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Jennifer Aniston Adds Color on the Red Carpet!

Jennifer Aniston Adds Color on the Red Carpet!

In a rare fashion moment, Jennifer Aniston steps out on the red carpet with a splash of color at the premiere of her latest movie, The Bounty Hunter, at Cinema Gaumont Marignan on Sunday (March 28) in Paris, France.

Accompanied by Scottish co-star Gerard Butler, the 41-year-old actress wore a salmon-colored Christian Lacroix Haute Couture dress, strappy Manolo Blahnik shoes, Salvatore Ferragamo clutch bag and Fred Leighton jewels.

35+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston on the red carpet wearing a splash of color…

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jennifer aniston color red carpet 01
jennifer aniston color red carpet 02
jennifer aniston color red carpet 03
jennifer aniston color red carpet 04
jennifer aniston color red carpet 05
jennifer aniston color red carpet 06
jennifer aniston color red carpet 07
jennifer aniston color red carpet 08
jennifer aniston color red carpet 09
jennifer aniston color red carpet 10
jennifer aniston color red carpet 11
jennifer aniston color red carpet 12
jennifer aniston color red carpet 13
jennifer aniston color red carpet 14
jennifer aniston color red carpet 15
jennifer aniston color red carpet 16
jennifer aniston color red carpet 17
jennifer aniston color red carpet 18
jennifer aniston color red carpet 19
jennifer aniston color red carpet 20
jennifer aniston color red carpet 21
jennifer aniston color red carpet 22
jennifer aniston color red carpet 23
jennifer aniston color red carpet 24
jennifer aniston color red carpet 25
jennifer aniston color red carpet 26
jennifer aniston color red carpet 27
jennifer aniston color red carpet 28
jennifer aniston color red carpet 29
jennifer aniston color red carpet 30
jennifer aniston color red carpet 31
jennifer aniston color red carpet 32
jennifer aniston color red carpet 33
jennifer aniston color red carpet 34
jennifer aniston color red carpet 35

Photos: Pascal Le Segretain/Getty, Tony Barson/WireImage
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  • so


  • Josie

    Haters can suck it. She looks great!

  • T pain

    Movie Critic Richard Roeper isn’t a fan of Aniston’s acting skills:

    Click on the link on his twitter page and watch the review!! LOL

  • peapo


  • KMcG

    The dress is a bit odd, but the color and the length are refreshing. My question is – is she capable of standing next to a man and not strapping herself onto him? Same pose every time.

  • Ally

    She is so beautiful!!!!

  • Ayaz

    *Awaits the torrent of abuse from jealous, overweight losers who dig on Aniston because their lives are devoid of any joy, and this is their only outlet for their pathetic opinions.*

  • boo

    She looks fantastic, as usual, but I don’t like the design of the dress. Love the color. She looks best in form fitting mini dresses.

  • RioNemesi

    GORGEOUS not matter what!!! :D
    also loved the movie, really funny

    More JEN!!!

  • jerzeegirl

    I usually love how JA looks but I’m not loving that pink . She’s a beautiful woman with a great figure but that dress does nothing for her. Wishing her the best of luck in the latest movie.

  • omg

    That nose is so big. I am sorry for her.

  • nyob

    With the exception of the super short skirts, her fashion sense is usually flawless. But this dress sucks. What was she thinking?

  • Jean

    Prom night? LOL Hideous dress. Hideous, I say, utterly hideous. But on a positive note, it does go with that hideous face. Did her hairdresser not go there with her? Or did he get paid thousands to do that to her hair? Either way it’s effing hilarious!!!!!!


    Although the dress is questionable at least she’s wearing color. Although Jen looks great in neutrals I was getting bored seeing her wearing black mini dresses. This look is refreshing!

  • Maria

    She is gorgeous, I love her.

  • UNREAL!!!!!

    YECH! Horrid hair and make-up, terrible dress. The shoes are OK.

    LOL!! Right Jen and Butler “dined out” last night with Jen’s PUBLICIST!! So romantic. Her “acting coach” was probably there too. Another of Jen’s fauxmances she uses to promote her films and cover-up her real sexual preferences.

  • angi fan

    dress very bad

  • Marla

    Funny it seems like Gerard isn’t in the frame with Jen very much at this premiere. Have the boos fallen out?

  • sin

    Many people hate JA but I bet if you had been married to BP (especially females) many of you would have been even worse than her. So please, look at youselves before you speak and be true. And now don’t say I’m an Angelina hater because I’m not a big fan of either of them.

  • Unified

    Not her best look or the worst, a true red color would have been better with her over the top orange tan. Interesting dress draping in the front.

    Gerry looks nice, he has been wearing great suits lately on RCs, including the one at the Dragon premere in LA.

    ChrisM is there with her and this hairstyle sucks, she pays him too much when anyone could do this do themselves for free.

  • plez

    Ugly dress. Ugly color. Avg face (since the nose job). She should know by now the only thing that looks good are her legs and hair covering half her face.

  • http://guido guido

    beautiful is a diva as usual

  • .

    LMAO. She looks like the mother of the bride.

  • Liz


  • check it out

    next time any of u wanna criticize aj’s veins, check out aniston’s feet. at least angie’s veins are visible because she has luminous, translucent skin. what’s ur excuse for jenn’s scary, protruding veins on her scaly feet? yikes! and check out that outfit, it’s like a flamingo puked and exploded all over her. she looks horrible. and gerard has that frozen, plastic smile next to her, probably completely repulsed.

  • T.O.

    The colour is lovely on her. Her colouring can carry a variety of shades. The cut of the dress is unusual, but not displeasing.

  • jade

    Jen does look gorgeous!. I love everything about this dress,the color
    the length. This is the way, I like her hair. The total look,beautiful.

    Gerard looks very handsome.Thanks JJ, for these great pictures!

  • amalia

    she is all over paris in mag covers and ads- makes our city rather scary! and what is she thinking with this dress?

  • LuckyL


  • um..

    Why do you guys hate her..? : / She comes across as a really sweet lady, albeit maybe slightly….umm………clingy. But she is endearing in her interviews :/ She is an emotional person, like Kate Winslet and she knows that. I honestly don’t understand the hate? It makes me so sad, what has she ever done…? She didn’t cheat on anyone, she’s not a horrible person…?

    I ask genuinely because here in the UK we have a soft spot for her, and we also love Angelina and her family…anyone want to elaborate un-biasedly?

  • LeviKlein

    The color is gorgeous, really, and like someone previously said, the length is interesting, but the whole shape is overwhelming.

  • jennifer

    old frump

  • chin can’t act

    wtf is she wearing. is she going to the prom. oh wait – she is too old for the prom. i know, i know, she has a great body blah, blah, blah. but her face & that hidious dress.

  • Kim

    I like the color but the style of the dress is a hot mess. BTW I just read that Katherine Heigle turned down The Bounty Hunter. Her loss is Jen’s gain

  • T pain

    Howard Stern does not like Jennifer Aniston:


  • Unified


    I don’t think people hate her as much as they are disgusted with both her her behavior and that of the apologists for her. They are just completely tired of the endless PR built on the back of a failed childless marriage that ended over 5 years ago. She was not humiliated nor left in dire financial straights like many. Her marriage ended like many do when she and her ex called it quits. She herself said BP was not the love of her life. They both wanted out of the marriage as it was not working for them.

    The ex wife of the South Carolina governor was completely humiliated and left with 4 kids to raise when her ex ran off to be with his jump off. This is both humiliation and financial disaster.

    SandraB has the high career point of her life and then JJ’s ho ho start coming out of the bushes and keep coming and coming. This is max humiliation. And she now will probably lose the connection with her stepkids that she loves.

    I don’t see how or why any sane person has years and years of empathy and/or sympathy with this woman over a divorce not theirs. She has the career she wants, tons of money, $15 mil+ new home, and a life many envy with lots of friends. She seems to have moved on long ago and living a great life on her own terms. Appears she was more hung up on JohnM than she ever was on BP from what I observe.

    No man, whether BP or Godzilla, is the beginning and end. Some whining females act as if he was and is. People need to get real, it is the year 2010. Stop substituting the lives of strangers for your own.

  • Allie Baby

    This rxplains why she never wears color…it doesn’t suit her,

  • The guy

    who is the guy walking her off the boat looking right at the camera? Doe sanyone know?

    I love the color of her dress.

  • Premiers

    Does anyone know why they didn’t have the London, Paris and Madrid premiers around the same time? I don’t undertand having one in London, then coming to the US, then back to Europe for three more. Doesn’t make sense to me and a huge waste of jet fuel!

  • Kat

    My oh my
    What in the God’s name is she wearing?

  • let’s get real…


    I had no doubt her fans would be here lying about how gorgeous she looks and the amazing dress..

    COME on stop lying. that dress is U G L Y.. and she looks terrible in it.. It looks like a cheap prom dress that no self respecting 16 year old would wear.. Be a fan but be honest.. that is on ugly dress and she looks bad in it..

    But hey carry on the lies.. ROTF LMAO

  • AutumnM

    The material looks a little cheesy to me (eventhough I know it’s probably a very expensive dress), but it’s an improvement over her usual outfits and nice to see Jennifer in something other than the usual short black dress. She looks nice.

  • guy’s ID

    @The guy:

    Her publicist SHuvane.

    Her hairstylist ChrisM is also with her.

    Not a good color or style dress for her, and her hair is ugh.

  • victorinescot

    You are wrong . Heigle’s loss is the movie going public’s nightmare. No one dislikes Jen Aniston personally, she was darn good on Friends, it’s her PR machine and the on going pity party with her divorce from Brad Pitt after 5 years. Not to mention her constant competing with Angie. What’s making the public angry is giving a terrible actress all that money for terrible movie after movie in this bad economy. That really sucks!

  • eliott

    Mr. Butler, you look handsome. Hang-in there. It’s almost over.

  • tina

    i hate the sandals!!

  • @43

    Thanks for the info.

    Well, Alan is there, probably Rupert and maybe even fryguy.

  • Cece

    Fake French. Silly you. Btw she’s giving a shout out to “your” city by wearing La Croix. The color is delicious. His designs are usually edgy so hats off to Jen for wearing something very different for her. The fabric in the close ups is absolutely gorgeous and I love the way the color of her dress compliments the color of Butlers suit and shirt. Tres chic!

  • guy’s ID


    100% true.

    Maybe she should stick to her LBD, this dress is terrible from the front and side. Looks like a flamingo.

  • LoriLori

    it was a good idea to choose color she just chose the wrong one, that pink is awful
    @25 you are right i never noticed her ugly feet before, nice shoes