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Rachel Bilson Gets Pickpocketed... On Screen

Rachel Bilson Gets Pickpocketed... On Screen

Rachel Bilson and her mom Janice grab a bite to eat at Rose 79 Cafe on Monday afternoon (August 31) in Venice, Calif.

In the upcoming anthology film New York, I Love You, Rachel‘s character Molly gets pickpocketed by thief Ben (Hayden Christensen, Rachel‘s real-life fiance). Andy Garcia, who plays Garry, also is involved in this little love triangle. Find out how all of that plays out when the romance flick hits theaters everywhere on Friday, October 1!

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  • Rachel


  • Noticias de famosos

    I love Rachel Bilson! I hope you fence very well the film.

  • lizzie
  • sharon

    Jared you are so advertising NYILY for Bilson ,what happened to the movie Waiting Forever Hmmm maybe because it’s going nowhere and straight to dvd ???

  • Saudia

    love her.

  • lexy

    Well JJ doesn’t have much to choose from. It’s either The OC – which has been off the air for MANY years and she wasn’t really the star or her straight to DVD movie. Not too many choices.

    It’s funny b/c when Entertainment Weekly did their fall movie preview on NYILY they didn’t mention Rachel or Hayden – they mentioned some of the actual STARS – you know Natalie Portman, Shia LaBeouf – names people recognize.

  • Anakin


    That’s a bulls*it comment and you know it, they didn’t mention Orlando Bloom, Christina Ricci, James Caan, Julie Christie, Blake Lively, Bradley Cooper and so on either. You think these names aren’t recognizable?!

    And what’s Nat known for now, other than mediocre movies and now going to be in Thor?! and as for Shia, he’s known more for mangling his fingers than anything else (Transformers? the cartoon was better)

    Maybe you should put aside your bias/hatred for Rachel before you make idiotic statements

  • true that
    Ratchel has ugly short legs, and no talent. The producers are probably embarrassed now that they invited this talentless duo to do NYILU so they could sell tickets to stupid teens; they saw what she did and are not mentioning her name and it is in several reports of the movie. Rachel is playing a gf again, what a stretch. She is an embarrassment and does not compare to other actors in the film. Nobody would trust her a real role. She will never be as respected or be cast to do real parts like Natalie Portman, so do not compare this uneducated arrogant trash to class act.

  • hayden

    cute outfit

  • voice of reason

    @true that, you do understand I hope your comment makes no sense both Natalie and Rachel ACT in the same movie…….

  • true that

    @ voice of reason
    It is you who does not seem to understand that Rachel is in the film as Hayden’s girlfriend when Natalie is playing a completely different from herself character. Rachel appears as girlfriend in all her films and shows, she can not act and producers know it. She has some popularity among teens and they are hoping to appeal to that audience. Natalie and Shia draw all kinds of audiences and Natalie is a great actress, Rachel is not an actress, she is a perpetual girlfriend.

  • true that

    Natalie is a writer, director and actor in the same film where Ratchel is a girlfriend. There is no comparison. It is the same as comparing a Harvard graduate to a community college drop out as they are respectfully.

  • zanessa fan

    her hair is terrible, frizzy and damaged looking. reminds me of mk olsen, very discheveled. unattractive.

  • true that

    She is on JJ so often bc she brings out the disgust in people, controversy pays off.

  • liz

    Wow, started all over again, I thought she would get at least a month with her fiance, but she was only two weeks. Their relationship should not be very good.

  • true that

    You can only assume that when she goes out to eat he is not either eating, which is unlikely or he is not in the same city with her eating some where else. They are never together. What is this?

  • chris 23

    I heard from those who had already seen the movie she was terrible in NYILY. So much so she was called back to do re-shoots because the producers had no usable footage of her.

    What a shocker!
    God, she’s such a talent-less waste of space. No one, outside of OC fans, knew who she was until she hooked up with Hayden, and she’s been whoring that “relationship” for all it’s worth.

    So pathetic.

  • monreal

    Why does she keep on showing off her being SHORT LEGGED – icks!

  • liz

    He don’t want to be seen with her, perhaps Hayden is with Tove or it not be more in LA. Hayden don’t like paparazzi, I remember that he spent the entire month of February in LA and was photographed a few times and never with Rachel. I thought they would marry in September, but after the pictures and recent news, I think this marriage will not happen. o/

  • @19

    Because she is stupid. She thinks that if HC is somehow associated with her, alghough he is never around her, she somehow is something, but everyone know she is not. She can only hope, but it is a matter of time until she will have to deal with another bad reivew. No looks, no talent, no brains arrogant midget. He is with her bc he could not get Natalie and Sienna. She is easy and dumb.

  • @22

    How can the marriage not happen? He was always after his costars. Natalie and Sienna did not go for him, he has no choice but to marry her and neber be around her, which she accepts. She is an idiont and he is a loser.

  • @all

    Half the comments on this board are mine, her popularity is going down even the negative one, nobody cares.

  • liz

    I think they are going through a crisis in the relationship, I hope that dating ends, I think everyone would be happier.

  • aberfitch

    And they at it again… the “”Fug-Hags”" tandem of the witchy-looking mother and her hacktress spawn… doing their runways again infront of their paparazzi allies on some random LA streets – sheesh!

  • whodie

    @ #14
    No matter what the hair is doing… she is SIMULTANEOUSLY homely, useless & vacuous – along now w/ her tacky & trashy get-up!

  • ?

    I’ve seen several reports about NY, iI Love You and Rachel is never mentioned in the cast, in terms of work, Hayden gets more attention than her.

  • bella
  • deshaun

    RB’s deliberate photo-ops just keeps on alternating her nowhere HW radar between a has-been and a never-been. And that’s talent?!

  • rachel who?

    This is my first time checking out justjared. WTF is this Rachel person and why is she on JJ all the time?!?!?!? By her appearance in these pics, she isn’t very attractive and looks like a skank. So please tell my why this ugly plain jane is so popular on JJ. And I thought that Hayden Christensen is hooked up with beautiful Natalie Portman??? Now those two look super hot together. When did he become Rachel’s fiance???

  • huh?

    wow she is a flabby body like her mom. at least her moms hair is tame this time.

    her mom looks like rb from the future

  • huh?

    actually her mom dresses better. those are perfect capris for her frame. rbs shorts look shiiity

    this girl is a loser. she cant do anything.

  • juliane – brazil

    I wanted to know why hayden is only posted when rachel is with him? What she did for to be so important in this site? hayden is more important and famous than she, why do you not posted anything about he? I said “HE” not “THEY”.

  • @33

    Because JJ thinks that it is a big deal that an ungly talentless midget landed (got) HC. But the truth is, he does not love her, he will always love someone else, not her and he is never seen with her.

  • gilmorie

    And this Instant Diarrhea STILL marketing herself for a(ny) HW job… but/and STILL failing… that’s all.

  • tonie

    Does she think wearing heels dresses up her outfit? She looks like crap. A trip to the hair salon should have been the first stop instead of lunch. Her hair used to be the one nice thing about her. Now it looks like she doesn’t even brush it.

  • @36

    Hayden did not dump her, he is not around her but at least he is attached by the engagement/marriage set up. She is happy. I don’t know anyone who would allow to be treated this way. Even if he comes out now and declares his unending love to her, no one would believe it bc he had already shown how much he cares about her.

  • tonie

    Who said anything about Hayden? I was commenting on Rachel but since you brought it up they do not look happy. They hardly ever smile or look at each other. They don’t seem to spend much time together either. If a couple is happy it shows in a dozen little ways. Just because they are engaged doesn’t mean they are happy.

  • marlough

    Poor thing. She has no idea/s just how she still looked the same… a “Completely Worthless Gutter Pig”.

  • me

    JJ its not her movie and you can stop saying that he’s her finace’e just to make it look good. Should have left it alone she with her mother doing what she do as always. Stop trying to sale her and hayden we all know about the movie with other talented people. and he did date sienna miller it was brief so did natalie . Sienna miller went back to jude law and Natalie went to school. And no the marriage will not happen it was a joke in the first place .JJ why don’t you list all the other people in the movie too.Stop bringing her up that’s she the only person in the movie. The relationship between her hayden has died leave it that way. just say what she’s really doing with herself. Ithought the movie open Oct16. Doesn’t make any different anyway.Stop trying to sale her in it.. do we see hayden with her jj no .So stop trying to sale as a couple when we know the true. Two months ago you didn”t put their names together what the big change. should have left it the way it was.Trying to sell them is not going to make the movie any better. It is a limited movie which mean not too many people going to get to see it.Couple don’t make a movie work anyway. Should just put hayden name in the movie as person in it .Not bring their staute of their relationhip in this.(which by the way we do they are over) Stop selling her so much

  • @me

    You are right, he had feelings for Sienna, she left him for Jude, he had feelings for Natalie but could not win her over. He is a loser for getting with RB bc she is a waste of a human being, and he has no hopes of getting anyone better. He does not want to be alone and seem gay so he is engaged to her but is never with her bc he can’t stand her, she reminds him of the waste she is and the feelings he had for worthy girls.

  • comrade

    Her pap-ops would always make me LOL! No matter how times that she would take some rest, breaks & vacations from her mediawhoring (did she ever do something besides that?!), her paparazzi cronies would only be the “only” ones who will keep on waiting for her instead of those movie casting agents & producers (as they all go for those “seriously” famous & talented celebs) who would continue to keep mum about her & her constant media antics… poor Little Moe!

  • true that

    BTW, all the @ posts are mine, so no one would think she gets a lot of posts, I just have fun with this loser.

    But I think she is with mom in la all the time bc she is planning a wedding and he is busy with his life. “Nice couple.”.

    And I have no doubt that he will marry her, he has nothing else going for him. He is a quitter and a lazy depressed man.

  • Viper

    The reason you don’t see HC there in LA is b/c he isn’t there her german site even said he was seen taking another plane to his home, She went back to LA. Seems there was major trouble in paradise.

  • kosher

    She is “lovely” – those flat & sagged tits, sunken eyes that always covered off w/ sunglasses, desiccated bird’s nest hair, fish lips, oily-zits face, fake pale skin and now matching up w/ skanky & worn-out outfit. Simply Lovely.

  • @kosher

    How exciting it must be for you to post derogatory comments about someone you have never even met? It fills some void in your psyche p’haps, or do you assume that all women should be 100% perfect in every possible way! That we should all have perfect breasts, perfect complexions, perfectly toned and coloured skin etc. Is it just the looks of this one person that churns your bile, or is your bile reserved for all women who are less than perfect in their appearance. I would like to know because, as a less than perfect looking women myself, I get tired of people telling me I should look so and thus. That I’m too short, too thin, don’t do enough with my hair etc. This HW concept of what makes a woman beautiful is so false and I would rather look at someone like RB, whose looks are that of a normal woman, than some plastic HW construct. So she’s not perfect but then how many of us are?

  • Hey

    Get a life HATERS. You are pathetic and jealous.

  • Celebwatcher

    Hayden and Rachel are Reese Witherspoon and Ryan Phillipe 2.0

    Check out my 2010 psychic predictions and get a free 7 minute psychic reading at

  • ?

    they seem to be more Ben Affleck and Jennifer Garner 2.0
    they have two children and are never seen together.

  • Serena

    @true that:

    I don’t think Rachel is acting as Hayden’s girlfriend in this movie. She’s the girlfriend of another guy and he kinda like stalks her. JJ had a summary about her part awhile back. However I dont think Nat and Bilson should be acting in the same movie. I like Rachel as an OC girl but she’s nowhere near this womans talent.