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Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

Alexander Skarsgard Screams BEST VILLIAN

True Blood hunk Alexander Skarsgard crouches down to speak into the mic during Spike TV’s Scream Awards 2009 held at the Greek Theatre on Saturday (October 17) in Los Angeles.

The 33-year-old Swedish actor accepted the Best Villain award from his Straw Dogs co-star Kate Bosworth, who wore a super sexy Alexander Wang dress and Alexander McQueen shoes. ERIC? HOT!!!

The ceremony will air on Spike TV on Tuesday, October 27 @ 10PM ET/PT.

20+ pictures inside of Alexander Skarsgard screaming BEST VILLIAN…

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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 02
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 03
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 04
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 05
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alexander skarsgard scream best villian 11
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 12
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 13
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 14
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 15
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 16
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 17
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 18
alexander skarsgard scream best villian 19
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Photos: Jeff Kravitz/FilmMagic, Kevin Winter/Wireimage
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  • Chanice

    Sex on legs personified.

  • Willa

    LMAO, he’s so freaking tall he had to squat just to talk, LOVE HIM.

    He and Kate also look cute together. :)

  • bliss

    What a cuddy, kissy man!
    Lucky Kate!

  • bliss


  • true blood

    Alex looks great. Glad to hear he won. Looks like he’s having a great time with Kate.

  • Mia

    sigh….I love him.

  • liza

    Hes so cute bending down to the microphone. Im happy he won the award. I think its cute be posed with Kate.

  • Madge

    So was Kate there just because she was the only one that new how to pronounce his name?

  • soro

    they are so dating

  • meh

    pure hotness.

  • ugh!

    kate bosworth is so lucky!

  • anna

    Aww! He is the most adorable man ever! And also the most gorgeous! LOL at him bending down a mile to reach the microphone.

  • mari

    Oh my freaking god has that girl lost weight and not in a good way either. I don’t get it, she had been sooo beautiful and now she is still beautiful, but these pictures make me want to feed her.

    But these two look good together. :)

  • N

    they are so hot together! I think Kate finally looks really healthy and Alexander is pure hotness!

  • pumpkin person

    Look at Kate grinning like an idiot as Askars kisses her. I don’t blame her…

  • rosefr

    love them both! soo cute together

  • precious
  • http://justjared keep it classy Kate

    Where is poor James? LOL.

  • Chris

    That dude is handsome.
    They do look very happy together.

  • Dee


    look hot adorable he is!

  • Kristina

    i love him. he is soooo handosme!

  • mesmerized

    LOL, he crouches like a girl!



    Bos-gard!! I like them together. :) Very cute.

  • lisa scofield

    I love Alexander and Kate is SOOOOOO lucky!!!!
    Jaimie Alexander was the prettiest one of the night :)

  • celia

    Well if Helena Bonham-Carter wasn’t going to win then I’m happy he did.

  • really?


    how did you gather that they are so dating from those set of pictures? Actually reading the body language, she is not that interested…not everyone finds Alex attractive fangurls, but I’m sure this pics and other pics will be analyzed by all fangurls and Alex and Kate wil be dating and engaged by tomorrow, poor guy he can’t just be friends with a woman w/o dating her? I guess we can be happy that it is not ERW:)

  • katie

    @really?: He’s all over her. And I don’t know what body language you’re seeing, but she’s not exactly shrinking away from him, lol. I like it!

  • really?


    i don’t know what you are seeing!!lol..some of you are pure nuts…lol

    He’s hugging her and its not a body teenagers…lol

    I wil sit back and watch this one unfold…how funny!!!

  • alex

    WHAT!! Helena Bonham-Carter DESERVED that award. His character isn’t even a real villain on that show!
    this is so F**ked up!!

  • Amelia

    Have to agree. I didn’t vote for him because as much as I LOVE him, I refuse to acknowledge Eric as a villain. Eirc is SO NOT a villain.

  • Amelia

    Oh and “Really?” I totally agree with you. That is not a romantic hug. How do I know? He, at least, is holding his body away from her in the hug. I had a friend, who was actually his hight, who used to hug me exactly in that way. No romance there…

  • soro

    her foot popped – love right there

  • melissa

    @Amelia: In #13? LOL. You can see his left hand pulling her body in closer to his. If that’s not a close, more-than-friends hug, IDK what is. But okay, go ahead and pretend that he’s celibate and waiting for you to come into his life.

  • marissa


    screwing around maybe but dating?

    dont think so

  • Squirrel

    I can’t stop looking at these photos. Alex is the perfect man. KB looks good as well.

  • Alice

    I am proud that Alexander won an award last night. I am sure he will win lots more in the future. I believe he is dating Kate as well. I find it odd that the women he been linked to all have been “SAID” to be drug users. I hope that Alexander can be a good influence on Kate. In past comments people have commented on his hugging. I have met Alexander and he is very affectionate. He gave my friend a kiss on her cheek and a BIG bear hug. Remember the pics of him hugging Billy Lush at the LAX airport? That is just his personality. BUT…I still believe he is dating Kate. I met her too on the set of Straw Dogs and she seems to be VERY nice and polite. I am glad to see him date her ANY day than Evan Rachel Wood.

  • Ew

    Man, if she’s going back to her usual schtick of hooking up with the heartthrob so she can latch onto his fame, couldn’t she have picked Robert Pattinson? Please, Bonesworth, go for the sparkly vampire, not the cool one. He’s more your speed.

  • Squirrel

    By the way JJ, it’s not spelled villian… but VILLAIN

  • burnt bacon

    Alexander, hon, just because you play a walking corpse on TV doesn’t mean you have to bone one in real life.

  • ahhaha


  • Felipe

    How can Kate be so pretty? I love her.

    Beats Megan Overrated Fox by far.

  • Gail

    They’re gorgeous! Love them!

  • really?

    @melissa:, I think we all know that, he will prob. never ever meet any of us let alone date anyone of us…I am just saying that every woman you guys see him with , he’s dating, I seem to think that borders on some sick obsession. He can be friends with a woman and not be effing her or not be in love with her…They can be just that!!!..friends!!! or friends with benefits…who knows, but sorry ladies that IS not a romantic hug…lol

  • really?

    BTW ..I think they would make a cute couple and she looks nice ..but at this point no, I do not think they are dating…

  • ohnotheydidn’t

    @soro: her foot popped? Seriously?……..HaHa!!!!! American women are so freaking delusional, I doubt if Alex will ever marry American…some of you are so crazy. Alex is not crazy about anyone in America….He has a friend in another country that he is very interested in…You women are like Baskin Robbins, there are 37 flavors, and he will taste everyone if you let him…He’s a man ladies!!reality check…..

  • Kate

    Ugly dress.

  • whatever

    If they were dating there would have been no comment from publicists. However, kate’s made sure to state they are good friends. effing maybe, but dating seriously no. they grew close and maybe in the future you never know. he is very touchy feely and that is cute. guys awards shows do this all the time. they have a co-star from an UPCOMING movie present something. if anything he is still dating ERW. Alex is private and if he were dating Kate he would not make it this public. they are proving a point of being close and also getting the buzz about straw dogs going. remakes are hard to make successful so they are banking on his popularity to bring it home. its all pr. personally i don’t think he is serious with anyone because he is so damn busy. when guys get that busy and fame comes on fast they have to grab it fast before it is fleeting. also, he didn’t really deserve that win. this was all because the fangirls kept going on there voting 20 times per day per fangirl. if the votes were one per person he would have lost so this is really not that big. it def ain’t no oscar!

  • whatever

    besides if he wants to be taken seriously he needs to date a non actress or a REALLY good one who is taken serious by the industry. not some coke head.

  • anonymous

    I didn’t know that KB is a coke head. That’s sad

  • Duh

    Kate is a good actress, and if Superman Returns it’s not to be taken seriously…I bet you take Transformers seriously.