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Tom Cruise & Connor Cruise Check Out The Lake Show

Tom Cruise & Connor Cruise Check Out The Lake Show

Tom Cruise takes his 15-year-old son Connor to Game Two of the Western Conference Finals between the Phoenix Suns and the Los Angeles Lakers held at the Staples Center on Wednesday (May 19) in Los Angeles.

The 47-year-old actor was joined by producer David Geffen and producer Jeffrey Katzenberg at the game where the Lakers defeated the Suns with a score of 124-112.

A few weeks ago, it was announced that Brad Bird will be directing Mission: Impossible IV, according to Empire. Brad is best known for his work in Pixar’s The Incredibles and The Iron Giant. This would be his first live-action film.

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise and Connor Cruise having some father-son bonding time…

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Credit: Vasquez; Photos: Getty
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  • Sophie

    Thank you JustJared for referring to Connor as Tom Cruise’s ‘son’ and not his ‘adopted son’. In nearly every magazine I read they always mention he is adopted and it really bugs me, as a child of adoption myself, when it is mentioned as it is so completely unecessary and sounds as if they are constantly highlighting the parents and children are not biologically related. Tom has had these children since birth and i’m sure feel no less love or commitment to them than Suri, his ‘natural’ daughter.

    So yes, a small thing but thank you very much :)


    what the heck!

    when did conner drop the baby weight and become a young man!

    gosh, how time flies. one blink and your kids are all grown up.

    i sure hope that nic has a chance to see how her son is growing into such a handsome young man. :-)

  • grrrrr

    i think he has toms facial expressions and maneurisms… funny, they probably spend a lot of time together, he is cute

  • Agatha

    Connor is hot;)

  • African Girl

    Conner is too cute!!!

  • miss infamous

    Connor has grown!

  • heha

    The boy is already as tall as little tom.

  • johnnie lover

    does nicole even spend time with isabella and connor???Just a question…They are never seen out together at all..



  • Nice


  • sweetness

    Connor is one handsome young man…He won the lottery ticket of life…

  • Sarah.

    he makes my skin crawl. he needs to disappear forever.

  • Josie

    I think Connor is Tom’s biological son, they look very similar in their facial features…hey it’s hollywood, you never know! Connor does resemble Tom the older he gets, and he is biracial so….

  • Jeson

    I do not know one person who likes brainwashing Tom Cruise and his cheesy wife.

  • Sarah

    Those poor kids, Tom is unstable, you can see the crazy in his eyes…

  • athena

    Connors’ head looks on the big side. I think it’s great that he actually look like he is naturally born of Toms’ genes.

  • Mary

    Connor is sure a handsome young guy!! Too bad his father is Tom Cruise and too bad he’s being raised in a cult. All the money in the world doesn’t make up for being brainwashed. I wish Connor and his sisters the very best. As for Tom and the golddigger he’s married to….not so much.

  • Lin

    Girl, I would not want to be alone in a room with Tom
    he scares me
    he looks so creepy!

  • Kirsten

    Connor is very tall and a handsome young man.

  • Dan

    Someone please shoot Cruise.

  • Cyda

    Wow! Connor is actually good-looking! i dont hate Tom but i dont exactly like him either!

  • mailey

    so cute when they spend time tog. And Connor is growing up to be such a handsome, young man.

  • Ashlee

    He is a good father

  • happy girl

    Connor is very handsome. Very. Yes, I think he looks a lot like Tom Cruise however if he was his son, why wouldn’t Tom say so. Dunno. I always thought he looked a lot like Tom. A black version of Tom. It seems to me Tom loves him a lot. When he is with Connor, you don’t feel he is putting on an act like when he is with Katie and Suri. That’s just my feeling.

  • YUK


  • may

    i’m tellin’ ya
    the person who spills the beans on this guy and pens a book will be a billionaire over night

    that’ s one heii of a story right there

  • Lauren

    Adorable family :)
    Conor is so pretty.

  • Village

    It’s hard to believe that Connor is not Tom’s bio son. The shape of the face is the same, the eyes are the same, the mouth is the same; only the nose is slightly different. I wonder if Nicole knew the whole story about Connor. What are the odds of adopting a child who looks just like you, in-spite of being of a different race? That’s an amazing coincidence.

  • black

    ——–WOW————so this is what Scientoligy can get you—–a black child, filled with TOM gense to look just like him—amazing.

    And no…….I donĀ“t think that Nicole is spending lots of time with her former kids.

  • Dan is a vile idiot

    Hey Dan you sick basterd, if anybody does need shooting it is you. What a nasty comment to make. Whether you like Tom C or not doesn’t matter in the slightest bit, people like you should be shot. And for all the wasters who constantly criticize Tom Cruis: He has made some fabulous films, seems like a devoted father, who did not stop being a parent after the divorce and neither after he had another child so he does deserve respect. As for his religion: That is entirely up to himself and all of you who find him creepy, maybe you should go to a shrink and find the demons in your own sick heads.

  • hmmm

    I’ve always thought Tom was a good looking guy but he’s such a freak. too bad.

  • fulla

    You Dodos. How old r u guys here? Connor is Tom’s adopted son with Nicole. So is their older daughter. Both adopted. Stop being so silly.

    Connor is so handsome. Wow. He was an adorable baby too.

    At least Tom Cruise believes in something… not like that stupid atheist Brad Pitt and Angelina what’s her name.

  • iDani

    @fulla and
    @dan is a vile idiot\

    You can defend Tom and his so called “religion” (i.e. cult) all you want, but it is an abusive, harmful institution that HURTS people. I think Brad is more an agnostic (doesn’t know) vs. an atheist ditto Jolie. AT least they don’t belong to a cult where the leader mocks people’s TAPED, CONFIDENTIAL confessions, beats people, believes we once were aliens, AND if you leave the cult they mount a campaign against you that can include blackmail, physical altercations, and denying you the chance to see your kids or family who DID NOT leave the cult.

  • justme

    That’s his bio son, thats so obvious. I would guess that he put his sperm with a women of color, and then him and nicole said it was adoped. They never had bio children eventhoe they are booth fertil. Nicole is never with there two children because they are toms bio children!
    Don’t let hollywood people fool you…

  • josephine

    is he still a box office draw?

  • Robyn
  • Lin

    Tom looks like a scary creep!
    I would NOT want to be left in a room alone with him!!
    Ewwww! He makes my skin crawl!!

  • Pac Man

    That’s true but it doesn’t stop critics from accusing TomKat of not caring about his adopted kids anymore, #1.

    He’s not his biological son, #13.

    You’re a moron, #15. You too, #17.

    But that’s all it is, #29: a coincidence.

    Right, #31.

    You should respect people’s beliefs, #33. Which is either believing God(s) or none at all.

    All religions and religious leaders have done evil things, #34.

    You’re an idiot, #35.

    Of course he is, #36.

    Just a coincidence, #37.

  • Justine


    I totally agree with you. I was just explaining to someone that they have a lot of features that are too similar for him not to be his son. They also have the same freakin mannerisms.

  • Justine


    I just think it was a fertility gone wrong in a good way. He and Ni cole were doing fertility treatment and options to get pregnant and someone mixed up the egg. To keep publicity down, they just didn’t bother suing and raised Connor as an adopted. And they had to probably just to protect themselves so no one would go back and claim him.

  • Sassy

    How’s this for a theory: I think Connor looks like JOHN EDWARDS! Look at his chin; wow! I could tell this kid was going to be hot, even when he was very small. It seems like our kids grow up much faster than we age, does that make sense? Connor was a tot not long ago & Tom hasn’t aged very much.
    Like him or not, Tom is a star. I don’t care for his “church” (that’s a whole other story) but he is a great actor and family man. He is one of the very few celebs who truly appreciates his fans & takes all the time needed to sign autographs, take photos etc. He knows where he came from & appreciates where he is today.
    So, I for one will watch his new film with Cameron Diaz while shutting my mind for 2 hours from the damage $cientology does to one’s mind & family & pray his children will wake up & get out of there.
    p.s. And Nicole is equally proud of her son I’m sure.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    And if Tammy is 47 (?!) then we are 27!

  • Pac Man

    Are you insane, #39? That ridiculous reasoning and a ridiculous theory.

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    Tonight we plan to have a very hot session with our husband – a very hot, well built Latino, 38, with massive uncircumcized sizemeat and humungous low-hangers!

  • mjkbk

    So Connor is an aspiring actor? Based on his LOOKS alone, he may well have a career ahead of him. What an attractive young man!

  • juniper

    Tom and Connor look great, Tom seems like a cool and calm dad.

  • CanadaGirl

    @Josie: I’ve thought the same thing for a few years now. He wouldn’t be the first Hollywood star to do it either. Loretta Young had a baby with Clark Gable and she “adopted” the girl to avoid the scandal of having an affair with the then-married Gable.

  • Rico

    connor is cute? hes black for christ sake! shut the f up losers

  • Mrs Patrick Campbell

    sorry, canadagirl, but the day that Tammy Cruise puts her weewee into a stinkfish will be the day that pigs fly!

  • CanadaGirl

    @Mrs Patrick Campbell: Oh, have you started to fly?