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Rachel Bilson: Stuck in the Paris Rain

Rachel Bilson: Stuck in the Paris Rain

Rachel Bilson leaves the Christian Dior show during Fashion Week and changes into some casual clothes to head back out on Friday (October 1) in rainy Paris, France.

The 29-year-old actress took in the Dior show from the front row earlier in the day. Rachel kept close to Taylor Swift during a party to celebrate the Roberto Cavalli‘s 40th Anniversary on Wednesday (September 29).

Rachel has been filling up her schedule with a bunch of new projects! She’ll soon start shooting the film BFF & Baby with Kate Bosworth and will re-team with The O.C.‘s executive producer Josh Schwartz on Ghost Angeles, a supernatural romantic comedy for NBC.

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  • Zoe Moon

    It is raining and she still looks great!

  • Jasmine

    How much does her team pay you to post her crap, Jared?

  • Really?

    eww, tend to ur hair bilson!!

  • annie

    jared why the mention first row,u can smell her greasy hair all the way here. that ghost show will die a quick death.ugh.

  • gagz

    I never knew she has dandruff……I could of lived without knowing that.

  • eli

    like her a lot
    why…..idk, she is just so cute

  • Viper

    And she is important WHY again??? if any of these jobs pan out it will not be b/c of her more like dead projects filmed but can’t locate distributors.

  • homeless rachel

    her hair is annoying me, dye it black or the other color, cause you look like shttt !!!! and your an attention WHrrRRRR!!!

  • Brightside

    I can’t see any dandruff but her hair looks terribly in need of a protein wash. It’s dull and lifeless but, mind you, so is she and so are JJ’s plethora of posts about her. Can’t he find someone else to fixate upon! It’s reached saturation point now.

  • hey ya

    So she’s teaming up with another equally untalented and unemployed actress, i.e. Kate Bosworth. A match made in has-been heaven!
    And the only other role she gets is thanks to the generosity of her former producer from the OC.

  • Kate B fan

    I wonder what role she’s playing in BFF & Baby and how big it is? The synopsis says that it centers around two best friends, Kim and Deena. Rachel must have a smaller part because Kim and Deena are being played by Kate B and Krysten Ritter, who wrote the screenplay. Rachel said it was about 3 roommates but that doesn’t seem to be the case. IDK, maybe she is one of the roommates but her role is small. The movie is mainly about Kate and Krysten’s characters, their friendship and how the baby affects those two. Even before Rachel was cast in the movie, everywhere it was reported said it was about two best friends, Kate and Krysten.

  • Lisa

    She looks cute at Dior. That color looks nice on her.

    @Kate B fan:

    I was wondering the same thing because everywhere I read about this, it says something about two best friends and how they deal with the fallout. It mentions K&K as being bff’s, but doesn’t mention a “third roommate”. So I think her role is smaller, but Kate and Krysten are the leads.

  • Shy

    Oh God…. I’m speechless. Her Worthless face is thrown at us again. Enough. We should create site with petition :)

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!

    SAVE Just Jared site from worthless Rachel Bilson!


    @Shy: OH MY GOD! Worthless Shy shows up AGAIN!

    Save Just Jared from worthless c*nt, Shy!

  • lexy hates bilson

    OK JJ you’re pushing it here…don’t put ALL of Rachel’s very limited accomplishments in one thread. Nice touch her PR folks hiring someone to hold the umbrella for her – like she’s Britney Spears or someone who’s actually MOBBED by the paps!

  • Lida

    she looks so pretty either it’s raining <3

  • Brightside

    ‘BFF & Baby’, ‘Ghost Angeles’….these are two terrible titles. They reek of d-list production! Is there a company in Hollywood that people hire to come up with the dumbest titles ever? Couldn’t they have employed someone with a modicum of creativity to produce a couple of less stupid sounding monikers? ‘BFF & Baby’ actually beats Paris Hilton’s ‘The Hottie and The Nottie’ as one of the most rubbishy titles ever!
    Apparently ‘BFF & Baby’ was co-written by Krysten Ritter herself, and Kat Coiro who is directing. Coiro also directed (and produced?) two other alliteratively titled films, ‘Murdering Mama’s Boy’ and ‘Kidnapping Caitlin’. I have never heard of either! Anyone seen them? Were they any good?
    Alliteration is all very well in children’s books…I still have all my old Dr Seuss’…but it just sounds so childishly uncreative as a title for a film, any film. Signs aren’t good, folks. They are not good at all. Aimed for the under 10′s and definitely not adults, me thinks.

  • mattchew

    Breaking News: Rachel Bilson caught standing around in the rain! Details at, because…apparently, he’s the only one who cares.

  • the truth

    @Lida: She don?t why people keep saying that about her. She just showing off for attention that’s all Do you see anyone else still in paris How many times have she been pisted this past week?It must be a small part because she ‘s not in hurry to go home.That’s the reason she can’t get any work. She don’t put no effort in doing any audtion when it call for it. And talking about other people when they get work , It can can be given to her and she still won’t do right.I take that about her letting her ex giving her gig. She wouldn’t think it would be enough.All she wants to is walking around looking pretty while other actress work hard and look pretty too.You all need to stop saying she;s pretty all the time.Tha’s al you all can say is that she’s pretty.When it comes to not getting acting gig that’s not pretty at all.Need to stop feling sorry for her. She don’t all this attention and don’t do nothing. Give it to someone that really get out there and do work.Act like she really don’t want to go home and get started with the movie.She does that with evrything she including relationships She plain lazy.

  • Awful Hair

    She is unbelievable. I’ve never seen so much press given to so little work and such a Z list celebrity. Bilson is an advertisement for nepotism in HW, a place where any kid with at least one famous parent gets press all the time for doing nothing. The two projects mentioned sound terrible and isn’t there already a romantic comedy about ghost hunting on already with Jennifer Love Hewitt? I saw an episode of that and its stupid but somewhat watchable. With Bilson it will be stupid and not watchable because she’s an awful actress. Anyone who saw Jumper knows that. About the only thing she’s good at is having her PR people set up papparazzi events that make her appear to be a big star with a massive fanbase. But she’s been doing that for 3 years and barely working, so we all know she’s not that popular and has done nothing to merit this much coverage.

    The biggest thing she ever did was get hooked up with Hayden Christensen. You have to know they will eventually get back together because neither have that much going on & need the press to keep working.

  • bea

    Rachel is very close to Josh Schwartz and the missus. Not only did Rachel introduce the two to each other and was the maid of honor at their wedding, she also stayed wtih them for a while when she and Adam broke up. So it’s really no surprise that Josh did this for her. When Rachel got Jumper, also thanks to another OC producer, Josh revised the OC storylines and cut down on her screentime so that Rachel could go off and shoot Jumper.
    The part about Rachel starring in a show for NBC isn’t entirely accurate. NBC has only ordered a pilot at this point. NBC hasn’t ordered an actual series yet.

  • kelli

    someone on JJ staff must LOVVVVEEEE this chick. she gets posts all the time for doing nothing. a D lister at best, why all the coverage of her

  • gilmorie

    Be it on TV or movie, She will just be forever a “Supporting Sidekick” coz she’s simply talentless.
    Her co-called projects are all comedies.. just a spin-off of her stupid persona no challenge at all now at her 30′s – so yeah her career is just a “big butt of joke”.

  • sterling

    @ BFF & Baby
    Maybe Midge(t) would play another random character again just like everytime she did a 3 min. TV guest appearance w/ 3-5 speaking lines. Probably playing a random / homeless / always broke neighbor who will be hired by the (real & lead stars) BFF’s to play as the baby’s “nanny” – just more suitable!

  • i


    I am sure of that too. Christensen and Bilson will get back together either soon or during Jumper 2.

  • blairite

    Of course, she CANT get anymore lead roles.
    She cant memorize lines as she’s already brain-damaged.

    “She said: ‘I don’t read a lot because I don’t retain a lot. It’s hard for me…
    (no need to press it hard; as you’re already dumb-looking)
    but I can look at lines and remember them right before I do them. – (it just looks/sounds UNbelievable when you’re continually to get tagged as a NON-working hacktress)”.

  • MissAnthropica

    @Awful Hair: @i:

    If Rachel and Hayden were going to get back together they would of done it by now. Everyone thought they would of by the premiere of Takers in early August but nope didnt happen Hayden didnt even mention her. Then everyone was convinced they would get back together for her birthday at the end of August but it didnt happen, In early September it would of been the last chance for that but it didnt happen did it ?
    Rayden fans need to shut up get over it and move on because these two arent getting back together for whatever reasons. Most likely atleast one of them does not want to anymore.
    Rachel wouldnt be using her Josh Schwartz connections to try to get her own horrible show or over hype a small part she has in a z list independent movie unless she had to.
    When Hayden and Rachel were in there publicity relationship or what ever it really was she never tryed to work even this much.

    But now that they split he is promoting two films without the relationship and getting ready to film two other films while having talks about Jumper 2.

    Interesting that only after they split for good Hayden was able to get Jumper 2 talks active again and the story he is pitching to FOX seems to be missing a important character for Rachel, her character Millie.

    Hayden didnt mention Millie coming back at all but instead talked about Diane Lane(mom) and Kristen Stewart’s( sister) character coming after him So if anything it seems Hayden is having Rachel’s character possibly killed off or written out.

    If they were getting back together Hayden wouldnt be trying to do that.

    Since the split also Rachel PR team has tryed to link her to everyone they could think of. from Ryan Gosling, to Jake Ghyllenhal, to Andy Samberg. Another reason you can tell they arent getting back together because Rachel’s pr team is trying to find her a
    new publicity relationship.
    Rachel’s pr team lately have tryed to make it look like people are interested in her and the she is working actress since that was the biggest complaint on here for years that she doesnt work. So now everyone knows her pr team does read what people comment about on this and other sites. It figures.
    But they are pushing to change her image shoving these two little projects that will ammount to nothing in the end down our throats.
    Why? Because Rachel isnt getting her pr relationship back with Hayden back and he already has moved forward with career now her people are trying to make it look like she is keeping up and moving forward as well.
    Expect Rachel to get with either an actor from the BFf& Baby film or more likely one of the actors from Ghost Angeles, shell just date for press whatever guy plays her love interest in the new tv pilot.
    Thats what Rachel always does.
    But Hayden and Rachel are over you can tell by their actions and Rachels pr team scrambling to get her work and a new man.
    And the fact that Jumper 2 if it does move forward it seems it will without the return of Rachel in it. So that couldnt make it anymore clear they are done.

    BTW seriously JJ we get it she has to projects coming up stop mentioning them in every post or people will be tried of hearing about them and loose interest if they ever had any to begin with.

    Rachel’s hair look a mess in the rain but I dont think its greasy at all like some people said ……I think its completely frizzy from the rain. Who ever let her go out with her hair like that must be either blind or dumb. It looks bad and lifeless and dead. I am sure she damaged her hair when she colored it earlier this year, but now it look really unhealthy. Maybe she should just cutt her hair off because it looks horrible with the now old two tone dye job that recked her hair. Atleast if she cutt it iff she could grow it back out. And it would make her look older and not like she is trying to be a teenager still lol
    That would be an improvement.

  • Brightside

    LOL….the relationship was fake! It was quite clear, from quite early on, that the relationship was simply a PR managed faux affair and that Hayden Christensen was often less than happy in her company. Why would he go back to that? He looks far more happy now, after the death of it, and it certainly hasn’t affected his career! And to be fair, it doesn’t seem to have affected Rachel Bilson’s rather z-list career either and she seems happier too.
    These two aren’t getting back together since they were never happy together and, though there are people who may disagree, most of us would feel that happiness is one of the most important components of any relationship.
    She made him miserable and he made her look like an unemployable fool as he was getting offered work while she just walked the streets of LA shopping with her girlfriends.
    Why do people think, that after three years of a long distance fauxmance, she never decided to co-habit? Because she knew and he knew that it was never real. This was all done, IMO, as a publicity stunt for Jumper and, as it kept Rachel Bilson’s name in the gossip glossies (especially all the interminable will they, won’t they), Hayden Christensen was simply too kind to end it sooner and she probably begged him not too as she’s very media manipulative. In the end he got fed up with being used, and she hasn’t been able to face him since, taking great pains to be out of LA every time he flies in. Odd no, that she should do this?

  • Brightside

    Talk to the hand, bint, talk to the hand : )

  • Viper

    Your dreaming #25 there is no chance of a Jumper 2 Christensen can say all he wants but he was in hopes of ppl being more inclined to see him then Bilson in another jumper flick. He even said this was more about the mother sister and him Bilsonas the worst choice to the movie. Plus that movie idea has been on the books forever yet hasn’t moved from concept for 3+ yrs now and good chance it won’t either.


    OC ended before Bilson got jumper and she went in as a replacement so there was no shifting schedules to accommodate her.

  • Poo Face

    OMG!! She is soooo cute!! She looks French actually. Paris seems to agree with her. I love the way her hair looks in the second photo. I love the pink dress and jacket on 1st photo. Gorgeous girl.

  • Poo Face

    I see the same old haters again or the same person using multiple names is bashing. Sad. :( Stop Hating and either accept Rachel is more attractive then you or just move on.

  • MissAnthropica

    She should just cutt her hair it would look very chic on her I think and more grown up.

  • MissAnthropica

    Wonder Woman the tv show is in the works so dont be surprised if JJ or her people try to attach her name to the actresses in the running for the part. She wouldnt get the part but they will still try to attach their client to it, Unlike Ghost Angeles it is more than just a pilot developement deal and has the minds because Buffy The Vampire Slayer and The Practice- Boston Legal working on it.
    They would never pick Rachel for a series with alot of peoples names riding on it but I except a post about some rumor of her and the Wonder Woman project from JJ in a few days.
    This site is becoming so predictable.
    And soon after a posting about the rumor there will be one about Kate Bosworth and the WonderWoman show rumor and then a rumor about Hillary Duff and the WonderWoman show. This site is sadly predictable sometimes :( What a bummer.

  • observer

    @ Miss Anthropica You keep repeating that Hayden and Rachel will not get back together “because they already would have, it is too late now”, why do you feel it is necessary to preach a sermon about this every time someone makes a comment that they might get back together? I am not a “Rayden”, but I am also smart enough to know that I don’t know Hayden and Rachel, and since I don’t know them, I do not know what they wil or will not do in the future. Look at Sienna MIller and Jude Law, Meagon Fox and her husband that she broke up with then married. Repeating that Hayden and Rachel will never get back together is just as silly as saying that they will get back together. No one knows for sure, why care what someone types about it on here? Let them have their say without dissing them for their opinion, because in the end it is just gossip about two people no one here knows.

    @ Viper During the Olympics Hayden talked about Jumper 2 in an interview at the Budweiser party, and when asked if he would do Jumper 2, he said that both he and Rachel would be interested in doing it. That was before they broke up, it will be interesting to see if they do make Jumper 2, what happens to Millie’s character. The interview was on video that he did at the Olympics. The OC ended in the spring of 2007, magazine aritcles written at the time talk about Rachel flying alot in fall 2006 to film Jumper, and film the OC, at the same time.

  • Diana

    she has a work, she’s not just an actress.
    she does other things.
    even she’s not acting for real right now, she will.
    i’m not trying to defend her, but you guys has to be more realist!

  • Shy

    I always wonder what is wrong with those CAPS people. They are so unsure about themselves that they have to SCREAM like crazy. Desperately wanting to be noticed….

  • Diana

    oh, and there’s more. i don’t want to look the “defensive” person, but i do really like rachel – even that i think she just know how to act on the oc. anyways, i can not believe you guys are talking about her hair. her hair is FINE. it was raining, no one can have a good hair in those days. your hair are better than hers? please, GOD.

  • i

    I said that I think that Rachel and Hayden will get back together again is not because I am a Rayden. I don’t like Rachel at all, there is nothing attractive about her. She is unintelligent and desperate for attention at any cost. She is not an artist, she is a merchant who is constantly selling herself. Having said that, I also know that they were engaged for a long time, so, there was a reason they got together, that same reason may bring them together again. Hayden is a looser to fall for someone like that, in my opinion, but he did, so, it might happen again. As to Sienna and Jude, I am sure she accepted the terms of the relationship to be an open one, Jude will never be faithful and Sienna went for it.

  • Diana

    sorry, my bad.

  • Brightside

    Wonder Woman needs someone a lot taller and a lot better configured than RB. It would be difficult not to laugh at a supposed female superhero who’s so freakishly short even when wearing high heels…like watching a midget play Superman or Captain America! The result would be ludicrous and have viewers in stitches : )
    On the other hand, maybe she should…after all people need a good laugh and she would certainly supply it if it were to go ahead.

  • MissAnthropica

    People use to say Rachel and Adam Brody would get back together one day and some moron OC fans who think they are their former characters Summer and Seth STILL think they will get back together. But they never did. Rachel once she moves on seems to stay that way.

    For her new show/pilot Ghost Angeles she is going to need dating rumors about her and who ever is cast an her love interest or love interests on the show.
    Simple marketing and PR for a show that is going thave a hard time finding their audience to begin with.

    Ghost Angeles might have been in the works for a long time since earlier this year, explains why Rachel uped the ammount of time she was spending with Jill her best friend and Josh Schwartz’s wife.. Rachel was making sure she got cast in the new pilot he was working on. She may have had this arrangement with Schwartz since lets say early May around the same time she and Hayden supposedly split for good.

    So you can derive from that their( Rachel’ Hayden) publicity relationship wasnt working out anymore so they did one more appearance at the Met and that was the end of that but the beginning of Ghost Angeles.

    With the announcement of Rachel being officially “single” it refocused alot of attention on her and her personal life that hasnt happened for her in years since the OC ended.

    So once the pilot of Ghost Angeles starts filming there will most certainly be some rumors about her and some new male co star (They did the same thing with Ghost Whispher with Jennifer Love and Jamie Kennedy total pr relationship but the show still got canceled this last season)
    A new publicity relationship with that actor or actors from that new show Ghost Angeles they are trying to get on air would be much more the career boost for Rachel that she is looking for than going back to a old pr relationship people never completely bought into from the beginning and really didnt buy into by the end of it.
    Hope they come up with a better name then Ghost Angeles though lol
    because I dont see anyone telling their friends
    ” Hey did you see Ghost Angeles last night? I always watch that show.”
    Just doesnt sound good lol

  • Brightside

    How can you not like Bar Refaeli? Are you an idiot? She’s blimmin’ gorgeous! Beautiful woman…makes Rachel Bilson look like a dead donkey!
    I agree with you…there’s nothing in it for either of them and certainly not love. At the end of it the strain of being in a relationship with Rachel Bilson was making Hayden Christensen look tired and ill at ease. No man goes back to that. Re the pics of them in Canada together during the Winter Olympics…neither looked comfortable in the other’s presence…Rachel looked out of sorts and sulky while Hayden looked bored and played on his phone. In fact Rachel spent most of her time looking like a 10 year old in a strop.

  • lexy hates bilson

    @ Brightside – do you see all the hate Bar gets…it’s crazy and it’s ALL b/c of Leo! I like Bar and Giselle and the fans are only slightly less crazy than the Brangelina/Aniston nuts!
    @ Miss A – I agree – JJ will try and attach RB to Wonder Woman – they’ll try to attach her to anything. But WW has been being tossed around for a while with nothing coming of it. I think (too lazy to confirm) that she just doesn’t have the fan base. Frankly as someone with a lot of young girls in my life – I’d LOVE for her to make a come back. Barbie & the Bratz aren’t exactly preaching female empowerment!
    @ Shy – crazy in an understatement…sadly Rachel’s # 1 fan is a member of the Klu Klux Klan and is all about the Aryan Nation and White Supremeacy – which is what all that gibberish in caps is about!

  • Travis

    Oh my! That Hayden Christensen is so fool! Rachel Bilson is stunning!

  • Viper

    @ observer

    During the Olympics HC would have said anything about Jumper b/c Bilson was standing right near him, Funny how now the story concept changed and she is not included in this as of his comment in August. This was for show towards the press to get ppl interested in another jumper flick. Really know one is wanting another jumper movie Christensen would be dreaming if he thought so.


    Please if you think a drowned rat as stunning then boy you have low priorities in woman.

  • Lisa


  • searlus

    Nothing new… Manakin is/was “already/long-been” a dumb-fool when he chose to hooked up w/ this microscopic imbecile.

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  • Directx 11 Download

    Breaking News: Rachel Bilson caught standing around in the rain! Details at, because…apparently, he’s the only one who cares.