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Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Daniel Craig & Diddy Meet Up In Manhattan

Mustache man Daniel Craig and his girlfriend Satsuki Mitchell go in for a meeting an office building in midtown Manhattan on Wednesday afternoon (September 2).

Who did they run into on their way in? None other than Diddy!

Craig reportedly has demanded security trail him at all times while he’s in NYC while his Broadway co-star, Hugh Jackman, hasn’t asked for any protection at all.

A Broadway insider also tells Page Six, “Security and secrecy around the show are so tight that Jackman and Craig are rehearsing at a secret location outside the city.”

Jackman and Craig‘s play A Steady Rain starts previews on Sept. 10, has an official opening set for Sept. 29 and is scheduled to run through Dec. 6.

10+ pictures inside of Daniel Craig and Diddy‘s Manhattan meet-up…

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Credit: Michael Swarbrick; Photos: INFdaily
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  • Jen

    they probably hit it off, equally arrogant. I love Craig in the Bond movies but he does seem to be a bit too full of himself.

  • Guinness-he can be full of

    me if he wants. nice one #102.

  • Guinness-oops

    that last comment i made was backwards…i am a woman….um…well, you get it. surry. no hard feelings… backwards. dan. i gotto go…..

  • adamantia claus

    The 5th seal has been broken!!! The Apocalypse is nigh!! Save yourselves!

  • http://justjared bond007123

    he ask for protection because a while back he had a serious female stalker that followed him no matter where he went.

  • Dr. Abraham Jonas Froman

    Maybe CRaig should be a nominee for the “Robert Goulet Memorial Mustached American of the Year.”

    See the details here:

  • to 102 and to 107

    to 102,
    good joke, thank you for laugh. Hopefully that you have in on the highest authority. But I am not too sure Daniel is a married man because he doesn’t look so. I don’t buy your story when Daniel never announced it and if he will never announce it by his own so we can only speculate. He is married, he is not married, …so what, yo or not??

    to 107,
    It’s possible and don’t forget there is craigisnotbond hate campaign for Daniel and I think he will be watching by another people always.
    I don’t want to imagine what will happen if he will make a career in the US, good movies of type A and become an real A-lister and he’ll be without moustache. Women and girls will be crazying because of him yet more and then he will need at least 50 bodyguards.

    I noticed one thing during attending sites and boards of various countries that his fan are more and more crazy and totally love his looks, style, give him compliments, love his acting.
    He is a real star, accurately not living in the US, in Hollywood.
    Hugh Jackman is famous and popular because maybe of the fact he lives in the US where he became more known and got some american films and Americans make a large crowd who go to the cinemas. From the US all movies are going into all the world and an actor receive an international fame.
    I believe if Daniel stayed in the US and dealt with American producers, he will get A movies, more popularity and …more paps and stalkers. He is relatively in calm because he lived in the Europe all the time, but if he worked in the US and became well known, situation is different. Because he is so sexy, (more sexy than Hugh Jackman) so more another Americans can discover his sexiness and rougness in face, so he will be watched by many.
    Hugh is not so pursuable and he has normal fans but Daniel who lived in the Europe all the time so he got crazy fans all the same.
    With living in the US it could be more worse because he may gets more fans crazily in love with him, while Hugh’s fans are normally in love with him.
    There is definition for both: when you look at Hugh, you have respect for him, you get his action because he is not a bad actor and he did good career and results at theatres and made successful movies.
    When you look at Daniel, you think he’s the best actor, so sexy, so handsome, you are crazy of looking at him, you’re amazed of his style and posing, you admire colour of his eyes, his roughness in face, you want eat him or you eat his acting. That is why he shouldn’t move to the US because another fans will be crazies and it could to cause Craigmania.

    I bet Daniel if moved to the America so he will steal status of George Clooney who is known for his masculinity and he will be taken more sexy and more masculine than George who should to tremble and Daniel will get ahead Hugh so that Hugh will be a less star in the end.
    Warning, warning! Caution! Danger! Daniel gets another fans, female fans and male as well! Caution! Danger because Daniel is sexy and the best actor! Attention! Attention! His blue eyes look at green eyes!

  • gotta ask

    what’s wrong with satsuki anyway. here she has this wonderful man who is obviously in love with her and she reacts with hostility towards his female fans. she is rude towards them. what gives? someone should tell there’s no reason to behave that way. totally the opposite of deborra-lee, hugh jackman’s wife, who is polite, kind, and friendly towards his female fans.

  • to 110

    If Daniel decides to move to the US so he gets more female fans and for Satsuki it could be more difficult and maybe she will more push him to marry her. You can bet she will be jealous as hell. don’t forget that Aries are the most jealous people

  • please

    can somebody make this Czech idiot go away. Pretty please….

  • sense of smell

    I have to say Daniel has nice legs and he beautifully smiles at Diddy. Company of others makes him smile, but not Satsuki does.
    She held flowers which can smell well at expensive appartment but I realized one thing. When a woman is pregnant so her sense of smell is more sensitive. Maybe that is why she bought these flowers or only wanted make appartment fragrant or decorative.
    If I could see her face properly, I could know if she is pregnant or not. It’s not so difficult to know a pregnant woman, she has a bit different colour and expression in face, she walks differently, she acts emotively (or also no emotions, it depends on that woman how she reacts on her pregnancy) smiling and looks more shiny in face and in eyes. a woman who acts normally so you still can to see her “state expecting a baby”.

  • to please

    you have one choice – go away by your own. what you say at that?
    Have you problems, you Mongoliano tailorbird?

  • glam
  • not married

    I do not believe they are married. He does not look at her with “love”, and he keeps his friendly and loving smiles to friends and other people he knows. He seems to ignor her and they both seem to have crappy looks at each other. The rings don’t mean much as in the past she has worn different rings on different fingers. I believe Daniel would ware a wedding band if he was married. If he really married the woman he loved, he would tell the whole world.

  • ugliness

    @to 102 and to 107: And that was a Daniel Craig fan delirium. Are you feeling any better now you got this out of your chest? Now listen: Jackman just this year moved to New York. The past two years he was living in Sydney, Australia. Ha! I liked the point where you said Jackman ‘is not a bad actor’ and then Daniel Craig is the ‘best’ actor blah blah… Really? And Jackman is more popular because he lives in US? Laughable statements from a desperate Craig fan, one of the few that still remain loyal to him. JACKMAN is a huge superstar because he’s the definition of gorgeousness (stop calling Craig handsome, I bet even his fans see that his face is freaking ugly unless you’ve got problem with your eyes), he has charisma to burn, he’s the Sexiest Man Alive, and by far a most talented actor (you do know what triple threat means). But above all he’s an AMAZING person. He’s incredibly generous with his fans, so approachable and HUMBLE and easy going. Craig will NEVER get even close to Jackman’s superstar status and likability because most people dislike his diva personality and arrogance. He’ll have more fans in the future?? Not in a BILLION years, especially after all that security demand sh*t…

  • to sense of smell

    this is a new one for medical science. i’ll have to let my doctor know that all that needs to be done in order to tell a woman she’s pregnant is just look at the color and expression on her face. oh, and that her eyes are shiney. he will love this one. are you some sort of psychic or something.

  • to 118

    to 118,
    you probably never met a pregnant woman and you don’t know much about it.
    when you look at Daniel, you see how he feels, if he has sadness in eyes, if he is happy or unhappy. the expert like a police officer or psychologist and an ordinary person has no problem to know if Daniel is happy or not, if he’s married or not, if Satsuki is pregnant or not. what you need something else. Did you understand well. I have feeling you are slow in understanding.
    you should know it’s not problem to know it and find it too.
    to 117,
    I have a different opinion as to Hugh. Hugh simply is not beautiful to me at all and I didn’t vote for him as a Sexiest Man Alive. I still think It’s Hugh who is arrogant and he does a macher of himself. He is ugly as a sin to me. Daniel is better, I spit upon Hugh I don’t care for this unsympathetic, you can eat him but I don’t must him. he’s nothing for me. bye bye darling

  • Julia

    Ha, Diddy finally has a chance to meet Bond producers))) He won’t leave Daniel alone. Still, I don’t understand why it’s a to pick

  • facts!

    They are not married.
    She is not pregnant.

  • to 119

    Oh, yeah. You definitely need glasses. And you must be the only person in the world who calls Hugh Jackman arrogant without a reason. There are plenty reasons though to call your Daniel a$$hole and I’m definitely not the only one around here that thinks he is. Did you had the courage to read the previews posts? Your precious Daniel’s PR is in great trouble… Like it or not, Craig ain’t NO Jackman and will never be. Haha! It’s not just me who thinks so!! Now eat your Daniel if you must. Besides it’s the ‘dish’ that no one else wants to taste today. Bye bye darling

  • to 119

    @to 119: I meant ‘the previous posts’


    People who have heart problems should not click on this! That’s far too hard on the eyes, seriously!

    LOL!!! XD XD XD (ok, of course I was kiddin…)

  • deena

    @to 15: how do you know that?

  • Nutcase indeed

    It amazes me there seems to be a war going on among fans of Jackman and Craig. Well well who would have known this could happen. Don’t forget Jackman and Craig are good buddies and are going to star in a musical together. It just doesn’t make any sense that their fans are pitching wars between them. The way their fans are behaving you would think HJ and DC are competitors.

  • Daniel is hot

    Hay, both men are good looking. I just perfer Daniel. They both are good actors. I just perfer Daniel. But… I will have a great time looking at both good looking, great actors when I see them on stage. If you don’t like Daniel, just go to the Jackman site and leave the great man to us.

  • to 122

    Like or not, Craig ain’t NO Jackman and never will be.
    I have to say to you this: Like or not, Jackman ain’t NO Craig and never will be. I too and preferably prefer Daniel Craig, not Jackman. I saw some works of Jackman but it was nothing special to me, but others can appreciate him. I simply found him unsympathetic and finito. Your opinion can’t change my mind concerning Jackman, he is not an actor who catchs my interest. Aniston or Zellweger have dislikers because they aren’t sympathetic actresses for many just as Hugh Jackman is unsympathetic actor for me. There are many actors in my favour list but Jackman is not there. Finito, baby. No more debate about it.

  • to 126

    I agree, but please, they are not going to start in a musical toghether.
    This is a deep, serious, disturbing, dark, hunting and psychological play.
    And it will only be a success if BOTH are delivering the best performance they are capable of.
    I saw it in Chicago back then and the audience was mesmerized, there have been moments when it has been so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Absolute stunning writing and I really hope they can pull it off. I know that Daniel can do it. I’m not sure about Hugh, but only because I have not seen anything beside Wolverine until now. But he’s a good actor too, so I’m positive.

  • megz

    I don’t think Daniel is a diva, you can’t get upset with him for wanting some privacy. Hugh is just a very outgoing guy – Daniel is more private.

  • to 117

    The past two years he living in Sydney, Australia. Ha!
    And Jackman is more popular because he lives in US?
    Definitely he is more known and popular because he lives in the US where made American movies.
    Look at Jonathan Rhys-Meyer, Gerry Butler, Chris Bale, Hugh Laurie, Julian McMahon, Collin Farrell, Russell Crowe, Anthony Hopkins and many actors from Commonwealth came to the US to spend some time to work, get bigger opportunities and fame.
    If Jackman didn’t come to the US and didn’t spend some time with making American movies there so who knows him there?? It definitely helped him that he worked and lived in the US.
    American and Canadian posters said that Daniel is not much known in the US and Canada, he didn’t live in the US longer time and Americans don’t know him.
    Maybe a play A Steady Rain makes Daniel more known at least in New York..
    Yes, Jackman lived past two years in Sydney because he made movie “Australia” with Nicole Kidman and Luhrmann and worked on that many months. but we see him mostly living in NY, pics come from there.

  • to 117

    by the way, I saw in magazine some time ago Hugh’s house with fantastic view at lake in NY and I tried to find it on the Internet today.
    Hugh’s purchased house was surely more expensive than Daniel’s rented appartment..who is more arrogantly don’t caring for financial crisis then?(:-
    scroll down

    wau, the price of the house………Hugh makes a macher of himself, eh? like other celebrities in LA and NY. Daniel is now more sympathetic than Hugh.

  • chris

    @to 117: Jesus Christ, guys! How can you possibly believe that Craig is not as popular as Jackman because he doesn’t live in Usa?? He played James Bond, is it possible that he’ll ever star in a bigger movie than that? It’s so much more simple: As previously said, Jackman is more popular because he IS more sympathetic to people than Craig. That is a fact and only the really obsessed Daniel Craig fans would disagree with that. It’s good though to be able to see the reality, what’s the common opinion and not confuse that with your individual opinion.

  • to chris

    Jesus Christ, guys! How can you possibly believe that Craig is not as popular as Jackman because he doesn’t live in the Usa??
    I rather kept in my mind that Daniel is not known in the US like Jackman who works in the US. Between populatrity and being well-known is a difference,
    yes I know it Daniel is not popular, he has a bad image – but care he’s very kind to fans staying at premiers.
    I only thought if he stayed in the US and began to work on more American movies (Bond is half British and half American cooperate) he could be well-known there, but if also being popular – I don’t know yet.

  • to chris

    only say more that his many colleagues-country men working in the US are well-known and popular together and the question is if Daniel can’t be?
    he too did a great work and he’s kind to fans at premiers.
    where is actually problem? Craigisnotbond? Maybe hire bodyguard (maybe only gossip) was not good idea? The case with stalker and the fight in the club? Rent an expensive appartment? Or as chris in 133 said he is not sympathetic to many? I can agree with chris.

    But I know that he’s kind to fans and you saw it in many videos and pics, always signing autographs, taking pics by his own. He ALWAYS takes a camera of fans and make pics with them. I didn’t see another actor doing that – take a camera of fans and press button like Daniel.
    Yes, he’s paying $ 36 – 38 000 bills but Hugh is a heffer with spending 22 milions $! Daniel looks beside Hugh him like a poor!

  • daniel

    and…I am sticked on that Daniel is better looking and better acting than Hugh! and Hugh is DIVA for that 22 milions$ house!!!!

  • HJ vs. DC

    IMO Hugh is a better stage actor/singer than a movie actor. I haven’t found his acting very interesting in movies. Maybe that’s why his movies have been mostly mediocre ones. He’d be better off sticking to his x-men movies. His acting range on screen is really limited. He is very protective of his public image including his nice guy/family man image. He would need that to sell tickets at movie theaters. I don’t blame him.
    Craig on the other hand is not that known to the US viewers other than his Bond movies. He needs to live in the US more or travel to the US more to get more exposure. I can safely say the majority of the US movie goers have never seen any movie he did other than the two Bond movies. Like Hugh he seems lacking acting range IMO.
    Just my observations on these two actors.

  • Daniel is hot

    Re #137 then maybe the US viewers who like Bond/Daniel should try to see his earlier works. They will be blown away with his range of acting. Not so true that Canadian viewers don’t know Daniel and his older movies. Many libraries have his older movies to rent and lots of British films. I think Daniel should stay true to his country upbringing and stay in UK. He can be famous anywhere he lives. He is British, why does he have to be an American Star?

  • to 130

    Daniel is more private.


    St Barth’s anyone? You all seem to have short memories.

  • to 132

    $22 mil for a house and $30 mil per month for an apartment.

    Guess which one is the least economical then and less thoughtful for the economy?

  • to 132 and 136

    No one called Hugh DIVA when that was on the news (that he bought a $22 million house). And you know why? Because everyone out there likes him, audiences and press, and they would never spoil his perfect reputation. He’s the Oscar Host, he’s the Tony’s Host, he is Wolverine, he’s Oprah’s and Jay Leno’s pal, he’s The Boy From Oz, he’s the Sexiest Man Alive, he has his handprints next to Marilyn Monroe’s in front of the legendary Chinese Theater. America LOVES Hugh Jackman, and if an actor really wants to have a huge career, well he badly needs this love. In Britain you can just be an actor. In USA you can be a Mega Star. Craig probably wishes he was Jackman, if you don’t want to be a superstar you don’t play Bond. You just stick to your indie, made in UK films. That’s why it’s important, if not crucial to be famous and beloved in USA. Cause Hollywood is in LA! Hello! It’s not in London!! Unlike Jackman, Craig is not popular, most people don’t like him and his public image pretty much sucks. Hugh is the NICEST GUY IN HOLLYWOOD, the spoiled boy of usa. This is his image and that will never change, no matter if he buys expensive houses or whatever. (and I don’t see why that’s bad. He takes $20 million for his movies. He didn’t steal anyone, he earned them since all his X movies made more or less $400 million each, so those comments about the economy crisis and diva persona are laughable, how old are you, 12? The same goes for Craig, he can rent whatever apartment he likes, all of us would if we had that money) Anyway, no one will ever blame Hugh because everyone loves him, except from some jealous and desperate Daniel Craig fans like you. End of story. Now you’re free to eat your hearts.

  • martha

    @HJ vs. DC: I can’t tell about Daniel, I haven’t seen all of his movies though from what I’ve seen he seems like a good actor, but I’m a Hugh Jackman fan and I’ve seen all of his movies. I would agree that many of them didn’t gave him good chances to show his acting ability, meaning the roles themselves weren’t that complex (Van Helsing, Someone like You, Swordfish, Deception) and that stage is his true home (I’ve seen him in both The Boy from Oz and Oklahoma, also some vids from Carousel, Sunset Blvr and Beauty and the Beast and of course hosting the Oscars and Tonys) BUT there are a few films of different genres he starred in and he did show some versatility in my opinion: Erskineville Kings, Kate & Leopold, The Prestige and The Fountain. Adding in these works his portray of Wolverine and you have a true versatile movie actor, at least that’s what I think. I just wish his next movie would be a musical. This is the genre that fits him best, he’s an amazing singer and dancer, he literally glows when he’s on stage. I know he would give his all in a musical and that would definitely be his most serious chance to earn an Oscar nomination…

  • to 140

    i think you have your figures mixed up here; it’s not $30 mil per month it’s something like $30 thousand per month for the apparment. huge difference. what is this buisness about the least ecnomical then and less thoughtful for the economy? where is it written that hugh jackman or anyone else who can afford it should settle for anything less than what they want when it comes to where they choose to live.

    yes, i know! hugh and others should think about all those people who cant afford to live where they can first. hugh should have bought a much smaller house in a less expensive area to show his thoughtfulness towards others in this economy. sorry, not going to happen; at lease in this case. somehow i dont see hugh, or anyone else who can afford it, apologizing for being able to afford what they want and spending the money to get it. .

    hugh jackman has chosen to buy a house in manhattan; i hate to tell you this but living here can be and is expensive. some of the houses here in manhattan have a price tag of $22 million. some go for less; others are more expensive. it depends on where the house is located, how well it has been kept, and other factors.he could have rented a place but he chose to buy; his decision.

    personally, renting, in my mind, would have been better. not because it’s more “thoughtful for the economy” but because it’s makes better financial sense. when you rent; the landlord is responsible for the maint of the building, repair of leaky pipes, stoves/ovens, fridges, roof repairs, payment of city/state taxes etc. however, buying the property makes you financially responsible for all that.

  • anonymous

    @to 140: Nice said. I don’t see what’s the problem! They can afford it and they buy it. Nothing illegal or morally wrong here. If you had the money to buy that kind of house what would you do? Stay in a tent instead to show your support to people who don’t have to eat? You can do so by donating money, not by not having your turkey dinner on Thanksgiving for intance! This conversation (why did he buy that expensive house, why is he renting such an expensive apartment, blah blah blah) is ridiculous! Come on!

  • Daniel fan

    How can you even compare Hugh Jackman and Daniel Craig? They are two completely different men. Hugh is more easy and outgoing and more of a “pretty boy”. Daniel looks IMO more sexy and masculine, but he is also more private and seem somewhat insecure sometimes. Maybe that doesn’t add to his popularity but I admire that he doesn’t seem to have a need to uphold an “image” of himself in public. He is being true to himself and is not “pretending” or “acting” – when at public events – to be something that he is not. I think that he is shy and sensitive and sometimes that can be percieved as being a diva or arrogant. Hugh has also been at this level of fame for a long time, and for Daniel this is something fairly new, and probably not something he really persues. That’s why he took so long before he decided to do Bond, because he really needed to think about the consequences of taking a role like that,. I think he took that part to get money (of course, who wouldn’t) but mostly in the hope that it would lead to better parts for him to play, so he could be more appreciated as an actor and not to get more famous.
    As for their acting abilities I can’t say who is the better actor, they are both very good at what they do, but again very different in their acting styles. So let’s not argue about who is nicer, more popular etc. Let’s just agree they are both really good actors but that they have very different personalities.

  • :P

    @daniel: Jackman at least moves his face when acting…

  • Daniel is hot

    Come of it, Daniel moves his face and other body parts when he acts. I agree with Daniel fan, he is a different actor than Hugh, and a different person in his off time. Both equially good. But I still like the shy and sensitive Daniel, he is my kind of guy.

  • What did you expect?

    I can’t say that I blame Daniel for getting security, when you have people all over the net hating on his girlfriend, and threatening her with bodily harm simply for being with the man. If he’s into sleeping with she-beasts, then by all means let him, he’s not harming anyone.

  • body lang.

    yeah, i agree, if the man wants security, let him!

    One thing i’d like to share, maybe it’s a bit too old for discussion but anyway, i was watching a youtube vdo of DC and Sats (titled “daniel craig and satsuki mitchell hard work”) and i noticed that in every st. bart pictures, it was always Sats who was the one hugging him or latching onto DC and not the other way round. Interesting. Even the BAFTA or OScars photo with Jerry Seinfeld, Sats was wearing that coral dress that night, she placed her hand under DC’s hand and he was holding a glass or something. The body language has been kinda odd. However, it ‘s completely different when they’re on red carpet, the body language seems more mutual. I know these comments were mentioned a few times, but yeah..think i get what other peoples were saying now.

  • wow

    another expert of bodylanguage!!
    and is your brother a police officer, too? ROTFL

  • to 149

    Satsuki Mitchell is simply the one who acts like a man in relationship with Daniel but that’s not all. I saw three pics with Daniel and Satsuki leaving supermarket, they carried small bags of food, Satsuki carried 4 bags (in each hand two bags) and Daniel 2 bags in one hand and in other car keys.
    After seeing pics of thread London Lovers still I can’t see why Satsuki carried two large bags while Daniel only keys. Maybe Satsuki is used to carry heavy things because film assistants do this. Carrying boxes, clothes, food and drink, apparatus (device, plants) to the set is normal for them. Now she only attends the set and shows off her ring and emphasizes she is a fiancĂ© of Daniel Craig. but still she must act like man to keep Daniel closely to him. I only think if Daniel likes it, obviously yes. but one day he will lost his patience of Satsuki’s care. No man likes when a woman him guards, cares, asks, goes always like a dog behind him.
    Maybe that is reason why Daniel often ignores Satsuki. He needs her only for red carpets where he holds her around her no hips.

  • strange couple

    They are a strange couple in deed. There are no pictures of late off the red carpet, that shows they love each other. Maybe they show their love and effection at home, but their reaction to each other outside their home is strange. That is why people are talking about them all the time. If they don’t want to be talked about and having so many pictures taken of them, Daniel should be a little more open about their relationship. But then again, maybe their “real” relationship is not something Daniel wants to talk about.