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Orlando Bloom Works It Out

Orlando Bloom Works It Out

Orlando Bloom heads to the gym in sunglasses and a black Nike warmup suit in West Hollywood on Wednesday (December 23).

The 32-year-old actor, who’s dating Victoria’s Secret model Miranda Kerr, isn’t the only one Miranda has had eyes for, she confessed.

“I’ve always had a big crush on Prince William since I was a little girl,” she shared with Pop Tarts recently at a Victoria’s Secret event in L.A.

Miranda and Orly have dated since late 2007!

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qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 01
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 02
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 03
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 04
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 05
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 06
qqorlando bloom nike pullover going to the gym 07

Credit: Raef/Ramirez; Photos: INFDaily
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  • pup

    Awh. But she already has a “prince”. ;P

  • wow

    Lookin’ good there Orlando!

  • allspice30

    Prince Orlando! I like that!
    Yeah he’s looking GOOD!

  • meeeee)

    awwww….i see wrinkles now :(

  • @4

    He isn’t 22 any more!
    How DARE he grow up!
    I’m glad that he has lost that prettiness that he had for so long.
    Now I see an amazingly handsome MAN.

  • stellartes


  • I Wonder?

    Miranda has been in town for 3 days now, and they still have not been spotted together. Orlando has been spotted at least three different places now, without her. Seems strange.

    I realize they could be together even though there have been no pics. I just find it very strange is all.

    And what is with the new dog Orlando has been walking around with Sidi…Click on link below for pics….definitely not Frankie…..

  • @7

    Jared knows Miranda’s not in LA, don’t you Jared. Still trying to stir it up though, aren’t you. Silly boy.

  • @7

    Nothing strange about a man going shopping by himself, especially just a few days before Christmas.
    And Orlando has been seen coming and going alone to that gym on numerous occasions, whether or not Miranda was in town.
    The only thing “strange” is your continued insistance that if they aren’t papped together, something is wrong.
    Get over it.
    And I’ll bet you dollars to donuts that when they ARE papped together, you will find something “strange” about that, too.

  • Just Jared Lurker

    Don’t you people ever get tired of snarking at each other? Does everything you say have to be so wrong or so right? Everyone is entitled to their opinion, haters and shippers. Not everything is a conspiracy or someone trying to stir something up.

    Orlando and Miranda must loathe their fans. All a bunch of petty and immature backbiters.

  • ?

    @8 You’re the only one trying to stir it up
    @10 If Mirlando loathe someone you can be sure it’s not the shippers. Don’t haters always say we think they’re perfect?

  • Nicole

    I agree. Orlando looks better as with 22.
    With or without her.
    And with nearly 33 have everyone lines in the face – or he or her goes to the Doctor.
    So, it’s Christmas Eve. I be sure, that they go on a last minute shopping like last Year… And maybe becomes he this year, what he want. ;-)
    Merry Christmas at all.

  • Looks fading

    Don’t mind that he doesn’t look 22 any more – but he’s still aging faster than I would have thought. His skin looks prematurely ‘weathered’ to me And his eyes always look puffy and tired. Maybe it’s partly due to constant ‘jet lag’ from so much ‘world traveling.’ Plus he did spend a lot of time on film sets in hot, arid locations. AND he smokes, another factor that can age the skin prematurely. He’s just not as attractive as he used to be imho.

  • kris

    That dog is one of his La friends’.

  • Cute dog

    That pit bull is a lot cuter than he is.

  • orlando

    the pit bull is form my sister Sam

  • Nicole

    I don’t think, that you are Orlando because I don’t think, that he sitting on 1/2 4 A.M. LA-Time on his Computer.

    But this with the Pitbull can be right.

    It’s a cute dog.

  • orlando


  • @13

    Well, everyone is entitled to their own opinion, but I don’t think that he is aging quickly at all. If you look at the pics from Morocco, or the recent pics of him with Sebastian (the ones where Orlando is wearing the beanie), he looks as youthful as ever. Lighting, camera agles and facial expressions can make a person look different, but he certainly doesn’t look “weathered”.
    And as far as attractive? Well, I like my men to look like men, not little boys.
    IMO, he is a gorgeous MAN.

  • Nicole

    Was this a ‘Yes, I’m am’? This would to explain, why you look so tired. ;-)
    You should better sleep at Night, I’m here in Europe and tell you, when is impotant.

    I agree, but I haven’t found the right words.

  • Nicole

    Sorry, I would not write ‘impotant’. I would write ‘important’.

  • What happened?

    This guy is no longer a teen idol and he really never scored it big with adult audiences or film critics. His only claim to fame recently has been his much-ballyhooed ‘romance’ with Miranda Kerr. And it’s beginning to look like she’s now the more famous personality out of that duo. Her services are in high demand as a model while he’s hardly in demand at all as an actor. She works and he tags along – or else busies himself just loafing/relaxing – and attending ‘hotel openings.’ Kinda sad really. Yeah, I know, he’s lent his name to some charity stuff, but it could be a last-ditch attempt to keep his ‘name’ out there somehow.

  • jas

    omg orlando bloom smokes.. i think he looks fine everyone need to grow and look older its part of like but he smokes i never knew that

  • jas

    i meant its part of life.. not like sorri

  • @22


    I agree that his career has been tanking lately, but he doesnt always need to do two,three movies a year. He doesnt have to, I’m pretty sure he’s finacially set so why cant he be a bit more picky about movie scripts and enjoy doing other things then spending all his time working…………….

    But I guess you dont think thats a possibillity and that he’s an utter failure as an actor and that his model gf is the real star. I dont know to much about her or her career but I can say with certain that the only thing coming and going faster than hearthrobs are models so I’m pretty sure you’re incorrect.

  • @22

    Oh, I see that you are one of those people that believe that only tweenies like Orlando?
    I’m 32, and a huge fan.
    And I guess that I should inform the 40 year old woman in my office that she shouldn’t be enjoying her Orlando calendar that she made herself.
    Or the gay 35 year old guy who melts at the mention of his name.
    Or any of the adult women on the biggest Orlando fan board.
    And why are YOU on a thread several pages old if you hadn’t searched for him?
    Oh, and about that little charity thing?
    A website recently published a list of the top 50 celebs who had an impact on their favored charities. Orlando came in at number 13, in a virtual tie with Brad Pitt. If Orlando wasn’t famous, and well liked, he would not have made it that high on the list.
    I think that Orlando is doing exactly what he wants. He is doing small, character driven films, after SO MANY blockbusters.
    And thank goodness that he is no longer a teen idol. Let the new boys deal with that now. There will be a new bunch soon, so they won’t have to worry about that too much longer, either.
    And say anything you want, but saying that Miranda is more famous than he is, is probably one of the stupidest things that have ever been posted on this site. And that’s saying a lot.

  • Jen Analstan

    I loved him in LOTR

  • I Wonder?

    There is a cute video of him walking the dogs on you tube….you need to log onto you tube then type in the search box – ORLANDO BLOOM OUT WITH HIS DOGS ….it is so cute when the new puppy starts barking at the paparazzi filming them….the new dog really wants to get them too….

    not sure if the link will work….I was able to watch it earlier, but now it says it is unable to play on my computer.

  • Nicole

    @I Wonder?:
    Yes, it’s really cute.
    Good for him, that Orlando the dogs have put on a leash.

  • http://justjared LOL

    Miranda more famous than Orlando what have this people been smoking and where can I find some?

    Jump to filmography as: In Development, Actor, Producer, Self, Archive Footage
    In Development: What’s this?

    1. The Red Circle (details only on IMDbPro)
    2. Fools Rush In (details only on IMDbPro)


    * In Production
    * 2000s
    * 1990s

    1. The Cross (2010) (in production)
    2. Main Street (2010) (post-production) …. Harris Parker
    3. Sympathy for Delicious (2010) (completed) …. The Stain

    4. New York, I Love You (2009) …. David (segment “Shunji Iwai”)
    … aka New York, je t’aime (France: literal title)
    5. Pirates of the Caribbean: At World’s End (2007) …. Will Turner
    … aka P.O.T.C. 3 (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    … aka Pirates 3 (USA: informal short title)
    6. Love and Other Disasters (2006) …. Hollywood Paolo
    … aka Love (and Other Disasters) (Australia: DVD box title)
    … aka Love (et ses petits désastres) (France)
    7. Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Man’s Chest (2006) …. Will Turner
    … aka P.O.T.C. 2 (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    … aka Pirates 2 (USA: informal short title)
    8. Elizabethtown (2005) …. Drew Baylor
    9. Kingdom of Heaven (2005) …. Balian de Ibelin
    … aka El reino de los cielos (Spain)
    … aka Königreich der Himmel (Germany)
    10. Haven (2004) …. Shy
    11. Troy (2004) …. Paris
    12. The Calcium Kid (2004) …. Jimmy Connelly
    13. The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003) …. Legolas
    … aka Der Herr der Ringe – Die Rückkehr des Königs (Germany)
    … aka The Return of the King (USA: short title)
    14. Pirates of the Caribbean: The Curse of the Black Pearl (2003) …. Will Turner
    … aka P.O.T.C. (USA: promotional abbreviation)
    15. Ned Kelly (2003) …. Joseph Byrne
    … aka Ned Kelly: Public Enemy No. 1 (Philippines: English title: poster title)
    16. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) …. Legolas Greenleaf
    … aka Der Herr der Ringe – Die zwei Türme (Germany)
    … aka The Two Towers (USA: short title)
    17. The Lord of the Rings: The Two Towers (2002) (VG) …. Legolas Greenleaf
    18. Black Hawk Down (2001) …. Blackburn
    19. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring (2001) …. Legolas Greenleaf
    … aka The Fellowship of the Ring (USA: short title)
    … aka The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring: The Motion Picture (USA: promotional title)
    20. “Midsomer Murders” …. Peter Drinkwater (1 episode, 2000)
    – Judgement Day (2000) TV episode …. Peter Drinkwater

    21. Wilde (1997) …. Rent Boy
    … aka Oscar Wilde (Germany) (Japan: English title)
    22. “Casualty” …. Extra / … (3 episodes, 1994-1996)
    – Made in Britain (1996) TV episode (uncredited) …. Patient
    – Another Day in Paradise (1996) TV episode …. Noel Harrison
    – Care in the Community (1994) TV episode …. Extra


    1. Haven (2004) (co-producer)

  • http://justjared haters

    Take a look at this:
    Monday, October 12, 2009
    Orlando Bloom Named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    From Actor Orlando Bloom was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador today, in recognition of his commitment to the rights of children around the world.

    “Advocacy from UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors helps build momentum to improve the lives of children around the world,” said UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman. “We are proud to have Orlando Bloom as one of the strong voices for vulnerable children.”

    Mr. Bloom has already seen the work UNICEF is doing in Nepal, Russia, and Sarajevo. And he is committed to supporting UNICEF’s efforts. “I look forward to working with UNICEF as they continue to make the world a better place for children,” he said.

    Read more…violence.”
    Monday, October 12, 2009
    Orlando Bloom Named UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador

    From Actor Orlando Bloom was appointed a UNICEF Goodwill Ambassador today, in recognition of his commitment to the rights of children around the world.

    “Advocacy from UNICEF Goodwill Ambassadors helps build momentum to improve the lives of children around the world,” said UNICEF Executive Director, Ann M. Veneman. “We are proud to have Orlando Bloom as one of the strong voices for vulnerable children.”

    Mr. Bloom has already seen the work UNICEF is doing in Nepal, Russia, and Sarajevo. And he is committed to supporting UNICEF’s efforts. “I look forward to working with UNICEF as they continue to make the world a better place for children,” he said.

    Read more

    And this:

    Decade’s Highest Grossing Actors

    From According to the Guinness Book of World Records, Emma Watson is the highest grossing actress of the past ten years (her films have taken in $5.4 billion)… which is obvs due to the Harry Potter movies. Congrats!

    But there was an issue with the guys. Entertainment Weekly didn’t think Guinness’ proclamation of Samuel L. Jackson was correct, and they found the actor to actually be Alan Rickman (who also starred in Harry Potter and Love Actually) with $5.9 billion.

    And then whoops! A reader found the correct actor to be Orlando Bloom with $6.5 billion… because he starred in Lord of the Rings and Pirates of the Caribbean. So congrats to him!

    No matter how much you put him down he will be 1000000000 times hotter and 10000000000000000 times richer than you .


  • Kelly Kleavage

    He should get married already

  • I Wonder?

    @ 32

    “He should get married already”

    Really? Why is that?

    Johnny Depp has been with Vanessa for a long time and they seem pretty happy and they are not married.

    Of course Susan Sarandan and Tim Robbins, who are also not married, have just announced that they were separating after I believe 23 years of being togther. I can’t remembe how long it has been…and I believe they have a couple of children together as well.

    You just never can tell. I think he is very smart not to get married for the time being.

    From my point of view, it just does not seem as though he has the same feelings for Miranda as Johnny has for Vanessa. Despite what he said at the public telethon in Australia.

    Something just does not seem to click between the two of them….and I just can’t put my finger on what that is.

    Time will reveal the truth in time, whatever that truth may be.

  • @33

    Well said! I totally agree with you.

  • ?

    How would you know about how he feels about her or what Johnny feels about Vanessa?

  • @35

    Oh, don’t you know that little Miss Wonder is psychic?
    She can tell the most intimate thoughts and feelings of total strangers, just from a single photograph!
    It’s just that those psychic feelings travel along certain, very narrow paths.
    “Despite what he said at the public telethon in Australia”
    In other words….orlando doesn’t know how he feels, only Miss Wonder knows.
    You see, no matter what Orlando and Miranda say or do (i.e.: travel the globe to be together, even if for only a day, or Orlando professing his love), they just AREN’T in love, accoding to her very tiny brain. But Johnny, who hasn’t bothered to marry Vanessa, even after being together for years, and after two kids, is MADLY in love with her.
    If you miss one of Wonder’s posts, don’t worry. She will be back for every page, saying the EXACT same things.
    One track mind, and all.

  • http://justjared @36

    I love you.

  • Stone

    How dare she threaten the prince.

  • where are they?

    they must have had a very private christmas time together….how nice for them :)

    no pics have popped up of the two of them since she landed in Los Angeles.

    just of him….seems a bit strange since he was out and about a few days before christmas, and a few days after she got into Los Angeles.

    they must have got to have a very private christmas celebration, how nice :)

    Happy New Year Everyone! Just a few days left till 2010….ever wonder what life would be like if we did not use calendars to tell us when one year ends and one year begins….we can always tell what time it is by where the sun and moon are located, but not what month and year, except by the seasons.

  • @39

    Maybe she had already done her Christmas shopping, and like most men, he put his off until the last minute.
    Nothing strange there at all.

  • where are they?

    @ 40

    That part is not strange, no.

    The strange part is not seeing them out and about together celebrating the holidays. Just used to seeing them do things together like that is all.

    I am glad that they got to spend a more private celebration this year. Warms my heart :)

  • Chef Jacke

    What’s this guy done lately? If it weren’t for M, he’d be working in a car wash by now.

  • @42

    Yeah, a guy worth 40 million would be working in a car wash!
    Sure, whatever makes you feel better about yourself.

  • MMA

    He certainly has a lot to work out!

  • where are they?

    Guess they flew to Miami, Florida, without being seen…how nice for them…..According to Couples watch on….strange though that this information only added on just recently this morning instead of yesterday when the “couples watch” comes out….

    “An early flight the next morning didn’t stop Orlando Bloom and model girlfriend Miranda Kerr from tearing up the dance floor at LIV nightclub in Miami’s Fontainebleau Hotel on Saturday night. The couple arrived at their table around midnight, sipping bottled water and chatting with friends, including actor Jason Statham. When the deejay played Lady Gaga’s “Bad Romance,” a source says Kerr “held Bloom’s hand as she danced.”

  • >

    And the BS started again. 2 clowns and their court of idiots shippers! Give us a break, pleeaasee.

  • @46

    Because they are spending time together?
    I guess that now you will start with the “no pics or it didn’t happen” garbage, right?
    Soooo predictable.
    And if you find them so ridiculous, why are you on this old thread?
    Who’s the “clown” now?

  • kris

    Strange no one saw them at Lax coming or going…that airport is always full of paps….and on saturday morning there were twitter sightings of him alone in la…

  • @48

    If you are going by Twitter, there were actually sightings of both of them in South Beach (Miami) on Saturday or Sunday.
    And he comes and goes through LAX all the time without being papped. That is nothing new.

  • @49

    Maybe on saturday, since People thread spoke about an ealry flight on sunday morning…