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Beyonce: Icebergs Babe

Beyonce: Icebergs Babe

Beyonce leaves through the back door after lunching at Icebergs Dining Room & Bar in Sydney, Australia on Saturday afternoon (September 19).

Pink told the recent issue of Rolling Stone that she’s nothing like Beyonce. She shared,”The best I can gather is that Australia likes their artists to be rugged and raw and authentic, and America likes their artists to be glamorous and a little more packaged and glossy—like the difference between me and Beyonce. She’s beautiful, she’s multitalented, and she lives this jet-set lifestyle. And then there’s me: You would picture me out in a field boxing a kangaroo with makeup running down my face, crying about something that happened a week ago.”

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Photos: Flynetonline
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  • Pandora

    She looks great, as usual. Love her dress and bag.

  • ana

    There are more differences between Beyonce and Pink. For instance Beyonce can sing, Pink can’t. Beyonce looks like a woman, and Pink looks like a man.

  • True to this

    Pink can sing, but she is very masculine. She’s purely shaped – no hips, flat chest. So on..

    I like her.

  • Tiara

    Yeah I kinda sorta agree with you people saying Pink looks very masculine but I still like her a lot. She sticks to her own personal style and I like it. And besides, I think she can sing. P!nk is just the so-cool kind of not-girly girl lol. And BeyoncĂ©…..ahhhhhh BeyoncĂ© is A-M-A-Z-I-N-G. Now that’s a talented artist. She sounds wonderful live. She’s a diva. I love divas ( I’m still not over the fact that Miley was a vh1 diva this year :/ ). Anyway, I like them both. Two longtime artists that should stay in the business. I love BeyoncĂ©’s outfit here. She’s always stylish. <3 Love the bag!

  • anon

    One of the things that I love about Beyonce is that she doesn’t spend her time dissing other artists. Pink is obnoxious and seems to relish in saying and doing outrageous things. Beyonce does her thing professionally and always carries herself with class. Pink should learn that exhibiting boorish behavior doesn’t make you authentic, it makes you an azzhole.

  • Bey Season

    Beautiful beyonce!!!

  • Bey Season

    Looks Great!!!

  • LuckyL

    Lol, Pink wasn’t be a b*tch.

  • lakers fan in boston

    im so tired about hearing about pink
    seriously when was her last hit, like 5 yrs ago?
    there is a thing called being a punk girl, but pink is just pretty much masculine imo
    she’s 2 hardcore
    beyonce looks really good, im not a big fan but i do acknowledge when she looks nice

  • Amelia tatafield

    hahahahahaa omg i totally agreee!

  • ritesa4all

    Beyonce :
    (1) Loves wearing dead animal fur eventhough she has seen what happens to these animals before she wears THEIR fur.
    (2) Does NOT wear her own UGLY Dereon clothing line but only other designers clothing line. Unlike Gwen Stefani along with her kids who actually wears her own line.

    (1) Stands up for animal rights
    (2) Unpretentious, speaks her mind

  • ritesa4all

    It isn’t hard to look good when you’ve got TONS of money to hire stylists, make-up artists, chefs and personal work out gurus., plastic surgeons, etc. The question is wirh all the fame and money, do you put it to good use. Do you draw attention to a cause because you have the spotlight on you. Pink has taken advantage of this. Beyonce makes sure you all notice her BEAUTIFUL hair, clothes, bags, make-up, fur coat, ASS…yes, we ALL notice her ASS.

  • nic

    P!nk is selling herself short. She’s beautiful the last time I saw her ie 4 months ago?? shockingly graceful ,petite and cute. Its funny how everyone thinks Beyonce is the queen of everything these days. A little research and you’ll find that P!nk earns more than her when it comes to touring.

  • suzziey

    The dress is terrible! The bag is nice :))

  • True to this

    Ahem, poorly – not purely. Big mistake.

  • fat cow

    God she just get fuglier and FATier…wtf with all the money she has….Pink is right, she is so fake and superficial.

  • shoddy

    Dereon? sh!t , b!tch is hungry about money, no cares about her so she creates her own parfume and colthing lines? what a down grade ewwww

  • LG

    Beyonce is so overrated now, she’s starting to look like her mom. which is not a compliment.

  • sam

    I’ve never seen someone still looking fugly after tons of Plastic Surgeries, i mean she had a nose job, breast implants… she should make another nose job.

  • she is deformed

    Ugliest body, fat legs, fat thighs, small shoulders.

  • ?

    Bad looking hair, Why does she dyed her hair blonde? is she ashamed of her heritage?

  • maya

    Halle Berry looks younger than her.

  • whatever

    it’s obvious that these last comments were written by the same person. it’s time to be original people!

    she’s beautiful as always!

  • No way

    @whatever: Beautiful? Ewwwwww, look at the THAT hair.

  • Saysaysay

    Yeah,Pink does sell herelf short. Alicia Pink writes her own music .She is smart ,talented and wickedly funny and luvs CoreyHart who is cute.
    Beyonce writes her own music,She is smart ,talented and loves JayZ.

    I like them both.they are different,but two strong,good entertaienrs.

  • socultural

    Pink is absolutely nothing like Beyonce! Nevertheless, I think Beyonce has a nice voice but I love everything about pink. She has a great voice and a stand up personality. I could definately see her around for years to come.

    Stay Positive

  • http://www. amy

    who speaks ill of Beyonce, ahhhh just jealous people, she is very talented beautiful, elegant and all her hair goes with his tanned skin, I watch her shows and I loved our she sings, dances and acts and a wonderful show, I have photo with it is smelling.beuatiful love.

  • cool Pink

    Australia loves Pink, she just finished a series of sold out concerts here, the most by any artist ever, she broke all existing records…….that includes U2, Coldplay, Rolling Stones etc………we love her because she actually sings her songs, no lipsyncing and puts on a hell of a show.

  • dorie

    I love Pink. Beyonce, not so much. If Beyonce is such a great singer, why do all her songs sound so overwrought? It’s like she has to do these vocal acrobatics ALL the time? I do have a lot of respect for her as a very talented performer and a classy person, but I can’t listen to her sing for more than 30 seconds.

  • Anita

    She’s pretty!!:) <3

  • girlygirl

    So beautiful! I love her!

  • jess

    Big generalisation made by Pink. She was down in Australia for like, what, 3 months? Everyone was telling her to go home.

  • lalalove

    I f**king love P!nk!! Beyonce is a classy woman.

  • ad

    I hate beyonce, she is a hypocrite, a manipulative media ho, a diva who treats badly her domestics, her screaming voice is irritating, she just screams, that’s not a voice, give me Leona Lewis anytime. Physically she looks like a fat ho, kind of drag queen with too much makeup , fake hair..she has ZERO style she always looks trash.

  • whatever

    beyonce is a beautiful woman. the only hypocrite here is pink. she was mad at kanye for embarrasing taylor on stage, yet she’s made an entire career out of making fun of the likes of britney, jessica simpson and lindsay. beyonce can sing most of these so called artists under a bus. maybe some of yall need to youtube her performances.

    maybe next time, you should ignore her post then. clearly, the world loves her more than pink b/c she has sold more albums than pink, continues to sell out more concerts than pink (instead of just australia) and is not masculine looking. if you think beyonce is fat, then i feel sorry for your anorexic/bulimic self. get some help honey! i feel sorry for everyone around you if you think beyonce is fat and ugly.

  • whatever

    i’m also LMAO at all these negative comments comming from pink fans. i guess when your favorite artist has to talk trash about others to get attention (b/c pink would’ve never been mentioned on this blog had she not talked about beyonce), you must also talk lots of trash to back her up. thankfully, beyonce is a classy woman who goes about her business and doesn’t need to speak ill of anyone for attention. pink fans need to get a clue.

  • anonTwo

    pink is kinda stink and every bit as obnoxious as kanye west!

  • Diva

    Do some exrecise fat bitch!

  • damnit

    @LG: soooooooooooo true!

  • nic

    Please come out of that Beyonce Stans closet. If it comes to single artist records (not including Destiny’s Child)…P!nk has sold more albums than Beyonce overall. Also, check this. Pollstar Worldwide Tours for the 1st half of the year shows P!nk is currently at #8 at $50.8 million gross, Beyonce at #12 with around $37 million. Go do some research because Beyonce is not all that.

  • notabeyawncelover

    unlike whitney houston even with her voice destroyed by drugs, beyawnce is so over manufactured all the way down to her opera and dance lessons as a child, and the raunchy shows she puts on in front of her father, cause he’s always in the front row its amazing. if she worked at the pink slip on the pole would he be front row and center, cause thats all it amounts to, the single lady gyrations are disturbing to say the least and our society overlooks this, there is something seriously wrong with this family and americans acceptance of this on national tv, and she’s likened to an icon, patty labelle is a icon, chaka khan is a icon, aretha no last name needed is a icon, gladys knight is a icon, barbara streisand is a icon you miss lady are a entertainer such as the old burlesque shows.

  • suppress your appetite

    She is adorable and so pretty.