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Chris Brown: No Contact With Rihanna For Five Years

Chris Brown: No Contact With Rihanna For Five Years

Chris Brown has just been sentenced for assaulting Rihanna.

The 20-year-old entertainer was ordered to have no contact with Rihanna for five years (until 2014) — not even on the phone or through a third person. He must stay 100 yards away from her, unless there’s an entertainment-related event, in which he must stay 10 yards away.

Chris is also under felony probation for five years. He must complete a 52-week domestic violence program sponsored by the Commonwealth Catholic Charities and 180 days of community labor in Virginia (where his family is from).

Bigger pics inside…

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  • Daniella

    ok… is it me or weren’t they still dating? whaat? so basically she got a restraining order.

  • jane

    ohh that’s harsh….5 years
    she’s the crazy one
    first !

  • kari

    sweet…Hey men…this is the poster child for you to go beat the shitt out of your wife, girlfriend, whoever you choose…
    And yes, it’s just that little ol’ restraining order that you’ll get.
    What a bunch of BullSHITT..
    This makes me sick!!!

  • Fugly

    Ugh he is soo ugly, What did she see in him? :o

    And why is his mouth open like that? xD..

    Yuck. He needs to get help for his anger!

  • You/Me

    5 years, wtf?? I’m sorry but the judge who came up with this sentence is probably looking for attention. Rihanna herself asked for that aspect of the sentencing to be as minimal as possible and honestly I don’t think any judge has the right to say “No, he HAS to stay away from you whether you want him to or not”. That should be Rihanna’s decision, not the d*mn courts.

  • clay

    That is a harsh sentence. 5 years is a long time. I wonder if he could do better on appeal or worse?

    In any event, he should get excellent education at the Commonwealth Catholic Charities.

  • mertz

    finally. thanks jared.


    how many tattoos does this kid have now?

  • gross

    dude is a black man in front of a california judge… what do you expect?
    rihanna i hope you’re happy. you punch someone first, they will punch you back. she’s not a victim of abuse, she’s a victim of herself.

  • facts

    Celebrity justice strikes again. He should have gone to jail. He needs to be a jail betch.

  • me(:

    I love him. I don’t mind the stay away thing but the community service sucks ass.

  • jenny

    he needs to be in jail and get what he gave her. she is a victim, he’s a man vs a woman. there were other ways to have handle that situation without beating her like that, some ignorant people are so sick, no woman deserves that, i hope it happens to you who say she is not a victim.

  • enough said

    He’s a idiot.

  • diana

    I don’t think his punishment is harsh at all. He hit her all over the place. I am a victim of domestic violence and I know hot terrible it is. He didn’t get the punishment because he was black. He got it because he was behaving like an imbecile. (Please don’t say I am racist because I am black also.)

  • WOW

    Now is Rhiyanna going to get charged for hitting Chris Brown? I dont condone violence either way…I feel like BOTH of them need serious counciling and help.

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    he deserved jail time. slap on the wrist. we love you rihanna! and support you and all women who have been beaten by men. those who attack the woman in domestic violence: karma will get you everytime! maybe your own daughters will suffer the same fate.

  • http://Gmail mrs brad pitt

    rich men beat women. poor men. big men. small men. educated men. uneducated men. white men. green men. black men. latino men. asian men. all throughout the world, women are the victims of domestic violence in all countries and societies. rihanna needs to speak out against this like halle berry and salma hayek have done! good luck rihanna and chris brown, i will never buy another album from you again!

  • Erica

    He got off easy. He committed assault and battery and if you committ that on a stranger, you will get a prison sentence. However, because he beat up a woman who he was in a relationship with, he got off easy. What a wonderful system we have!

  • WOW

    And by the way, I dont agree with Chris Brown hitting Rhiyanna the way he did (those pics were terrible) but Rhiyanna is not a victim…her own family has confirmed that both her and Chris have abused eachother and Rhiyanna even went as far as saying in an interview that she would fight her brothers all the time and hit her brother in the head with a glass bottle once. So again, lets stop acting like Chris is the only one doing the abusing. Just because Rhiyanna is a female does not excuse her from hiting on him either. THEY.BOTH.NEED.HELP.

  • dundies

    how is this a harsh sentence? he got off easy. celebrities got a slap on wrist while real people in the real world dont

  • dundies

    and come 2014 he could do it all over again…

  • Onyx

    He got off very easy. What a shame.

  • mertz

    i didn’t think they would get the communication between the third person written in. good for them.

  • Queenoftrashin

    Mouthbreather. It was the nicest thing of which I could think.

  • mailey

    whoa, that is harsh lol but totally appropriate. did y’alls see what he did to her face?? and that’s part of her money-making machine, helloz.. id never want him near me either. 1,000x better that it’s legally mandated..

  • me

    @gross: you are such an idiot what makes you think she punched him first.What a loser!!!

  • sara

    Rihanna did not hit chris first. U few CB fans need to read the transcript HE HIT FIRST!

    And Rihanna I luv u

  • Jokergurl

    They should have thrown him in jail for a while then he’d see how tough he’s NOT, what a punk, just a jerk. This is too lenient considering he tried to strangle her.

  • Anak

    Too light. He should be in jail.

  • chelsey

    Take away all that and just throw him in the slammer for 5 years!! No stupid community service or restraining order, just harsh prison time! Idiot judges.

  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    punk ass bish!

  • **Jamie**

    People make mistakes, i think they should be forgiven, especially considering hes only in his early 20s.

  • natt

    5 years? Wow that’s pretty insane.

  • mertz

    yeah mailey. i think that’s why some people were all involved in this trying to state facts. i bet you the $$ and all the losses weighd heavily in this. i figured it would be 4 years probabtion and all this community service and the no contact (without the friends or other third parties) but i’m not surprised. they could have gone about this about three ways including the way this turned out.

  • Tomkat

    This two are Psycho!!!

  • p3rp3tu4

    People in the Entertainment industry that seek & make money from the attention they get should be banned from having any PHOTOS ever being shown to the public in advertising, here, everywhere for the same amount of time at least. Just thing 5 years of NEVER having to see THIS persons face on anything! YIPEE

  • me me me

    rihanna punched him first? funny i didn’t see his face mutilated in bruises… anyways, a good sentence. hope he’ll pick up garbage or wipe pissed floors for community labor. asshole.

  • Gabe

    @Fugly: you need a god damn life, and look in the mirror i bet your s-h-i-t compared to him

  • Gabe

    @gross: i like the way you think

  • Gabe

    @enough said: your an idiot

  • jess

    That zig-zagging line across the back of his head makes him look like Homer Simpson.

  • Haya

    I think he deserves it.

  • Get Ur Story Right Girl

    I agree with #17 & #19, when will She be charged for hitting him?

  • princess perfect

    serves him right
    did u see the look on her face when she got beaten im glad hes going prison but he should do more then five and shouldnt just hundred yards away a thousands
    i hate chris ive listen to his songs and they r crapp

  • iriam

    @Get Ur Story Right Girl: is she stronger than him? did he got bruises and scars? was it as bad as what she cot?
    even if she hit first, and she needs psychological help, there is no comparison in a man’s strenght to a woman’s

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