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Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' with Mom Tish!

Miley Cyrus: 'So Undercover' with Mom Tish!

Miley Cyrus walks to the set of her film So Undercover side by side with her mom Tish Cyrus on Tuesday (December 14) in New Orleans, Louisiana.

The 18-year-old entertainer’s mom, who is serving as a producer on the flick, just flew in to check up on her daughter as well as the production.

The day before, Miley was all smiles as she headed to set despite the controversy of the recent video that leaked of her smoking from a bong.

10+ pictures inside of Miley Cyrus being visited by mom…

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miley cyrus so undercover mom 01
miley cyrus so undercover mom 02
miley cyrus so undercover mom 03
miley cyrus so undercover mom 04
miley cyrus so undercover mom 05
miley cyrus so undercover mom 06
miley cyrus so undercover mom 07
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Photos: INFdaily, GSI Media
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  • keyli96

    she looks really pretty

  • zaraaaa

    you can have all the money in the world…but “money can’t buy you class”—girl is just plain white trash

  • zaraaaa

    oh yea so is her mother

  • melody

    Like mother like daughter! One word: TRASH!

  • Youh Youh

    And the haters are trashier and loser and ugly like their mothers :D

  • C

    People who take the time to talk s h i t about those they don’t know are even trashier. I know I am being hypocritical, but really, it is just plain pathetic to sit behind your computer and say this horrible stuff. But the difference between most of you idiots and myself , is that you probably don’t have the courage to say these things face to face.

  • Molly

    if everyone cared.

    The world would be a better place, I don’t think you have to care about everyone but at least care about their feelings. I don’t like a lot of people but i still care about their feelings. Putting someone down for there looks, size, weight, weirdness, whatever else you can put someone down for, is stupid. Calling someone ugly or trasy and even a w h o r e does what? I mean what exactly do you get from saying those things? Is it really that hard to be nice? If you wanna be mean, do it in your head. Think it to yourself and no one would get hurt. I hate people who belittle people just to make themselves look big and bad or tough. Seriously, that doesn’t make you any better, it makes you weak. If someone is ugly, then ok? If they’re trashy, then what? if they’re slutty, then what? Calling them names does nothing, because at the end of the day, their still gonna be them and your gonna look like a ass.

  • kelly

    Leave her alone, I’m 17 years old & I grew up watching Miley. Although we have discovered that yes, she is not as innocent as ‘Hannah Montana’ is portrayed, she is still a girl and has feelings and a heart. I, myself can say that I have never experimented with drugs in my life, but what you have to understand isthat everyone has a reason for what they do. Miley is going through a rough time right now with her parents divorce and though that is no excuse to do drugs, it doesn’t make it okay for people to sit behind their thick little computer screens after a long and stressful day at work and take your own insecurities and bash others. Thank ya

  • Rebecca

    seriously, her mom should be punishing her, and miley needs to make a statement about how worng she was and how sick the video is! Ive lost ALL respect for her, in fact they both make me sick!!!!!!

  • Paris

    I feel like Tish is the one who lets her get away with everything.
    Can you not control your daughter?

    America is making fun of her and it’s your fault. She is just a child and it’s your responsibility as a parent to make sure things like this don’t happen. I feel bad for Miley.

    Seriously. It’s time to wake up. There is a time for being a friend to your child, and a time for being an adult. Tish needs to realize that. Stupiddd.

  • Rebecca

    @Youh Youh: agree!!!!!

  • Rebecca

    @Youh Youh: o shut up, doing a bong is not ok, grow up!

  • Rebecca

    @kelly: does not make it ok, what she did was worng, and just because everyone else does it, does NOT make it ok!!

  • Rebecca

    @Molly: @kelly: does not make it ok, what she did was worng, and just because everyone else does it, does NOT make it ok!!

  • Rebecca

    @Paris: sorry, these were all suposed to go to different post, im so so sorry!

  • Rebecca

    @Molly: “your gonna look like a ass” take your own advice, dont call poele names!

  • lala

    Yes, Miley is indeed now a young woman, not the little girl who we all grew to love on Hannah Montana anymore, but she NEEDS to make a statement about the bong video, at the very least. She knew that becoming a celebrity, especially on the Disney Channel, would bring her many fans, but more importantly, young ones. She also knew that every move she made would be documented and publicized, whether by paparazzi or supposed “friends”, and viewed by these young fans of hers. Regardless of the fact that she is a teenager and will do stupid things, just like the majority of us have, she’s in the spotlight and therefore needs to think things through more carefully before she does them, and take into consideration the fact that young girls all over the world will be watching. I can’t say I know how it feels to be a young starlet growing up the way girls like Miley has in front of a lens their entire lives (which I think is wrong, in and of itself), but I can imagine it’s rather difficult. Having said that, that doesn’t give these girls a get out of jail free card to make the choices they do..they should be acting like the role models they’re made out to be rather than the nutshells they’re turning out to be.

  • Warren

    Miley looks great. Nice pics with her Mom, but wonder when she last saw Dad?

  • Molly

    @Rebecca: Did you even read what I said? I wasn’t calling people names since I wasn’t even commenting on anyone specifically. I just said that if you are talking bad about someone, you are the one who is going to look like a terrible person.

  • brenda

    Parents, teachers, people who are actually in the child’s life should be the role model. NOT someone who most likely will NEVER meet you child. If your child does something or changes who they are because of a celebrity, than you failed as a parent. The problem with today’s parents is that they are relying on celebrities and fictional tv characters to raise their children. They are not letting their children know the difference between the person, and the character they play on tv. Parents today also are not open with things which, make their children more inclined to do something reckless behind their back. My parents were very open about drugs, alcohol, even sex. Talked to me about it several times, not just once. They took the time to to talk about what the repercussions I might have if I did certain things. Guess what? Never once did I try drugs or alcohol. Not even when I had peer pressure or when I saw my parent drink in front of me. I was safe with sex. They didn’t have to worry, because they actually put in the effort to teach instead of sheltering.

  • Mileywho?

    O please she plays herself in every movie! she keeps on trying to get a great role
    she wants an Oscar (dream on miley) she needs to go back to Tennessee

  • Warren

    @lala: Remember Hannah and the great carrot revolt? It seems it is the same with the real Miley as Salvia sales have went through the roof , so they say. A lot of things on Hannah Montana were spot on and like the show, Miley should really make some kind of statement that fans should not do everything she does. Hannah said it!

  • Chris

    @Lala, don’t expect any comment from Miley about the “Bong Video”. She’s done nothing wrong, broken no laws, and just because she sings, writes songs and books, acts and dances for a living doesn’t mean that you own her, control her or can have any legitimate expectations from her other than that she do her job to the best of her ability. I do get a bit peeved at her when she sings off key like she did at the AMAs, but what she does in her own home is none of my business and it’s certainly none of yours. (I will cut her some slack on the AMA performance however, since I’ve heard she had a bad cold, and I know she had a Microsoft concert the day before that she had to do outside in freezing weather. )

  • Julie

    She looks gorgeous here; glad to see mom and daughter appear to be close.

  • …..

    When will people realize that Miley never has, nor ever will have authoritative parents in her life? Her parents don’t give a crap about what she does. The only reason apologies came before was because she was tied to Disney and had parents and parent groups on their asses at all times of every day. Also, because she was a minor.

    She’s technically an adult and what she was smoking was supposedly legal. Billy Ray attempted an apology and while they may be somewhat disappointed, it won’t result in any sort of punishment or anything. She’s had no direction, no one’s ever said “no” to her. She’s worth millions, she’s the famous one and her parents, who act more like bratty children, ride her sh!t. Her dad is a bumbling idiot, and her mother’s a wh*re. Why does anyone expect her to be mature and make good decisions in her life when she’s had THOSE people supposedly “raising” her?!

  • Lynn 1951

    Please, I had a child and was pregnant with my second by the time I was Miley’s age (and no I did not have to get married, my son was born 10 months and 7 days after I got married).

    In the life she has led and her parents situation now, it is to be expected that she is behaving way beyond her years. Hopefully she will settle down and be alright. Stop gloating, gossiping and hoping for a trainwreck; you may be better for it.

  • K

    All people need to leave Miley alone. Im 17 going on 18 and I have been a fan of Miley since forever. Miley is not that 12 year old girl that we first grew to be a fan of on Hannah Montana. Parents if Miley Cyrus has influenced your child instead of you, you have been a bad parent. Parents if what you think Miley is doing is so inappropiate dont let your children watch her on television. Miley is no longer a part of Disney. I think that is why people criticize her every move because people still see her as Hannah Montana.

  • mariah

    do young girls try to act like their parents/teachers/others who are potentially much better role models than celebrities? Get real, Americans place so much emphasis on the media it’s almost expected that teen celebrities practically raise children. Is it fair to young celebrities? Absolutlely not. Is it sad that many parents don’t even pay attention to what their children do anymore and allow them to idolize people who barely know who they are themselves? Very. Howwever, that’s the situation we’re in and celebrities best realize that.

    And ik what Miley did is legal, but does that make it okay?

  • Warren

    @Chris: R U kidding? To a celeb IMAGE is everything. Why do you think there was an apology for the Vanty Fair pictures and later an apology for other things from Miley herself that sometimes she makes mistakes? And why did her peeps try to cover up the bong video? A lot of stars have fallen because they pissed off their fans even with just a political or religious view. I will always love Miley, but I know for a fact that she lost tons of fans just 4 being too sexy. And I love that Miley always sings live and what kind of person would get mad if she has an off day? I don’t remember anything that bad with her singing ever and I was at the concert where she got sick.

  • emilie

    It seems like her mum would rather be a friend to Miley than an actual mother.
    I wouldn’t be laughing and smiling if i found out my daughter was doing drugs.
    Her mum and dad should get their shit together.

  • …..

    @Molly: you’re an idiot for not being able to differentiate between “their” and “they’re.” oh, and miley’s an ugly sl-t. truth hurts, moron. :)

  • Afysel

    @brenda: you are so right,parents dont want to help their kids but leave it to actors.parents are supposed to be role models to their children..i love miley but am not mad ‘cos she’s human,and her smoking dosent mean she’s a bad person,wonder why someone would hate someone they have never met..just goes to show how much hate you have in your life..what a pity

  • Jenna

    Here come the new Lohans! Dad is a douche, mom is a slut, and Miley is a product of both.

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Burn mily cyrus

  • Maximum Miley

    Thanks for the nice post on Miley., she looks amazing and beautiful.
    People need to get over the bong video, that is something the public should have never seen and due to the age we live in and her stupid friends it was made public. Miley is human , she made a mistake, haters need to get over her and find something else to do with their time.
    Parents can’t depend on celebrities to show their children how to live.rather than worry about what Miley is doing, do something positive with your life..If you are a fan , that is one thing but haters have no need to read or comment about her. Miley never claimed to be perfect, she will come through all the stupid controversy a better person for it. Miley gives Millions to charity ea, not to mention the time she donates to it as wel. she does a hell of a lot more positive than negative. People need to back off Miley (the media included) she is only 18, she is is learning as she grows as we all do. Anyways , anybody who would want to try Salvia after seeing her do it needs serious help. the media made the point it is not illegal (which is ridiculous) she would have been better off if it was weed. I love Miley and her family, people should give them some space during these hard times for them.

  • laverdadduele

    Every time you see a screwed up kid, take look at the parents. It all starts at home.

  • Wendy

    Can you say Dina Lohan? Version 2….

  • Krystle


  • mmmmmm