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Beyonce & Jay-Z: L'Amour at L'Avenue

Beyonce & Jay-Z: L'Amour at L'Avenue

Beyonce Knowles and husband Jay-Z have a romantic French dinner together at L’Avenue restaurant in Paris on Thursday (January 21).

The 28-year-old singer smiled for photos and signed autographs, but Jay was a little shy and stayed back!

B and Jay will both be performing on the Haiti benefit telethon tonight!

The show, featuring tons of celebs, airs on all MTV channels and most broadcast networks, too, from 8-10PM EST.

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beyonce lavenue restaurant paris fashion week 01
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  • michael

    so pretty

  • michael

    she’s the prettiesy ever!!!!
    I wonder what rihanna thinks of beyonce

  • Kelly

    I love her curves, she’s a lil curvy now, and I love it!

  • ana

    Bey looks amazing!

  • cecilia

    all these celebrities including Beyonce and Jay-Z are performing and helping to raise money for haiti, but how many of them will actually donate their own person money??? Beyonce made over $100 million this year!! if she really wanted to she could donate all of that to help out haiti! $100 million is nothing for her, she and jay-z made even more than that the year before! Even Madonna only donated $250 000. They should all be ashamed of themselves. so selfish!

  • ana

    If you dont know, Bey and Jay already donate.

  • michaela

    Donate from your own fortune Beyonce & Jay Z ! Set a good example!

  • OB

    amazing couple

  • Nahla

    @cecilia: OMG I so agree with you on that one…..Those celebrities make so much money and don’t even donate 1/4 of it…well, maybe not all that but at least some millions….I mean, even the “one million” Brangelina, Leo Dicaprio and all are giving is not that much….Like really? They make several millions over one year and they donate ONE million out of it? SHAMEFUL. But well, I can’t tell them how to be less selfish. And at least, they’re donating. There are even worse celebrities who don’t even give one cent. And besides, I don’t even hear about ONE OF THOSE BILLIONNAIRES out there who have too much money and can live very well off for centuries from now on…. I mean, damn. What a hierarchic world we do live in. Don’t tell me there are not billionnaires out there who can’t even give several millions? GIMME A BREAK. Whatever. Then again, all that is talk…..I wonder if I were super rich like those people…..would I give my money away ?! especially for people who worked hard for it…..I don’t know…..I think I would. I guess it all depends on your heart! I’m too nice. These people? Not that much.

  • Weber from Brazil

    Too much information in this look :~
    I also hate this straight hair with bangs

  • Ladyb

    That jacket and gloves are hideous.

  • Rocky

    L’Amour at L’Avenue.
    Mais mdr le titre.
    Sonne très mal.

  • chipasssssssss


  • I n F a m o u s l y C o o l

    @cecilia: you aint donate shiit1 how you knocking others for how much they donate. they’re giving their hard earned money to help COMPLETELY STANGERS. i wouldn’t send anyong a fcuking dime. you’re a fcuking assbag.

  • Rachel B.

    @I n F a m o u s l y C o o l:seriously… “hard earned money”!?!? some of these celebrities get paid a million dollars or more just for showing up at clubs or events! ya that’s truly hard earned money…

  • cougarshookup

    I hope she gets pregnant

  • slambang

    Terrible wig.

  • lakers fan in boston

    i really hate that jacket and those gloves, they look ridiculous
    i like her hair but she ruins it with that lipstick, the color is 2 intense for her 2 pull off
    but overall she actually does look rather sexy, nice smile

  • lexy

    Well if you pay taxes I assure you some of your money is helping others. These celebs don’t pay regular taxes like the rest of us and they get tons of free swag. If they are so concerned about charity let them give their own money – like Brangelina. Or let them donate money from their clothing lines – or even send some of clothing from their clothing lines to these people. They can use all the help they can get.
    Now is this a outfit from her own line? Or does she only wear REAL designer clothes and want fans to wear her crap?

  • “DUMMY ALERT”…..!

    so beautiful, but so lost…. selling your soul for fame!

  • T Shirts

    Oh how sweet. they probably alternate autograph duties. It warms me heart.

  • missy

    Beyonce should donate that million dollars that terrorist gave her for singing on New Years Eve. I don’t know why these black people and liberal people love dictators and terrorist so much, but they sure do!

  • yo sista

    so sick of this tacky 40 year-old hoe! Easy on the make-up hoe & what’s with the wig?

  • Loves It

    Work Bey!!!

  • Loves It

    @yo sista,
    Get Over it!

  • renee

    The idiot s that made comments about Jay and Bey donating ou must not know them. Jay and Bey do not discuss what they do they just do it. Believe me they have donated and millions of dollars they dont need glorification from people when they do something. it is calle privacy in which they cherish.

  • Granite

    He’s a better man than I for staying with her!

  • Homey

    He’s so goddamn ugly!

  • Dr NYC

    How sweet.

  • Roger B

    I think that like most people who offer their opinions you are all really far off. First of all, any amount that is donated is a TAX WRITE OFF. Secondly, these people dont spend their money they have Money Managers that tell them what they can and cant spend. The life of an entertainer who is successful is less than pleasant. So lay off at least they are bothering to do something. Which is more than most of you complainers are doing. So tell me how much did you send to Haiti Relief? You are saying they make so much that they should give it all up. So why dont you take your own advice. Give all your money first, maybe they will follow your lead. Otherwise stop your ignorant ranting and go back to your drab life. You hate on them cause you cant be them. Be yourself, and do us a favor. Shut the F*** UP!!

  • http://gmail abigale

    hey cute ring and good job on hope for haiti

  • malibumom

    Well, let’s break it down to who really has the money. None of the celebs could earn what they earn without YOU-US-WE and THEM (and in the case of Britney Spears YALL!)
    The money we pay to see them on the screen or in concert is what makes them rich. The money we pay for the magazines that we see their pictures on, is what makes them rich. I don’t know about you, but i believe you should make your money work for you instead of you working for your money. With that said, just stop going to see them and or purchase stick in the studios that give the green-light for their movies, or buy into the magazines, radio stations and TV networks. The real money and Power is within YOU-US-WE and THEM (and in the case of Britney Spears YALL!)
    Jared-It’s been a while-

  • Esti

    Jared, can u pls tell what label of the jacket she’s wearing?? Coz I’ve seen LiLo wore that jacket too, the same one!! Pls do tell, coz I really need the info, I wanna buy it!!

    Wait for ur reply! Thx!




    WOW LOVE YO WORK BEY!!!!!!!!!!!

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