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Kate Winslet Splits with Sam Mendes

Kate Winslet Splits with Sam Mendes

Kate Winslet and her husband of nearly seven years, director Sam Mendes, have split.

Kate and Sam are saddened to announce that they separated earlier this year,” their lawyers said in a statement (via People). “The split is entirely amicable and is by mutual agreement. Both parties are fully committed to the future joint parenting of their children.” 

The couple married in 2003 and have a six-year-old son, Joe, together. Kate also has a nine-year-old daughter, Mia, from a previous marriage.

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109 Responses to “Kate Winslet Splits with Sam Mendes”

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  1. 76
    sweetmisery Says:

    OMG!!! The universe is tricky, just yesterday me and my friend were saying how cute leo and kate would be together but they couldnt cuz she was with sam…well look now…are the stars on their side? idk but i wish kate and sam and the kiddos the best during this tuff time.

  2. 77
    anon Says:

    This is what happens when you think you have a multitude of options and overrate love. Old folks who thought otherwise and went through their multitude of marriage ups and downs at least discovered reconciliation, peace and comfort. Why is that so bad? It was the ONLY way for thousands of years.
    These things always leave me with a feeling of great disappointment.

  3. 78
    Urso Says:

    she will never look to leo as someone to be in a relationship because leo is a baby he is 35yrs old and act like he still 19yrs old, she is a very inteligent women deserve better than him you should get over this ilusion from titanic, its time to grow up dont you think!

  4. 79
    queen bee Says:

    ah ha!! That’s what Kate gets for being so smug last year at the awards, and for forgetting Ms. Angelina Jolie’s name….what did she say?…oh yeah…”…who’s the other one?…”….I bet your ex-husband has forgot your name by now too honey, LOL! God don’t like ugly….maybe you’ll humble yourself now that you have TWO babies by TWO different men and they BOTH divorced you within a decade!….and you got together with Sam Mendes TWO MONTHS after separating from your husband….and Kate was 8 months preganant when they married? Hollywood beats up on angelina and other, but gives this HUSSY a pass. so freakin hypocritical!!

  5. 80
    superman Says:

    How are you supposed to take any hollywood couple seriously really 7 yrs and they are now divorcing. i mean for heaven sakes its like we see a rushed celeb wedding or divorce every month then they start dating because they are lonely and blah blah. i feel sorry for them though

  6. 81
    Lee Says:


    Kate/Leo OTP!

  7. 82
    Annie Says:

    I won’t lie if I say that I never thought about Kate and Leo together – simply because they’ve always been so praising in each others’ descriptions. And they’ve known each other for more than a decade.

    Though I feel for these two, and thank god its all amicable – for the sake of the kids. It’s nice to see these two handling it maturely, kudos to them.

    And now the shipper side of me: Leo, get your act together and go confess your love to Kate NOW.

  8. 83
    superman Says:

    @Annie: just more proof hollywood isn’t a good place for relationships. sad that kids are involved though.

  9. 84
    MajorIndulgence Says:

    Who’s next? Cate Blanchett and her husband?

  10. 85
    kb Says:

    joint custody of their kids?
    kate and sam one have one child together son joe
    mia is her daughter with her ex
    i really doubt mia’s dad would be thrilled with sam having any visitations with his soon to be ex step daughter

  11. 86
    @ #84 Says:

    Cate & Andrew will never split they’re practically joined at the hip. She & Meryl seem to have the only long & stable marriages in Hollywood. So sad!

  12. 87
    Celine Says:

    this is now Leo’s chance to dump his golddigger gf and to marry Kate Winselt!

  13. 88
    superman Says:

    @Celine: lol its just girls that are the gold digger’s in hollywood . lookat loser z listers dating up and comer’s for publicity and sex. well at least until they get bored of ******** that is. or they just get bored of said person anyway

  14. 89
    michelle Says:

    Kate and Leo were in a FILM together as actors – they weren’t really in love and didn’t have an affair.

    Shame about their marriage and especially those poor children. Of course she became involved with Mendes whilst she was still married to her first husband, so perhaps one of them has found someone else now. I really don’t know why couples marry if they are not prepared to put more effort into their relationship.

  15. 90
    jared fan Says:

    i REALLY hope they can worh this out and stay together! Breaks my heart for them and especially the kids involved!!

  16. 91
    jared fan Says:

    I REALLY hope they can work through this and stay together! Breaks my heart for them and especially the kids involved!! Good luck to them!

  17. 92
    Courtney Says:

    that isn’t neccessarily true there’s a couple of examples I can think of Meryl Streep & Don Gummer have been married 32 years and she’s won 2 academy awards another is Sophia Loren & Carlo Ponti if not for an annullment in 1962 they’d have been married 49 years when he passed away 10th January 2007 she won the best actress oscar right before the annullment due to his mexican divorce from his first wife being illeagal in Italy at the time so they had to wait and obtain french citizenship before they could remarry 9 April 1966

  18. 93
    s Says:


  19. 94
    Keep it Real Says:

    @queen bee. This is not a Jennifer Anniston/Angelina Jolie loonie fans shouting match post. Get you facts straight. Kate was shocked she won that GG and momentarily forgot Angelina’s name but quickly added it. There was nothing smug about it. Just because some low class Hollywood actresses spend their time being catty don’t drag everyone else into it. If having babies by both men you are MARRIED to makes you a hussy then all the Hollywood baby mommas (who were just jumpoffs) should be shot.

  20. 95
    voe Says:

    First saw her in Titanic (which is one of the unendurable movies to me) and did not like her (as an actress that is). IMO she was miscast as she looked much older than 17 (Rose’s age in the movie that is) and than Leo. I don’t like her movies, have found the few interviews of her while killing time in bookstores to be supercilious. Her mouth–the corners of it– just reeks dishonest to me. She, like Tom Cruise, is one of the very few I find disagreeable.
    It is hilarious to me that an actor/actress plays a few “intelligent”, “intellectual”, sage characters and s/he is deemed by the public to possess those qualities. The supermodels may seem the airheads but the fact that they make much more money than the “full-head” wo(men) perhaps may be the way the Devine upstairs employs to tell us that a head full of books does not a smarter person make. Leave Leo (or any man for that matter) alone with his preference of female companions.

  21. 96
    POOCHIE Says:

    I am so effing excited! Kate and Leo can finally be together! Leonardo and Kate are MEANT to be together. He gave her that engraved ring and she thanked him in her acceptance speech not her husband. And he blew her a kiss. They look at each other with love in their eyes and have amazing chemistry. I do not believe Leo is really in love with the models he dates that’s why the relationships never last. But with Kate – it is meant to happen!!! Unrequited love!!! It is happening people – I do not care what any of you say.

  22. 97
    momo Says:

    Leo and Kate are probably naked together right now!

  23. 98
    collegesinglesusa Says:

    I hope she can show off her puppies some more

  24. 99
    superman Says:

    whats with celebrity relationships they are never normal i don’t care what people say. hollywood isn’t a good enviorment for a relationship at all there are to meny tempations and they sleep around to much they merry and they aren’t in love in the first place. but they do it out of lonliness and desperation.

  25. 100
    Amber-louise Says:

    Thats too bad they couldn’t work it out. BTW people, the whole Kate and Leo thing? You all realise they are actors right? They weren’t really in love just good at acting like they were.

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