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Miranda Kerr is St. Barts Sexy

Miranda Kerr is St. Barts Sexy

Miranda Kerr is pretty in purple at a photo shoot for Victoria’s Secret on the beach of St. Barts on Monday (October 26).

The 26-year-old Australian model, whose weight recently became the subject of controversy after she appeared super-thin in a photo shoot, cleared up the rumors of an eating disorder.

“The exaggerated poses for the shoot have made me appear thinner than normal from behind,” Miranda told Grazia Magazine, “but I am the same weight and measurements I have maintained for more than three years.”

“I really don’t want girls to think they have to look like me,” she continued. “I want them to nurture themselves and really be the best they can be.”

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Photos: Bauergriffinonline
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  • jami

    you “really don’t want girls to think they have to look like you”, but that is easy for you to say when you already look like you do. What if you didn’t look like you do, you would probably want to. So, you really can’t say that. That is just ridiculous coming from a super thin super model. Of course girls want to look like you when that is what is portrayed in the magazines and on TV as beautiful and sexy. get over yourself. eat a hamburger.

  • Lover girl

    Hello Cutie;)

  • ellie’

    You look beautiful…. I would also hope the industry is more involved with any eating disorder .. or you can’t model and get help.. I personally never would want to ever be as thin as some of these models.. but I hope that all ended…

  • elena

    well i want her body!!!

  • lizzie

    I prefer my body ahahah

  • sara

    She’s gorgeous!
    And I wish these haters would stop trying to blame her for all of teh world’s problems.
    It’s not her fault that she has good genes.

  • just wow

    Miranda is so beautiful and has a gorgeous body, slim but very shapely and supertoned. I think she looks fantastic.

  • wow

    She is very healthy and very fit. A very good role model for these girls who think that they have to resort to extreme measures to look like her. If she can convince one girl that eating healthy is much better than binging and purging, then I’m all for her book.
    These girls who starve themselves of nutrients need someone to look up to for a more positive example.

  • @1…..Jaime

    Lol……Jealous much???……..I think you need to “get over yourself” not Miranda, your green eyed monster is showing!

  • sasha

    Girls will ALWAYS want to look like models. ALWAYS.
    Having a HEALTHY example is the best thing that’s happened in a long time.
    She is beautiful. Absolutely beautiful.

  • Noticias de famosos

    Miranda is beautiful and always very good and perfect

  • BluChip

    Look at her face on the main picture above!

    I cannot call her stunningly pretty……… cute yes.

  • @12

    Your opinion.
    Mine…she’s gorgeous.

  • hans

    Wow the stylist is one hot lady, who is she?

  • ~


  • bananab

    that is pretty conceited phrasing right there.

  • @16

    what are you talking about?

  • yes!

    Love her!

  • @12…..bluchip

    Yes I looked at her face and it’s stunning with glowing skin, sweet dimples and a perfect smile. Miranda has that unique combination of being both angelic and sexy looking at the same time. I would never call her cute, little girls, puppies and kittens are cute whereas Miranda is beautiful.

  • Thin but fit

    Yes, Miranda IS slim – but she still looks radiantly healthy imo. Don’t forget, nowadays there are PLENTY of “plus size” models if that’s what someone would rather relate to. For me, a young woman like Miranda proves that you CAN be so-called “model thin” and still have a shape and embody the look of good health. IMO she’s lovely.

  • lily

    She has a perfect body.

  • patronizing

    Her comments strike me as very patronizing:

    “I really don’t want girls to think they have to look like me,” she continued. “I want them to nurture themselves and really be the best they can be.”

    This sounds like: well not everyone can be as super duper gorgeous as me, girls just have to make the best of what they’ve got and settle for being average.

  • Madison

    She looks great, Orlando is a lucky guy!

  • @22

    Probably more of a response to the types of comments that we have seen on this board…”she’s a model, it’s easy to just say that”. Miranda gets paid very well for being beautiful, and her body is her job. She had a good start with great genetics, but she also takes very good care of herself. She knows that her body type is not the norm, but she is encouraging young girls to accept themselves, and still try to be as healthy as possible.
    In other words, a lot of girls WON’T “settle for being average”, and sometimes begin to hate themselves because they don’t look like the girls in the magazines. Miranda is trying to encourage them to love themselves, even if they aren’t 5’9″, and a size 2. Is there now something wrong with encouraging girls to love themselves even when society tells them that they are fat? Or are you just mad because a model is telling young girls to look within themselves for happiness, instead of just telling them how to look good in a bikini? Is there something wrong with a beautiful woman encouraging young girls?

  • Weez

    Er… The make-up lady looks pretty good… And normal.

  • @25

    Yeah, she’s normal, while Miranda is exceptional.

  • @22

    It’s a way to interpret her words. It may be politically incorrect but I think it’s the absolute truth, some people are born more beautiful than others, and personally I’m fine with that.
    We would all be happier if we accepted that we aren’t as beautiful as Miranda Kerr or as intelligent as Stephen Hawking or as fast as an elite athlete. That doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to look our best or stimulate our intelligence or train to be fit, with realistic goals.

  • Miranda the beautiful

    I would give anything to look like Miranda, except eat right and exercise. lol

  • lol

    she looks like a pomeranian!loves to give compliments to herself…

  • cosi

    “I really don’t want girls to think they have to look like me”

    oh, but they do want to, and because only a very fortunate and highly disciplined few ever do, Average Janes get busy hating instead of letting go of the potato chips and jumping on the treadmill…. “SO thin! Too anorexic-looking!! Protruding bones!!”

    please. girl looks FINE.

  • @30

    I love you!

  • Happy

    Why the hate about her? She looks healthy and fine. She is slim but healthy. The hatred need to get a life.

  • xxx

    Woah she looks amazing there… glowing!

  • *** JAMIE ***

    MIRANDA KERR has been around Australia for a while and nobody really cared about her until she started dating Orlando Bloom (who is overrated to).

    And i can tell you she never was as skinny as she is now. Oh and Miranda get over yourself, we dont want to look like you. There are REAL models who look hotter.

  • Worthy of Admiration

    Women who are worthy of admiration are women like ABBY on the Biggest Loser. She has her entire family ripped from her life in one single moment, is broken in all ways, but makes a choice to live and live better.

    Its just pathetic that the Miranda Kerr’s of the world are even allowed a voice when it comes to health and image and what women SHOULD think and want to be. Give me a freaking break! She has no clue whats admirable, what girls without “great genetics” go through by being just normal.

    You all go right ahead and think she is all that, but she really should just shut up when it comes to image. She just angers people every time she opens her yap. Its not jealousy, its pure anger at anyone like her that gives advice about something she knows nothing about. Pampered princesses need to shut it.

  • Happy

    Miranda is one of the top models. What do the hatred have against her. She is successful, has a skincare line and a book coming out and dating one of the hottest guys. She has it all. She has always been slim but she takes care of herself and stays fit. Why the hate because she’s dating Orlando? She seems like a sweet person from interviews and isn’t full on herself. What’s wrong with looking like her? She was around before she started dating him. She has always been slim. People need to lay off of her. She’s done nothing wrong.

  • @ sasha Post #10

    “Girls will ALWAYS want to look like models. ALWAYS.”

    Kindly speak for Your Self Only!

    The only person I have ever wanted to look like was myself.

    In these recent photos Miranda is finally starting to age. She does not look like she did before. Her face looks so different, it does not look like her at all. I’m not referring to the photo shopped magazine pics either. I’m referring to her other pics of her out and about.

  • Happy

    She always looks good. She’s not aging I don’t see it. I am annoyed with how people bash her when they don’t know her. She seems like a sweet person and obviously she is and Orlando obviously sees that. She’s healthy and fit and has a lot going for her. Like I said what’s with the hate?

  • Lisa

    Miranda had a successful modelling career before she ever met Orlando. She is more successful now, but saying that no one ever heard of her is a lie.
    And if you go to youtube and search for her old Portman’s commercials, you will see that she was just as thin back then. So saying that she has “never been this thin” is another lie.
    And Orlando “overrated”?? How can a gorgeous, warm, kind, giving, guy who has been in six of the biggest movies ever made, yet remains humble, be overrated? Sheesh.
    Bitter about being “normal”, I see. Just because other people struggle in their lives, doesn’t mean that those more fortunate are worthy of derision. Miranda is trying to use her fame to bring the ideas of good nutrition to young women who have no idea how to feed their bodies. I think that you are jealous. You will never be a “pampered princess”, and that’s what really ticks you off.
    The quote was “girls will always want to look like models”. Not ALL girls, surely, but most would. If you don’t believe me, then you don’t know any teenaged girls.
    Miranda is successful, tall, gorgeous, naturally thin and dating an amazing guy. THAT is really why you throw so much hate her way. She has done nothing to you, yet you act like she is your worst enemy. It’s not her fault that your life sucks.

  • Happy

    I agree with you Lisa. You are right on. They sound jealous of Miranda so they bash her which is not right and is despicable. She was also a successful model before she met him. I hate all the bashing they say about her because she is a pretty model who helps others and is a sweet person. She has always been thin and hasn’t lost any weight. She looks healthy and fit and she’s even got a book coming out promoting nutrition. She’s successful and dating a wonderful guy and they can’t stand it. Calling Orlando overrated is crap. He is a warm, caring person who
    helps others he’s not overrated. If you don’t like Miranda don’t come on her thread here then. I like Miranda and so do others and the haters need to leave since their lives are in the crapper. Miranda is a wonderful person.

  • Green

    Congradulations are in order for them. I heard it on e news. Miranda and Orlando are officially engaged. They will have gorgeous kids between the two of them. Great news. Am sure other sites and shows will pick
    up the news.

  • Margaret Thatcher

    I’d love to believe you, because the sooner they get engaged, the sooner it will end, but this is about the 16th “official” engagement they have had hit the news. Yawnnnnn!!!!

  • @42

    I think that gossip sites just have engagement rumors on a rotating schedule, right along with breakup rumors.
    Last week, Justin and Jessica were ‘breaking up’, next week, they will be ‘engaged’. This week, Orlando and Miranda are ‘engaged’, next week they will be ‘breaking up’.
    It’s just gossip site making up stories to fill air time, and to get people to watch.
    I will only believe an engagemant announcement if it comes directly from Orlando, Miranda or Aileen. No one else.

  • Green

    I don’t think Aileen even comments on orlandos personal
    life. I think Robin Baum does because she’s his publicist. As for orlando he wouldn’t announce an engagement because he keeps his personal life private just like Miranda does. They make a really cute couple. I want to believe it’s for real this time and to the haters on here go away if you can’t say nice things. Think if they arnt engaged now it will be happening soon.

  • Not again

    That obsession with marriage. They said they didn’t want to marry or at least not now.
    Journalists like to engage couples or knock up ladies every certain time that’s all.

  • @44

    I think that they meant that if Aileen DID say something, you can believe it. So if Orlando, Miranda or Ailen DID say that they were engaged/broken up/pregnant, it would be the truth, and no longer just a gossip rag trying to sell copies.

  • Belinda

    So, this is getting really boring. Some think she is hot, others don’t. It is not true to say that all girls/women want to look like her. I truely don’t because I honestly think that she looks like a cabbage-patch kid. I do not like her looks at all. This is just my opinion and I do not hate her as I do not even know the girl. As for her body: it looks fine but personally I am glad that I am not as tall as her. I do not like it when women are so tall. So to call anybody, who does not agree with some of the statements calling Miranda the most beautiful woman on earth, a hater is simply ridiculous.

  • @47

    ….says someone who uses an insult that tags her a delphite…
    try again, hater

  • @47……belinda

    Gee, you were doing so well until the cabbage-patch kid comment gave you away, a Delphi looney in disguise.

    Miranda is stunningly beautiful, has a perfect body, a wildly successful career and Orlando Bloom says she holds his heart in her hands… of course you’re not a jealous hater…….much…

  • Green

    The haters need to get a life. They are so jealous that she’s beautiful, tall, successful and is dating Orlando.