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Sandra Bullock: New Orleans with Son Louis!

Sandra Bullock: New Orleans with Son Louis!

Sandra Bullock catches a departing flight to Austin, Texas via LAX airport with adorable 7-month-old son Louis Bardo on Wednesday (July 14) in Los Angeles.

Earlier this week, the mother-son pair was spotted at New Orleans Airport in Louisiana. They were headed to their new historic home in the Garden District. (Sandra purchased the home from from entrepreneur John Russell Lee Sr.)

“New Orleans is his city, and he is going to know it inside and out,” Sandra has said of Louis’ birth city.

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  • KellStar

    Louis is always looking at Sandra like “Who are you!” lol. He’s too precious.

  • Slig

    Cute baby nice looking *_*

  • Kaz

    Yeah baby cute


    What responsible person, JARED, would announce the destination of a mother and child? Especailly, when thye are traveling to a small town and live on a normal street.

    Good job on alerting the paparazzi.

    Bullock will NOW nor be able to enjoy New Orleans at all.

  • moira

    absolutely sweet!!!!

  • http://justjared jenny.s.

    That baby is one of the cutest… EVER!
    So precious and he is one lucky little fella to have a mum like sandra <3
    Wish them nothing but the best in their futures :)

  • tyannah

    Sorry but “New Orleans is his city, and he is going to know it inside and out,” is just ridiculous for me!
    Come on, he was just born there!
    My mom was born in a town her parents were on holidays, she arrived earlier! Is that supposed to be “her” town?
    I love Sandra but come on don’t be ridiculous…
    I’m fed up with all these stars becoming in love with the place they adopted children were born or are from….especially when the child has nothing to do with it…
    All the “they are going go know their real home” etc, is just stupid to me, if you want that, just give money and those children will be educated and taken care in THEIR country…
    I don’t say you have to refuse their origins, and break the link they have, but enough is enough… They are your children as any biological child would be….
    You’d better include himself in YOUR life and make him feel like he is from where you are…instead of keeping on stressing the point he was adopted…
    Don’t worry, there is no way he can believe he was not….

  • Francia

    @tyannah: I agree with everything u said especially the “do not adopt from abroad” cause you just uproot the child, that’s what i heard from the doctors. It’s always better to raise a child from where he is. BUT, what is wrong with her wanting to know more about the area her child comes from??!! It’s always good for an adopted child to know his roots, it will never harm him and I’m pretty sure he’ll be pretty greatfull for that. It’s not about believing or not if he has been (or not) adopted, it’s about his roots, his development. As a human being, I need to know where i come from, like pretty much everyone. He was not “just” born there …

    ANyways, Louis is just TOO cute…he looks so calm! I love cool-headed babies, :).

  • anne

    i just adore sandra. this lady has what many in hollywood are lacking; elegance and class.

  • magdalena

    lol baby Louis. What a bright kid. I love his looking too lol

  • http://dreaminnbigg nicole

    fabulous mommy, p.s baby louis is gourgeus:)

  • camila


    You are absolutely right.

  • tyannah


    I did not say it will harm him, it is good to go there, to be there.
    I know LOTS of adopted children, and adopted adults and all of them say that knowing where they are from is good, but being always reminded where they are from is what make them unable to feel at home in the place they spend their lifetime.
    I have a friend who is adopted. Her adopted family brought a house from where she is, and went there everytime they could, always talking about her roots. She always says she feels like she should be thankful, never felt home in a country where she lived all her life except the 7 first months of her entire life.
    She adopted in her turn, shows pictures of the country to her girl, talk about but she does not have a house there, says “our country” talking about where they live etc. This is a normal scheme for me. Growing up the child will feel the need to know, and you need to be there, not always pointing out he or she is adopted (even is there is nothing wrong with that!)
    That’s why I said it is not useful to have a house there, to go there that often etc. Ok he was born there, he has roots there (maybe Louis has roots in New Orleans but not all adopted children have. Three of my friends had pictures of the city they were born in on their walls, one of them was named after the city he was born in BUT they learn later that the cities were just the place where they were born…. The villages/towns their birth mother was from, was very far away in the country. I even have a friend born in a country, being told about that particular country all her life, being brought there as much as possible and she heard 25 years later that her birth mother was from another country..) but he needs to have his others roots built now.
    If she wanted to help a child she should just have sponsorshipped a child. She should have had her home there and should go and see him, letting him in “his town”.
    This is the only thing I said, the “he is going to know it inside and out” is just too wrong for me. Why does he need to know that much? Maybe he can decide? Let him be in your life, your son and as all of us (adopted or not) he will, as he grows up, ask and learn about his past, no need to precipitate things….
    Hope you did not take my message as only a way to criticize Sandra (as I’ve said, I have respect for her) and I am sorry if I hurt you (or anyone else) in a way.

  • lou

    awwwwww adorable!

  • jenks

    Can someone please explain me why this baby never wears socks ?
    Sandra’s wearing boots but the baby is barefeet !

  • boston61

    That kid is not very cute. Sorry it’s the truth.

  • klutzy_girl


    Wrong. He is adorable! I went “awwww” when I saw these pictures!

  • New Orleanian here

    Oh boy.Sandra Sandra.

    It is hot as he11 in New Orleans.The heat is relentless there for like 8 months of the year.
    You used to have seasons in the1970s, early 1980′s.
    Pleaseplease do not try to show Louis is birthplace inside and out. Even Louis is saying in the cute pic where he is looking up at her, “No,Mama, I don’t want to go.”
    Uptown N.O. is not Black friendly. The Manning Bros. -Peyton and Eli grew up there.. THey were friends with the old moneyed ,Wasp bluebloods. They went to their type of schools and lived in their type of world there. The Mannings are cool with other people because of being in the NFL but that world of theirs does not mix with their childhood world.
    The Black lower class is awful. The Creole world is still ok, but really close-knit and small.
    Louis would be better brought up in Austin and CA and make trips to N.O. during his childhood for Mardi Gras, Jazz Festival, French Quarter Fest.
    He is a cutie. A lucky baaab-bay to have a good mom.His fate is sealed. .I hope he takes of of these gifts he has and makes Sandra real proud.
    God Bless them please.

  • elaine

    @boston61: He doesn’t walk yet and I’m sure it’s 100F, so not footwear is necessary

  • elaine

    @jenks: He doesn’t walk yet and I’m sure it’s 100F, so not footwear is necessary

  • AnonymousDiva

    I find it hard to take you seriously, #18. I live in NOLA only a few blocks from where her new home is (here’s lesson #1 about the Big Easy to people who complain that it’s an invasion: the locals don’t care if you’re a celeb; they won’t bother her).

    If you consider Uptown unfriendly to Black people, then you’ve clearly never lived there.

    However, it IS indeed hot as hell there 8 months of the year. It’s been a bear lately.

  • Rebecca Leibia

    Great mother

  • lina


    Ur and idiot, i know adoptive parants who don’t give a shit about their adopted child’s origin and birth place, and the children become traumatized as adults for being ashamed of their origin. Sandra is aware that as an adopted u need to be proud of where u come from and it’s important to know ur roots. In this case NOLA.

  • tyannah


    First of all you can be polite, or is it too much to ask?
    Calling me an idiot is not neccessary, I have a point of view which is mine.
    If you read my posts well I never said she should hide Louis’ background, and I won’t repeat myself once again.

    There is a difference between having adopted parents totally unconcerned by their adoptive child birthplace and a parent who talks too much about this birth place.

    A middle would be better for me. That is all.

    You don’t know me so don’t call me names, I don’t think I was rude, or violent, or even said something bad.

    Anyway it’s weird here people can never be in the middle, they have rather to be SUPER FANS or HATE the celebrities….. Never an interesting and constructive discussion.

  • Niecy

    @jenks: probably b/c the heat index is 110 degrees here…everyday.

  • Fanofsandra

    These celebritites are like buying their live doll/s.
    They don’t know what to do with their monies.

  • Fat burner

    Love this girl!