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Hayden Christensen: Dropped by Rachel Bilson

Hayden Christensen: Dropped by Rachel Bilson

Driving her Prius Hybrid, Rachel Bilson drops off her human dictionary, fiance Hayden Christensen, at LAX airport on Tuesday afternoon (March 30) in Los Angeles.

Hayden can next be seen in the upcoming heist flick, Takers, out August 20. The 28-year-old actor plays A.J., one of the members of a group of bank robbers who are pulled into one last job by a recently paroled cohort (T.I.). They then find themselves pitted against a hard-boiled detective (Matt Dillon) who interrupts their $30 million heist and calls for revenge.

FYI: Hayden is wearing Creative Recreation Italian Cesario shoes!

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson dropping off her human dictionary…

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hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 01
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 02
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 03
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 04
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 05
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 06
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 07
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 08
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 09
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 10
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 11
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 12
hayden christensen dropped rachel bilson 13

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  • voice of reason

    And the haters will be in here in

  • jamie

    hayden is cute. *-*

  • jessica

    Again she’s in LA without Hayden, now we will have new photos of her doing nothing every day… God, when will it end?

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! The haters…what about her “fans”?? If she had so many fans maybe she’d actually get some work!! There are plenty of untalented women who still manage to get some work in HW…look at Kate Gosselin…apparently SOMEONE likes her b/c she’s getting book deals, she’s on DWTS and she’s got her own reality show. And she’s more well known than Rachel.
    Guess Hayden came home for a booty call and to pay some of the bills and now it’s back to the farm – where he can have an intelligent discussion with the farm animals!!

  • There are stupid people in the world, “lexy hates bilson” is a great example.

  • jeezzum

    What… leaving too very soon?!
    This poor loser couldnt even get to stay w/ her uber paparazzi-socialized fiance for a week?!

  • Pepto

    Notice the relief slathered all over his face, he’s ecstatic to be headed home.

  • Chuckles

    @lexy hates bilson: Why do you always talk? You dont say anything good or that makes sens. Do something of your life. You claim last time that, it is criticism but you are just bullsh**ing. You are a weird person.

  • Magnap*ssy

    That is what I was thinking?? Why leaving so soon Hayden?

  • The truth

    We are not haters voice are reason. we know a liar when we see one and she is it. first she say that she don’t want to be around him . then what she do she’s around him. So what’;s the deal with that? All she do is tell lies like she has. This all the attention she can get these daysAre you sure she’s in the car jj can hardly see her in there. No kiss goodby this time around? Who really brought him there anyway. Like the story about the mexican food need to find out was in the car.Why didn’t see her face this time around? still love hayden! and about the finace thing jj she’s not marrying him.And dare for anyone to say that I’m in denial other wise. Just for a acting job. And say about the expecting issue we didn’t need to hear about it twice You ought to know that she is liar voice of reason.

  • ken

    dull tool.

  • verity

    Yeah it just looks like its a “”48 Hrs. Of Mandatory Photo Ops”" and now going back to his UNSCRIPTED lifestyle…

  • Viper

    Guess he had to ask her for a ride to the airport, guessing he was only there looking handout parts. Walking dictionary unless it has pictures in it I doubt she understand what Dictionary means. This man went to visit MIT and didn’t understand anything about Quatum Physics which he claims he excels at. I don’t think he is any walking dictionary I think her mentality is so low she can’t understand simply words unless its on a cue cards.

    Bon Voyage please make it a long time b4 we have to see you again

  • brightside

    A 48 hour fiance? WTF is the point?

  • voice of reason

    So easy to spot the people who hate–these are pictures of Hayden but yet again you keep making the same comments about a person you spend much time following around JJ it’s actually a good laugh-guess this is a great place to vent stupid anger towards a person you have never met.

    Lexy hates bilson–yes it’s obvious you do, you can’t help but remind people, and spend every chance to make the thumb down sign.

    @ … An honest comment I like that.

    @the truth regardless where people sit on the fence the one thing we can all agree on–your posts 99.9% are denial

    Now please continue with the bashing JJ loves you for it :-)

  • j

    @voice of reason:

    i agree with you. the same haters come to each post about hayden or bilson to waste their time saying the same exact things…

  • juniper

    Good move & good riddance! But why leaving w/o his smurf-fiancee, its not like she’s kinda busy (as in “seriously” busy) here LA huh?!

  • Pepto

    @VOR (Voice of Reason), SPIDER, you don’t support this sham any more than anyone else does. You act like, here and at IMDB that you support Rachel and Hayden, but you don’t. You’ve said numerous times in PM that this will never last, you hope they don’t marry, you certainly hope they don’t have children, this relationship won’t last, etc., etc. What’s your angle? Do you think if you support this mess Hayden will fall madly in love with you? He’ll secretly contact you and you can marry? Mmmm hmmmm. This is bullsh*t, it’s no more a valid relationship than Courtney Cox and Matthew Fox as Monica and Chandler on Friends. Do you have any idea how ridiculous you look? Tsk, tsk.

  • Pepto

    ** Matthew Perry, not Fox, took all the wind out of my sails didn’t I? lol

  • The truth

    J and voice of reason we can say what we want to say. It all the different . Why you defending voice of reason for. Rachel haven’t did anything lately worth anything.You and voice of reason can’t tell noone what to say about rachel and hayden/ We are not going tyo feel soor for them ok. Rachel really don’t need it.As for haqyden i like him. Just he got caught up the wtong person.You both need to be shame are yourself for defending rachel and the actions she .Everyone afraid to say what on their mind about what’s going on. I”m not when you see something going not right tiou just going to sit back and not say nothing? Voice of reason something is wrong with the both are you..Do you think its alright to keep using people like she do.Cause nop one will hire. Voice of reason and J why don’t you two find her a job ththen. When you both and others going tom stop supporting her like this. Whst make think she’s so special that no one can say nothing bad aor against her?She don’t care about you either. if she did she would get work like other people instead areletting you all down like she do. Its alright that she have relationship but that what she lives for and nothing else. And agreeing with voice of reason is not good.When has rachel ever said anything good about anyone except herself. She really just with her attention that;s all.There is no love in it. She did say he was around her too much and that why he leaves her now.Rachel can’t stand for hayden to be around her too long. And why didn’t he stay longer voice of reason since you so into rachel so much.I tghought you would have learned something about her by now. you have”t either. You’re the one in denial yourself andJ..What in the world yoyu want us to say about rachel and hayden nopthing can come to mind. Is that he don’t stay very long with her or she suppose to be engaged and no wedding plans or date being set. Should we really care about her feeling that hayden has went home to canada like he do.What is it that we should say. Things are the same as last year he come to la and go back home. Do you both think that’s all he come to do is seeher allthe time? he has a business and he has business and he has brother there too.Why you both afraid to say what’s really going on with these two? you can’t get mad about whatpeople say about them. Theyboth put themseleves out there.People can’t keep q

  • The truth

    People can”t keep quiet cause you don’t agree with them. Its wrong for you both to get mad with when make comments about them. Rachel knew what she was gettig into.People need to stop covering for her ahd stop telling lies for her to make her look good.I know like her but its nothing good about her.She copy every stories and make up new ones.She got jj make up things for her too.And you both ought to know better than believe everything printed to make her look good. Talking about me other sites don’t posted her picture no more..So they must in denial too.You nreally think rachel is good person don’t you.? Also see is the same thing year after year. You should say that about rachekl. She don’t do anything different for you talk so highly are her.Voice are Reason and J. You need your head examine.What person in their right mind let their boyfriend go back home by himself only three days and no kiss like last time?I’m not denial about that. And it took him three months to visited her and that looks right for someone about to get married.Thats why she staying home and called herself looking for job cause she’s not going to do it. she already said that no wedding date has been set and no dress what part are no you both don’t undrestand?And for jj stop making like you hayden when you don’t. what’s the big turn around anyway? You acted like this the first time that you know that was in the movie since last year> He also has two more coming out too. Takers is not the only one.I just don;t get you and others that sometimes.You lie for her . voice of reason and j want me and otthers to feel sorry for rachel. Rachel is not the one trying to make a movie. She gave up one to go and visited hayden and trying blame him for not working. She didn’t have to go up and visited him if she didn’t have to. She did that so she wouldn’t have to work.And you both know it.And why jj didn’t put about when she said that she didn’t have a wedding date instead are about taking hayden to the airport. That’s nothing new anyway. you always put bad things about mischa. She dated hayden too. So rachel is no better

  • @ the truth

    Girl, you need some serious help from a doctor quick! You make no sense, and you do not know Hayden or Rachel, so stop acting like you do! They are engaged, whether you like it or not! You are too obsessed with them, you shold stop writing books about them, and find somethng less stressful to think about, Total denial for sure!

  • voice of reason

    @Pepto supporting something is much different than total agreement with something.-I’ll explain it for you.
    Seeing as you go to Imdb and receive PM’s from me that narrows you down to but a few–thanks, your post actually narrows it down even more.

    Do I IMO think they will have a long and happy marriage-no I don’t unless they solve the whole Canada/LA living issue. Do I hope that if married no children are involved soon yes-because it would only cause more heartbreak for both, assuming the marriage does not work.

    As I explained in a very lengthy post at Imdb on the open board, I support HC and because of the relationship HC has with RB I will support the relationship and NOT bad mouth her, name call, nor disrespect someone I don’t know and act like an idiot that others do.

    Like everyone here and at Imdb I don’t know them it would be unwise to make an opinion of someone and badmouth someone who has done nothing to me. Comments made are my opinion when asked how I “notice that word” I feel about the relationship when asked a question-if you also wish to mention that, perhaps you should also say that I think it’s amazing that they have been together for 3 years–so regardless of my longterm thoughts about a marriage I’m sure that both Hayden and Rachel are much more qualified to decide a possible future all by themselves and I very much doubt they care what anyone else thinks.
    If they get married, which IMO will happen sooner rather than later I will be the first to hope they have a happy marriage and make it work but again IMO they need to decide on some basic things first.

    The rest of your rubbish about wanting Hayden for myself–sorry I’m taken and as you should know I live half-a-world away.

    @the truth go right ahead and post all you want I’ll be one of the first to comfort you and offer kind words when you actually finally understand Hayden is taken.





  • brightside

    What is the appeal of this guy! He is no more than average looking at best and his acting skills are abysmal! What is it about him that get the virgin spinsters of the lonely heart clubs so excited?
    He has now ruined several films I really wanted to see and looks set to ruin yet more. I would have loved to see Zoe in Takers but am put off by the dire thought of having to watch the plank perform in yet another embarrassingly cringe-worthy display of acting a la the mode of Christensen. It was the same in Jumper….queued up to go see Jamie and….wham…on came Christensen, the walking dead of charisma and talent. It was the same in Awake…there’s Jessica…then wham….the walking dead again (or lying there feigning death, just as badly).
    Vanishing has Thandie cast in it, a woman I really rate, and look who pops up, yes…old zombie face canadian himself.
    God…why can’t they just cast him in a film where they can hide him behind bits of scenery or something…or better yet….cast him alongside his fiancee with Heidi Montag and Paris Hilton in the cast because then I wouldn’t have to waste my money!

  • WHAT!!!!!!!


    i read what you said about people who who post on here,
    on imbd so why are you back?

    if you think and i say think you are so much better (its all in your head)
    why are you back?
    even being the firt to post?
    just a no reason numpty.


    dont let vonr get to you,
    just go on imdb so see how two faced she is.

  • lexy hates bilson

    LOL! I love that me and Brightside are the most interesting things in these Rachel/Hayden posts and that we actually have a following!!
    @ Chuckles & VOR – I still can’t figure out why you care? Take your own advice and don’t worry about me and what I’m saying about these 2. Again, you’re so obsessed with me but I actually visit the JJ “website” – as opposed to monitoring the RB and HC threads. As opposed to you 2 just come to complain about me. BTW, I never see you complain about anyone else or post comments in any other threads – if you want to discuss how great Hayden and Rachel are – go to their fan site…well I’m sure Hayden’s got a few fan sites where you can post about Rachel.

  • daphne

    always good to see new pics of Hayden….i really think hayden is great, though im not 100% with him being with bilson but still i will support him, im going to see his new movies Takers, Vanishing on 7th street and quantum quest……….i think hayden has always been under rated because he really doesn,t act much like a vip…and maybe he has fewer fansites but they are of quality fansites like…….it is always up to date, his fans really support him……

  • :)

    What is most stupid about this thread?!! Hayden is 29 and not 28. He turned 29 on 3/19 or something like that. He was born in 1981. He just had a birthday and he looks more like 39 instead of 29. Give him a couple of more years and he will start looking like Yoda. His skin tone is looking grey.

    Let’s hope he does marry Rachel then or, pretty soon she will be looking like an old maid or spinster sitting around waiting for him. Unless, they are living a common in law marriage?? IDK then? Why be engaged then? Aha! For publicity! :)

  • :)

    Excuse me! My bad. He turns 29 on April 19th. Anyway, he still looks like hammered sh*t.

  • LONG LIVE!!!

    Brightside & Lexy Hates Bilson – you both rock!!!

  • Pepto

    VOR, I’ve never received a PM from you, I’m strictly a lurker, but I have talked to people who have, whether they’re truthful or not, just going on what I’ve been told before.

  • CL

    He looks great! It’s weird that he’s leaving already, but whatever.

  • blairite

    @ 4 – Guess Hayden came home for a booty call and to pay some of the bills and now it’s back to the farm – where he can have an intelligent discussion with the farm animals!
    How brilliant for something so “accurately-plausible”.

  • :)

    For booty call. LOL! Your too funny Blairite!! Except by the way he looks with all the layered clothing on and dressed for a snow storm and I live in Southern Ca and it was not that cold yesterday! I would say the man is damn near skelatal and probably has a hard time getting it up. He looks sickly to me or just yeach!

  • voice of reason

    @ pepto nice cover once you realized you stuffed up.

  • Chuckles

    @lexy hates bilson: Dont care about people you gave their opinions once and a while. I get annoyed by douches like you who comment at every post.

  • C3

    You all are demented. We’re all one happy demented family. Just Jared provides the photos and you keep chattering away. Doesn’t really matter what you say. Don’t you get it. LOL!!

    It’s fun to see what you all say at each other after these pics post. So hilarious.

    Hayden’s not really all that cool but he’s lining his pockets I suppose with whatever he can to get by. No crime I suppose. And a guy has to get what he has to get when he can get it. No crime in that. He’s ordinary and down right dull. No crime in that. Not worth fussing over.

    I guarantee some of those so called good quality websites that have followed Christensen have also been a very painful thorn in the flesh of Christensen and his family. So praise them for the photo gallery but that place has pried their way in one way too many. And the trash talk has gotten around because DH’s own members have managed to tell some of their secrets to people like me who have no interest in a Hayden female lust site. Just Jared is actually better because they get the photos that no one else can get. Yes they are the best. and they keep you all coming back for more don’t they?

    I like Rachel. But she’s not all that bright. Christensen’s isn’t thinking with his head or his heart girls when he’s making these little quickie visits. Again no crime. Two human beings possibly mismatched, a little ordinary, dull and not really warranting the attention we all give them. But it could be you and me. And Just Jared’s doing great with anything on Bilson.

    So don’t bitch so much at each other and claim you are better because you hate or love Christensen or Bilson. You could all be lying. And what you say here is no more solid a fact than what I say. Just keep talking people. That’s what it’s all about. I bet we’d all have chaos for a day if we dropped our cover, our mask, our internet identity and admit who we really were, what we were really here for, and what we really feel about these two. See it could all be a farce. And who’s to say what is the facts and what is considered the right way? The Voice of reasons?? The J’s??? The Brightsides??? The C3′s. Hardly. LOL. Come on you guys sound like a bunch of ministers at Sunday school and some of you sound like a bunch of adults pretending to be teeny boppers. Sounds hilarious. And worth the laugh tonight and worth writing about.

    Oh yeah–not a fan of Imdb or desiring hayden. The backbones of those places are quite hypocritical and they don’t know how to behave and some of them are pretty fat and ugly. Unattractive bimbos who try to paint some pretty pictures for you but lie to you while in their circles tell you some pretty dirty things. You ought to hear some of the dirty crap I’ve heard come from both of these places. Hypocritical. Again it’s all a farce.

    Even JJ is filled with people role playing and playing their daily games here. Hilarious. JJ though does the job, gets the pics, and they have you eating sh*t out of their hands. I’m still waiting for a pic of Rachel and Hayden walking her dog and watching them clean up the crap off the pavement. What better things can we talk about with Christensen? He’s a dictionary??? He’s out for Mexican food?? He’s dropped off?? Wo Wow.

    Thanks JJ keep the pics coming. Pictures may not tell the whole truth but they do speak volumes.

  • kd4hc

    Hayden looks so thin. But at least he’s smiling. I remember when I used to look at pictures of him a year or two ago and he just looked awful and he had a frown on his face. I wonder if he was just depressed back then. Maybe Rachel became like a crutch and all. But she is really pretty.

    I’m kind of like some of these other people. I tend to think Hayden is fine and Rachel is fine. And I respect a person’s privacy and rights to choose what they want for themselves. But I also think this relationship isn’t going to work. The relationship is already long distant. And I know for a fact that long distance don’t work. You just become like to lovers stealing away for some time alone and then you go your separate ways again. And that’s real tough for a guy and if a girl loves a guy, I mean really loves a guy more than she loves herself, then it’s going to be difficult for her emotionally being separated all the time. I just think it’s weird this little arrangement they have going on. That’s something that has to get fixed before you get married. That’s just my thoughts about it.

    @C3 I get what you are saying. And I agree. We don’t know who anyone is here. And it’s so funny when people try to attack other people for being here a lot and posting a lot when they themselves also come here a lot and say what they want. Sounds like some people feel a little bit self-righteous. Just because I like Hayden and Rachel doesn’t mean it’s right for me to judge other people who have opinions opposite of me. And just because I like Hayden and Rachel doesn’t mean I’m better than anyone else. You’re right C3 there are some pretty popular fansites and forums and such that act as if they are respectable and all of that but are downright grotesque with their attitude, some are prejudice, some of those people have said some pretty disgusting things. Very true C3.

  • She’s a Terrible Actress

    He always looks so happy to be leaving her. And my god he is looking OLD!!! He also is bone thin if he’s wearing (from the pics we know this) two undershirts under the hoodie, under the wool jacket, and he still looks skinny. He also must have no butt and no d**k because there are pics of his shirt riding up and most of his underwear briefs visible, including the front. Either the tightie grey underwear is so big that it’s barely on him and wouldn’t stay up at all if it weren’t for the dirty jeans + belt holding them up, or he has nothing to keep it in position.

    I love that him and Bilson are engaged. They are PERFECT MATES for each other. Both horrible actors + desperate losers and D grade ‘talent’. So I see Bilson is back on JJ again, making news out of no news and rehashing her childhood. There are no words to describe how pathetic is her need for attention. No wonder he can’t stand to be around her for more than 48 hours at a stretch. She would exhaust anyone. Including the dog, who doesn’t live with her anymore.

  • C3

    @She’s a Terrible Actress:

    Well now you just went and blew it for me there. And here I’ve been waiting for JJ to publish a photo of these two characters walking the dog and cleaning the crap off the pavement. So Bilson doesn’t have the dog anymore. Uh ok. And how did you know this? Do we live next door? LOL

    Well guess I will just have to settle for Rachel dropping off her human dictionary at the curb there. LOL.


    Christensen is a skinny dude. You guys just better hope he doesn’t go bald and gain about 60 pounds. He’d squash the girl. She looks like a little kid next to him. She’s the hottie not real smart I’ll grant you that but she’s got a pretty face.

  • Sozvezdie

    why do you really hate him? I just wonder … *_*

  • C3


    Who you talking to Sozvezdie? Hmmm? At a place like this it’s better to click the blue reply so people don’t respond thinking you are referring to them. But if you were directing your question to me I’ll be glad to answer.

    Ha ha. I never said “hate”. Not anywhere in anything I have said about Christensen. Do you see how arguments get started here so easily. LOL! It’s because people assume and they put words in other people’s mouth. Not a very nice thing to do nor is it smart. Hate is a strong word Soz. Maybe you were directing that question to someone else?? Could be. I don’t know. I just have an opinion of him like the countless other dudes and girls. I think my opinion is pretty fair. Do you think Christensen’s pretty or something? Well I think Rachel is a babe. She’s flighty though. I’d hate to call her a bird brain. Still she knows what she likes and what she wants and she’s getting it. Isn’t she?

    So if your question wasn’t meant for me then please use the blue reply next time so it won’t be confusing to the rest of us. But have yourself a happening weekend!

  • shadowy

    The ONTD “luvs” (cue sarcasm) Haydamn too as well – yesiree LOL!!!

  • Ryan

    When is this closet case going to come out?

  • Viper


    Well if Anna P tells the world she is bisexual and her fiance is ok with it one has to wonder what is up with the fiances to stand behind those who are going both ways. Or in his case possibly the way of his own gender. Like many woman guessing RB thinks she can change him or else she wouldn’t be wasting her time she is a dingbat. As for him coming out the man is a chicken shyt figure he will lose the fan girls who make up his total fan base. W/O them he is basically a nothing.

  • lisa

    @Sozvezdie: Don’t worry about it too much. The fans are still out there having fun and thank JJ for all the pictures.

    Gossip sites draw a mob mentality in the comments. Non-fans of celebs who just like to carp constantly. It’s their hobby. No celebrity is going to please everyone and JJ and other sites are like a celebrity smorgasbord and they get their pick of which celeb to put down everyday.

    Sooner or later the favored ones will say or do something someone doesn’t like and they’ll get the same treatment. Trolls are always hunting.

  • C3


    A troll is what people now call anyone who has a different opinion other than “oooh I love him.” That’s pathetic Lisa.

    I love Rachel though. She’s a hot babe. What do you think of that Lisa. My interest in this place is for her and not Christensen. Not everyone is a troll just because they like her but not him. Some of us are guys who aren’t gay. Although I can tell there are some pretty pi$$ed off gay men here. Probably the so called chicks here doing the bashing are probably men who are sick of Hollywood closeting actors. It’s all a farce all of you.

    Here’s something true about JJ. Everyone here is always hunting Lisa. You hunt JJ for photos and for the latest. You look for a post to comment on. You can’t wait to get your chance. Be careful how you say what you say because most of what you say is bull $hit.

    A troll is on a mission posting insults and negativity and constant mundane crap over and over. You should be able to be intelligent enough and not lazy Lisa to tell the difference. Some chicks are so fickle and flighty and don’t have much of a brain so they say what everyone else says. How cool does that make you? A real flighty chick is all.

    Get some sense. No one is favored here. Your statement about the favored ones is ludicrous, prejudice and plain stupid. That’s a farce all in your head Lisa. There are no favored people here. People like you would like to believe you are favored but honey you’re not. You are here at JJ posting meaningless crap like the rest of us.

    Thank you for bringing some laughter to my life. Oh yeah I forgot to mention. I don’t come here for Christensen. I like Bilson. I come here to study you guys. And like I said you are all a barrel of laughs. I hope I made you laugh a little too. Keep on writing Lisa. Try to convince us now “how smart you really is now”. LOL

    Most of you are middle aged women wearing house coats and curlers and the rest of you are gay men having a hissy fit. JJ is great. More photos of Bilson JJ. It will make my next paper interesting.

  • jaredsbabe


    Nice to see you have something to do with most of this nonsense. Most of these things anyone says here is pretty strange anyway. Like I don’t get why people are so fanatic over Hayden. He’s not that good. And his fiance is pretty but that’s no excuse to hate the girl just because Hayden fancies her. In my opinion C3 everyone here says things that just doesn’t make sense to me.