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LeAnn Rimes: Tequila Time!

LeAnn Rimes: Tequila Time!

All smiles!

LeAnn Rimes continues to enjoy her vacation with boyfriend Eddie Cibrian in Aspen and stops by The Grog Shop to pick up a bottle of Don Julio 1942 tequila on Sunday (December 27).

Looks like LeAnn is getting ready for a fun night!

The pair has been seen enjoying the wonderful winterland of Colorado and should be ringing in the New Year together!

10+ pictures inside of LeAnn Rimes and her tequila time…

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leann rimes tequila time 01
leann rimes tequila time 02
leann rimes tequila time 03
leann rimes tequila time 04
leann rimes tequila time 05
leann rimes tequila time 06
leann rimes tequila time 07
leann rimes tequila time 08
leann rimes tequila time 09
leann rimes tequila time 10

Photos: GSI Media
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  • nativenyker

    That girl must be packing gold.

    Rants, Thoughts & Merde

  • Ms Anonymous

    Gwen: It’s the holidays, so for ONCE, shut the hole in your face.

  • Cora

    this woman is so fvckin ugly!

  • Great News

    Nasty HomeWrecker!!!

  • cc

    did eddie spend any time with his kids ? or are they on the back bunner for his new girlfriend

  • BO

    i think she looks really pretty here

  • jj

    Simply stated, Mr. Cibrian will follow the money. As long as SmirkGirl keeps paying for EVERYTHING and she already paid for EC’s “services”, they will be seen together. Look up gigolo in the dictionary and you see a picture of always ready Eddie. Not a shred of integrity between the two of them.

  • michelle

    JJ, please stop these PR threads for LeAnn! Her happiness is not relevant to anyone and it is about time that she realized that very few people want to see her and the idiot lover.

    She & Eddie are absolutely disgusting.

  • Stone

    Pretty bad pics!

  • Jay

    I hope she finds it a real turn on to be spending time with Eddie when he shoould be putting his kids toys together and playing board games. They really seem to deserve each other losers!!!!

  • toptwitsblog

    Awww, for a second we thought this was a saucy story about how now LeAnn is in love with Tila Tequilla too.

  • michaela

    She does look really good in these photos. And thank you Just Jared for coverage of Le Ann, Eddie, Deane and Brandi. Keep it up!

  • michaela

    I see Jason has made his way back under another aka!

  • Patty

    LeAnn does a good job of getting these photo ops posted fast. I wonder what this trip cost her? Brandi’s, looking after the children while Eddie is servicing his mistress. What a great and devoted dad.

  • michaela

    @ jay or Jason….did it ever dawn on you that he may have had the kids during Christmas or for part of the holiday and this is the time-sharing arrangement he and Brandi may have worked out!!!???

  • Freddie


  • CanadaGirl

    Not cute at all. Her clothes are horrendous as well.

  • cbme

    She looks happy and she is a big girl and it is her money. ’nuff said for me.

  • michaela

    The “red-herring’ group ALWAYS uses the same old arguments to devalue Le Ann’s relationship with Eddie. I don’t give the “he only loves her money” any credence. Le Ann is a really lovable, attractive and creative person with a loving family and friends and a strong fan base. And MANY men would love to be with her for her self, personality and talent.

  • michelle

    Wow!!!! She is UGLY!!!!!! What about his children??? He is so gross, two small boys and he takes off with ugly girl!

  • michaela

    HRH has been here under at least 5 different akas.

  • ka-blamo

    To #20: Uh huh. Sure.

    Nice of you to defend the trash. Who, subsequently, would never even give you the time of day.

  • cbme

    @cc: If this guy didn’t have kids, some of you people would be out of luck.

  • cbme

    @michelle: Where is your halo today? Having it cleaned?

  • Steve

    I hope thye had a great time, they have the right to have a life!!

  • michaela

    Let me change that number to almost 10. In all seriousness.

  • cbme

    Michaela, I agree with your opinion of LeAnn. My “I wonder” about Eddie is just that. I wouldn’t try to devalue her relationship with Eddie because she knows him better than I do. I wish her happiness and love and Eddie as well. I have read that Eddie snowboards so maybe he is teaching LeAnn. Great trip – its beautiful country.

  • Rick

    Expensive booze. After the hush money she paid her husband to keep him quiet about their open marriage, I’m surprised she has enough to take her boy-toy on vacation. I’d need a bottle myself if there wasn’t a bag available that night.

  • cbme

    Rick, How do you know who came out on the better end of this divorce settlement. Maybe LeAnn came out ahead by agreeing to keep HER mouth shut. We found out just about anything you would want to know about LeAnn from the tabs, etc., during this divorce. Did you ever think maybe Deane was the one who lost a little and not LeAnn?

  • michaela

    We were out there a couple of years ago in the fall and when driving home saw a huge plume of steam billowing upward from the ground – it was a cold morning. Pulled over, looked down the bank on the side of the road and saw a natural hot spring. Being lap swimmers we never leave home w/out our suits (just in case), climbed into Nature’s hot tub and luxuriated to the sight and sound of quaking aspens. Just outside of Redstone, Co.

  • michaela

    Strange how this is probably the only story that is ever visited by so many men. Yeah right!

  • Amiga

    El prosa a veces traduce mejor al Ingles que Espanol.

  • cbme

    Why is this divorce so important to some of these people? Why do they go to such great lengths to try to make LeAnn’s character, career, and whatever look bad? Can you hate anybody that much? Doesn’t make sense to me. This should be just another divorce.

  • michaela

    You know what I think. There aren’t as many as it appears.

    Off for a few hours.

  • Rachael

    Knowing what tequila does to one’s health, alls I can say is: Drink up LeAnn!!! A bottle a day for a week is just what a sassy lass needs.

  • ewwwwwwwwww

    She has very saggy brows for someone her age. Must be caused by the stress of covering up lies while breaking up a marriage and family.

  • Velma

    Way back this story made no sense. No self respecten gal would swap spit at supper with her bow and then meet up with a man in a room where she just had sex with her bow. Least ways not Le. I changed my mind bout missy Rimes. She been strutten round like a real pro at this adultry thing and my bet is she is. A gal dont go 7 years with no sex so I figer she and hubby had a deal. Sex was ok just dont get caught. She aint showed one bit of shame. That means she been doin this a while. Hubby was about to let the cat out a the bag of beans and missy rimes paid him what he wanted. Bet her past makes eddie look like a choir boy. If hubby spilt those beans, country folk be done with her and maybe eddie two. I was right bout no self respecten gal would do such a thing.

  • cbme

    Ha Ha She has very SAGGY BROWS? Where in the world can we possibly go from that? Can you people find just one more word of nasty that you can lay on LeAnn? Some of you are coming to the point of the ridiculous.

  • cbme

    Velma, Don’t know who you are but a third grader could spell better. You don’t know, and none of the rest of us know about this situation or the feelings of those involved. Maybe Deane didn’t want his life hung out in front of the world; maybe he didn’t come out the winner in this. Some of you are just wishing that LeAnn lost. Maybe not. Maybe LeAnn feels no shame because she really loves this guy and is proud of it. Everything doesn’t mean shame. Maybe this is the first time she has really been in love. I wish them the best if that is what both want.

  • R Forever

    she is hideously UGLY..and she goes to Aspen during Christmas which is where many other celebs go so she’s sure to get photographed..after seeing her dig in her nose and pull out a nasty big stringy booger and then look at it before she flicked it on the floor of her car, while her husband at the time was pumping gas was enough to totally do it for me..I can’t stand this nasty *Hore and Eddie is a plum IDIOT for leaving a beautiful wife and kids for her ALIEN looking asz.

  • Larry

    @cbme: kKudos to what you wrote! Hell, if they’re happy, so be it! I hope all those involved will move and Eddie takes CARE OF HIS BOYS, ENOUGH SAID, lots of divorced people in this country have done this, are doing it, or will divorce in the future, not like this has never happened!!!

  • cbme

    @R Forever: Do I know this voice or not?

  • cbme

    Larry, don’t be surprised if you are accused of being me, or Michaela, or Pedro or somebody else. If you support LeAnn you will have one of our names attached to you, ’cause Gwen says LeAnn only has ONE fan.

  • jon jon

    I live here in Aspen and I came within 5 feet of her walking around in town and I can tell you she is NOT pretty. I didn’t even know it was her until she had walked by and someone said that was LeAnn Rimes. The only thing that stood out was how strange her face looked and how I thought her teeth were false. Seriously, she looks like she has false teeth. NOT attractive at all.

  • Steve

    @jon jon: yeah, Right! lol, this is such BS, if u were that close, where’s the cell phone pic to back your story?

  • Avatar

    (laughing at jon jon)

    I know what you mean..her face is like not even human looking. Her face has no characteristics of a pretty woman..NONE. As she gets older she keeps getting weirder and stranger looking. NO amount of plastic surgery could fix her kind of UGLY.. In our college dorm we all were playing a game one night and she was #1 on the list of celebrities we would NEVER want to look like. She’s just gross! and her facination with picking her nose is discusting!!! Go to YOUTUBE and see the vid/pics of her picking her nose it’s so nasty. She flicks this huge bugger right on the floor..nasty.

  • jon jon

    it’s no big deal being in aspen and seeing celebs. I’m from Golden CO yeah, where they make Coors at. I live right off of W 55th. Look it up asshole. I’ve been in Aspen with 7 of my buddies for the ski season because that’s what we do, we work here during this time, and like i said, i didn’t know she was even leeann until after she walked by so why would I take a cell phone pic of some skin and bones chick that looks like she has false teeth???? my GF puts her to shame and I didn’t even look long, she was NOT something pleasant to look at. But as far as my story being BS, lol all i can say is you’re the idiot and I’m the one in Aspen having fun. Signing off now, going to hit the slopes!! :)

  • cbme

    Some of you people will go to any lengths to hurt another human being. You can look at the pictures of LeAnn with this article and tell that what Jon Jon says is not true. More of the “lets hurt her all we can” group. Hang in there, LeAnn. Your fans know that you aren’t ugly and they also know why this is being done. We love you.

  • cbme

    Something else I forgot to add to my last post. If LeAnn was really ugly, how did she get picked to play a lead role in the Lifetime movie? Do you think this criticism of one of the best known singers will turn Eddie off ? I hope his eyes sight and his common sense will tell him what all this is about.

  • Larry

    @cbme: Hey again, Haters are just that, haters, looking for a reason to dish LeAnn, her newfound happiness makes her look adorable, love her smile!!