!

    I love them!!!

  • lakers fan in boston

    i just dont like her, dont see the appeal
    that guy’s face looks photoshopped on a different body

  • susi

    i’m happy if they’re breaking up! please do

  • ANN

    Are peoples in this site stupef?? The girl is gorgeous!! Susi,are you joking ! How you will be happy for a breake up!You even don’t know them!Do not comment if you do not like them/him/her!Are you ed fan?jess Hater? What?? I am tired with all these ,just get a life!! Please! :@ :@ :@ :@
    :-o :@ :-o :@ :@

  • ANN

    Are peoples in this site idiots?? The girl is gorgeous!! Susi,are you joking ! How you will be happy for a breake up!You even don’t know them!Do not comment if you do not like them/him/her!Are you ed fan?jess Hater? What?? I am tired with all these ,just get a life!! Please! :@ :@ :@ :@
    :-o :@ :-o :@ :@

  • ANN

    The girl is gorgeous!! You are blinde!Susi,are you joking ! How you will be happy for a breake up!You even don’t know them!Do not comment if you do not like them/him/her!Are you ed fan?jess Hater? What?? I am tired with all these ,just get a life!! Please! :@ :@ :@ :@
    :-o :@ :-o :@ :@

  • ANN

    Sorry for the dp! But i am happy for the couple,sad for the jealousy.

  • emilie

    Some people are stupid. They’re in love.
    They’re not going to break up because you want them to. Get a life.

  • bringit

    Honestly, what’s with the fascination here? Who cares?? She has ZERO talent and is definitely not someone to look up to. She is disgusting and needs to go shower.

  • Hey

    I feel sad for you bringit,too much hate for someone who you even don’t know! Thegirl is great!
    Jealous beaches!

  • cutiemcfreckles

    i love rockit

  • Voice of Experience

    People in their early twenties have no clue about true love, they are both too young to be exclusive. She’s pretty but can do a lot more to look glam.

  • k

    she reminds me so much of jonna from real world cancun..nappy hair and all

  • viv

    haters to the left please. Ed and Jess are still going strong.. AND they’re gorgeous.

  • kiki

    she reminds me of jonna from real world cancun…they both need to do something with their nappy hair and bad weaves

  • bringit

    @Hey: I don’t have to know her. Notice I didn’t mention her personality or how friendly she is (or isn’t). Based on her public appearances, I can only conclude that she does not shower and does not own a bra. She never looks presentable. How could you argue against that? And why not focus on someone who actually can act and is a good role model?

  • jackie

    an ash&dans brooch band!!!

  • molly
  • Lena

    i love ed. he is soo hot ! and jess is really pretty. i think they make a great couple. but i think that leighton and ed would make AMAZING couple… but that could be cuz of chuck and blair :P

  • celeste

    I bet this source is her PR team. whateves. Id just appreciate if she got her shit (hair) together. Seriously girl. Please.

  • satoo

    I just care abut leighton meester !!!

  • LolaSvelt

    They have definitely not broken up. Can’t she have dinner with men now?

    They are always seen wearing each other’s clothes, too, and that pattern didn’t stop yesterday when she was seen wearing his plaid shirt and he was seen wearing her necklace!

  • Whoever

    She do favor Jona from real world…. both are mixed with blue eyes

  • kristen

    he should be with leighton…

  • Aggie

    I love she and her pr team pimp the hell out of this relationship. You do what you can when you lack actual talent.

  • C

    Beautiful girl, cute couple, but I just dont understand why she doesnt get her hair done right, I mean she has money I dont understand why it looks that way, and it does most of the time look horrible. She is lucky she is so pretty that you are kind of able to look past it. lol I have seen it at times though where even the pretty face cant distract from it. I would be getting my hair done professionally every freaking week if I was on a hot show like Gossip Girl and could afford it, especially if my hair was that texture. Anyways I dont know whether to admire her for not caring or research and find her a NY hair stylist. lol

  • Renzs

    Hot couple, Jess is hungarian and has black in her, so her hair isnt like typical white girl hair…leave her alone heffers, sometimes I dont feel to comb my hair either… she gorgeous…

  • Leslie

    Uh Bringit. Please be honest the only reason your hating on her so much is because your jealous. And that is ok, most girls seem to be these days anyways. Im going to go ahead and guess you love love love leighton and thats because you cant distinguish gossip girl from real life. And dont lie and pretend like you don’t like leighton cus im almost sure scratch that, im positive that you love leighton and since jess and ed are together in real life you hate jess. and hey people yeah maybe she doesnt have amazing straight smooth hair but its because of her nationality she has black in her and if you haven;t noticed black people and white people have completely different hair.

  • urm

    horrible hair/weave. i thought celebreties would have the money to take care of themselves? she’s a pretty girl though, beautiful eyes.

  • Gossip

    She is real person! She do not care.. And if you have black curly freeze hair you will know how it is? She is not Jennifer A. having always a someone behinde her to make her hair. People chil! As for her talent,i have seen her In 2 music videos, what about Brian and now at Gossip girl and The Girl Can Act! She isgreat model and actress.

  • Tracy

    For the people that whine that Ed should be with Leighton, I think you are forgetting that Leighton is with Sebastian Stan and has been for close to two years. So even if Ed was single there is no way EL would happen as Leighton is very much in love with her boyfriend.

  • Kelsey

    Jessica is gorgeous. Much more attractive than Leighton or Taylor. Just because her hair isn’t bone straight and sleek doesn’t mean it’s nappy. That’s way offensive. She’s mixed and I see that she has a different texture than most whites or blacks. She just needs to find what’s best for her hair type. Besides, I don’t see Ed complaining.

  • Jennie

    Lol.. HATERS are so funny!! The girl is great. Vanessa Abrams is my favourite character.

  • ANN

  • Rae


  • Rae

    OMGOSH I JUST LAUGHED SO HARD. She does need a shower.

  • Rae

    I have read all the books (can’t wait for November!!!) and I’ve seen all of the episodes. Vanessa’s character is useless. Both in the book and in the Show.

  • suppress your appetite

    She looks nice!