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Rachel Bilson: Jewelry Shopping at Chanel

Rachel Bilson: Jewelry Shopping at Chanel

Rachel Bilson indulges in some retail therapy at the Chanel boutique on Wednesday (November 10) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The 29-year-old actress, who wore a “Patti” striped tee by Market and James Jeans “Twiggy” denim leggings in Karma, browsed through the store and checked out a case of jewelry.

After calling off their engagement, Rachel and ex-fiance Hayden Christensen are reportedly dating again.

Rachel has also been hard at work on her latest film, BFF & Baby, with Kate Bosworth and Krysten Ritter.

10+ pictures inside of Rachel Bilson shopping for jewelry in Beverly Hills…

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  • Anonymous


  • Kelly

    OH MY GOD JARED – THIS IS JUST EMBARRASSING. Do you honestly think we are stupid enough to believe the paps follow her and wait around for her all day? She is NOT relevant anymore – get a life rachel, stop calling the paps to come photograph you on your daily shopping excursions!!

  • Abby

    I just wonder where she gets the money to shop so much when she doesn’t work that much.

  • Sasha

    I’m sorry, but I’m going to need to see him with her before believing any of this. She has played so many media games in the past, I just don’t believe anything she or her sources say. He could have went to her house and got some ass and she’s making a big deal out of it. Funny how he has been out of sight, out of mind since last week. I’m thinking Mr. Christensen won’t be making an appearance any time soon. So you sheep can believe whatever you want to with the lack of proof that you have.

  • max

    this site is going to be renamed with all these rachel bilson posts

    her pr team thinks this overexposure on random acts is good?? CAA, 42west, huvane…they would never allow this!

  • Alexa


    I kind of agree. It is weird how he has been missing in action for a week and a half. I find that interesting. No one can get a shot of the “lovebirds” back together, yet she’s papped all the time. I guess some will say they’re “keeping it private”. But everyone here who doesn’t kiss their butts knows that’s complete crap. I bet he hasn’t even been back to her house since being “caught”. lol irl

  • Lisa


    I think she is repped by CAA. But they can only advise their clients to a certain extent. The clients don’t always listen so it isn’t their fault. And besides, I think her PR is the same as Scarlett Johansson’s. Big difference right?

  • Chelly

    No offense to her fans, but she looks horrible. What’s with her hair? Don’t famous people get their hair done anymore?

  • eergo



  • Kwanten Strong

    In Australia we would drown a creature like this at birth!

  • kroq

    Get a career.



  • jacinth

    So she’s back now to what she love most : shopping & famewh0ring just after that ONE WEEK shooting of that BBF thing – what a damn serious actress she is!

  • Lisa

    I don’t get why my comment got a thumbs down?

  • KatyPerryfan


    It was probably one of rachel’s fans. They think she’s Angelina Jolie and swear she doesn’t tip off the paps or do anything for publicity etc. Because Rachel is so much better than everyone else in Hollywood and would NEVER do that because she’s actually bigger than Brangelina. She’s papped because her shoes are cute dontcha know!

  • Go Go Lainey

    Last week Christensen was photographed leaving Bilson’s house by a lone pap. The photos are exclusive to one agency. So the lucky dude just happened to be sitting there, casing the joint, and snapped those shots.

  • Susan

    She needs to do something with her hair.

  • robbie

    @KatyPerryfan: Funny you say that because Angelina’s people call the paps on manay occasions.

  • jane

    Funny how she all of a sudden has started posing with her left hand exposed in almost all the pics again and in front of a ring display. Is she hinting that she would like her engagement ring back or a new one?

  • austine

    Jared… these daily nonsense & well documented routines of this ageing twink is/are much better suited on your other site called “Just Jared JR”!

  • jane

    Rachel is beautiful, so shut up. I’d like to see what all you-alls-on-just-jared-idiots look like.

  • i love her

    @jane: I agree, I think she’s really pretty. Haters need to just BUZZ OFF! Don’t like her, don’t comment on her. Your just making her more famous sweethearts. :)

  • Brightside

    This was reported, initially, by People magazine. Not the most credible source out there. They make a habit out of reporting rumours as facts and even when their reports are based on reality it’s as vanilla as JJ. They’ve been going out on a limb recently and several of their so-called stories have been rep denied.
    However, since 90% of celeb hook-ups have the survival rate of a soap herring in a thunderstorm, it’s neither here nor there. There’s no permanence in the profession and celeb hook-ups have the worst rate of break ups and divorces than any other profession, almost twice the national average. Too many egos. It’s difficult to have a meaningful relationship with another person when you both have egos the size of a small country.
    I’ve always found celeb relationships fascinating in that respect. It’s not a case of if they break up, it’s a case of when and who’s been cheating on who. Usually the man.

    @Go Go Lainey:
    The pap (if that’s what he was) was informed by People’s ‘source’, the so-called friend. Rachel’s reps pay to have them turn up and take their pictures just as they pay JJ to feature her on this site. This is so desperate Hollywood.

    Hmm…maybe they think the additional media attention will be good publicity for the fact she’s actually landed a part in a film (a turkey, but still…).

  • crazy

    Hayden Christensen And Rachel Bilson Bring Out The Fake Romance Thing Again

    With both of their careers barely hanging on, Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen have decided to enlist the help of Kneepads to make people think they are dating again. Of course using the word again would imply they were dating previously. Which they were not. Come on. Really you two? Can’t you just find someone else and be real? Rachel, you must have guys ask you out, so go out with them. I promise they will give you as much publicity as this showmance. And you, Hayden, come on. If you need some publicity go sign up for some Star Wars conventions. That would generate as much interest as you coming out of Rachel’s house some random morning. It is not like paps stake out her house so it had to be you or her or one of your people who called People. See, how that last sentence worked? Well, I thought it was cute.

  • crazy

    Ted Casablanca’s The Awful Truth

    Are Rachel Bilson and Hayden Christensen Friends or Are They Friends?

    In its uncanny style, accompanied with all the emotion of a Beverly Hills housewife’s face, People declared that Rachel Bilson and her hunky ex-boyfriend Hayden Christensen are back together and “dating again,” according to an unnamed friend to the former O.C. actor.
    People goes on to gush that Bilson and her onetime fiancé Christensen, whose career seems to have taken on a distinctly unblockbuster taint after his Star Wars flicks, “aren’t hiding it, either.”
    This statement was backed up by the fact that Hayden was recently seen leaving Rachel’s Los Feliz house. Well, we have unnamed sources, too, girlfriends, and this is what one close to Hayden has to say:
    “Yeah, they still talk. They still see each other. But are they back together?” asks the (also handsome) pal to the extremely handsome Canadian actor, “I wouldn’t say that, exactly.”
    So what the hell does that mean, exactly, we pressed.
    “Let me just put it this way: In a time when Jake Gyllenhaal is going on ice cream dates, yeah, Rachel and Hayden are back on, and they’ll get married, too!”
    For real?
    At this point, our not-so-tight-lipped Hayden chum got sick of our questions and suddenly zipped it. Hmmm. Did we press too hard?
    Or better yet, does anybody really care here? Hey, we love romance and breakup (sex) stories just as much as the next lovesick reporter, but we’re just asking!
    Anne Hathaway, would you like to start off the discussion? You did so well with Jake.

  • crazy

    Rachel Bilson should apply her famewhore energy into something worthwhile

    About four months ago, I didn’t really have any strong feelings about Rachel Bilson. I thought she was cute and harmless and boring, and likely engaged to a young actor who beeped significantly on my gaydar (Hayden Christensen). Then, seemingly all of a sudden, Bilson was an old-fashioned, Paris Hilton-type famewhore. She was going to the opening of an envelope, walked every red carpet, and making sure she got herself pap’d every other day. Along the way, she and Hayden split up and Rachel somehow played that into even more “candid” paparazzi shots and appearances at fashion shows, random gossip pieces and red carpets. And before you say “She wasn’t calling the paparazzi on herself” – please. Like anyone would give a sh-t enough to say “Hey, I hear MOVIE STAR Rachel Bilson is going to be walking her dog today!” She’s not Angelina Jolie. She’s not even Jessica Biel. She’s like a less talented Ashley Greene, and that’s saying A LOT. Anyway, what did all of this famewhoring get her? A part in a movie. With Kate Bosworth. And Bosworth got top billing. Yeah… it really doesn’t seem worth it.

    Anyway, People Magazine has a stupidly suspicious piece about how Rachel and Hayden are back together now.

    So what’s this about? Did they both come to the understanding that two irrelevant people somehow make a barely relevant couple? Is this some kind of famewhore negotiation process, where they’re both just in it for some extra press? How about this: instead of calling the paparazzi on yourself week after week and getting your publicist to plant items in People, you just get some work and focus on it. Keep your head down and work on your craft. What’s that? Your “craft” is walking red carpets and pushing stories about who you’re hooking up with? Maybe she should even leave Hollywood for a year or two, and go do some stage work, or even charity work. Oh… wait. Famewhoring is all that Rachel is capable of, right?

  • crazy


    Thanks for letting us know
    That they’re back together. An article appeared on citing a “friend” of Rachel Bilson’s who told the magazine that she and Hayden Christensen, having broken off their engagement a few months ago, have reunited.

    It was considerate of her/them, non?

    Last week Christensen was photographed leaving Bilson’s house by a lone pap. The photos are exclusive to one agency. So the lucky dude just happened to be sitting there, casing the joint, and snapped those shots. Coincidence or conspiracy? Too easy!

    Bilson is currently shooting a movie with Kate Bosworth. It’s an independent film, one I’m sure you can’t wait to see, called My BFF’s Baby. Pictures are coming off that set every day. And now her ex-fiance is back in her life. What, exactly, does that leverage? And how does she know that Bosworth or Biel won’t take that away from her…if, frankly, there’s anything to be taken as it applies to the three of them, which, in itself, is a rather unlikely prospect.

  • George W

    Where’s the dogcatcher when you need one????

  • unreechy

    The friend of the (h)actress (BilHO) is actually her pr guru/s… that’s why anything/everything for the press shout-outs; it would be “always” coming from her.Nevertheless, it’s nothing new & no big deal at all as… w/ or w/o the be@rd drama going on – they would still be “”burn down into pieces”" just like old times – trust.

  • unreechy

    And obviously that some of HC(sic)s credulous fans had been “PRANK” by his/their latest antics. As this one goes “after” the promos & showing of his smorgasboard Takers (giving him a “clean slate” after the so-called break-up thing) & hers w/ just a week (dvd) movie shooting of her another obtuse Summer role… so over & over again – it’s simply -Extremely Predictably Calculating-.

  • sidony

    Oh Douchel, how your big brown-doe eyes eternally & silently SCREAMS for desperation & stardom to the end!

  • bonnie

    No sane manager or agent would allow his client, especially a barely working one, to be overexposed in this manner.

    The Rachel fans who refer to people who criticize Rachel as haters and jealous do not understand how detrimental this misguided press exposure can be to her long term career prospects, if she manages to have one.

  • total loser

    she looks ugly. period.

  • love it

    love rachel. she is so elegance and just beautyful. and she has a lot of money – don’t care haters! :) rachel you rock. want to see news hayden+rachel pictures :)

  • sara

    I have always disliked the stringy hair. She needs a stylist STAT.

  • Bridie

    Hair? It’s not even worth to be called that…more like a dead rat sitting atop her head. Ugh… And, sorry to day that, but these skinny jeans are not flattering at all. Huge stylist-alarm here!!!

  • lexy hates bilson

    CAA is a business and they would not represent this loser!! They have bills to pay and Rachel’s “work” can’t pay the cleaning people there.
    Of course she’s back to shopping. She and Hayden are back together so she’s got his money to spend. Like I said, the credit card companies are thrilled they are back together – HER acting jobs can’t pay the bills!! !

  • blairite

    @ #6 – I bet he hasn’t even been back to her house since being “caught”…

    Haydeign’s “shame-alert” must have been attacking him once again. He probably not as media-thick-faced as Rashchel is but just as the same; “repulsive”. Y’ know, he’s always been like that for most of the time; per press engagement or press dis-engagement – “just & always-missing-in-action” & trying hard to save face as a “conniving tool” from all the media-play that his mini INsignificant other always instigates.

  • Alias

    These 2 are definitely better apart. She’s actually started to have a career during the time they broke up, and Hayden actually looks happier and healthier than I’ve seen in a long time, add to the fact of his surprise box office success in Takers and those ‘critics’ out there who say his performance in Vanishings is his best since Shatterred Glass. So WTH are they doing back together?!!! He won’t move to Cali and she won’t live in Canada, does anyone really think that’s going to change??!!

  • Annie

    Sooo? When’s the straight to DVD premiere for this sour lemon of a movie? If I’ve got some time to kill I might watch the first couple of minutes of it when it leaks onto Chinese Youtube just so I can laugh at how bad it is.

  • ida

    “hard at work”

  • Tabitha

    It’s sad when the reporters can see that this is as crooked as a politician and very orchestrated. The fact that there was only 1 photographer not a herd of them at her house spelled set up. Then this is some kind of desperate attempt again to sell her. Then when HC own ppl claim it’s only a friendship as they have talked in the past or seen each other occasionally. You see who’s PR is working this now she is out ring shopping how low can a woman be to go back with a guy wanting a new ring what’s wrong with the old one? Are we to expect that each time these two cut each other loose it’s for Ms. Stupid to get a ring out of the deal! JJ save us the indigestion learn what is a PR sham instead of asking ppl stupid questions like do you think they should date, or how do you like RB’s look. Really…really do you want to know the honest answer here I think not.

    Hair brush RB get one along with a cut and dye job.

  • Abby

    @love it: All your comment shows is that you’re either a kid or an adult who really should go back to Primary school to learn how to write and spell.

  • Alias Has The Facts Wrong

    Takers was not a box office success. I don’t think it even made enough to cover the total budget. It was a stupid film and coming right after it was another heist film called The Twon which has does extremely well and got good critical notices. If a critic said that Hayden’s performance in Vanishings was his best since Shattered Glass then you know that is Not. Saying. Very. Much. He’s done a long string of critical and/or box office failures since ROTS and can’t crawl out of the hole he dug for himself with Bilson in Jumper. Hayden’s acting range runs the range from A to B and where he used to project a sort of darkness under his formerly angelic good looks (which was mysterious and appealing) he now just looks like a befuddled prematurely middle-aged has-been. Just look at his face when caught by the papparazzi outside Bilson’s house. He looks like an aged teenager caught masturbating in the backyard and he’s even clutching his pants with both hands. We know he’s not thinking of Rachel when he does it because for almost 3 years we watched him look bored/irritated/nauseated standing next to her and we never saw the slightest big of genuine affection come from him to her EVER. Zero chemistry. Its known in HW that Hayden is gay and this thing with Rachel is a bearding arrangement that looks as fake and forced as its possible to get. You know Rachel can’t wait to start playing hide and seek with the new ring she will buy herself and calling the papparazzi even more, teasing them about weeding gowns and wedding plans. This press attention is what she lives for. He has nothing better to do so he plays along. Beyond Hollywood desperate.

  • Alias

    @45 aka Failed at math
    Budget – 32m
    Gross Revenue – 63, 541, 869m I
    I guess there’s a lot of stupid people who watched this film, just like there’s a lot of retarded people like yourself who doesn’t know WTF they’re talking about!!

    Do some research before you call me out, you fking moron, and your rant is your own pathetic personal opinions and bias on his relationships, nothing based on any facts.
    Let go of the hate you have toward RB & H, if not STFU!!

  • Brightside

    Haven’t you realised yet that it’s not about the number of comments….it’s never been about the number of comments. It’s about the amount of money that RB’s agency pays him to put up these posts on her. And, seriously, although it’s as annoying as hell to have this bandy-legged pipsqueak of a d-lister so over-represented on this site for doing what boils down to a small amount of nothing, you can’t blame JJ if people are going to chuck money at him for promoting their no-hopers and their no-hope projects. It’s easy money and I would be tempted to do the same if I were in his position.
    Still, it’s damn annoying…especially when she’s joined by the Bogsworth.
    Mind you JJ gets twice as much money for the same post if he features both of them…..*sighs*….that’s the way it goes.

  • Tabitha


    Takers hasn’t made $63K where did you get that # from? it’s still trying to make it’s $60m mark here in the US. The movie has to make 3x the amount of it cost to cover the budgets & loans. It hasn’t done that as of yet. Check out Variety before you claim ppl are wrong. Variety is the most reliable source you can get.

    35. Takers Sony Action $57,570,732

  • Tabitha


    Takers hasn’t made $63K where did you get that # from? it’s still trying to make it’s $60m mark here in the US. The movie has to make 3x the amount of it cost to cover the budgets & loans. It hasn’t done that as of yet. Check out Variety before you claim ppl are wrong. Variety is the most reliable source you can get.

    35. Takers Sony Action $57,570,732

  • Alias is Ridiculous

    In film the cost to shoot doesn’t include reimbursement to backers and bankers for lending them the money to shoot because they get first dibbs on any profit it makes. Then there are points to cast and crew that take profit after the bankers and investors and that’s where the 3X shooting budget comes from. Takers hasn’t paid for itself yet and there is no sequel planned unless a film makes money after all the parties with investments and points make money. Sequels rarely do a well as the first film. The Town did a lot better on every level and Ben Affleck is a far better actor and filmmaker than HC will ever be. If RB wasn’t continually given jobs by family and friends in the business that she didn’t have to compete for she would never work. Her being called a cheaper lesser version of Ashley Greene is so true and there is no lower rung for an ‘actress’ to be on. HC has been called wooden and expressionless (except for crying and whining) in every role he ever did and the ones he was supposedly good at were ones where he whined and cried or sulked and raged in turn, the marks of a really bad actor. If Lucas hadn’t given him the job in Star Wars he would now be a former child star now working as an urban professional in Toronto with a townhouse and a nice boyfriend/husband. Look at him now and ask what kind of a favor was it to cast such a rotten actor with almost now skills but amazingly blindingly pretty in the most sought-after film role since Scarlett O’Hara.

  • TPL

    My open letter to H.

    “It’s obvious you’re playing a game here. It’s obvious that you got back in touch with Rachel and told her you may want to marry early next year. What you did NOT tell her is that the only reason you’ve contacted her is to get her to participate in a reconciliation IF things don’t work out between you and I. You want to make sure you can “burn” me in case I reject you when we meet this December. Right? “