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Michelle Obama: Home from Oslo!

Michelle Obama: Home from Oslo!

First Lady Michelle Obama and Nobel Peace laureate President Barack Obama board Air Force One at Oslo’s Gardermoen Airport on Friday (December 11) and return to the White House.

The First Family will be featured on Christmas at the White House: An Oprah Primetime Special tomorrow (December 13) on ABC. Oprah Winfrey will interview Barack and Michelle and see how the White House has decked the halls.

Hear about the President’s favorite presents as a kid, Michelle‘s love for a dollhouse she received and whether or not Bo will have his own stocking!

Don’t miss the First Family Sunday night at 10/9c on ABC!

10+ pictures inside of the Obamas heading home from Oslo…

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Photos: Jewel Samad/AFP/Getty, Mandel Ngan/AFP/Getty
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  • river

    I’m not liking her hair style here at all. I’m still confused as to how he won the Nobel Peace Prize. He’s done nothing worthy yet in his administration.

  • Lindley

    Flying on our money! We love you Mr. President!

  • Tine

    OMG, that face… She’s ugly as sin.

  • LuckyL

    She looks f*cking fantastic.

  • liv

    If you would look beyond your own borders, you would see a couple of accomplishments from Obama already. He pushed through the deal in UN for downsizing of nuclear weapons. The fact that both Russia and USA signed this agreement is a huge thing. I’m sorry you don’t see that, and this is stated as the main reason for being awarded the prize.

  • Christina N

    @Tine: No reason to be so rude.

  • ObamaFan

    Jared, I wish you would stop letting racist a$$holes on here. Their views are tired and worthless. I love and support OUR president. May God bless him and his family and let karma and God take care of these evil idiots who have nothing but negative things to add.

  • Miss Anonymous


    It’s sad people can’t see what he has done already. Open your eyes!

  • eliott

    What a lovely couple.

  • to mimi

    They look so full of themselves.
    He won for zero accomplishments.
    Some humility would make much more sense. All he does is talk.

    let’s see he is president of united states. as great an accomplishment as can be imagined. and you mimi have accomplished what exactly. what public office do you hold? what have you done in service to your country? inquiring minds would like to know.

  • xxx

    Good god… they act like they’re angelina and brad always in the magazines and newspapers……. geez, run the damn country…. !!

  • to liv

    don’t you understand that some americans, like mimi, think only of themselves. dont you know the world revolves around the united states. they don’t seem to understand that the united states is only one country of many.

  • to xxx

    good lord, what you don’t seem to understand would fill volumes, but i doubt that you would or even could read them.

  • jake

    “Good god… they act like they’re angelina and brad always in the magazines and newspapers……. geez, run the damn country…. !!”

    How exactly is it their fault they’re “always” in magazines and newspapers? If an editor wants to put them in a newspaper to sell more copies, how exactly are they going to stop him?

  • maria

    It’s quite astonishing how you guys manage to say he won the Nobel Peace Prize for zero accomplishments when the reason is a google-search away. When Martin Luther King jr won, racism was still very much a fact. When Mikhail Gorbatsjov won, the Cold War was still going strong. Pick up a book, read about the laureates and have some respect for what your president has done both on a national and international level.

  • liv

    @Miss Anonymous:
    All I’m saying don’t claim he’s won the award by doing nothing, when they don’t even bother paying attention to what he does or read one single article about why he was awarded the peace prize. They should slap themselves for their blatant stupidity

  • Ronda

    I love Michelle Obama. She’s beautiful and intelligent IMO and I’m extremely proud of her and President Obama.

  • jingle

    For those that are thinking he is doing a swell job, what is his approval rating right now? Very low – 44%! The unemployment rate keeps going up each month. Instead of trying to pass national health insurance, which will probably never happen, do something instead to control health care costs.

  • Miss Tolerance

    I come here for the racism. Me’thinks some of you all are on Stormfront.

  • Miss Tolerance

    After all the crap Obama has inherited from 8 yrs of regressive legislation and unnecessary war you’d think people would be more understanding.

  • jj

    Yeah lots of racist trolls here. I think being a first black president and winner of a noble price is quite an accomplishment racist #1. You try to do either fool

  • A. Darton

    People chose to forgot the mess this man was lefted to try to clean up. Give the man a chance. Bush had eight years to cause the mess, but Obama suppose to have things fix in ten months. This economy was heading for a depression, but things are slowly improving . There is away to go, but give the man a chance.

  • Stone

    There’s no place like home. There’s no place like home. There’s no. . .

  • Lou

    They are both accomplished professionals even before they became President and First Lady. Intelligence is much more attractive than physical beauty. That’s something that racist hicks can never understand. They are threatened by this because it’s something that they do not possess. This couple sour country wonderfully and I could not be more proud! With that, they both look AMAZING!

  • Rhonda

    Obama has now spent more money than George Washington through George W Bush PUT TOGETHER. in addition, 7 MILLION Americans have lost their jobs since Obama came in office. He has taken over insurance companys and automobile companys and now wants to take 1/6 of the American economy–the ENTIRE health care system. He’s being rewarded for bringing America to her knees. What did you expect when his wife said “she had never been proud of America” she seems pretty proud and happy destroying America.

    Can’t stand either one, hope they both choke on cake!

  • Daniel

    @to mimi: YOU are a celebrated IDIOT.

  • Lou

    I meant this couple represents our country wonderfully and I could not be more proud.

  • nobama

    how the hell did he get that nobel peace prize? what has he done? oh yeah, mobilizing 30,000 trops to afghanistan… for peace indeed… so incredulous… what a fart!!! the nobel prize committee did kiss AZZZZZZZZZZZZz big time… obama is the MOST polarized figure ever existed… the biggest bobble head… after bush, now this guy… gggggggggrrrr… poor america!

  • GWB

    Damn she’s fugly.

  • GWB

    I said damn she’s fugly.

  • GWB

    I said damn she’s fugly.

  • Julie

    beautiful first lady, rhonda #26 seems jealous and she should be, look at all Michelle accomplishment. she’s a complete classy lady and role model for your young daughters.

  • to rhonda

    i was wondering when you’d show up. posts on president and michelle obama just wouldn’t be the same without you. i was wondering when you would crawl out. i do have to admit that your latest pronouncement from on high, or is it from on low, is at least somewhat intelligently written; not by much though. i have to say that it’s nice not to read your usual rants. however , it is companies not companys.

  • boxer

    whether he’s black or not, if you look at history, American presidents have been criticized by the ppl, and presidency comes with its territory. don’t bring race into this. george bush, clinton were white, and yet they were still criticized. it’s time to get off that racism wagon.

  • wtf

    She needs to stop with the oversized belts…not a good look.

  • Lady~L

    @ObamaFan: I TOTALLY AGREE WITH YOU OBAMAFAN!!! … Merry Xmas and happy new Year to You and Our First Family!!!

  • jj


    I cosign. =)

  • jj

    The first lady is a Harvard and Princeton graduate. Something most of you racist backward hicks probably wont accomplish. Call her all you want but at the end she IS this nations first lady.

  • Glenn

    I don’t understand why you keep posting things up about Michelle Obama Jared, when you KNOW that she in particular attract all the scared angry little racists out here. Because she’s an educated black woman and she isn’t a little trophy wife, people are afraid of that and you KNOW the kind of attention you are risking when you post about her.

    Shame on you Jared. Just leave politics out of this site all together!

  • Toby

    People, please………..
    If you became obese (GW BUSH) and gained 300 pounds in 8 years (length of time GW Bush was in the White House) could you lose those 300 pounds in a year?? (President Obama)
    I don’t think show.
    Give Obama a chance. He’s only been there a short time.
    The Prize went to him because of the promise and hope he brings to the international forum. Which Bush demolished.
    Patience is a virtue, for a reason.
    I love them and they are always humble. You have no idea.

  • voe

    Enough with the BS of the mess being Bush’s. When Bush took office we had an October stock market crash, the crash and the housing market was beginning to get shaky too. Many journalists questioned why would any one wanted to take the job with the country in such sorry a state. Well, Bush did not whine, did not point fingers at Clinton. Obama wanted the job, knowing full well the country was heading into recession. In fact he paid 600+ millions USD to get the darn job. And the economy has historically gone through cycle of 7 to 10 years each for growth or decline; nothing grows forever, not even you. So it is about time Obama and his supporters stop whining about inheriting a mess. If there was no mess, he would not get elected. Except George Washington every President inherited something.

  • voe

    On another note, I love this Alexander McQueen belt of her. I can see why she keeps wearing it.

  • Annabelle

    It is nice to know that you can not post the truth here. They won’t publish it. F.U.!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • borat

    Hey Annabelle,
    How classy and intelligent you sound………………..NOT.

  • Jackie K.

    I think President Obama is doing everything he can for our country.
    Don’t forget, corporate fraud and bad loans is not what
    Obama created. That was way before the election.
    If Obama can’t get this right, nobody can. I truly believe that.
    Check yourself. If you can’t afford Xmas this year, don’t use your credit card foolishly. Look in the mirror before you blame Obama for America’s problems.

  • arka1100

    I dislike a lot of obama’s ideas and policies but I adore Michelle Obama, I think she is so stylish and gorgeous!

  • history buff

    Say whatever u want now……..
    Time will tell
    Obama will be successful.

  • Team Elin

    1-Bush and the GOP did fault Clinton and and also faults faults Carter, Johnson,and Kennedy now. LOL!!
    2-All pres.use AF1 and do have to go places.So this flying around on our dime is really untrue and not nec. Did you say this when Reagans went very often to their ranch? No. Did you say this when Bush the elder went very often to Kennebunkport? No.Did you say this when Bush the kid went very often to his Texas ranch? No.
    Should Obama use Dellta or Continental? The Obama’s do not have a summer home/ranch/estate. The Clinton’s did not have one either.
    3-The Nobel P.P. was a rather surprise. Read Obama’s acceptance speech when he does address that. Read what he said about that award months ago. Should he have told Nobel P.P. and the world, “Screw you and f — your little trophy.”
    What do you think he should have done?
    4-The economy is bad. We need jobs to stay here. Our govt.needs to recall jobs back here that American companies have been allowed to send to China (who owns the U.S pretty much), and other foregin countries to get profits on the cheap labor and have no regulations.
    You need here:the factories that make things, farms that grow food, the plants , steel mills,paper mills,the mills,etc.
    Call centers for things like credit cards are outsourced.
    5-Obama is only going to be a one-term president. You will have a Republican president for the next 4 terms, that is 12 yrs. I predict also thing will get worst and/or stay the same.
    You have had more GOP presidnetsso why are things messed up?
    Sorry but Carter-4 yr.,Clinton 8yrs.Obama 4 yrs were not that powerful to do all.

    Nixon, Ford,Carter ,Regan regan, Bush, Clinton,Clinton,Bush,Bush,Obama, and next Romney 2012 Romney 2016, Pres.Palin 2020 and I do not know after her. So do the Math and research of the past instead of just listening to the talking heads of the GOP and just take what they say as God’s word. Stop supporting the Tea Parties which says it is bipartisn but it is actually JUST ANIT-DEMOCRAT.
    THINK. .EDUCATE. READ. We really need to come together as a country and do not mean to help Obama. I have said and thought this since Clinton . THe GOP really thinks after Reagan ‘s 2 pres. that the excuetive branch is FOR the GOP.
    6-Answer these questions if you dare?Nah,too coward.

  • MMA

    They certainly owe Oprah, eh?

  • Chef Coa

    The Oslo girls really knock me out, they leave the west behind.