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Halle Berry Voted Sexiest Woman Alive -- Again!

Halle Berry Voted Sexiest Woman Alive -- Again!

Halle Berry stays hidden underneath her cap and sunglasses as she visits a friend in Los Angeles on Thursday afternoon (August 20).

The 43-year-old actress was just named Sexiest Lady by‘s Annual Summer Pop Culture Poll . The sexiest male is Johnny Depp. The sexiest lady is Halle Berry (34%). The most natural beauty is Jennifer Garner (27%) and the most distinguished-looking gentleman is George Clooney (40%), while Barack Obama came in second, with 15%!

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halle berry sexiest woman alive 04
halle berry sexiest woman alive 05
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  • me!

    Doesn’t she look all weird the way she stands in picture #4.
    Definitely not a sexy stance!

  • hip action

    nice hip action in picture 4. or is she zinging the photogs? ahahaha.

  • Buckley


  • Tornando

    Sexiest in some stupid idiot’s mind.

  • ChrisMatt

    she has an AFRICAN shape.

  • Cherry pie

    Why is this list full of old bags?

  • Sally

    Halle is really beautiful and she’s naturaly sexy. She didn’t need to make any efforts to look sensual, in a very natural way.

  • WOW

    These polls recycle the same people over and over. Angelina Jolie..Halle Berry…Charlize Theron…then the cycle starts over again. I feel like woman like that should be left out the polls because its not fair to all the other celebrities. LOL! I think Halle Berry has a simplistic sex appeal. She is not trying to impress anyone and her sex appeal isn’t in your face like some other celebs who try so hard to be sexy. I think Halles simplicity and effortless stye is what always puts her at the top of these list.

    She is not an exotic beauty..more of a classic beauty. She has a bunch of cute featurs and the way they are put together makes it hard to find anyone that looks like her. She doesn’t have to try to hard to be fabulous..and thats what sets her apart from a lot of other women in that business.

  • laurie

    @Cherry pie: LOL…….

  • zoe


  • dundies

    congratulations halle

  • WOW

    @ #6, because its the older people that are the most naturally sexiest. Thats why. I am in my 20′s and I have to say that woen liek Halle, Selma Hayek, Angelina Jolie, Nicole Kidman look far better then the majority of women younger then them..some women just have it like that. And im starting to question how old some of you people are that post on this site, 60 years old is ‘old’…someone in their 40′s in not old..especially when you look like your still in your 20′s or 30′s. Its scary that some of you think that way.

  • dundies

    @ #5
    are you at all SPECIAL

    Lol you are so right about the recycling of celebs

  • WOW

    The insecurity on this site is also scary…maybe some of you should be more concerned wether or not someone finds YOU sexy.

  • dundies


  • Nicebutt

    She has a big rear like Janet Jackson.

  • mickey

    Johnny Depp is definitely at the top of my sexiest male list.

  • sir gaga

    she really isn’t that sexy at all, i don’t understand why these beauty polls always keep pickin’ the same people, it’s just BORING & overrated ’cause she’s not, NEXTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT

  • ughh

    @sir gaga: I wouldnt be talking if I were you, your username is ‘Sir Gaga”. Lady GaGa looks like a foot.

  • Amy

    Am I the only one disturbed by the thought that the president of the United States is even in this list?

  • anon

    While I do think Halle is sexy and beautiful…magazines and other companies create these polls and contests to sell and market their product. It’s called the BUSINESS of show…promotion and PR are King.

  • lakers fan in boston

    boring as usual
    the sexiest lady should also be pretty relevant imo
    no doubt she’s beautiful, but she’s past her prime

  • WOW

    @ Amy,

    No you’re not the only one. LOL!! I think some people have a hard time seeing that Obama is the President of the United States and not their boyfriend. People are like in love with that guy.

  • WOW

    @ lakers fan,

    For someone who is suposidly ‘past her prime’ you sure do comment on her a lot on this site. Just saying.

  • Amy


    He’s treated like a celebrity and it’s horrible!

  • Nicebutt

    @Amy: He certainly is NOT sexy.

  • .

    uh, no. she isn’t.

  • Eden

    She is certainly pretty and in great shape for her age I’m 31 and hope to still look good at 43.

  • http://elaine nadine

    There’s a rumor that Obama is gay – so how can he be in the sexiest list? Halle is not sexy at all! She has no fashion sense! Blah!

  • wth

    Ok to Halle.

    But Jennifer Garner for a natural beauty?? WTF? Was she natural beauty for MEN category? Seriously wtf? There are some really ugly women out there that think Jennifer Garner is a natural beauty. She is the ugliest actress i have ever seen.LOL

  • and not angie??

    she’s adorable, but the ‘sexiest woman on the planet?” Where? Yet she always wins that title. And I know you all are crying Angie didn’t get this title, and hasn’t for SOME TIME now! How is a bag of bones sexy with a pretty face??? Yep, face it. She needs like 15 pds on her, and less black drab as hell clothes too.

  • Swoosh

    She has an old fashioned black figure. It’s missing a few breasts.

  • WOW

    @ Amy,

    He is treated like a celebrity and its sort of weird to watch. Not his fault…its just weird to watch. On one side you have the Presidents critics that hate him so much that they are beligerant at this point and then on the other side you have these people that stare up at him with their eyes glazed over like he is the second coming or something. I often wonder how he feels about that. I mean, I like him..I think he means well..bu he’s a human being, not an action figure.

  • WOW

    @ nadine…Obama gay? Give us all a break. Some of you people on the internet are crazy. LOL!!

  • ladams

    This has to be quite a shock to all the AJ loons!!!!!

  • hunter

    I can name 10 peeps hotter than her not that shes not hot! :)

  • solarfire

    I too have heard he is bi-sexual.

    Do a search on “Larry Sinclai” and Obama and “Donald Young” and Obama.

    You will be surprised OR maybe you won’t if you haven’t had the wool pulled over your eyes.

  • solarfire

    Jolie has lost a lot of her attraction. She looks weak, scrawny and aging fast. Not too appealing anymore and I think Brad’s movie will flop.

  • blah

    Shes not the sexist woman alive.. sorry

  • Eve

    I think she’s a beautiful/sexy woman, too, and she almost makes it look effortless. I agree with people who say it’s the same celebs on these lists who are hot/have been hot within the last 10 years. Well, except for George, he’s been on here forever but he can stay.

  • whos house

    who’s house is that! She’s always there!

  • whos house

    who’s house is that! She’s always there!

  • Alex

    She is so NOT sexy! I wonder how much she paid for this PR. She’s more like the least sexy and the least talented. She’s cute but, certainly not the sexiest that’s for sure!

  • cj

    Oh puhleeze!!! Who the hell came up with this crap poll???? They should have named it the sexiest middle-aged people. You can find a much hotter woman by just walking out your door, she looks awful in most of her pics. People can’t even take these polls seriously because of the same people listed every year,…so lame.

  • Pippi

    You people are dumb as rocks. Obama was in the most distinguished-looking catagory and no, he is not gay. How far did some of you get in school? I swear some of you make be ashamed to be an American sometimes. Spend a little more time on academics and maybe just maybe you might learn something besides hatred and jealousy. Remember most polls are flawed and not based on any scientific evidence. Where you among that ones being polled? You take these things way too seriously. Life is to short to get so worked up over something so insignificant. Get a grip for goodness sakes…..

  • missme

    Ehhh, can’t they get a little more creative?

  • eeeek

    ladams and other aniston nuts here thinks jennifer aniston should be on the list and on the top. ladams is a 400 pounder whale and the other ones who kept saying jolie is a bag of bones, i think these are whale mamas. jolie is slender or a bit skinny but not a bag of bones unless you look like a whale, then i can understand.

  • Dave1

    Sexiest woman? She’s not even the sexiest in this country let alone anyplace else. Give me a break

  • Romy

    Looks like some gay people have it in their heads to think the President is gay. LMAO

    I remember that rumor that Laura Bush had a secret Lesbian Lover and that she and George didn’t have sex in 20 years.

    It sucks that the President is treated like a celebrity. He’s the President, not your fantasy f*ck buddy.

  • cool

    I think she is sexy. Sexiness is not youth it’s an attitude. There are lots of young people but they are tacky not sexy. You don’t even begin to count until you are at least 30. There’s also something skeevy about talking sexiness about people who are not over the age of 25.
    Hale has the classic sexy curve, you know, the hourglass figure. She has a sistah body, her breasts are real, her skin is caramel and she has aged nicely. Lindsay Lohan looks like she can be Halle’s mother.
    The opposite of sexy would be Beyonce. She will force you to think she is sexy.