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Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!

Bikini-clad BFFs Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler celebrate Thanksgiving together while vacationing on Thursday (November 25) in Los Cabos, Mexico.

WATCH: Chelsea interviewing Taylor Swift

“It’s Thanksgiving,” Chelsea tweeted earlier today. “And I am thankful for my dog, my boobies, and my life. Happy thanksgiving to you and your boobies.”

15+ pictures inside of Jennifer Aniston and Chelsea Handler‘s Thanksgiving in Mexico…

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174 Responses to “Jennifer Aniston & Chelsea Handler: Thanksgiving in Mexico!”

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  1. 101
    anna Says:

    wow..I hope I still have a body like jen’s when I’m 41..well, I’m 18 and I don’t even have that body now! It’s impressive!

  2. 102
    saira Says:


    Katie, what are you babbling about? Uou can’t seriously believe that crap about Angelina not celebrating Thanksgiving. And for your information, the Jolie-Pitts spent Thanksgiving with Brad’s parents’ 2 years ago.

  3. 103
    nakedoldjennifer Says:

    I can’t stop laughing this 45yoa botoxed hag-Jen not Chelsea,she’s 53-
    is sooooo predictable!! my goodness what a boring witch!!
    2 ugly women pretending to have fun

  4. 104
    sera Says:

    Thw wo ho’s deserve each other. I don’t get all the hype about JA body. She looks a little heavy to me and as for CH. She is just gross nside and out.

  5. 105
    T pain Says:

    Chealsea is entertaining to people because she makes a fool out of herself everynight on her show and it makes her look stupid and ignorant..she thinks people are laughing when her when in fact America is laughing AT her, She is this generation’s Joan Rivers. THey also share a striking resemblace to on another, which of course is not a fattering thing..

  6. 106
    Daphne Says:

    So…if we happen to like Jen and Chelsea it is viewed as ” negative comment” ???
    And I thought that was reserved for anything derogatory about the Jolie-Pitts! You are weird, Jared

  7. 107
    Michelle Says:

    Wow that’s pretty pathetic.. That’s all I’ll say.

  8. 108
    Miller Says:


    Well, all you have to do is never give birth, eat the same salad everyday for the rest of your life, exercise 4 to 6 hrs everyday, take male hormones, snort coke to decrease your apetite and spend a butt load of money on plastic surgery and viola, you too will have a stubby legged, squared torso physique.

  9. 109
    Janet Says:

    All right Chelsea, you are ” team aniston ” but why offend you the children Jolie Pitt? That have you they made? Really, I have to be the last one to know that Jennifer and Chelsea are friendly ! I am very disappointed because I realize that Chelsea did not make that without back thought! She certainly has to discuss it with Jennifer! And all people whom this woman often offends in her show? What is what Jennifer Aniston and she offend them together seen that they are friendly? I think so and that is why ever I shall not look at a movie of Aniston even if I liked her !

  10. 110
    laurie09080 Says:

    Jen is doing great personally and professional. Angie and brad are losers and fake. Brad career is in the tiolet and looking old. ANd angie is crazy

  11. 111
    Rio Says:

    Jennifer is pure HOTNESS!!!

    More Jen!!

  12. 112
    @laurie09080 Says:

    Avoid saying this kind of thing ! For the next years, the name of Brad Pitt is associated with 16 film projects
    ! And Angelina Jolie has numerous current projects: her movie which she realized, Serena, Maleficient, Unforgiven, Cléopatra, Kay Scarpetta, her mysterious project in France and she could even been Liz taylor! Then stop telling stupidities, at the moment Jolies Pitt rock !

  13. 113
    Jones Says:

    Courting Handler’s friendship proves Aniston is callous, petty and unforgiving. If Aniston clearly has “moved on” as she has claimed on numerous occasions, she’d distance herself from Handler. Aniston had better watch out. Her association with Handler will turn her into even bigger tabloid fodder than she already is.

  14. 114
    Marieme Says:

    At first I was like, “Huh??” Then it hit me who else wants to spend time with these two? Lol. Can you imagine being forced to have a conversation with either one? Bitchy on one side and airhead on the other. Ugh.

    Hope they are very happy together!

  15. 115
    lisboa Says:

    OMFG, the 2 fugly hags & their flatulence!

  16. 116
    Anny Says:

    @Marieme : The conservation would be on the botox, Jennifer’s courtship, the gossips in Hollywood, and the Jolie Pitt! They would say a lot of nasty things on their claimed better friends in Hollywood as it is so well to make Chelsea!

  17. 117
    Surprised Says:

    I do not dare to imagine of what would think the mother of Brad if she saw that Jennifer is friendly with a woman who offends her great children!! It is sure that the circle of acquaintances of Brad and Angelina is going to say it to them! And there, I think that if Jennifer does not pay attention, all the friends of the Brangelina are not any more going to feel sorry for her and as Brangelina have more weight in Hollywood than Jennifer, her risks to be made more enemies!

  18. 118
    yep Says:

    @Jones: wow! david letterman has made worse jokes than this woman. these ladies have the same pr person and both are single. so no one can be friends with david letterman, conan, leno and etc… jen doesn’t tell chelsea what jokes to do and neither does chelsea tell aniston what movies to make. just because your life might center around a star doesn’t mean others do! i am sure they are talking about men, clothes, food and etc… lol!

  19. 119
    Opinion Only Says:

    So are they lovers??????????

    And the person that said Brad’s career is in the toilet must be a child. Brad owns a very successful production company that has produced multi-million dollar box office receipts and academy awards. So unless it’s a project dear to his heart or just one for fun for the kiddos, Brad never has to act in another movie for the rest of his life. Same goes for Angelina.

  20. 120
    need answer Says:

    @yep : How explain you that she speaks badly about children Jolie Pitts who have nothing to do with this story ? How explain you that she speaks badly about Angelina Jolie ? during Tuesday night’s taping of her show Chelsea Lately, the host took aim at Angelina Jolie…just mere moments before guest Jennifer Aniston came out. I find them disgusting because as friend if it is my private life and if I do not agree with you, I shall ask you not to speak about it (Angelina Jolie), would be what only when I come to your show! And if you are my REAL friend, you will not make it. As a matter of fact, Jennifer aniston thinks exactly as Chelsea otherwise they would not be friendly.

  21. 121
    Get Real Says:

    Why didn’t they spend Thanksgiving with their families, don’t they have any? This clearly shows what kind of people they really are. Even their own families do not like them. Why should we?

  22. 122
    Isa Says:

    @yep : Say I what you want but when we are friends, we can say everything to itself and when I see these photos, I notice that they are good friends thus Jennifer knows very well that make her friend but does not tell to her to stop. if she had really forgotten (how she said it in the interviews), she would have told her to stop and her real friend Chelsea would have stopped ! By letting offend Jolie Pitt, Jennifer approves the approach(or initiative) of her friend. In more if they go to holidays together, I suppose that they are of very great friends: consequently, me who liked Aniston knows that now, I wonder if she is as well respectful as she says it

  23. 123
    Jones Says:

    @yep – Aniston’s association with Handler clearly shows she’s in full compliance with the vulgar tone Handler consistently takes towards Brad and Angie’s family. It’s tacky and classless and it makes Aniston look callous, petty and unforgiving (as I mentioned in my first post). It also proves she hasn’t moved on as she claims. This is the reason she better be careful cavorting with little Miss Gossip Queen. It might come back to bite her in the a$$. As far as your comparison to Letterman. Please. Not even worth commenting on. Letterman has been a late-night talk show host on both NBC & CBS nearly 30 years. Handler has a crap show on E! ‘Nuff said.

  24. 124
    truthteller Says:

    Jolie and Brad are hideous human beings who allow Jen to be bullied at sites like this one. Haters on here are creeps and JustJared is being paid by Jolie.

  25. 125
    Truth Says:

    @truthteller : Jennifer so trusts her that she makes the error display with a so resentful person as Chelsea and you accuse Jolie Pitt of financing JustJared??? But it was rather necessary to tell to Jennifer not to lie to us that she is well and forgot everything and forgave to have later the stupidity to go to display with Chelsea, the one who offends the kids of the others, the stars, the blacks and the Russians! That she does not sell us an image of the perfect girl who loves everybody because her fans even if they always love her take a blow with images similar.

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