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Jude Law & Jonny Lee Miller: Lots of Laughs

Jude Law & Jonny Lee Miller: Lots of Laughs

Jude Law shares a laugh with his BFF, fellow British actor Jonny Lee Miller, while taking a stroll through the West Village neighborhood of New York City on Monday (September 14).

Jonny was seen pushing his son Buster Miller, 9 months, in a Baby Jogger City Mini stroller. Jude‘s BFF assistant Ben Jackson also tagged along for the walk.

Both Jude and Jonny are starring in Broadway plays this fall — Jude in Hamlet and Jonny in After Miss Julie (co-starring Sienna Miller, Jude‘s ex).

10+ pictures inside of Jude Law & Jonny Lee Miller laughing it up…

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jude law jonny lee miller laughing 01
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 02
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 03
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 04
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 05
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 06
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 07
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 08
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 09
jude law jonny lee miller laughing 10

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  • karen

    Awww the baby is so cute.. from what little I can see.. Damn Jude looks hot.. they have been friends for years.. JLM is a nice guy..

  • Ali

    That’s a beautiful baby. he’s going to look just like his daddy. When Jude is walking, he looks like he just wants to burst into dance. Love him.

  • natt

    Ah! Johnny Lee Miller is so hot!

  • debk

    I cannot believe JLM was married to Angie just doesn’t seem right ,but wharever. Jude Law should show Gerard how to wear gray shirts and jeans,He looks hot.If only you had a bum side it would be even better.He looks happy and relaxed.

  • g!na

    aaw! that baby looks like Shiloh! anyone thinking what i’m thinking? Shiloh maybe Jonny’s!

  • HV

    The guy on the left is wearing a Radiohead shirt! That’s awesome!

  • Still best friends

    Good to see them together. Jude was Jonny’s best man when he and Angelina got married, she was only 20 and he was 23, both just way too young. Jonny is a really nice guy, and his son is a cutie.

    Jude looks happy, wonder how much interaction he will have with the baby he’s having next month with a woman he clearly does not care for.

  • jazz

    They have been friends since they were 12 years old. That’s a long time. Jonny is godfather to Raff and I’m sure Jude is godfather to Buster.

  • sweetie

    Cute baby! They all look like they’re having fun. :-)

  • Still best friends


    Get real FOOL.

    Jonny is known by some as the UK’s Brad Pitt as there is a slight resemblance. Just like TilS is known as the German Brad Pitt.

    You are just an FF heifer here with lying cra* as usual.

  • Still best friends


    And I am so happy for them to have this lifelong friendship, and that they are both together in NYC for a time.

    I have a feeling Jude will need a friend to help deal with all the drama exploiding in his life. He is a good Dad to his kids but this situation re the new baby is like a mine field.

  • ugh


    Just what is your problem? Why are you here? Just go away.

    Buster is so cute, already 9 months old. Jonny and Jude look happy.

  • g!na

    @Still best friends:

    it was a total joke! have a sense of humor! lol.

  • oh please


    Damn Jen is that you????… LOL

    This thread had nothing to do with the Jolie-Pitts. Angie and JLM are still friends. just an example of what CAN happen when two people are mature after a break up. It did not work.. He moved on and so did she. They are still great friends.. Sad that it was not possibe for Jenny poo and Brad..

    The FF freaks want so bad for Brad/Angie not to have kids together..Get over it they have 6.. Bit@hes
    Back to the topic at hand..

    Jude looks yummy..and so does Johnny Lee. When is Jude expecting his next bundle of joy.. His kids are so damn cute..

  • mysteryinnolita

    oh boy the tall dude is more hot them

  • Halo

    @g!na: err, yeah. All of Angie’s kids look like Johnny. ahahaha!~

  • Daphne

    Aw… sweet. Jude always looks so relaxed and happy around his male buddies. He rarely looks like that around women.

  • Tiara

    Woh G!na, see how you should’t mess with the Jolie-Pitts? HA, everybody jumps on you right after. haha. That joke was funny though ;D Anyway, I can’t believe Jonny Lee Miller was married to Angelina O_o He’s hot though =)

  • Tiara

    Oh and btw, Jude looks superhot with his sort of beanie. I don’t know why but… with beanies make me weak in the knees XD

  • fresh

    i love jonny. he’s a great guy.

  • g!na

    I love the jolie -pitts! I was making a joke because jonny’s kid is blue-eyed blonde like shiloh! he he!

  • tara

    They seem they are moking Johnny. They all look cool.

  • sheryl

    *waves at Jude* Hey there, sexy stuff!
    There should never be pictures of Jude in jeans without a butt shot! Looks like a fun day for the guys, and Buster is a little cutie pie!

  • annieRich

    Love the pics. Hope to see a lot more of Jude and Jonny while they are in NY.

  • Perri

    Forget about Jonny and Jude, the assistant is the hottest! Plus he’s a Radiohead fan. Be still my beating heart.

  • Cherry Pie

    Holy hell, Jude is damnn hot!

  • Cherry Pie

    @Perri: So is Jude (Radiohead fan)

  • Eloisa

    Thanks a lot JJ. I love when he is happy.

    His PA is Ben Jackson, a former male model.

  • Brenda


  • whatever

    RADIOHEAD T-shirt…I have the same one….well not the exact same lyrics…b/c there are many differnt ones…but pob. one of my most fav. shirts EVER!

  • natalie smith

    ….I think it is possible that he gets back togehter with Sienna Miller …his best friend is starring with her!!!!

    I don’t like her at all…

  • nana

    Oh man! thats cute.
    3 men and a baby. like a scene in a film ;-))

  • British Latin American

    Correction: three hot men and a baby! Johnny is the most intriguing, Jude the sexiest, and Ben the male model/PA/business partner the most beautiful.

  • s2

    @natalie smith: Oh no, please, tell me there’s no possibility of this to happen. Never again.
    It’s seems like she can’t take care of herself. She doesn’t even seem to know how to keep a relationship working, or to handle a breakup. It’s not every married that ends because of it, you know, if both work it out.
    I know Jude is a big boy and can take his own life going on, but I seriously pray for him to find some piece and quiet. Don’t blame him. Woman can be so seductive when they want what they want.
    Jude should say: women, stop being

  • s2

    @natalie smith: Oh no, please, tell me there’s no possibility of this to happen. Never again.
    It’s seems like she can’t take care of herself. She doesn’t even seem to know how to keep a relationship working, or how to handle it. It’s not every married that ends, you know, because of an affair, if both really love each other and work this out, together.
    I know Jude is a big boy and can take his own life going on for ever , but I seriously pray for him to find some peace and quiet. Don’t blame him. Women can be so seductive when they want what they want.
    Jude should say: women, stop being so seductive. Haha! But hey, that’s just my sense of humor. ;-)
    I LOVE Jude and so, obviously, this last part was a total joke.

  • s2

    Sorry, I just got my first one out incomplete.

  • lori joyce

    I agree with Daphne. Jude always looks the happiest and most relaxed around his male friends.

  • phwoar

    Oh man, these guys are sooo hot! Through their other buddy Nathan Bogle in the mix and it would be even more perfect.

  • sheryl

    @phwoar: Or Ewan McGregor.

  • phwoar

    @sheryl: Absolutely! Gorgeous bunch of friends

  • Sara

    Awh, love Jude! Looking so happy here. Keep smiling, hun! I’m very proud of you! Did I mention extremely HOT… ♥

  • dolorescraeg

    nothing like old friends. johnny, jude and ben are like the three musketeers….jude is so lean and trim. there’s not an ounce of fat on the LAW. he looks like a kid. jude got married too young….he’s first enjoying the single life he should have had in his 20′s. however the greatest joys of his life, raff, iris and little rudy came from this. he’s taking advantage of new york from every angle. enjoy jude….you’re working hard performing hamlet….R&R is good for you buddy. by the wat that child is beyond gorgeous.

  • http://Sexy sharyllee

    Best Friends are very happy! I like the name “Buster” and he is so cute and healthy! I love four of them.. especially Jude..

  • isabella

    He’s not enjoying the single life that he should have had in his 20′s. He’s abusing women – that’s his greatest joy! And even If he didn’t get married too young, he probably would have more children than now; each one with a different woman!

  • dolorescraeg

    that baby is so beautiful… a little doll. well his daddy’s not too bad nor his friend jude. a good looking group.

  • jami

    Seriously, if I was walking down the streets of NY and saw this site, these three walking with that adorable baby in the stroller- I might die of a heart attack! SO DAMN HOT. Jude is drop dead gorgeous and sexy as hell and the other two look pretty darn good here too ;)

  • jami

    Jude looks so amazingly sexy when he is laughing and smiling! love to see him enjoying himself!!!!!!!!!!

    yes, that baby is just so cute I want to squeeze his little cheeks

  • elle

    thanks jared :)

  • ericap

    The collective hotness of this trio probably increased the temperature in West Side by 10 degrees! The baby increases the cuteness factor.

  • kim

    Jude Law hanging out with Johnny Lee Miller and Ben and…….(wait for it)….remaining sexy doing so.

    Love You Jude !