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Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Carousel of Hope Couple!

Halle Berry & Olivier Martinez: Carousel of Hope Couple!

Halle Berry and her new boyfriend Olivier Martinez make their first public appearance together, walking hand in hand at the 32nd Anniversary Carousel Of Hope Gala on Saturday (October 23) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 44-year-old former Bond girl and Olivier co-star in the upcoming thriller, Dark Tide, out next year.

The Carousel of Hope Gala is a biennial event to support the Barbara Davis Center for Childhood Diabetes.

Earlier this week, Halle and Olivier were spotted taking a motorcycle ride.

FYI: Halle is wearing a red hot Yves Saint Laurent dress, Penny Preville earrings, and a Tre ring.


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Credit: Frazer Harrison; Photos: Getty
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  • N*

    I love it when Halle dresses her age, it suits. She must not try to be young. It makes her look so graceful when she looks and acts her age. Stunning!

    Oh and i think i’m first *whoop* :)

  • G

    He’s not quite the Olivier of Unfaithful, but she is looking FIERCE!

  • karmaback

    I guess this is the OFFICIAL coming out as a couple thing.

    HOPE it works out for them.

  • Botox Melbourne

    She looks so wow, even at her age.

  • Ms Bar Jolie Gaga

    YES YES YES! Give me a hot Frenchman any day. Halle looking vavavoom hot in that red number. Perfect.

  • who are they fooling?

    Who are they fooling? Saw the photos on RexFeatures, Getty, and Wire Images—definitely do not look like a couple. In most of the photos he’s posing for his photo op. And folks used to complain about Gabe posing? In most of them, Olly boy is so not into her, even when she’s hanging all over him at dinner. Once again, Halle’s taken hostage being more into the guy then they are with her. Glad he cleaned up for the occasion. She used drag Gabe and Eric to these functions. Nothing new.

  • part 2

    Seriously, check out those sites and tell me I am not right! Actually, not surprised with these photos after her staged good mommy pumpkin photos. Who wants to place bets Nahla’s spending more time with Gabe while Halle’s latest media fiasco is taking place. Don’t think it will last past the movie release. Plus we all know that Halle’s relationships at the longest last 3-5 years (both exes, Gabe almost 4.5)–Ealy was a year to 1.5 years. Plus, I can’t see Halle risking losing her kid over this or any guy. Media hype for movie, like all of the other guys she was involved with.

  • tspoon

    @who are they fooling?: That’s their business. If he’s still in the picture after the movie is released or past the Michael Ealy 1-1.5 years, then they really are dating. One thing for sure,we know Halle burns out 3-4 (Aubry almost 4.5 and both marriages from beginning to end including dating 5+ years).

  • ESI-6-8 same poster

    #’s 6-8 all same poster, duh! who cares, if they are dating or publicity for their movie? They look okay to me, Halle’s hair is a little too spikey for me, they look fine.

  • 6-8 same person

    Poster 6-8….you really must have a problem? Who cares if they are really dating or more of a publicity stunt. Get a life!

  • oops 9/10

    @6-8 same person: oops sorry, hit the button twice…sorry for the typo. lol

  • sally

    botox and botox, and hel looks like a washed up bum

  • sea

    Stop saying “at her age”!! It’s so annoying, she’s young and a beautiful woman and there’s nothing wrong with her face, botox or not!!

  • lol coming out

    @karmaback:They’re so dreamy …such a perfect couple….make me puke. Coming out of the closet for the both of them. So a drunk bum cleans up know and then. Let’s hope he doesn’t get as drunk as Gabe did, when Halle debuted him at the event in 2005/2006. Guess this all preps for when their movie comes out?

  • Candy

    hhhhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, at her age she is still a mess, continue to act crazy, we don’t believe none of that mess, she will never be a good actress and that botox makes her look even more crazy, can move the forehead, hhhhhhhhhaaaaaaaaaa, that man is ugly and looks like he smell like fish. halle has on a ugly dress.

  • Mark


  • just

    Hot Hot Hot Hot Hot
    stunning gorgoues

    I bet they look like they are having a great sex. They look hot together.

  • just

    body to die for

    looking at them together, urge you for more sex.


    LMAOROTF…by the superficial and childish comments on both sides.

  • Bran

    @ 6-8 & 15-16
    The question is who in the H.E. L.L want to be with you? With all
    the evil and hatred inside of you I’m sure people run from you. Olivier is with Halle because he wants to be. And Gabriel had a baby with Halle because that is what HE wanted to. Again,worry about who is NOT interested in dating you for whatever reasons and surely that will keep you busy 24/7. Finally, put your picture on this website so
    people can judge your appearance and create stories about your
    character and personal life based your photo.

  • anon

    They look good. It’s just a date..They like each other’s company and that’s that. I don’t think they are a couple..

  • Gina

    @anon: Totally agree, they look good and it’s a date.

    Think about it when was the last time that Halle had any fun with any of her straight male friends or colleagues?

    They enjoy each others company. From looking at the photos of them in JJ’s posts, your hypothesis could be more right. But then again, does it matter if he’s a friendly escort or her new bf?

  • sweetness

    Wow she really doesn’t like black men…so why does Hollywood keep labelling her as a black actress? She is half white and she certainly doesn’t do anything related that involves blacks in America she is always hooked up to white men……why is she considered a ‘black’ actress?

  • Heather

    @who are they fooling?:

    I have to agree.As much I like Halle. Halle got some series issue going on.The woman is like the weather.


    She do look good in that dress

  • Heather

    As much as I like Halle.She got some series issue .Homegirl is like the Weather.But she do look cute in that dress

  • Bran


    Obviously something was wrong with your parents because they produced you. Stop projecting your personal problems read: ISSUES on to Halle and Olivier. For the record it is YOU who is crazy,evil and
    ULGY in the mind and no doubt face too.

  • 4anon

    @anon: You may be right. On this site
    Halle’s manager Vince and his wife are this event (a rarity or is never photographed) is right behind them. Vince is never around unless business.

  • 4anon

    @4anon: photos don’t lie–my guess is that Halle/Vince have been grooming Ollie with the press regardless of his marginal past success in the US and abroad, he hasn’t ever had this much media attention. Biz date with two friends that enjoy each others company. Hand holding doesn’t mean anything, I hold hands with my friends as well as meet the parents and friendly kiss.

  • Beth

    Simply stunning couple and good luck to them. I still like her baby father as ideal mate but HELL she’s got good taste in men (on the outside at least).

    Let’s hope finally on the inside too.

    Love both their work.

  • Jayne

    This is how it’s done. Looking nothing less than lovley as usual.

  • Peacemaker


    She’s dating who she’s actually been around. She saw Gabriel’s ad on a billboard or bus and ended up working with him in a Versace campaign. They became friends and 4-5 yrs. later have a beautiful child. She met Oliver on set for her latest film. Obviously, they enjoy spending time with each other whether they are a couple or not. The point is LIKE MOST PEOPLE/HUMANS, we date who is in our circle , network or access at the time. Because of who she has married in the past, it’s fair to say that she is an “equal opportunity” dater…and SO WHAT if she has a preference for a certain kind. That too is her right as well. The fact that she categorizes herself as a Black actress has nothing to do with her assumed dating preferences. There is NO CORRELATION between the two. I suppose you’re standing in line with the paparazzi ready to REVOKE her “Black Card” for she is no longer a valid member. Somehow she has violated a CARDINAL RULE….LOL!!! Get a life. How do you think the Black race was created in American- via interracial relationships and philandering. She’s beautiful, has a beautiful daughter and is possibly tryring her best to live the live she wants- like ALL OF US.

  • Me

    asdadas who cares what color she dates…
    is she crazy..another cheating douchebag…I will hav eno empathy or sympathy when I see her on yet anohter magazine cover crying aboutone her wrong..she really knows how to pick em…pathetic..brains does not equal surgically enhance beauty

  • liam

    Her hair does not look right, it looks like she has two horns. lol

  • jj22

    She loves those white boys!

  • kj

    @jj22: Look what happened when she went out with the Black Boys hence she is trying another mix.

  • sue123

    Hallie looks great at any age. She need to date someone her own age , not a boy.

  • sue123


    You are racist. Hallie identifies herself as black, and she looks black more than white and the women can date anyone she wants. Angie must be jealous, she can’t hit on him anymore or hallie will fight back, Brad Pitt is so boring and old just a sperm donor

  • angela

    She’s still so gorgeous.

  • Wendy

    Sorry halle looks like a witch with horns, boring, and that guy looks homeless, and weaK. HE may want to try to eat sometime, and see a doctor. I pass on her career, she just don’t have anything to offer, we seen her with out her clothes and that was not much, she can not act, and now she is old.

  • tossup

    Hallie Berry and Jennifer Aniston ALWAYS stage PR relationships. I thought most people knew this. The only difference is that Aniston doesn’t marry them anymore after the fiasco with Brad Pitt went wrong. Halle has a child to think about. She needs to just be alone for a while until she finds the right one. Her track record with men is horrific, but so are all these A list actresses. At least Anne Hathaway admitted that she was gullible when it comes to men. You can go down the line Reese Witherspoon, Sandra Bullock, Kate Winslet, and Cameron Diaz to name some. Just looking attractive cannot keep your relationship intact. There has to be something else going. Cheryl Cole and Elin Woods are considered sexy but got cheated on.

  • Sam I am

    Halle is black you weirdos. LOL Get over it. She identifies and proclaims that she set that standard and paved the way for all black actresses…you obviuosly have never heard this twit talk. Dummy. Meaning you@sweetness:
    Gabriel does seem gay, wouldnt be surprised.
    Olivier is a playa. Halle sets herself up.
    She started cheating with Olly while still with Gabe. FACT.

  • Hate Short Hair

    I hate short hair on women. It’s butch
    I also hate thin hair and cheap trashy blonde extensions

  • 4SamIam

    @Sam I am: Old news about Gabe and Olly. The rest of your post is total bullshit. Both have/had an arrangement with Halle. Halle’s arrangement with Gabe was unfortunately over way before it was announced. No cheating. Total bs that they’re dating. He hasn’t even met her mother more of Halle’s lies.

  • Sue123

    @sue123: She is. Olivier is the same age as Halle and is also a Capricorn like Gabe.

  • Wendy


  • ilovehalle

    they look gorgeous together,… i love halle w/all my heart.

  • Sensual Couple

    Beautiful couple. oozes sex appeal! Hope this one lasts for Halle.
    Read that Olivier previously dated the french actress Juliette Binoche, Halle has a similar quality to Binoche. Both women are great beauties.

  • Bella Coola

    @sweetness: Who you date doesn’t define your race.

    Halle’s ex-boyfriends/husbands were black. Her two recent ones are white (French and French Canadian).

  • Linda

    I liked her with her baby daddy better. :/

  • rocknmovies

    Olivier Martinez failed his career but he has good taste in women: Juliette Binoche, Mira Sorvino, Kylie Minogue, and now Halle Berry.
    I doubt that a fake couple would hang together all over the world: Paris, London, and now L.A.
    Loved him in “Horseman on the roof” and” Unfaithful”, his 2 best movies. A shame he never fulfilled his early promises.
    Halle Berry is a true beauty.