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Tom Cruise Videotapes Katie Holmes From Behind

Tom Cruise Videotapes Katie Holmes From Behind

Tom Cruise follows wife Katie Holmes up the stairs while videotaping her from behind at Barney’s New York on Saturday (July 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

Barney’s was closed to the public but Tom and Katie were able to peruse the racks and do some shopping without other customers in the store.

Tom spent 45 minutes videotaping Katie inside the store with a little camcorder. Shooting a home video, perhaps?

15+ pictures inside of Tom Cruise videotaping Katie Holmes from behind…

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tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 01
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 02
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 03
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 04
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 05
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 06
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 07
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 08
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 09
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 10
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 11
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 12
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 13
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 14
tom cruise videotaping katie holmes 15

Photos: AKM Images
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  • kraken

    must be some kinky scientology stuff! haha

  • Slig

    Where suri now mom dad?

  • Dance In The Dark

    Why would you film yourself shopping?!

    Another bizarre characteristic of Cruise!

  • brad


  • Abby

    Well atleast its better then filming themselves have sex like other celebs do…

  • jane

    what are tom cruise doing with taping katie?
    striptease show?

  • Dayana

    nice footage…

  • mika_says_hi

    OMFG! seriously, if that was anyone else ppl would not say anything!!!! since when is someone videotaping their spouse in a mall a “freak”.

  • noel

    I cannot stand these freaks. Katie often shops with other shoppers around, so why did they need to close the store for them? Weird. Tom still thinks he is popular and is afraid he will be bothered by fans. He is stuck in a cotton candy world of denial.

  • KellStar

    @noel: , you’re the only one in a world of denial if you think there are people who won’t go nuts over the sight of Tom Cruise! His movies may bomb and he might be a nutjob, but he is still one of the most famous celebrity faces around the world.

  • cum

    who cares?

  • joeyohlee

    I wish TomKat could be patriotic and classy like Brangelina.

  • pecantortes


    I agree.

  • olive

    TomKat-= Confirmed freaks

  • Jermaine

    WTF lol

  • villedeville

    Here’s an explanation: Tom is obsessed with Katie, Katie is obsessed with Tom and Tom is obsessed with Tom.

  • Alexa

    Well that’s just creepy…

  • GPS

    Robots have to be monitored the whole time just in case their system breaks down and all of a sudden they start to scream “Freedom” and leave short control freaks in the dust.

  • Gena

    She is like always shopping and shopping and shopping…

  • jealousy

    Tom must be blind lmAo. Look at that butt… is ugly!!! L O S E R S

  • dufus

    You can’t record inside a store

  • TomIsNuts

    Katie looks okay once her hair is up. Considering that last week they had “family day” at the mall, it IS odd that now they have to shop in a closed store. Maybe they didn’t get enough attention last time as “normal” shoppers.
    …anywho…hopefully Suri has been sent off to get that DNA test we’re waiting for.

  • So sad

    I thought the same thing, but then again, I guess Tom can do whatever he wants. Ugh!!!!!!!

  • mailey

    it’s really horrid that they close down stores for them or allow these people to go in when it’s closed.
    it’s extremely elitist.

  • Boohoo for Katie

    Maybe Katie got tired of seeing Josh being affectionate with Diane all over the place, so Tom is trying to get Katie some PDA too. News for Katie: Josh and Diane obviously love each other and he’s always holding and kissing HER. In most photos of Tom and Katie, Katie takes the typically masculine position in the photos(like her arm around his shoulder…she chooses to wear 4+ inch heels).
    I am an independendant woman, but I still like a man to be a real man in a relationship. uh-huh!

  • Boohoo for Katie

    @Boohoo for Katie: Independent – with sucky typing skills :-)

  • soniaintown

    This is beyond creepy.
    Well, this gay midget apparently gave up on promoting his over-hyped flop!
    Guess Fox studio decided to cut loss and just let it go..

  • Can you say childish?

    I agree with those who posted about maybe last time they went shopping to an open store, they DID NOT get enough attetnion,LOL!!!

    You know what is silly, clsoing a store like Barneys for they to private shop is so stupid.Enlitest.

    But the thing is no one shopping at Barneys’ is going Tom and Kaite and no one who shops there WANTS to be bothered either!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    People who shop at these kind of places are hardly going to hound a Tom and Kaite for an autpograph,pics.

    Ohoh,Rita Wilson-Tom Hanks wife,or maybe a Robin Gibson worht about 350-400 million,orJennifer Anniston and Courntey Cox,I doubt will bother . Oh maybe Vanessa Bryant would have been there and eveyrone knows NO ONE talks to Mrs.Kobe Bryant or is allowed to makeeye contact with her or look at her kids. She keeps her boduyguards.
    Ohoh,studio exs and spouses,well,you get what I am talking about.

    Barneys is hardly Steinmart,Walmart, KMart, Beauty Mart, LOL!!

  • taxgirl

    Remember when Tom had Katie legally change her name to Kate Holmes? That name really stuck! Tom: We bow down to your infinite wisdom.

  • lisali

    Everything Tom Cruise does is weird ….. whatever.

  • masculim

    She has an ugly butt but she’s married to Tom Cruise something you’ll never be lol

  • @karma

    Brangelina uses their kids for press??? You have got to be kidding? TomKat pimps out Suri far more than Brangelina ever ever allows the press to get pics of their kids. Most of the time when you see the Jolie-Pitt kids they are photographed coming and going from an activity unlike Suri who is dragged shopping all the time, to inappropriate in terms of age–theater shows, restaurants and the like. And notice Katie never slinks in or out of the back doors when she is pimping out the kid.

    You may dislike Angie and Tom, both have some acting talent. Angelina has far more range than Tommy. Tommy plays himself best. Angie is at least able to project a believable character in most instances.

    And if you don’t think these two have talent, then who exactly do you think has talent in holly wood? (Aside from the uber talented Streep, Blanchett and Winslet?)

  • savesuri

    @@karma: I agree with some of what you say (I’ve never liked Angie, but many of my female workers have her as their “chick-crush”. We all get one, and mine is Sandra Bullock so I understand your defense of Angie).
    As for the rest, you are right on. For a child that was not allowed in public view for the first 5 months of her life(or 8 mo depending on which story you believe) Katie sure drags this kid around a lot, and at least the Jolie-Pitt kids have others to play with. Poor Suri.
    I think that Katie puts Suri out there as a cry for help. She’e signed papers and can’t discuss Suri’s real dad, but isn’t she showing everyone the truth at this point, without speaking a word? (save her jj)

  • suri loses it!
  • rainbow

    Katie’s fashion line has been picked up by Barney’s! Tom was probably taping to celebrate. Congrats Katie!

  • Susie#1

    In picture # 4, Katie looks like she sucked something sour. What an ugly expression on her face. I can’t believe that Barney’s would pick up “her” line of clothing, let alone close the store for her and Tom. Money talks.

  • Shaz

    i love the Cruise family, but what can you tape for a whole 45 minutes? lol

  • Pac Man

    He IS popular no matter how much you want to say otherwise, #9.

    What does that even mean, #12? Whatever that means, stop comparing!

    So what, #19? Women like to shop. Especially Holmes. I don’t see that as a criticism.

    Since when, #21?

    Elitist, #24? You’re just jealous. Simple as that.

    Who the hell are you even talking about, #25? And since when has TomKat ever cared about what other couples have done?

    Learn to write, #28.

    He never and could never do that, #29. Her name is still Katherine and her stage name is still Katie Holmes. Her husband simply calls her Kate.

    Quit spouting lies.

    Neither couple uses their kids for press, #32. Though Brangelina are barely ever accused of doing so unlike TomKat.

    And they’re all talented actors too.

    There’s no conspiracy, #33. Cruise is the father and Suri Cruise has people to play with. There are weeks and even months sometimes when we don’t see the kid and it was 4 months before the popular Vanity Fair issue.

    That’s wonderful, #35.

    So what if she has an ugly expression on her face, #36. Other people like and respect TomKat, even if you don’t.

  • sara

    Hi Pacman (again)! How do you know so many personal details about the Cruises? That’s right, you were hired to read the posts and defend anything negative! Cool job!

    Unless Katie pops out another child, I will always believe Suri is not Tom’s bio child…why don’t you tell them for us? Since you seem to be so close to them.

  • @pacman

    People accuse Brangelina ALL the time of pimping out their kids. You are on the payroll of Xenu, so are blind to anything but your assignment to defend the idiot couple.

  • stupid pacman

    @Pac Man: I use to think that you worked for Cruise, but now I know you are simply a person in an insane asylum with access to a computer.
    #9 Tom and Katie are freaks. I used to feel bad including Katie in that statement, but she’s changed from what I considered to be manipulated BY Tom to just as manipulative AS Tom.
    #12 – Don’t necessarily agree, but you are of course allowed your opinion as we have those freedoms in this nation.(see how I tied in Patriotic? :-)
    #24 You are correct, but Tom’s motives were more for advertisement than privacy in particular show of power ($$$)
    #25 Another sign that pacman is not let out of the institution much: that would be Diane Kruger of National Treasure, Inglorious Bastards, and Troy -Pitt(then), Bana, Bloom YUM YUM YUM. She go to get naked with Orlando Bloom(SUPER YUM) and she live with Joshua Jackson (More YUM).
    #28 The rest of us are glad that you are here sharing your thoughts.
    #29 This is the answer that convinced me that you don’t know SHIT. Yes he could and yes he did. Her legal name was changed from Katherine Noelle Holmes to Kate Holmes.
    #32 I do think that Angie’s kids are there partially as a personal need for love by Angelina(money and beauty does not buy happiness), but they don’t parade their kids. Katie definitely uses Suri for public attention.
    #33 I am of the belief that Joshua Jackson is Suri’s father, but without him caring to know, we’ll have to deal with the situation as is. Tom is a fame whore. There is no way Katie would have gone 4(actually 7) months not showing Suri if there was not something to hide(in this case, the fact that she was not a newborn in April). I’m also glad that you acknowledge that Suri has PEOPLE(security detail) to play with. It’s still sad that a little girl does not have other KIDS to play with.
    #35 So I guess we won’t be seeing Katie’s line a my local shopping Mall.
    #36 I take crappy photos sometimes too; however I do find that Katie and Suri look sad too much of the time.

    Go to hell pacman.

  • TheBishIsBack

    Shopping for their spoiled little princess probably.

  • slambang

    @GPS: HA HA! I love it!

  • save suri

    @stupid pacman: Suri definitely looks like she’s josh jackson’s. I’m actually getting quite disappointed in him for letting this go on so long. If he actually knew the truth from the beginning…wow…I would be sad.
    If he didn’t know and was incapable of believing that Katie could lie this way, then it was understandable in the beginning, but for God’s sake it’s time to wake up and step up. Even if he avoids reading gossip, I don’t see how he can miss the magazine covers with his mirror image looking back at him.

  • woogie

    PacMan…..what cave did you come out of?
    I highly doubt people respect Cruise. LOL! Yuck!
    …Just because you drool over these weirdos…does not mean RESPECT.

    Are u deranged? Probably!

    Just shut your piehole. NO ONE believes the crapola you type up,

    Stay off of the computer….! Hopefully, soon one of their aliens will scoop up and take you with them!

  • annie

    It was probably afterhours, everybody knows that big dep stores do that for famous people, unfortunately not everyone has the paps monitering their every move.
    Maybe his movie didn’t do spetacular but it hasn’t
    bombed either.
    2 recent Angelina Jolie movies didn’t do well, and there are a lot of people who don’t care much for her or her looks. Most stars have successful and not so susccessful movies. Times have changed.
    Daniel Craig might be a great James Bond, but his other movies are box office disasters.
    Robert Patterson might be a great vampire, but what about his other movies ….has he got that certain something…….maybe not.
    We keep on reading how WOW looking Megan Fox is, but her movies are flops , considering how she tries and tries really hard to look SEXY and beautiful, it doesn’t seem to work.
    Why does it bother you if he is recording his wife, HE obviously and clearly likes the way she looks, on many occasions he looks proud of her, and that is lovely to see.
    As for Katies fashion line , maybe it’s picking up , maybe there is more interest in it than some of you would like to admit to. Katie doesn’t go around flaunting things like a lot of actresses do, she never has, she doesn’t make big deal out of things. It’s the paps who are always there. I like the fact that she shops , goes to cafes, and does normal things , why begrugde her for having money.
    How do you know who Suri plays with, what little friends come to her house, her backyard is a park with trampolines swing sets, castles the works. You all know she has ballet lessons, art lessons, really sometimes , you get the impression that all you want to do is criticize this family.

  • plop

    no annie……YOU are the goofball.

    No one is a bit jealous of Katie and her brat of a kid. Who would want to be in her shoes?! (maybe Pacman would) LOL

    Money or no money……I would not touch her life with a 10 foot pole.

    the truth is…..folks are naturally curious about these weirdos and their wacko lifestyle. simple!

  • jrfan

    Don’t fret. If you had more money than God, I bet they would close down stores for you too.

    Ya’ll act like Tom is gonna share this vid on the internet like when Ashton posted Demi’s underwear clad butt on twitter for his millions of followers. OR WILL HE? DUN DUN DUN.

  • Amanda

    the aliens have won

  • meganfoxrocks

    he’s awesome , love his new movie