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Gerard Butler: Law Abiding Citizen In Germany

Gerard Butler: Law Abiding Citizen In Germany

Gerard Butler attends the photocall for Law Abiding Citizen at the Ritz-Carlton on Monday (November 2) in Berlin, Germany.

The 39-year-old actor was spotted with Lindsay Lohan at a party to mark the opening of the Mazagan Beach Resort in Morocco on Saturday night. According to The Mirror, Gerard and Lindsay locked lips at the party.

“I’m fed up of all the drama,” Lindsay said. “I just want to find someone who loves me back. I feel like I’m going to have a heart attack every time I think about the break-up. I came here to get away from it all. I’m ready to have fun now.” After the party she said, “He’s hot, he’s mine! I’ve got no ring on my finger so I’m gonna have lots of fun. This is the most romantic place in the world after all.”

10+ pictures inside of Gerard Butler as a Law Abiding Citizen in Germany…

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gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 01
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 02
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 03
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 04
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 05
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 06
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 07
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 08
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 09
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 10
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 11
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 12
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 13
gerard butler law abiding citizen in germany 14

Photos: Sean Gallup/Getty
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  • Dawn9476

    He looks hot in those pics but I am disappointed that you chose to post the badly written Gerry and Lindsey fan fiction from The mirror.

  • M

    The finger pointing is so old

  • and the soap opera goes on

    yawn yawn yawn! ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER GERRY THREAD and after yesterday’s gay postings, we now have a day of manwh)ring! boring. Well, business as usual and the prospect of weeks of daily Gerry sightings as he sells his @ss across Europe. Over exposed and dull.

  • and the soap opera goes on

    yawn yawn yawn! ANOTHER DAY, ANOTHER GERRY THREAD and after yesterday’s gay postings, we now have a day of manwh)ring! boring. Well, business as usual and the prospect of weeks of daily Gerry sightings as he sells his @ss across Europe. Over exposed and dull.

  • True Fug

    His face is orange. Is he using her self tanning line? He looks bloated and gross.

  • and the soap opera goes on

    Yes #3, we are so over the finger pointing. Looking at you too, not cute. Cute once, but now a real affectation.

  • famewh~re

    I guess that Gerry Butler must love nothing better than standing in front of a huge photo of himself – what a dumba~sss!
    Please Jared no more. GButs year is waaaaaay to long already and how many times can he possibly expect to do premiers and pr gigs for the same movie. at this rate, he will be going to the opening on an envelope soon.

  • You/Me

    Ewww, the thought of Gerard with Lohan makes me want to puke. I thought he was a respected actor, why would he mess that up by hooking up with the bottom of the sh*t pile??!!

  • Anna H.

    Oh Come on, here we go again. The mirror is always full of crap. Lohan probably threw herself at him and suddenly they were hooking up.
    On the other hand Gerard isn’t doing himself any favours by attending bloody hotel openings where someone z-list like Lindsay is. Who do the hell are his PR people? Fire them already!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    I’m always stunned by the general level of hate some people fuel towards him here but I’m starting to get a little annoyed. I totally get that the guy wants to have fun and enjoy himself, nothing wrong with that…. but geez, get a break. Promote your movie, act like someone who wants be taken as a serious actor for a change. Attending this sort of thing is so lame. Unless he was best friends with the owners I really don’t get it.
    he’s a handsome and talented guy. the gay rumors are all very funny and ludicrous in my opinion but you can’t blame everyone for especulating so much when you’re fu**ing everywhere and possibly everything that comes along. Wanna have fun Gerard? Go ahead. What do I care, It’s your life. But pleaaaaaase, be smart about it and a little low key, will ya!
    have a great day everyone! xx

  • to you/me

    @You/Me: respected actor! – not yet

  • Teste

    With lindsay it’s easier to get a threesome…..

  • JMT

    Obviously Lilo was DRUNK out of her skull when she said he is MINE!!!! LOL!!!! She wishes…………….rumor has it, he turned her down big time and was as nice about it as he could be. He was not interested – duh!!!!! This guy has gotten Anniston preggers, Jessica married to him and now snogging Lohan all in 4 weeks. Now that is some rumor mill! Poor guy!

  • Anna H.

    @JMT: totally agree. The problem is that he keeps popping everywhere, going to places and parties every other day. He’s bound to be tabloid and gossip target. Like I said, nothing wrong with wanting to have fun, but get a break already, don’t you agree? I think he enjoys being famous as much as he enjoys being an actor and that’s where the problem lies. Nevertheless I think he’s quite talented. If only he was smarter about this whole deal. Oh well…

  • mia

    Anyone who believes he went anywhere near Lohan on purpose is out of their minds or just wants to post a bunch of junk for the fun of it. No one with any common sense would believe it.

    I hope we get some good pictures from tonight’s GQ awards banquet.

    As far as posing in front of the movie posters, that’s part of the promotional job.

  • Anna H.

    Ps: Lindsay is probably raving about this isn’t she? Lol
    Why won’t she go away already? argh

  • Tamera

    He’s pointing as he’s saying, ‘You know I’m not talented.” “You know I love the men” “You know I aged 20 years in the last month”.

  • Café parisien

    “….I think he enjoys being famous as much as he enjoys being an actor and that’s where the problem lies….” @#13

    I have really lost my respect for this guy over the past few months. He seems to have lost sight completely of the acting bit, and just be out for the celebrity. I totally accept that he has to publicise his films, but I find the endless threads about the parties and the endless aparently candid photo opportunities tiresome and increasingly irritating. Other actors don’t seem to need this constant pandering to mindess celebrity hype. I accept too that I am adding fuel to the gossip fire, by even posting here.

    I have also noticed that over the last few months on the threads that I have read on this and other sites, that the postings have got more and more agressive towards him. that posters seem to be prepared to comment frankly about him (outside of the scary haters and, IMO the even more scary gushing fan women). Maybe the overall effect of wall to wall GerryButler Mania will, in the long run leave film audiences with the sickening feeling of ‘too much information’, like the nausea after eating too much rich food. I feeI a sense of a Jude Law, Colin Farrellesque backlash arriving. I know that the fans will defend him, but I hate the reports and speculation on the endless and meaningless string of party attendances and non stories which seems to me to daily diminish his credibility as an ‘actor’.

    My question is on a bitterly cold French afternoon; whether I am bothered enough to care about his career as an actor, or whether I am just supposed to follow his star as a celebrity?

    Now, time for food; après-midi, le thé avec des macarons.Yum

  • Colin


    He should be saying “You get a car if you watch this movie” because it’s lame!

  • PhantomBlueEye

    Anyone know what he was for Halloween?

  • marieclaire

    ugly. bloated. overrated, average looking tool = gerard butler

  • kristen

    So gross if thats true!!

  • KittyPro


    A sober straight man? LOL!

  • Anna H.

    @Café parisien:
    I’m glad you saw my point and I totally agree with you.
    However I do like him as an actor and absolutely love his scottish sense of humour, being from Scotland myself.
    The question of the day is: When will he and his people realize that even though being famous might be super fun for him, on the long run, all of this overexposure is gonna destroy him. That’s why you get the hate mail from people and in time you start losing the respect of your fellow mates.
    You can be as talented and handsome as you wish… but this hollywood business is a tricky one and if you let yourself get sucked in by these affairs, you’re bound to be on the z-list as soon as you can imagine. I hope for his sake and oh well, his crazy delusional fans that this guy gets it together and realize how damaging all of this can be.

  • Anna H.

    None of this would be happening if he was just busy promoting his film instead of hopping about attending shi**y hotel openings. No matter how much money he made of it, I can tell you it wasn’t worth it. lol

  • whatever

    “.I think he enjoys being famous as much as he enjoys being an actor and that’s where the problem lies….”

    I think he enjoys being famous MORE than being an actor. All of the lindsey bs is to deflect any gay rumors – I think the red hightops Nick was wearing on the red carpet gave it away.

    Also, lets not forget the picture of Gerry getting off the plane in Canne a few years ago with Ryan Kavanaugh…..nuf said.

  • too orange

    Ok ,Gerry lose the QT.

  • lavender1960

    So is Lindsay switching teams again? Is Sam relieved? Did you see the guy she actually was with in Morocco? Look like they were both enjoying some hookah action. Hope GB got a tetanus shot if he actually locked lips with La Lohan.

  • lavender1960

    I hear it is hot and sunny in Morocco, maybe Gerry actually got to the beach.

  • mike

    Crafty Scot when jennifer phoned him he got away with it hear his excuse !!

  • Tammy~T

    He’s promoting the heck out this movie because his name is on it as Producer and it fails–he fails. Scandal with any skank can’t hurt the PR machine. Since Phantom he’s been going downhill.

  • Café parisien

    @Anna H.: totally correct. Thats what I mean. You see other actors going around promoting their films. but not all the rest of the rubbish. Unfortuntately his career seems to have been built on a PR bandwagon and he and his team have shamelessly utilised the utterly delusional fan women (who truly seem to believe that they have themselves created him) and have hyped him up into a fast accent to stardom using PR hype on the back of a fairly peculiar catalogue of film roles. I would like to see him do well but his programme of ‘fun activities’ are often really
    embarassing and diminishes him.

    Eh bien, je suis sûr qu’il va survivre! Retour au théâtre.L’amour à l’Ecosse.

  • cubedweller

    @ Café #17: Well said – I share your sentiments. I love his work but so don’t love the behavior. Attending these “openings”, crawling with opportunistic famewh0res vying for pictures and tabloid coverage, exposes Butler to being caught up in these sensational rumors and stories. This kind of bad publicity, and yes there is such a thing as bad publicity, reflects poorly on the actions of his PR people, and on his level of common sense. There is so much to capitalize on right now with the success of LAC – but the attention will now be directed to the gutter level, because of this latest. It’s a shame, IMO, that he cannot seem to say no to a party of any kind.


    Richard Lovett or Tracy Brennan

    Creative Artists Agency

    2000 Avenue Of The Stars

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 424-288-2000

    Jeremy Plagler

    Creative Artists Agency

    2000 Avenue Of The Stars

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 424-288-2000

  • LuckyL

    God, he looks terrible. Is he using Lohan’s self-tanner?

  • gillianfey

    Good pics, JJ. Thanks. Enjoyed LAC, too.


    Richard Lovett or Tracy Brennan

    Creative Artists Agency

    2000 Avenue Of The Stars

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 424-288-2000



    Jeremy Plagler

    Creative Artists Agency

    2000 Avenue Of The Stars

    Los Angeles, CA 90067

    Phone: 424-288-2000

  • lavender1960

    I don’t think he is doing any more or less PR than most any other actor or producer would in the same situation. I remember Gary Oldman who tends to be more reclusive, though he has done his share of red carpet appearances unrelated to movies he was in, pushing out all the stops when when he had his own first movie Nil by Mouth to plug and sadly he did not recoup his investment and thusly has to take Batman and Harry Potter roles to pay his debt and his divorce from wife. #3. [And that movie is a brilliant indy movie, Ray Winstone and Kathy Burke gave stunning gritty performances.]

    Looks like Gerry will not have this problem if you check out the domestic box office numbers. That gives his production company a solid base to get to the next project.

  • lavender1960

    The rest of the rubbish comes more from everyone else’s fascination with him, if you ask me. From Just Jared to TMZ.

  • mia

    Lavender: Exactly.

  • Stinkylouise

    Who would believe any dirt in the British tabloids?
    Lainey’s take on the story:
    I sort of expected her to be all over this, but she’s surprisingly restrained.
    Totally off-topic………..Last night’s Mad Men………Wow.

  • Anna H.

    If only he was busy just promoting his film no one would be talking about Lohan now. All the attention would be going to LAC as it should be.
    No matter how much you try and argue about overexposure and bad publicity, some people (the mighty fans) just don’t want to get it. That’s fine. I’ve been a fan of Gerry’s since “the jury” was on tv here in the uk, and because of that I fear about this kind of affair. Sometimes there aren’t enough excuses.
    I’ve accepted that the guy is as much in this for the fame as he is for the acting. That’s a fact. I still like him and will go see his films. Just wish it didn’t have to be like this and his PR people would put some sense into it all. They’re crap. That’s another fact.
    Anyway, hope you understand my point, I don’t wanna be rude to anyone like some crazy people are here. take care! xx

  • Benita

    Gerry does not look very handsome in those photos, unfortunately he seems to have gained some weight (again!) and it shows especially in his face. He needs a continuous diet plus more sleep during several weeks to get his looks back.

  • alphaba

    He does look tired, but think of all he’s done in the past three days. Three days, three continents! Other than tired, I think he looks dam##d fine.

  • OMG

    Lindsay Lohan?? Well, she’s the age that he seems to like. Gerard Butler is so gross and disgusting with all his sleeping around and f **king everything in sight, he’s actually becoming a joke.
    It’s only the famous women we hear about, can you imagine all the non-famous women he hooks up with??! He makes me want to puke.

  • on

    I thought you were above posting slander Jared?

  • It’s All About Nick

    @Anna H.:

    I agree with Anna.
    NO ALL IS NOT GOOD PR when you are already “famous.”
    Unless you want to be a Paris or a Lindsay or a kim fatasshian.

    He (at least I didnt used to think so) doesnt even want that. so why is he putting himself in that category?

    he is only shortening his career. I also agree with the person that said that the year of the butler cant be over soon enough. maybe he will go away and focus on his “craft” and producing and not going to cheesy parties the “desperate housewives of South water, Michigan” turned down.

    douche bag >:-( what a huge disappointment he is!!!

    Id rather he be GAY than be a huge loser. but then again, if he comes out his career is OVER. OVER. Name one openly (and I mean admitted) GAY MALE that is a successful leading man.

    Times up.

  • McK

    Love him but he can’t complain about the paps following his every move while he shows up to EVERY party he can. We know he has to live in LA and NY and promote his movies but there are plenty of actors/actresses that you don’t see pics of for months. Paps are going to be where there are a lot of celebs. Just be where they aren’t. The real stars who want to stay out of the paps grasps do.

  • fattypantz

    i liked the movie

  • curious

    Just curious…from various threads about GB… why is his “friend” referred to as “FryGuy”? lol Inquiring Minds want to know..

  • GIve it Up Old Dude Gerry

    He looks OLD and FAT and ORANGE.
    Ew. LL can have him.

    Fry Guy was phooted stealing some fries off gerry’s plate once. hence the moniker.

    gerry looks tired. he needs to stiop the cheesy hotel openings and other garbage,

    he courts the paps so he can just shove the whole – the paps are in my face crap.

    where the sex tape, you ask?? im sure its coming.