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Gabourey Sidibe is 'Precious' At David Letterman

Gabourey Sidibe is 'Precious' At David Letterman

Precious actress Gabourey Sidibe signs autographs for fans in New York City before heading in to appear on The Late Show with David Letterman on Monday (November 9).

Gabby, 26, recently sat down with CBS to talk about preconceptions and defying the odds.

“As much confidence as I have, there’s still a fat little girl that lives inside of me because everyone told me I wouldn’t make anything of myself until I lost 100 pounds,” Gabby shared.

“I just hope that people can get past what I look like,” Gabby added, “and what other people look like and see the heart and the soul of a person.”

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  • Ilia

    Why are overweight people exposing their bodies like this, could someone enlighten me please? When you are pecking this much blubber, maybe modesty isn’t such a bad thing. Cover-up them thighs honey, or you may hurt someone!

  • releka

    Why do people have to be so mean? Were in the last days.

  • TJ

    She has such a beautiful smile!

  • rose

    You guys are real jerks.

    Gabby is a fantastic actress and seems really nice.

    What she says there makes me want to hug her.


    shes cuuuute…..unlike you stupid w.h.ores…..

  • anon

    she looks cute. She’s slimming down nicely and slowly. She is the direct oppostie of the character she played in her movie. Talk about acting! Her entire body language and facial features where different in that movie. Congrats on a fabulous movie debut.

    Oscar nomination for her for sure.

  • hands

    This girl is supposed to be phenomenal in that role so it’s nice to see someone with true talent on here.

  • lennlennbby;

    awww i quess #1&2 are all
    uqly people who pick on others to make themselves feel better at the end of the day.
    what ever makes you sleep better a nite. (HATERS)

  • sydney

    i watched her on the ellen show and she was so sweet and down-to-earth. so what if she a little big? she still has a positive attitude. so stop saying shit about her because if you were in her situation im sure you wouldnt appreciate it.

  • celia

    I like this girl! She’s awesome! Big is beautiful! Work it girl!!

  • Adrian


    if she isn’t concerned with her body you shouldn’t be either. accept others and take a seat.

  • LuckyL

    She seems like a sweet girl unlike that Nikki Blonsky.

  • how to u look? dont hate

    If we really think about it most ppl n USA are overweight…some of us need to really watch what we eat and sometimes its how your body mass is …I admire this confident woman… YOU Go Girl!

  • lalalove

    She’s truly precious.

    By the way, Jared.. you have your nose so far up that Rihanna chick’s’s so f**kin’ annoying. I hope her people are paying you a sh*t load of money. PUN INTENDED. Careful now. Control yourself, dude. Can you post any other celebs? Can we expect to see others in the upcoming week or should I take my HITS elsewhere? Let me know. WE the readers make this site what it is. If we leave this site is nothing. Now can we see diff faces? I for one would love to see more Paula Patton….

  • lalalove

    If she’s happy and healthy, then good for her. She’s a beautiful young woman. The cookie-cutter look died with the end of the 50s. Imagine if we all looked the same… Give the girl a chance, people.

  • lalalove

    Jared is a selfish blogger. He posts celebs he likes. I’m surprised he posted Gabourey. Well, the movie is a big deal right now. I can see why. I’m certain it’s not because he’s a fan. We don’t see too many of her kind around here(size 12+).

  • coco

    She is a pretty girl and seems like she is a nice person. I am excited to see this movie.

  • Paul

    This girl is a walking heart attack waiting to happen IMO.

  • Kelli

    Thank you, Jared! It’s about time you put some real talent on here! I adore this girl, she seems so sweet and I love how confident she is. I adore you as well, J, really I do, but please, ENOUGH ENOUGH E-to the mother friggin NOUGH with Rihanna and Rachel Bilson and all those other chicks more famous for their faces and their “style” rather than any actual talent. I know any attempt to get anyone to tone down the Twilight stuff is futile, but at least please keep posting on this girl. And Carey Mulligan as well.

  • ck_always

    Lawd have mercy, look at that thing!

  • Joyce

    After i post this i’m getting up on that treadmill

  • Jennifer

    Lulz.. Lots of fat women complimenting another fat women.


    Fat people shouldn’t be photographed.
    After looking at these pictures, i think i have gone partially blind.

  • Paulie

    LOVE her. Expect to be seeing a lot more of her when she ‘s nominated for an Oscar as Best Actress.

  • Ilia

    Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha, in my initial comment instead of “packing”, I wrote “pecking” – sad!

    I feel sorry for arteries, them tubes must be clogged up with cholesterol. I smell coronary embolism.

  • AutumnM

    Yes it would be good if she slimed down, but I think she has a cute face and seems like a nice person. I really want to see the movie “Precious”.

  • Annabelle

    She is really pretty, smart and talented girl. Don’t judge the book by the cover just yet. Give her time,she might surprise you all.
    I wish her well in her new career.

  • lizzie

    Dont know who she is but she seems fun !!!

  • Paris Nights

    She seems nice but no way in this God green earth is this lady healthy, She is way too obese and she is portraying a unhealthy image that it is OK to be overweight to a already fat society, that is not good. She needs to eat much less and exercise more to get fit. I am tired of people glamorizing obesity then turn around and criticize healthy slim people, it does not sent a good message to kids.

  • tine

    yeah precious…and fat! how can people have such a lack of respect for themselfs…..

  • jdub

    @Ilia: are you kidding me??? shallow much? how the hell is she exposing her body? she looks great. stop being so effin rude. big people are people too.

  • kizbit

    I think it’s about health and well-being. There is nothing healthy that comes from being so overweight.

  • river

    Shame on any of you for making bashing comments about her size. I hear she did an AMAZING job in this movie, and if she does not get nominated and wins an Oscar, there is something severely wrong with the Academy. This movie is suppose to be absolutely fantastic.

  • funderpants

    I’ve heard nothing but amazing things about this movie, and the book it’s based on. Good for her! Talent comes in all colors and sizes.

  • watch

    Leave this girl alone………I heard that she did a phenomenal job with the movie Precious (I can’t wait to see it). She’s changing the rules in Hollywood and I predict a major shake up in casting movies. Some of you just see a fat girl but I see a beautiful person with a spirit to match. After all, we all have shortcomings unless Jesus Christ is one of the blogger!

  • pop86

    I agree she seems a much nicer person than that awful Nikki Blonsky.
    She does need to lose the weight. You can’t be healthy and obese at the same time that is a myth.

  • QueenOfTrashin

    Being a BBW didn’t stop Butterfly McQueen’s career and that was in the ’30s.

  • edna

    Well if she would it be skinny maybe she wouldn’t have the chance to play the role of Precious, so being fat was an advantage and there is no need to say bad things about her, later on she will loose some weight like Monique is doing.

  • coco

    People can always lose weight but it is far more difficult to lose a black heart. Everyone is a person like someone else on here said and they deserve a chance. If you judge a person by their weight – it’s wrong especially because weight changes throughout a person’s life.

  • Samantha

    I think it’s empowering for young women to see other women who loves their bodies. However, we all know there are health risks associated with being overweight and/obese and Gabourey Sidibe must know that and take the right steps (i.e. excercise and prop diet are crucial) to avoid health problems.

  • oprah

    Man, you people are really sizecist! Gabourey is awesome!

  • Vanessa Valentino

    Wow, she is looking good. I love her, great actress and talented! –

  • Kelli

    Well, slim does not equate healthy. There are just as many skinny out of shape unhealthy people walking around as there are overweight.

  • coco

    I saw the movie – it was good but sad. Gaby was great in it as was MoNique.

  • Nina

    I think she’s super talented! Saw her on Ellen and she seems like a genuine person… unlike some people featured here. Some people here are being really mean about her weight. It may not be healthy but beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

  • sydney

    stop worrying about her weight people! if she was unhappy with her body, she would do something about it. the fact that she is overweight is not your problem. its not like your mean and heartless comments are going to change her weight. so say something nice or dont say anything at all.

  • Jokergurl

    This gals way too heavy, that’s not healthy for a person at all, I hope she didn’t gain weight for her role in Precious. It will probably be like Jennifer Hudson, she’s lost a lot of weight and looks healthier once the whole awards season comes around for this gal, there’s Oscar buzz for her performance.

  • keller

    I have to wonder, when a girl is underweight, everyone moves in to bash her and says she’s portraying a horrible image to society and needs to get help. Yet when someone is morbidly obese, quite a few people come to their rescue saying we should accept them, and saying anything otherwise is mean. Hmm…. not trying to say the girl isn’t talented, but she is portraying about as an acceptable body image to young girls as Kate Moss, just on different ends of the spectrum.

  • Adanna

    Yes she is talented, we don’t doubt tht bt c’mon ppl, look at her, she is a walking poster for what is wrong with America. It IS NOT OKAY for someone to be that size, it is unhealthy, why must you all badmouth slender ppl who are healthy and then praise morbidly obese ppl like miss sidibe. Maybe she will lose the weight when shes ready on her onw timing, nobody’s saying she has to be a size 2 but please get healthy, you should live long enough to see your star rise.

  • Lina

    Love her! She is so talented and so beautiful inside & out.