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Leo DiCaprio: Boxes 'n' Bar Refaeli

Leo DiCaprio: Boxes 'n' Bar Refaeli

Leonardo DiCaprio and his girlfriend Bar Refaeli still look to be going might strong as they stop by a friend’s house in Los Angeles on Sunday afternoon (April 18).

The couple reportedly stopped by to watch the Los Angeles Lakers game. The team defeated the Oklahoma City Thunder 87-79 in Game One of the Western Conference quarterfinals.

Leo looks like he came bearing gifts — lots of nicely wrapped boxes!

Just Jared on Facebook
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 01
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 02
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 03
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 04
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 05
leo dicaprio bar refaeli boxes 06

Photos: Fame Pictures
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  • Jon

    Not bad. Less bloated than normally. Still not what he used to be, but I wouldn’t kick him out of bed. If only he was experimental. Sigh.

  • just curious

    Wonder what they talk about.

  • green

    i wish he’d loose weight

  • guest

    hey brightside what do you have to say now still think they broke up???hahahahaaha


    Just curius, I know its not the subject, but:
    How does Just jared know what they did at his friends house?
    She is wearing cute clothes though. For once I can say that.

  • french

    2 strangers as usual. I wonder if he saw the photoshoot, apparently not. First i thought she was wearing cute clothes but i saw the others pics and it’s not cute, she looks like a fat pig.

  • jennifer

    love Leo sneakers! especially the blue color!

  • guest

    I don’t read or post at sites like this so this is my first (and last) time, but I’ve just noticed that the “Jersey Shore” photoshoot of Bar Refaeli doesn’t show up up when I do a search for “Bar Refaeli” on JustJared. It’s odd because it’s still on the site at , but it just doesn’t come up on search.

    I was looking to use a photo from that shoot as a drawing reference (the sandwich one), that’s all. Is it a search mistake, or was it left off for some other reason? Just puzzled and curious about the inner workings of gossip sites.

  • tal

    love them =)


    @ French: I don’t know, if you are interested, look it up!

    Before anyone bash on me, – Well I guess I am quite interested with Bar Refaeli, cause she is with Leonardo – so I check it regulary… I would have checked any girl, if she was with him – just to see what is she like.

    I am NOT jelaous, I would give any girl (including Bar) credit, if she looks like a nice person.
    But I still wonder- what he sees in her? I mean, maybe she is beautiful to all of you, but to me she is nothing special – not very beautiful, not very smart, not very funny.
    I don’t get it. really.

  • lexy hates bilson

    They seem happy but it looks more like those boxes are going to the post office.

  • french


    I’m banned so i can’t see it .

  • Nicki

    Cute couple doing ordinary things like moving boxes… Thanks JARED for the pictures.

    Looks like the same envious and ridiculous Bar bashers still find it hard to know that Leo is still with her after all these years.

  • lol

    Still no work for Barf just being a leech as usual. lol Another thing that`s quite usual about these two is looking as miserable and distant as ever ( and clearly they are not aware of the paps ).
    Yes, Nicki it is hard to believe that Leo is still with this low-class sk*nk after all these years. Pretty sad and disappointing seeing a decent guy like him downgrading himself to her level.

  • thetruth

    he is with her because he found no “new leo girl”, in summer they split and he was pretty much looking around flirting but it’s always huge for a handsome actor to introduce a new girl to the puplic.
    And he just didn’t found her last summer.
    But I am sure if a nice brazilian girl would walk by he would dump barfy.
    hes a guy and he adores her body, bar is not the smartest:)
    i would say two years longer and then she HAS to go, because hes not afraid of getting rid of her- as you can read on her myspace blog, “why are you breaking my heart, sent me home..”

  • Abbie

    It`s insane how unnatural these two look together! Waste of a decent guy!

  • Candycotton

    LEO’s too ASHAMED TO TAKE THIS WH*RE TO THE LAKERS GAME!!! And WHY is BARFY wearing that hat??The other girl looked wayyyy better in HERS!!…… It’s STRANGE that THE PAPS WOULD SPOT THEM AT A FRIENDS HOUSE???? ………. Some one Said her outfit is cute REALLY ??LOOKS LIKE ITS FROM KMART’s $5.99 CLEARANCE RACK!!!

  • Lisa rose

    maybe Leo is such a HUGE “The Station”‘s fan that he is proud that Bar did that unrespectful photo shoot?! LOL

  • @18

    Yet another stupid comment from lisa rose. Who would have seen it coming? There’s no excuse for those hideous photos no matter how funny you are trying to be!

  • ella

    @Lisa rose: I’m pretty sure it’s “The Situation”
    But anyway,you said it yourself, it was an unrespectful photoshoot, you’re on the same side like us for once

  • ella

    I read in Doutzen Kroes ( She’s a VS angel and so f*cking pretty and humble) bellazon thread page 388 that Leo was once tried to flirt with Doutzen, but she shut him down, have anyone heard that ?

  • Jess

    Gosh, He’s SEXY! <3

  • just me

    Good point, Candycotton. It`s a pretty random place to find them. Not to mention Jared`s info that they watched the Lakers game there.

  • Ivan
  • gimmeabreak

    Jared said something about wrapped boxes, can’t really see the pic that well, but Lukas did just have a b-day, right? (somebody said that on the other thread). I think this is just something normal they can do together that’s not public, it’s not like he’s never going to go to another b-ball game with friends. They look like a normal couple. It’d be hard to believe that they are going strong, but if he’s doing more couple stuff with her, I’m sure that makes her happy, and I’m sure that makes things easier for him. Does anybody here think he is really settling down, or just settling?

  • whitey

    she looks like a chunky version of Gsiele! wow leo has a type

  • LILY!

    people brought their claws geez, im not crazy about the girl but i mean

  • @25

    What happened to you all of a sudden? Did someone take your screen name? Of course Leo is just settling with his obedient puppy!

  • bemused

    is is really Bar doesn’t look like her to me!

  • lol

    Unfortunately it is her. Just look at the typical sour face and short legs.

  • Argentina

    did they really stoped at a friendĀ“s house? it looks like someone were moving out…

  • gimmeabreak

    @25 Yea, I know, okay, here’s the thing, this couple stuff with friends makes him “look” like he’s more settled down, but don’t get me wrong, I don’t think he’s settling down with her. I just think that he’s including her out of necessity, just to make things easier for him. It was a provocative question, because I really don’t think he’s settling down. This couple stuff is only for appearances- for what they (he?) wants people to believe, because it “looks” normal. Don’t worry, I’m not gullable– I do agree with Candycotton. It was planned. I mean, the paps never go into residential neighborhoods. They had to go out of there way……… to go to somebody’s home………to be there just at the right time……..just as they were getting out of there car……. to take pictures of him carrying a big box. At first glance, you’d think they’re moving in together, but luckily “somebody” tipped them off that they were there to watch the game. Makes me think this “somebody” reads these threads. I also, think it’s a liitle suspicious that no other celebs (friends) were photographed, just them. She’s in La right now, so they gotta get some type of photos out there. Definately planned. You just don’t go into a neighborhood and get pictures like this.

  • bam

    bar gives good b-jobs!!

  • ……….

    @gimmeabreak…………..thats absolute BULL u honestly think leo would tip off the paps?? your a bigger idiot than i thought you were!

  • riri

    bars on the pill………be careful leo those pills can be ‘forgotten’ not to be taken quite easily!!

  • boo

    hey guys did anyone see that ustream video with bar for SI wheres shes going around kinda presenting with another woman?? if so you know when their on the SI bus is that leos summer fling anne whatever her name is sittng right in front of bar and at one point bar has to interview her??….awkard……i can post the video if anyone wants to see!

  • mmm

    i think they make a cute couple!

  • ronnie

    leo dude those sneakers ar frickin dope!! the GF is pretty dope to haha….

  • karen

    hahaha think this song suits perfectly……………..gotta admit ther are some cute pics here!

  • karen

    another video and im gonna have to admit they do seem like a nice couple i still dont like bar tho and think leo can do better but at least their cute together…..

  • boba

    Why is he still dating this white trash from israel he need to let her go she is too trash and vulgar for him.

  • karen

    another video and im gonna have to admit they do seem like a nice couple i still dont like bar tho and think leo can do better but at least their cute together…..

  • french


    I saw the video, i think it’s because during that nobody cared about her and when she had no news and no jobs, everybody talked about Anne because she was with Leo, so she hates her now.

  • boo

    @ french
    so it was anne then? haha wow how unbelivably awkward….then again leo was probly with all the girls on that bus hes a bit of a man whore, still gotta love him tho!!:)

  • boo

    @ french
    so it was anne then? haha wow how unbelivably awkward….then again leo was probly with all the girls on that bus hes a bit of a man whore, still gotta love him tho!!:)

  • @34

    I don’t think gimmeabreak suggested that Leo tipped off the paps at all. Where did you get that? It’s obvious that Barf does that! #32 is right it’s a residental area and there are no other celebs so what are the chances the the photographers run into them just like that.
    @33 now we know why Leo sticks with her!
    @35 even the idea makes me sick!!!

  • karen

    hmmm seems like the videos didnt post but if u want to see them go into youtube and put in leonardo dicaprio and bar refaeli and they should come up, i think they were the 1st two on the list!

  • @47

    You said you don`t like Barf so why are you so crazy about these videos? Do you really think most people posting on this thread care about them?

  • http://google SOFIA ADAMO

    they broke up dicaprio is helping bar moving out

  • @49

    Wouldn`t that be awesome? :)