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Megan Fox: Just A Little Bit More...

Megan Fox: Just A Little Bit More...

Megan Fox looks cute and casual as she goes out to lunch at Poquito Mas (or “a little more” in English) on Thursday (May 13) in Hollywood.

The 23-year-old actress was joined by her long-time boyfriend, Brian Austin Green, and Brian’s son, Kassius, for Mexican food.

Earlier this week, Megan and Brian looked into buying tropical fish in Studio City.

10+ pictures inside of Megan Fox, Brian Austin Green and Kassius grabbing Mexican food together…

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megan fox brian austin green little more 01
megan fox brian austin green little more 02
megan fox brian austin green little more 03
megan fox brian austin green little more 04
megan fox brian austin green little more 05
megan fox brian austin green little more 06
megan fox brian austin green little more 07
megan fox brian austin green little more 08
megan fox brian austin green little more 09
megan fox brian austin green little more 10

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  • jackson

    she’s starting to look chinese, no offense but what the heck is going on with her face!!

  • paige

    she usually wears sunglasses on so it’s refreshing to see her casual and with her real glasses on! i guess that’s why her eyes look so small etc

  • hot mouth

    thank you for Megan…

  • davud

    when the hell did she get ugly?

  • Kate

    her lips arent that bad. But they were way better before.
    i like her when her hair is out and flowy.

  • Gyllenhall

    It’s called plastic surgery: lips, chin, cheekbones and eyes.
    And wow when did big foreheads become so fashionable???

  • Hannah

    I have the stupidest hairline, I’ve always envied hers (weird thing to envy I know)

  • Dave

    SHE LOOKS JUST LIKE JOSH HOLLOWAY’S WIFE. THEY COULD BE SISTERS. SO TO ALL, Yessica Kumala Josh’s wife looks like that on purpose as is megan looking. N we all know how megan looks HOT AS HELL WITH MAKEUP. Josh holloways wife MUST LOOK EVEN HOTTER WITH MAKEUP. Josh is a lucky man. that devil.

  • Donovan

    She doesn’t look as bad as you’d guess without make up. I’d probably walk right past her on the street.

  • roxin

    She still looks lovely. Didn’t know Brian had a son

  • FOX

    prettier than most people even with casual clothes, no makeup and specs

  • xxx

    If she passed me in the street I wouldn’t even notice… soooooooooo plain and almost ugly

  • or not

    @Gyllenhall: She’s never done anything to her chin or cheekbones

  • Jonte

    @ x.x.x What is it with you and badmouthing all the (widely perceived) attractive females? Insecure much?

  • cacey

    IF SHE IS trying to look smart it is NOT WORKING. it WOULD TAKE more than a pair of glasses to make this one SMART.

  • Janet

    Her lips look bad. Wow. And they compare her to Angelina?

  • SachaK

    I don’t like what she did to her lips but I would still sleep with her, so fkn hot.

  • wtf lol

    @cacey: Um, she wears glasses.

  • jl

    just proves she’s naturally pretty. completely casual, no makeup, hair isn’t done, and glasses to boot. yet, she’s still a very pretty girl!

  • g’day


    I’m not insecure. I was just stating an opinion. If I saw that girl in the pictures walking down the street I wouldn’t think she was attractive at all.
    I think Angelina Jolie, Miranda Kerr, Adriana Lima, Candice Swanepoel, Eva Longoria, and quite a few more are better than Megan plus I don’t think Candice or Miranda have had surgery either unlike miss fox.

  • Ri

    she has perfect skin (and, great features of course).

  • Amelle

    @Janet: Megan is a lot faker and a lot less talented than Ange but lol at Angie fans always bringing her into other peoples’ posts. They get/got compared because both have dark hair, green/blue eyes, pale-ish skin, and a whole lot of sensuality. Megan’s sexuality is a little more in your face [kinda p.orn-y] but to hate her for being what men are praised for? Psshhht. Wtv, they’re both hot (and sometimes not) in their own ways. PS Jared Walking posts are boring. Period.

  • Jonte

    @g’day: I don’t see what your point is. Now you sound like you’re saying “these chicks are hotter than this chick even though they haven’t had surgery” Um……so? It’s a personal choice? And we all look different, no? Most people even agree Megan looked hotter before the lip fillers and wtv else she got done. Because she was (/is) a naturally pretty girl. Here’s Eva without makeup I think she’s gorgeous but you wouldn’t look twice at her here either would you? I really hate this society habit we’ve adopted consisting of females bashing other females, judging and labelling.

  • amy

    lol she looks cute

  • J.

    Imagine telling your school friends your dad’s going out with Megan Fox

  • Jessica

    I agree with g’day. Shes definitely NO Angelina Jolie. She cannot pull off the natural look well, but hey… at least its refreshing to see that shes confident enough to go without makeup on. And ppl really need to stop saying that others are insecure or jealous just because they state how they feel. Seriously…. not every one is insecure.

  • K O K E
  • http://Scott4567 Scott123

    Megan has never looked better. I think I like her looking more real. no make up, no hollywood junk hanging off her. Rock on! Go get ‘em sweetie….

  • bit.chiness

    @Jessica: And she’s never compared herself to Jolie. Ever. No not everyone is insecure but girls who gush over all the guy posts and trash all the ‘pretty girl’ posts, do appear insecure. Unless there is a post where someone is looking shockingly drastically different to how they do usually, I don’t see why girls feel the need to make comments like “pfft she ain’t all that! in fact i think she’s ugly. she’s no angelina” all the girl is doing is walking down the street ! Someone said on here once “The reason I dislike Megan Fox is because she is your typical boy’s dream in human form.” Why would the fact that men find you insanely hot make you dislike someone ?! Unless you are insecure it shouldn’t even bother you.

  • marilyn

    People who are saying things about her being ugly or looking’re silly. Let’s face it, she’s gorgeous the rude hate on her needs to stop. She’s pretty, don’t be jealous. I also like the fact that she walks out with no make up on. I don’t know why that’s difficult for some girls..

  • open

    what’s up with her upper lip?

  • AF1 Fitness

    There’s something weird about them… I got money those two are done!.. It’s way pass due for two people to stay together that long. Megan needs to move on… One day she will run into a very hot guy and it’s going to look like an ANGEL has falling from heaven or Los Feliz.. AF1 Fitness is where it’s at BITCHES!

  • fee

    High (big?) foreheads have always been in fashion in the fashion industry. Take a look at any model, they’re foreheads are always quite large with high hairlines.
    There is nothing wrong with Megan’s forehead or hairline, it’s quite beautiful actually.

  • Rocky

    My thoughts exactly! Look at this picture:

    Stop messing with your lips, Megan. They were fine the way they were.

  • fee


  • smithers

    Angelina’s lips look HORRIBLE, so overrated. They look like big enlarged labia or something.

  • smithers

    @or not:
    But she has definitely done something to her lips and nose.

  • oh jeez

    You think Miranda Kerr is beautiful? Her face is MASSIVE, she has the body of a skinny teenage boy and she’s way too tall.
    Megan is better looking than her in every single way.

  • LK

    Umm….Megan’s forehead looks great. I guess you like foreheads like this one

  • scrug

    her new lips are awful on these pix

  • LK

    Are you kidding??? Josh Holloway’s wife is Asian and she’s really ugly. You must be blind.

  • olle

    at first glance, I thought it was Cher….

  • Becca

    She has had way too much work done to her lips – they look ridiculous!

  • kara

    Her mouth looks ridiculous. She used to be pretty without all her surgery (nose, mouth, boobs), now not really.

  • Ewww

    Lisa Rinna wanna be in the making with those nasty plastic overinflated lips

    Her tiny eyes that will get tiniest and creepy coupled with the constant plastic surgeries a la Heidi Montag and Kim Kardashian will turn her into a freak by the time she turns 30 !
    Another ‘born pretty with a tiny brain and obssessed with unatainable beauty’ who wants to emulate the cat lady : Jocelyn Wildenstein !
    Good luck with your future freakshow image Megan !

  • David Peet

    hey, i really like her feet, but does she any other footwear except those red flip flops?)) she wears them all the time)

  • Whitecatthorn


    She’s not naturally pretty! She’s had so much plastic surgery over the past 3 years you’d fall off your chair if you knew! She was pretty before it all but nothing spectactular. She’s starting to look ugly now from everything she’s done to herself.

    Look it up, an browse through the photo albums from 2006 – now. You will see how many changes her face has gone through.

  • Elena

    weird lips, bigger!

  • Melissa

    Wow. What the heck did she do to her lips? Stop Megan! They looked fine before!

  • AreYouKiddingMe

    I’m not a fan of Megan but she looks cute and happy here.