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Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Movie Night!

Alexander Skarsgard & Kate Bosworth: Movie Night!

Kate Bosworth and Alexander Skarsgard catch a screening of Wes Anderson‘s animated flick, Fantastic Mr. Fox, at the Arclight Cinemas on Sunday night (November 22).

When the Straw Dogs co-stars were called a couple, Kate clarified the situation and said that they were “just friends.” After the movie, they drove off in Alex‘s Audi.

You can check out the video of Alex and Kate at X17!

Last week, Kate and Alex were seen holding hands at the GQ party in L.A.

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  • true blood

    He looks good. That’s Alex’s car.
    They look like they had fun. Thanks, Jared!

  • carrie

    they’re just friends like Brangelina during “mr&mrs smith”! LOL

  • lucy

    well… she’s a lucky girl!

  • Setup

    Okay on the night of the AMAs they went to the movies. All the paps were around there so how else would they know to catch Alex and Kate at the movies, at that particular time and theater. Because someone tipped them off. The someone was Kate! If you watch the entire video the photogs only really address her and she HAPPILY obliges them. Alex on the other hand does not! He actually looks quite pissed even allowing her to walk the wrong way without trying to catch her. She even tries to get him to talk and get “excited” and “happy” about them being caught and he is completely not having it. At the end of the video she starts to look uncomfortable and nervous because he looks soooo pissed!!!! Something tells me he did not like that at all and she was loving every minute of it. He is such a liar and if he was proud to be with her he would have acted so much better. No taste Alex. You are letting all of kate’s coke mess with your judgemnt. Dude only likes the homewrecking sluts.

    Totally turned off by him now for using his mom and sister in his lies! And also turned off that he would waste himself on such a low class homewrecking, backstabbing friend.
    She totally effed up Gwyneth and doesn’t even care. He is just as low as she is and I am not watching anything with either of them in it. Women who mess up another’s home are never a good person.

  • Squirrel

    They look good together.

  • Maryam

    His face is the definition of “shame face”.

  • liza

    I think they look cute together. Im sure all this attention Alex is getting doesn’t make him feel happy the paps are very invasive. Especially now it looks like he is dating Kate. She is a lucky girl and more power to her. ;)

    I hope they can keep their relationship on the down low but its hard to do that since they both happen to live in LA.

  • cute

    I don’t know if they’re more than friends but they’re cute together.

  • Pole

    He looks very uncomfortable being papped. KB on the other hand looks quite thrilled. I wonder if this is a case of someone feeding the paps tips in order to make it look like they’re a couple? They sure don’t look like one though.

  • Setup

    @Maryam You are so right!!! And he should be ashamed. Especially for dating a homewrecker after his mother’s own marriage was ruined by a homewrecker. And then to turn around and use his mother and sister to backup his lie. This guy has no backbone. None. That’s what happens when fan girls just love you for what you say and what they think you are. Trust people Alex is scum and now everyone will know what a whoremonger he is.

  • LG

    Even though Setup is ranting, I agree with the mom and sister BS. Why lie about it? I guess he’s finally gotten a publicist and learned how to spin. Does he think he’ll get fans this way, constantly lying about everything? Dude, STFU about your mom and sister and just say “no comment.” Your fans, if you have any left, will respect you more.

  • Tool

    Someone totally set this up with the paps. Kate is that you on the phone. Hahahaha…..she is so desperate to have another relationship like she did with Orlando Bloom where they were photographed everywhere and doing just about everything. She wants everyone to know they went to the movies together and she was not happy that he is not so public. So she made it happen. Alex is a tool!!! Alex is a tool!!!
    She is being way too friendly to the paps and he does look pissed!!! She is gross.

  • RC

    No longer a fan of Alex for lying and using his mom and sister!!!!
    Didn’t expect much more from Kate.

  • liza

    I really cant stand this. The crazy hater loons that bash on Kate are now bashing Alex. GTFO already, why do you guys still hate Kate? I mean there is no real reason to, you have never met her and never will.

  • just saying

    The Kate stuff seems to be just rumors. Is there any proof that she goes after other women’s men?

  • just saying

    Also, they really could be just friends. They just spent several months working together.

  • Casey

    Hm… I’ve seen photos of his mom and his sister Eija… this does not look like either of them. What’s that again, Alex? Cat got your tongue? Pathetic.

  • Mmmmm

    I agree not cool Alex to lie and used mom and sister….
    does turn me off him now
    guess he was not all that peeps made him out to be
    famewhores huh

  • Chrissy

    Someone catch me up…..what’s this about his mom and sister? And when did Bosworth go after married guys?

  • rox

    Looks like Kate is up to her old tricks..callin the paps to get some publicity. So Lohan of her. You can hardly tell them apart now. Run Alex Run.

  • Maryam

    If you read laineygossip, you know about Kate’s history.

    No one is fan-girling here or being a hater, we’re just stating the facts regarding the situation.

  • bunny

    He is so pathetic!!! You are so right
    @just saying Those rumors were pretty bad and damaging to all parties. They all threatened to sue but have not for some “reason”. Heard rumors that those “reasons” are pictures of her and Chris together. We will see.
    In the end Alex is just pathetic for lieing and using his mother and sister. No longer a fan….
    I actually was registered at one of his fansites but just cancelled that and not following him on Facebook either.
    I don’t like liars and homewreckers!!! or druggies for that matter

  • ignorant

    he apparently does not have big muscles but when he takes his clothes off it’s like WOW!

  • shoe bunny

    I think they’re just pals going to a movie.

  • angel

    he is beautiful!

  • Dona

    He looks totally pissed. And the way he speeds the car out of there… Don’t screw with scandinavian people, they don’t like being crossed. I doubt there will be pics of them together after this…
    I hope this will teach her a lesson or two about tipping the paparazzi… And while at it maybe to dress better if you’re on a date and being photographed.

  • bunny

    @liza no one is bashing just stating the truth. Read all the sites and find out about both of them.
    Together they are just so gross I don’t care to read about them anymore….liars, homewreckers, druggies..just pathetic.
    But there is plenty out there so enjoy!

  • zoegirl


    So he’s the bad guy for wanting to keep his private life private? Seems to me that he is always trying to be the gentleman but a man can only take so much. I mean, he can’t even be seen standing next to a person without people assuming they are together. And, if they are together, so what? That is their business. As for judging people based on gossip and rumors, it would be a good idea to remember that lies are published every day. No proof? Might not have happened…just sayin’.

  • Pole


    I agree with you. I hope he’s seeing through her ‘cos it seems pretty obvious that she’s using him.

  • Squirrel


    Sanna, is it you again? Don’t think we don’t recognize you just because you change your aliases from time to time. You should be ashamed of the lies you spread and that shitty True Blood site you run.

  • dee

    Dudes, the Chris Martin thing does not appear true. We don’t know KB personally but home wrecker has never been part of her MO. Are these two a couple or friends, who knows? Maybe she is smiling because she is happy with her friend/b-fry and does not feel that paps should ruin her life. Maybe he is serious because he understandably has no tolerance for paps. Okay conspirators, carry on with your innuendo………..

  • Casey

    @zoegirl: No one would expect him to tell the public everything. If he says “no comment” in regards to his dating life, that’s FINE. But to go the distance and say that the only women in his life are his mom and his sister, that he’s not dating, blah blah… do you know what that makes him? Deliberately misleading. He lied. He’s PHONEY just like everyone else in Hollywood. And that’s upsetting to some of his fans, especially the ones who thought that he was a good guy and different from the rest.

  • Whatever

    Look at the beginning of the video. They have company and they are saying goodbye to a couple of guys who walk off to the left when the photogs come running. Not exactly a hot date…

  • Dona

    @Pole: For me it was clear as water when she went up the stairs and he was so furious that just kept on walking. I lol’d at that. It just shows that she was more interested in talking to the paps than getting to the car.

    What’s with all the talk about “using” his mom and sister and lying?

  • KN


    I agree with zoegirl, he’s probably trying to hang on to some semblance or normality. Besides, they don’t look like much of a couple to me. If she’s using him to get attention, he’ll figure it out sooner rather then later. He’s a big (and I do mean BIG) boy…

  • Haunted

    She’s classy and he is classy too. Cute couple

  • LIAR

    also a turnoff to date a skank who sleeps with married men
    everyone knows she is just waiting for Martin to leave Gwyn and she is going to him
    CM really loves her (don’t know why) and he WILL divorce his wife
    so sad Alex to get caught up in that crap

  • TrueLove

    I can understand why they would like to wait for a while until they are sure of there feelings towards each other before telling the world they are dating. It must be hard to date under the scrutiny of the gossip sites and some of the crazy people who comment on these sites.

  • Pole

    @Dona: He said that he’s single and that the only women is his life are his mother and his sister. Now these oracles that know more about Alex himself are claiming that he’s lying because seeing a movie with a friend apparently mean that you are dating them??

  • LG

    Apparently it will take a leaked sex tape for some of his fangirls to acknowledge that he’s dating KB.

  • Squirrel


    Stop ranting Sanna or whatever your name is and get a life. You need to get professional help with this sick hatred of yours. What has Alex done to you? Did you hit on him and he turned you down? LOL

  • Pole

    @LG: What makes you so certain that they are dating and not just friends?

  • LOL



  • MarleneEmmett

    Aleander looks really “pissed” and annoyed!!
    So wouldn’t want to cross him.

  • Dona

    @Pole: That’s just crazy. Some people need to get themselves a date and stop stalking and harrassing celebs like they owe them something… It’s insane.
    Thanks for the info Pole I get it now. Take care, bye =)

  • LG

    @Pole: Well, she just so happened to present his award at the Scream Awards. A reporter from eonline, I’m guessing Taryn Ryder, saw them kissing and whatever backstage. Then there’s the GQ Awards, and she had no reason to be there other than him. More kissing and whatever reported. Now this.

  • huh


    Because going to the movies with friends means she’s expecting twins, right?

  • LOL

    I have a feeling that all the nasty comments in this thread are posted by the same internet stalker who’s always attacking Alex as soon as there is a post. She keeps changing her name and answers her own posts.

  • Pole

    Look at the video! He’s pissed!

  • LG

    @huh: KB seems like the type to get pregnant accidentally on purpose, now that you mention it.