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Al Gore & Wife Tipper to Separate

Al Gore & Wife Tipper to Separate

Former vice president Al Gore and wife Tipper are separating after 40 years of marriage.

“This is very much a mutual and mutually supportive decision that we have made together following a process of long and careful consideration,” the couple said in a statement to Politico. “We ask for respect for our privacy and that of our family, and we do not intend to comment further.”

Al, 62, and Tipper, 61, were married at the National Cathedral in Washington in 1970. They have four children.

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  • Kirsten

    Wow, that’s a surprise. They have been married for such a long time.

  • countrydawn

    wow that is a shocker…..hmmm……..i like them both, wish them well. I hope it is mutual and not one sided, that would be to painful after 40 years.

  • Alaia

    Isn’t this the dumb broad that tried to ban music? He’s probably better off without!

  • andamentothat

    no way.. not after that kiss!

  • Tina

    It’s not surprising at all….other than it lasted as long as it did. They were married too young.

  • peggy


    You may be the dumb broad. She tried to ban rap music that had mysogonous lyrics about woman and every other word was a curse word.

    Though I am not a fan of censorship some of the terms used to discribe woman and how to treat them was positively horrifying and to pretend they didnt have an effect on young men trying to fit in is absurd.

    But when it comes to censoring you have to walk a very fine line between what is a person right’s and what benefits society. And then who’s to judge? Very difficult

  • Paulie

    Whoa, my jaw literally dropped. I didn’t see this coming.

  • laverdadduele

    Possibly the biggest hypocrites of all time. SCREW THEM!

  • so come out

    WHEN YOU should of worked on your own marriage instead.

    Good idea or what.. if you don’t talk about the public will never know

  • Rocky


    I agree. I guess now with the kids all grown, marriend and out of the house, they’re looking at doing different things. He’s always travelling, so she may just want to go and explore other avenues. I wish them both good luck.

  • Rocky

    @so come out:

    That’s EDWARDS you ding bat! Get your info straight. THINK before you hit the ‘send’ key.

  • Rocky



  • mailey

    ok, wow, didnt know they were that old.
    they must be really unhappy tog to split at this point in their lives. old age is that nice time to have a partner.

  • Dilly

    This is just really unfortunate. It won’t surprise me at all if a few months down the road, we discover Albert has a young chicky-pie.
    I liked them as a couple. I think this is going to be hard on all of them.
    Men think they can stay young if they trade in the older model.

    OTOH, I think Al went thru a lot when the Supreme Court robbed him of being President. I know we all did.! LOL!

  • Iffy Miffy

    Well this is a surprise. I guess we’ll find out in the future what was the true cause. Sometimes people simply do drift apart and feel that their age, and the time spent together, isn’t a reason to stay together … or it could be something else ah … for once I think it would be neat for her to be the one with a hot young thing!

  • http://yo


    Absolutely agree with you!!! Claims he is an environmentalist but eats meat! Meat processing produces more pollution than planes, trains and cars combined…never heard this douchbag mention that one!!!!!!!!!!!!! He only says when cornered that he agrees with this fact but will remain eating meat and supporting the industry. A-hole!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Jones

    Alaia & Peggy – She didn’t want to ban music. She wanted sexually explicit or violent lyrics to come with a warning label. Back in the 80s, she freaked out when she heard the lyrics to Prince’s Darling Nikki which her 11 year-old daughter was listening to. This spurred her into action. She ended up getting her wish. Music CDs were stamped with a warning label so parents knew what their kids were listening to.

  • mousse

    That’s something I’ll never understand. After 40 years of marriage…??

  • http://verysexy sharyllee

    TOO BAD!

  • to tina

    married too young? of all the stupid comments to make. hate to break it to you but thousands of couples got married at their age and they are still together.

  • Puffin

    Sorry, but all I can do is laugh at them since they shoved their morals down our throats. What’s the old saying that at one time I’m sure they were telling others – work it out for the sake of your children. What goes around . . .

  • to so come out

    what makes you think that it’s al gore that has someone else on the side. did it not occur to you that it could be tipper who has the friend on the side.

  • Brenda

    @Jones: Exactly, and it’s good to have those warning labels, otherwise parents don’t know what they’re buying their kids.

  • Puffin
    Remember the lock box and the inventor of the internet – LOL!

  • Brenda

    @Puffin: They’re children are older, so they fulfilled that. Divorce is not immoral.

  • Brenda

    Edit: THEIR children..

  • Puffin

    For the sake of the family they should stay together – I’m sure that’s what they preached to others. Not that I preach that to people, but with their moral history, I’m sure they have given the same advice to others. And in some churches with some religious leaders, they don’t believe divorce is the answer.

  • Tina

    @to tina: There are thousands of couples that have been married for 40 years and got married at 21 and 20? Yeah right. They got married too young and stayed together for the kids and now both realize they have grown apart and probably haven’t really been in love with each other for many years. Sheeeesh……only Americans would think that getting married at 21 is a great idea.

  • Guts

    nobody better than his wife to realize what a colossal f-r-a-u-d this guy is.
    She’s gettin’ outta Dodge before the whole Global Warming hysteria unravels completely….good on old Tipper.

  • Lucky Charm

    That’s too bad, my best wishes and support to their family. My grandparents also divorced after 40+ years of marriage, they just grew apart and wanted different things at that point in their lives. I think the legal age for getting married should be 25, there’s just too much growing up to do between 18-25 to make a decision on something like marriage. It’s crazy that you can’t rent a car or book a cruise until you’re 25, but you can get married while still a teenager?!

  • to tina

    divorce happens all over. getting married at 21 or 22 does not always mean that you will be divorced in 40 or so years. on the other hand, getting married later on in life does not guarantee a marriage will last. i work for a large law firm here in manhattan. i made it by business to ask the lawyers who handle divorce cases about your idiiotic comment.

    after they stopped laughing, they took a look at the stats concerning break ups of long time marriages that’s they handled over the last 15 years. for your information, the average age of the men at marriage was 28 and the average age of the women at marriage was 26. also for your information only 43 percent stayed married as long as they did for the children. the divorce lawyer is not someone you want to lie to. any other silly comments?

  • WHY?

    After 40 years of togetherness, they may as well go the rest of the way. I don’t understand this type of thing. I don’t know how people can stay with each other for so long and then want to part. Was the marriage a sham? By now, they should be cemented to one another and feel like half a person without the other one.

    I can take these short marriages, but anything going this long is really saddening to my heart.

  • TLC

    Looking for greener pastures. Oh well, they just don’t want to be grow old together.

  • Doh

    SHE HAS A NEW MAN!!!!!!!! WOAH

  • Doh

    THEY ARE OLD lol she met someone else…things developed what can they do??

  • to why

    i have a theory. after 2000 al gore became involved in environmental causes in a big way. it’s possible he became so wrapped up in them that he lost sight of what was more important; his wife and their family life together. maybe tipper feels that she can no longer compete

  • Dasiy

    After 40 years just suck it up and wait for somebody to croak first!

  • burn

    They’ll be reunited some day in hell.

  • sally65


    Please wash your mouth out with soap. 62 and 61 is not OLD. Just wait until you reach 50. You’ll have a different opinion. Al and Tipper are not ready for rocking chairs and nursing homes, dimwit!

  • Jane

    I think Al has a special intern friend