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Kate Bosworth & Matt Czuchry: Lunch Date!

Kate Bosworth & Matt Czuchry: Lunch Date!

Kate Bosworth reunites with actor pal Matt Czuchry for a friendly lunch date at Joan’s on Third on Thursday afternoon (June 3) in Los Angeles. spywitnesses caught the twosome lunching with her boyfriend, True Blood stud Alexander Skarsgard!

In 2000, Kate, 27, and Matt, 33, starred in the short-lived WB series, Young Americans, with Vampire Diaries star Ian Somerhalder. Matt currently stars as an ambitious Harvard-educated young lawyer on the CBS legal drama The Good Wife.

FYI: Kate is toting around the enviable new Alexander Wang handbag!

More pics at X17!

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  • mailey

    cute. they look like brother & sister.

  • Really????

    Where are the pics of AS at this lunch? And how did your spywitnesses miss pics of the three of them lunching?

  • Liz

    I really liked “Young Americans”!

  • Becky

    Her and Alex are starting to dress like each other. (He was recently seen in a white t-shirt with black pants.) Cute. =)

  • eightball

    There are no pics of Skarsgard cause he wasn’t there.

  • shaCHEER11

    i thought he was cute on gilmore girls, now he is just HOT!!! i miss that show :(

  • lake86

    so there’s no photos of skarsgard having lunch at Joan’s on Third which is a well known paparrazzi hang out? give me a break! are your sources bosworth’s publicist?

  • interesting

    is she wearing Alex’s clothes now? Is the bum look all the rage in LA?

  • Halle

    She used to date this guy. Are they back together?

  • Maxwell

    @interesting: No, she’s wearing a generic outfit that anyone on the street could be wearing and that nutty KB stans try to associate with dressing like you know who.

  • What!!!

    What??? No pics of Alex???? I don’t want to see her, I want to see Alex! You suck JJ.

  • linx

    @interesting: Bosworth always looks like a bum when she’s not on the red carpet.

  • oh well

    @What!!!: Can’t get blood from a stone. If he wasn’t there, no pics. :-(

  • beautiful couple

    They look adorable together.

  • Anonymous

    JJ if you are going to post pics atleast have the decency to state the true and accurate facts. AS wasn’t there and you know it and the original article from these pics questioned if KB was cheating on her alleged bf AS with this man. You posts are becoming a work of fiction!

  • whatever

    She is dating Matt again?
    They do look coupley.

  • ness

    That’s her ex-boyfriend… mmm

  • cupid

    Was this guy her first love?

  • interesting

    the beard comes off LOL

  • pr guy

    Sorry, JJ, I call bs on your spy witnesses. You’re located on the EC and just reading the one same mistaken identity tweet as everyone else. The Swedish guy is hard to miss. If he was there, X17 would have nabbed him.

  • Sid

    Jared, you know Matt & Kate dated for like 2 years, right? Way to leave that part out.

  • chelsea

    She looks a bit pouchy. Pregnant?

  • JC

    She always looks like a hobo. She should sell the expensive bag and get some real clothes.

  • Kris

    Is she going bald or something? Her hair looks like it’s thinning on top.

  • Umm

    She looks better with this guy then ASkars. They actually look more comfortable together. She’s still scraggly, tho.

  • So True

    Probably back with the ex.
    That’s Hollyweird.

  • http://JustJared irish

    God please let it be true(for AS’s sake)!

  • nicole

    She is disgusting!!!! Stop posting about this has been!!!

  • dan

    and by spywitnesses you mean Kate B. right?

  • ness

    “reunites with actor pal” “for a friendly lunch date”
    Oh, come on JJ!, kate’s publicist sends you all this and you just paste it?

  • R&M

    This is so clearly planted….

  • Liz

    Wow, AS fans are insane. You HATE that poor girl, when you don’t even know her!

  • nicole

    The “spywitness” was a TWEET and the girl thought Matt was Alex!!! Sorry Alex was NOT there! What an idiot!! Good Lord, you would think that once you got a real blog you would know how to do your fact checking like a real reporter. And…what am I saying…this from a guy who posts about the same people OVER and OVER and OVER again!! Getting real old!!!

  • @Liz

    The KB hate extends years prior to AS. And I’m not an AS or OB fan and I can’t find anything remotely redeeming about her that warrants this much attention from JJ.

  • http://JustJared irish

    I agree, KB goes to a place she KNOWS her pic will be taken with someone else(an ex, even) to get some press? or make AS shake in his boots? hmmmmmmm….

  • L

    Nice that they’re still friends.

  • Curious

    Is it interesting to anyone else that she has no problem being followed by paps walking from Joan’s to her car but she “tries” to hide when she is being papped with AS? Also, JJ why didn’t you show all of the pics including the ones with him leaving with her in her car?

  • lake86

    also all photos of her come from x17. in lainey’s words, coincidence or conspiracy?

  • Frankie

    I think Kate is so pretty. Matt and Kate do look like brother and sister. It’s wonderful that they are still friendly and that Alex joined them for lunch. Not every boyfriend is comfortable meeting the ex and visa-versa.

  • Michelle

    They were adorable together in YOUNG AMERICANS!

  • Michelle

    I like “The Good Wife” too.

  • squirelmeat

    This is odd. The tweets mentioned (which can be found by searching Joans on Third on Twitter) never mention AS and KB together. People mention seeing her or him, but not them. Which is as weird as X17 not getting one photo of him at all. Because why would they be there but not together? So was it him? JJ – give more detail…

  • Malanna

    It is because she is very manipulative, she knows that AS likes his privacy, so she has the paps on speed dile and has them take photos of her and AS together while complaining him as to why the paps are always following them. AS seems to be the only one that has not caught on to her manipulative tendencies, she has self esteem & emotional problems has she herself has admited! Kate has no problems throwing her personal life out there, she is downwright giddy when the paps are taking her picture…lame!
    Alex is not a fame whore now, like everyone says he is, at best he is putting up with it but I doubt he has the patience to deal with her much longer………if not she will drag him down with her……….which would be a shame…

  • Melanie

    they are such a cute couple

  • Kate

    What is up with her hair, it is thining, looks dry as straw and the color washes her out.
    She is naturally a brunette and all the chemicals in bleaching is destroying her hair, her hair stylist should tell her to lay off the bleach ASAP!!!

  • Response

    I agree she should lay off the bleach she looks like an albino with that over processed white hair she looked way better as a darker blonde, she problably would look better with her naturally light brown hair, people are there anymore REAL blondes out there anymore????

  • Passingby

    LMAO…..Kate hair reminds me of Hugh Hefners ex Holly Madison with her bleaching tendencies, you never will see either of them showing their natural colored hair roots. Hey but at least Holly has thicker hair she can do that, Kate does not she always had thin hair she should take better care of it before she goes bald!

  • Hilarious

    KateB should not be wearing masculine clothes, she cannot pull it off without looking like a little boy lol if she had her hair pulled back and I walked passed her I swear I would think that was a dude…….chick has no curves…………..

  • real actors don’t need paps

    Please, she’s not going anywhere…she won’t let down AS for something that will bring her less…
    I just hope that when he’ll get rid of her, people won’t forget he is as stupid as she is…
    dumb, classless (yes who touches himself in public..)
    furthermore, he is playing along with her the paps game, don’t make of him a victim…

  • Crista

    @Liz: Yeah…the craziness and cruelty of many of the comments posted here are horrible.. I’ve met Alex several times, (he frequents my Starbucks) and he’s very sweet and intelligent. He wouldn’t spend time with a villainous woman. If he likes Kate, then I trust his opinion that she must be a lovely person.