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Gerard Butler: Not Dating Jennifer Aniston!

Gerard Butler: Not Dating Jennifer Aniston!

Gerard Butler is all smiles as he strolls downtown and grabs a cab in the Tribeca neighborhood of New York City on Thursday (September 24).

The 39-year-old Scottish actor debunked rumors that he’s dating his Bounty co-star Jennifer Aniston. “I love her to death,” he told E! News. “She’s the coolest and she’s become a great friend, but there’s nothing going on. And if there was, I’d be happy to say it!”

He also talked to People about his Ugly Truth costar Katherine Heigl, who just adopted a baby.

“She will be an amazing mom,” Gerry said. “She’s incredibly responsible, smart and loving. This is a huge deal for her, and she’s going to take to it like a duck to water.”

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  • male

    is she pregnant???

  • Anna

    He’s hot!!

  • Boa

    I’d deny sleeping w/Maniston too lol

  • anon

    how many stories, how many tabloids headlines and how much money did that intentional innuendo make ? how often does this same lucrative situation keep “accidentally” happening ? how many men have these innuendos been used with ? …………it’s done for careers………

  • bet

    ” i love her to death” wow that is saying something. i start liking this man. I like man who is not afraid to express his feeling. of course the tab make him a guy who just bang any woman on the street and not feeling for women. But from his word, ” i love her to death” that is deep.

  • bet

    ” i love her to death”

  • lol

    She wishes he would date her. He is soo cute and he’s a great actor.

  • bet

    John mayer , ” i am still in love with her” Gerard Butler ” i love her to death”

  • plez

    I love her to death but I don’t want to be with her. It’s funny how many men say that about Aniston. She must have the worst personality(needy /self absorbed) in the world.

  • bet


    who does not wish, you are right he is great actor. I love the way he talk, he does’nt try to hide anything. but just taboid make him that guy like George Clooney who just date any coctail waiteress . i think he has other side of him which we do not know, A side affection and respect for woman.

  • bet


    but he said he loved her to death. i mean you do not said to a person you did not injoy every minuiet , with a word like i love her to death. man that is deep.

  • facts

    There must be something really wrong with her, that all these guys keep coming and going. What is it? She’s got a nice body, cute face, etc. Is she so bad in bed your pecker wants to fall off?? Does she have a clingy, annoying personality that makes you suicidal when you’re around her? WHAT IS IT?????!

  • bet

    i am confused now. i like john and now like Gerard too. they both cool. It hard to choose. Jen please give one a chance they both fantastic human.

    of course they are talented, but they are not going ot be on the list of good looking people on taboid, may be that is the reason the taboid trash them They have some kind of qaulity about them, they are not afraid to express thier feeling.

  • plez

    Right on Facts. Vince loved Jen to death but he asked another woman to marry him. Actions speak louder than words

  • kiki1011

    I just don’t get the appeal of this guy…he really looks like a young Randy Quaid…blech…

  • postwatcher

    Um, Jennifer is a female and Gerry only dates guys.

  • nyob

    Now that is how jeans and tshirt are supposed to fit. He looks good – the hot guy next door look is my favorite.

  • bet


    i never heard Vince said he love jennifer to death , i never even heard him say he love her. The only person i heard saying it Gerard. I never heard any man said to her, that is deep.

  • ri23

    See, good lighting = Gerard bringing the hotness. Enough about Aniston, it’s a Butler post.

  • Michele

    BET PLEASE PUT DOWN THAT CRACK PIPE!!! Actions speak louder than words. They may think she’s sweet and all but the DON’T WANT TO BE WITH HER!!

  • bet


    i did not said it, Gerard said it himself, ” he love her to death”

  • Aswickedx3

    Why are you people so stupid? It clearly says “And if there was, I’d be happy to say it!” She obviously doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him! Not the other way around. Learn to read.

  • He is gay

    I should know. we went home together after the VMA party I am actually the limo driver but I had to disguise myself as an ‘Asian looking girl’ because the paps were after us. Good job I had a bottle of deep tan, a long brown wig and my drag outfit in the trunk of my car. After we lost them we went home to his place made a t-urd sandwich together. It was orgasmic.

  • huh?

    You get that “she obviously doesn’t want to be in a relationship with him, not the other way around” from what he said? I see it just as no relationship period other than friendship on both sides. I don’t think he ever pursued her. He’s just not that into her in that way.

  • anonymous

    Why can’t you people just enjoy the pictures? He is definitely good looking, funny and knows what to say at the right time and he is not arrogant. Really funny. He is a lawyer so he must have the brains, too. But Jennifer Aniston is busy w/ a lot of projects. She looks happy and so relaxed but excited about something, maybe another movie in the future, aside from Goree Girls. Maybe, she’s trying to get out of her comfort zone now and do something else. So, to his fans, fear not, he’s all yours. She has no time for all the crap the tabs are putting out there.

  • marie

    he looks hot!

  • Topdog

    Too bad. They would make a cute couple.

  • Rose

    My, my, my, my. That man is gorgeous. If I ever ran into him walking down the street that this, I’d probably faint right in front of him!

  • :(

    He looks terrible. He has completely lost his looks. He’s now the male equivalent of a frumpy, fat, 40-something housewife. Why do guys like him let themselves go as they get older? It should be made illegal.

  • OMG

    :(: I think you must have terrible eyesight. He’s beyond hot. And, he’s anything but fat. You must be 12 and in love with little stick boys.

  • yo mama

    Lawyer????? That I didn’t know. I need a lawyer and I want him to represent me. Our consultation would never end.

  • OMG

    Yep. A lawyer with an honor’s degree from Glasgow University. He studied law for seven years. He’s really quite amazing.

  • —————————-

    yo mama, he isn’t a lawyer. he flunked because he was a lazy, dumb alcoholic who repeatedly abused his sick-leave privileges. He should have killed himself when he had the chance.

  • lara

    His looks would greatly benefit if he lost some weight.. That`s all I have to say.. plus he would lose some of the jowls he has developed lately

  • rainy day

    He didn’t flunk anything. He got through university with an honors degree – a Dlitt which is the equivalent of a Phd. It was when he was doing his two-year internship at a very posh law firm that he hated it, acted out in RL and got fired.

  • —————————-

    so he flunked. Thank you for confirming what I just said.

  • Cindy

    He would just dump her clinging butt anyway – she is a loser.

  • lilac

    #33 seems to have gotten up on the wrong side of the bed today. Almost seems to have a personal grudge against Gerry. Jealous maybe?

  • law to acting

    Some posters here are nothing but trolls to stir up the pot by being obnoxious and lying about GB. At the time of him being fired from the law firm, GB was having some personal issues and was having doubts about his law career. Yes he was fired but that was a blessing in disguise. Just look at what a great acting career he is enjoying now. Thank God he switched from law to movie making to my selfish delight!!

  • pleeeeease

    Amen #39 :)

  • liz

    Thank you, JJ. I never tire of looking at this inteligent,funny, and truly sexy man. I cannot wait to see him on Saturday Night Live…the day after I see him in Law Abiding Citizen! Now I hear he’s on Craig F. again on Oct. 9!!!! He’ll probvably be on Jimmy Fallon on the Thurs. before SNL, per usual. And…he’ll probably be on Jay and other shows leading up to the movie.

    I just saw a teaser from “How to Train Your Dragon.” I’ve never been to a 3D movie! Seriously! WIth Gerard being the voice of the Viking king, I’ll be there to listen to his amazing voice.

    For all of us who really adore Gerard..this has been Gerard Heaven since July!!!! Bring on the kudos for this wonderfully handsome Scot!

  • Not poor jen fan

    Yesterday all the fans of “poor Jen” were adoring this man (he was perfect for “poor Jen”). Now the same fans of “poor Jen” find it fat, loser, etc…Well, it is demonstrated that “poor Jen” ruins the reputation of the men who link themselves with “poor Jen”.

    Please no more “poor Jen”… (and i am not jolie-pitt or jolie or pitt fan).

  • bon

    Ulala… I could just melt into those gray eyes… Gray is really his color and I am glad he knows it.

    Dont’ want to sound droolfest but this man is just so beautiful beyond words.

  • jaye

    “I love her to death’ is just something people say to be polite; there is no emotion behind it. If someone says “i love you to death’ you ‘d better expect a BUT behind that statement. The man is simply being gracious. I laugh at people who think that Aniston can have any man she wants; that woman or man hasn’t been born. He definitely seems to want to disassociate himself from the tabloid notion that they are ‘together’; how would he be able to pursue his next woman if they thought he was with Aniston? He enjoyed the joke for a while, now it’s over.

  • rainy day

    I hate to beat this subject to death, but he did not FLUNK anything. He graduated from law school with honors. In fact, very high honors. In order to actually practice law, he had to do an internship. He had issues, he got fired. Getting canned and flunking out of school are two completely different issues. One more time. He finished school. He earned a degree. He can teach law, but he can’t be a solicitor or a barrister or whatever they have in the UK.

  • markasite madame

    Gerry holds a DLitt (Doctor of Letters) Degree from Glasgow University. A DLitt is a higher degree than a PhD is here in the US. He not only graduated with honors, but with the highest honors anyone had ever achieved at Glasgow University School of Law. He was also President of the Law Society. He applied himself and graduated at a younger age than is normal, and achieved his DLitt at an earlier age than normal. Just FYI. And all of this, also, is documented and can be found easily in information provided by Glasgow University.

  • Harlem

    If you’re a hater check out

  • markasite madame

    Just in case some of you may want to argue the fact that Gerry has a DLitt from Glasgow University, here is the proof:

    Look under Arts and Media (as DLitt is not awarded in law, but the equivalent is an LLB, which Gerry does not have, but does have a law degree, just not an LLB – which is in essence a PhD in Law), and as this states, he achieved his DLitt in 1992 and graduated from Glasgow University in 1993.

  • ravit

    to 46 DLitt degree is given to someone who is issued on the basis of a long record of research and publication. where are his publications or research? to get thid degree takes a lot of years of hard academic work. I find this hard to believe . I myself work on academic level and know the system from the inside.

  • rainy day

    Markasite: Thank you for backing up and adding to my point and noting that this type of information is available on the university’s web site. So the naysayers can check it out for themselves. I remember awhile back the IMDb crowd got into it over the DLitt. When they found that it was reported on the university’s website, a few even tried to make excuses for that. LOL. Give the man his due. Maybe someone doesn’t think he is good looking, we all don’t like the same things. But for heaven’s sake, he’s very bright. His scholastic history proves it. You can’t take that away from him.