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LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes: House Hunting Happy

LeAnn Rimes playfully sticks out her tongue at paparazzi while grabbing a bagel breakfast with a mystery male on Saturday morning (September 5).

The 27-year-old singer was later seen house hunting and making a quick stop at Starbucks for her caffeine fix. Afterwards, LeAnn headed over to Fred Segal for a little retail therapy.

Could LeAnn be in the market to buy a new home for herself and her boyfriend, actor Eddie Cirbian?

On Sunday, Leann stopped by the ATM and ate alone at an outside table at the Ivy On The Shore restaurant in Santa Monica.

15+ pictures inside of house hunting happy LeAnn Rimes

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leann rimes house hunting 01
leann rimes house hunting 02
leann rimes house hunting 03
leann rimes house hunting 04
leann rimes house hunting 05
leann rimes house hunting 06
leann rimes house hunting 07
leann rimes house hunting 08
leann rimes house hunting 09
leann rimes house hunting 10
leann rimes house hunting 11
leann rimes house hunting 12
leann rimes house hunting 13
leann rimes house hunting 14
leann rimes house hunting 15
leann rimes house hunting 16
leann rimes house hunting 17

Credit: Bret Thompsett/Pedro Andrade, Kaminski/Whittle; Photos: GSI Media, SplashNewsOnline
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  • wutthefug

    Ughh! I can’t stand this women.

  • Pandora

    @wutthefug — neither can I. I think we’re in the majority though. :)

  • Jenny

    Dirty hoe. What a sad excuse for a person. Horrible voice, too…hasn’t had a hit in years. Can’t wait ’til her ugly ass is dumped. You know it’ll happen.

  • innis

    She looks great in that little beach shorts. Whoee…looking good…really fine.

  • Deb

    Wutt and Pan. We are in the majority. Give it 5 and her PR peeps will be over here posting as “fans” with glowing reports about her. They aren’t doing a very good job. The more Leann rubs this in Brandi and the kids face, the worse she looks.

  • footsie

    I won’t judge until I hear all four sides of the tale. Open minds are
    a blessing.

  • Jess

    LeAnn was great in Northern Lights and she has a beautiful voice. You haters can go hate somewhere else.

  • Deb

    Told ya….didn’t even take 5.

  • jess

    I think Eddie and her are so wrong to conduct their affair so publicly in the face of his wife and her husband and his children. They’re acting like teenagers who don’t have a care in the world, and it doesn’t sound to me like Eddie cares how it affects his kids. This is Gettygate2

  • Sande

    she is a s l u t pure and simple

  • Sande

    she is a s l u t pure and simple

  • shenanyginz


  • W

    She has a good voice. Cute girl.

  • exe

    Rockin’ it Le Ann

    Beautiful voice and good actress. Give us some new music.

  • timsbabe

    I like the picture of her eating alone in the strapless summer top. Looks like the cute Le Ann from years ago.
    Dean seems like a nice guy but her style became so heavy and formal
    and dark. I like this lighter brighter Le Ann. She looks younger too.

  • Deb

    @jess agreed and we all know how that one turned out. Looks like Getty is back with his wife(so far). Very diminished role in brothers and sisters if not outright canned. Sienna was filming GI Joe before this all came out so this one doesn’t count.. Dropped from Robin Hood. She’s doing better now that she has the new BF. If she would have continued with Getty she wouldn’t be doing so well. Once she stopped doing the s l u t strut it got abit better for her BUT people still remember and alot of them will never support her career. Leann is clueless and careless. Everytime she leaks comments to the press she digs Eddie a deeper and deeper hole in his pending divorce proceedings.

  • jamie

    They should have kept out of the public eye until the divorce was
    done. Brandi is fierce and older than Eddie but we don’t really
    know why he has always been unfaithful to her. Lots of divorced
    couples these days end up coming to some kind of understanding
    and staying friends. When Brandi finds a job and a new husband
    things might take a turn for the better. If Brandi didn’t know about her hub’s dalliances before she must surely know now and is probably
    relieved to be free of him.

  • jamie

    What comments has Le Ann leaked to the press? I guess I’m missing them.

  • Marieme

    Still looks like a wet possum. Still a skaank.

  • deborah

    Brandi needs a rich husband. What are her prospects?
    She’s still young enough for someone to find her attractive. Don’t know about her job prospects. TV actors aren’t in such great demand in this downturn so Eddie won’t be supporting her in the same style as she is accustmed to.

  • swansea

    Haircut for Le Ann. I think so and I like it very much. Makes her face
    look younger and prettier.

  • soledad

    Is Le Ann destined to support all her family and husbands forever? God
    certainly gave her a gift to do it with or if you believe in karma,
    somewhere along the line she earned a beautiful voice.

  • nn

    Brandi was a model, not in television. Agree with the comment about them acting like teenagers and not responsible adults. Yes, divorce happens, but do not flaunt your affair. Leann needs to grow up and stop acting like she won a prize. EC needs to find some integrity, perhaps he can buy some, we know he doesn’t have any of his own. Cannot wait for this grand love affair (choke) to end badly. Hope they both lose big professionally.

  • Holly

    Does LeAnn EVER get a moments peace from the media??? I am surprised that they don’t follow her into the bathroom!

    Its being asked here what LeAnn has said to the press. So far I don’t think that she has said a thing to them. Its the other three in the situation who seem to not know when to keep their mouths closed.

    God bless you and LeAnn always!!!

    Holly in East Tennessee (still a day one fan of LeAnn)

  • requiemass

    She has annoyed me lately but I gotta admit she looks good
    at that restaurant. I think your right about the hair being shorter. It softens her face and doesn’t look so horsey. cute

  • astrofan

    Does anyone here know how their astrology links up? Any of you into that stuff? We could compare notes if you are.

  • Deb

    The comments are leaked through her “gushing” friends via Star, Intouch etc. The pics all over net don’t need comments they speak louder than words. Leann certainly didn’t win any prize thats for sure. I’m waiting for the 3rd woman he had “chemistry” to drop, you know she’s out there.

  • astrofan

    Le Ann is a Virgo with an Aquarius rising. Eddie is a Gemini but I don’t know if he has a Capricorn moon or an Aquarian moon because some sites list his date of birth as June 16 and some June 18. He feels like Aquarius moon to me. We don’t know his time of birth so we can’t figure out his rising sign.

  • jamie

    I must be missing stuff about comments she or her sources are making. I thought I had found everything on this subject and have been frustrated that she has said zilch.Please tell me what comments I’ve missed Thx.

  • jamie

    I went over to Star and did a search for Rimes. D#mn! I can’t find what you are talking about.
    In Touch hasn’t been updated for a long time and I can’t find what you mean. Please be specific if you can and I’d love to read what you’re saying. TIA

  • jillo

    3rd woman. Funny I thought maybe 300 woman. Remember Sheen and his 5000 women?

  • fan of Le

    Me too. I’m not afraid to admit it. She has given us a great gift of wonderful music. Even though I like her and her music I wish they had handled this out of the public eye. It’ll hurt their careers but the songbird will have more hits maybe later but she will. Maybe she’ll have a family in the meantime. She was beautiful as a child.

  • Deb

    @ajamie:Celebitchy (this has the quotes from the “sources” from the mags below)

  • jamie

    Thx Deb I’ll check out that site

  • Deb

    Read the comments also…interesting

  • dillybean

    God Bless the four souls involved here. Maybe they can all be friends one day. I’m an idealist and believe in God’s command to forgive others and also one’s self.

  • jamie

    USWEEKLY has a ton of comments too

  • S.

    Ewww!! Look at her all proud of herself!
    Stupid fugly b!tch!!

  • Danni

    Nobody cared about her until she stabbed her husband in the back
    AND wecked a home.
    She can got to Hell if all I care, she is passed her prime and is holding on to negitive press to get attention.
    she is a sick little girl, yes GIRL! a real woman woulnt do the trashy things she has done in the PUBLIC eye.

  • Bete

    H O M E W R E C K E R ! ! !

  • Mari

    I guess it’s safe to say that since LeAnn fans are her PR, the fans of the ex wife must be relatives. How else could you be hating someone you don’t personally know. lol

  • ugly horseface

    This is one ugly woman! What the hell does she have to be so happy about? Guess she calls the paps and tells them where she is all the time? She is a big no-talent Ho!!!!!!! Eddie will drop her like a hot potato if he has any sense! Ugly, ugly, ugly!

  • lincoln

    Mari #41

    That is so logical and of course! Fair is fair and I plan to borrow that from you. Hope you don’t mind.

  • 30xs

    God I love her haircut in the photo where she is dining outdoors alone

    I don’t think she is ugly. Look at Celine Dion or worse is Adam Sandler’s daughter, Sadie. Now that is scary!

  • Kendra

    This could have been dealt with in a more careful way; keep it hidden until the split is completed. But I still hope for a good resolution out of this for all parties. Maybe Brandi and Dean will hit it off and get hitched.

  • Deb

    Nope not a relative here just someone who things these 2 are disgusting.

  • gish

    The first picture and the last one where she is swinging her arms on the go are HOTTTTTTTTT!!! I’ll have ya baby!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • lincoln

    Deb #46

    She said that because if the Le Ann’s supporters are being accused of being her paid PR team then the other could be true…..that LeAnn’s detractors could be Brandi’s family or Brandi’s PR team. Perfect deductive reasoning. Of course, neither is the case but it shows how ridiculous it is to claim one or the other.

  • brandz

    Don’t wish to much for Eddie’s downfall. It will hurt his children more than anyone else. Who will shelter and feed them?

  • Kendra

    Anyone here thinking like me that Brandi and Dean might hook up and make a nice couple