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Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt is San Sebastian Sexy

Brad Pitt arrives at the Maria Cristina Hotel in San Sebastian, Spain on Friday (September 18). Brad is in town for the 57th San Sebastian International Film Festival.

The 45-year-old actor, who wore the David Yurman Petrvs ring, will be presenting Inglourious Basterds to filmgoers during the festival; Basterds director Quentin Tarantino is also in town to speak about the film.

Brad and Quentin will speak later today at a press conference in San Sebastian.

20+ pictures inside of Brad Pitt arriving at San Sebastian…

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brad pitt san sebastian 06
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brad pitt san sebastian 15
brad pitt san sebastian 16
brad pitt san sebastian 17
brad pitt san sebastian 18
brad pitt san sebastian 19
brad pitt san sebastian 20
brad pitt san sebastian 21
brad pitt san sebastian 22
brad pitt san sebastian 23
brad pitt san sebastian 24

Credit: Alvarez; Photos: Getty
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  • me

    He looks good (that’s ALL man), but he needs to shave that crap off his face.

  • hello to all



  • Elisa

    brad please shave !!!!! he looks like a goat

  • So Judgemental

    the man is on vacation.. if he doesn’t want to shave so be it..

    Or maybe it is for his explorer character in Lost City of Z which is gearing up in pre production. Who knows.

    Either way the man is fine and it is his body.. his body hair… to do with what he pleases.

  • yummy

    Love everything about Brad!

  • soopx

    Brad is handsome and a very good Father and Partner
    he takes very good care of his Family.Angelina got
    her self a winner.I am proud to be a Jolie-Pitt Fan.
    May they always be Blessed for their Kindness and
    Compassion to the Poor.

  • loyal

    You are right, that waste of space has been busy! I know we shouldn’t encourage the worthless, ugly inside and out hags, but couldn’t resist!

  • no way

    No way is Aniston a Miley Cyrus.
    Miley is better than ANISTON.

  • Frenchie Alvarez

    He reminds me of a teacher I have.

  • passby

    OMG – we are subject to all these advertisements for Maniston’s movies. Anyway, it doesn’t matter – Maniston is still not getting the respect in Hollywood. She continues to be the joke because she keeps on playing Rachel Green getting dump – is this woman for real or you call this acting? By the way, please tell maniston to stop hiding her face behind her hair – enough already – be confident and own up to your fat chin.

  • He’s scalpin at the boxoffice

    Such a fine fine man.

  • Ugh

    He is just another bloated actor with no sex appeal whatsoever left on him. All yours Angie.

  • trés jolie

    He is adipoid

  • lylian


    Wow! – you even know what they are thinking – you must have special powers but then all the loons think they have special powers when it comes to Jolie and Pitt.

    uhhh, no…. You must be referring to the losies who have been predicting – WRONGLY FOR THE LAST 4.5 YEARS, that Brad and Angelina are gonna break up.
    We JP fans on the other hand need no special powers. We just read their interviews and they tell it like it is. No need to second guess. Here’s a smalllll sample of what they’ve said about each other recently:
    “Brad can’t be described using words but to wake up and see him with our kids, taking care of us or to wake up in his arms and look in his eyes makes me the proudest woman in the world. He is the man that made all my dreams come true, and making him and my little kids happy everyday is my number one priority.” Angelina Jolie
    “Angelina and I are together because we can enhance each other. I don’t want to waste any time because I’m with company I really, really love.” Brad Pitt
    My real fear at this point is the safety and health of Angie and the kids. The fear of losing them is what keeps me up at night.” Brad Pitt
    No JP fan can help it if LOSIES like you are too STUPID to understand what they’ve clearly stated and choose to believe the TABLIES and LIES of the likes like Turdy and IUD instead.

  • teri

    Brad is a great actor and now he’s respected by the best. I don’t see him hurting for any roles and IB is banking at the box office just like CCOBB.

  • botox Aniston

    Brad has grown a lot as an actor.

    I’ve seen the maturity in his movies, particularly in Jesse James, and Benjamin Button. I’m so glad he was nominated in Button movie.

    Good job, Brad, continue the good work.

    I’m planning to see the movie IB this weekend.

  • teri

    I wouldn’t put Jen in the same catagory as Miley or Britney, but maybe Paris H.

  • briseis

    Yuck, all I saw on TV last night and now are JustJared’s home page are ads for Shite Happens. I hope the producers and studio or whoever get their money’s worth for all the advertising and promotion they are doing for this movie which had been shittily reviewed and got a very low score at RT. Of course, Sandra Bullock got a very low score for All About Steve and still got a decent opening, although seems stuck at $22M.
    Whoever keeps whining about Daniel Day Lewis and Leo DiCaprio being better than Brad, then GTFO of Brad’s thread and go praise Daniel and Leo at THEIR threads. Sheesh!!! Besides, it’s only your opinion that Brad is not a good actor. He was nominated for Babel (GG) and Benjamin Button (GG and Oscars) so his peers recognize his talent.

  • lylian

    LOL, that’s right!! Even his most recent bomb “AOJJ” was on a number of Best Picture Lists from respected critics.
    Fact is, he’s been nominated twice for the Oscars. Once may be a fluke, twice shows you probably have some talent. Didn’t win?? So what? Peter O Toole, Paul Newman and many others didn’t win for a long long time. But they are fine actors – and that’s a fact!!
    But then, hey, what do the LOSIES know?? They think puffy is a most wonderfulest actress!!
    Man the losies are a laugh a minute if you don’t take them seriously at all. All the frothing at the mouth, all the anger, all the hysteria, all the maniacal energy!! All for Puffy – whose only good for a laugh!!!

  • Frenchie Alvarez

    At least he likes Spain :)

  • sharon

    His beard is definitely for Lost City of Z he still looks sooooooooo hot.

  • SANS

    Brad looks good.

  • Sofia

    SEXY, I love him!!!

  • Sofia

    SEXY, I love him!!!

  • Frenchie Alvarez

    They say in San Sebastian there are many blondes ^ ^

  • wow

    Only Brad Pitt can looks sexy in this goatee.


    Mob, Brad is better than your man or should I say, where is your man, do you have one? You know, you want Brad, poor you, go get yourself a dog enjoy life.

  • HA!

    @gracie: Need therapy much? Who reacts like that to a simple comment? Relax sweetheart. I wouldn’t take it so personally that not everyone in the world finds this stinky, oddly dressing man God’s gift to the world.


    Sexy? HaHaHaaa!

    He’s about as sexy as a soiled merkin.


  • Beans

    Eww, what an ugly face.

  • jp fan

    credit jjb
    Brad Pitt

    1. Moneyball (2011) (in production) …. Billy Beane
    2. The Odyssey (2012) (announced) (rumored)
    3. The Sparrow (2010) (announced) (rumored)
    4. The Lost City of Z (2010) (pre-production) …. Col. Percy Fawcett
    5. Oobermind (2010) (post-production) (voice) …. Metro Man
    6. The Tree of Life (2009) (post-production) …. Mr. O’Brien

  • Milli

    san Sebastian, wooooooo! Cool, its a very beautiful town, one of the most cahrming in Europe, and thats saying something.
    On the topic, why Brad WHY??? What’s up with the beard?

  • nina

    Papa Pitt looks mighty sexy. He is hot.

  • Milli


  • jp fan

    credit jjb

    A Bearded Brad Pitt Makes Spanish Hearts Flutter
    September 18th, 2009 11:27 am / Author: Mary Beth Quirk

    Brad Pitt Sept. 18Brad Pitt arrived to huge crowds at the Maria Cristina Hotel during the 57th San Sebastian International Film Festival today in San Sebastian, Spain. Despite the heavy beard, the mass of adoring fans easily recognized the Inglourious Basterds star and duly clamored for his autograph.

  • Frenchie Alvarez

    Poor me… I should be in San Sebastian î_î

  • Beans

    He looks like chester the child molester. Fugly like his skeletina wife.
    She is looking for more babies to steal and he is looking for a way out!

  • cassie

    Time Magazine 2009 list of most Influential People, Vanity Fair Establishment list with Angie(highest ranking celebs), VF and People’ s best dressed list,Oscar nominee 2009.

  • Brad the fossil

    Brad is sexy if you like Wilford Brimley

  • Michele

    I glad to see him and happy he and the family are pretty much out of the limelight…..for now.

  • IB box office update


    Domestic: $105,692,724 ( as of Wednesday )
    Foreign: $105,279,253 ( )
    Worldwide: $210,971,977

  • http://JustJared Marie

    He is a hot mess

  • rotlfmao

    he looks like Burt REYNOLDS

  • cassie

    Also the goatee maybe for the Lost City of Z .

  • Sarah

    He is so washed up. What a tard.

  • WELL

    Brad looks so good. HOTNESS OVERLOAD.

  • tee hee

    Whoever keeps whining about Daniel Day Lewis and Leo DiCaprio being better than Brad, then GTFO of Brad’s thread and go praise Daniel and Leo at THEIR threads. Sheesh!!!

    Read more:

    they don’t have threads because they’re not publicity crazy like pitt. Pitt has to have a lot of publicity surrounding him to keep him in the news because his acting is shat! He IS the mylie cyrus of The A list movie actors. bwahahah! good comparison.

  • Beans

    Brad is sexy if you like to go to the old folks home to pick up your men.

  • Sarah

    He looks like a Brussles Griffont. Maybe he can win the dog show this year.

  • Hootie

    Gramps looks like a gimp.