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Adam Lambert: I Wanted Power Wheels for Christmas!

Adam Lambert: I Wanted Power Wheels for Christmas!

Adam Lambert brought the house down at the Y100 Jingle Ball in Miami earlier this month! caught up with the 28-year-old rocker and learned about Adam‘s holiday traditions and plans! Check it:

JJ: What was the best gift you received growing up as a kid?

AL: Early childhood, the Skeletor’s capital Gray Skull — the He-Man action toy. It was amazing, because it had a little microphone in the back with reverb so when you would talk into the mic it would make you sound like you had a haunting voice. It had a skull in the wall where you could move the mouth while you talked. It also had a little page where you can put the action figures with a slime reservoir on top, so you could slime them. I was really into that.

JJ: Was there a gift that you wish you had, but you never got?

AL: I always wanted those cars that you can actually sit in and drive in. The plastic ones like the Jeep, but I wanted the Corvette one of course — not to mess with Jeep, but I never got one.

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JJ: What do you want under your Christmas tree this year?

AL: I’m not sure. I know it sounds a little bit corny, but I’ve been away for the past 6 months so honestly I think that spending some real time with friends and just kick it and hang out and feel normal, and that’s it.

JJ: Awesome. Are you on the naughty or nice list this year?

AL: Little bit of both. I like to straddle the line you know? Little controversial.

JJ: Any family traditions?

AL: Just drinking a lot of red wine and eating and laughing.

JJ: Who does the cooking?

AL: My dad can cook, my mom can cook, maybe I’ll try my hand in cooking this year.

JJ: Do you have a favorite holiday dish? Or a favorite dessert that you guys eat?

AL: No… again, that red wine is really the holidays to me.

JJ: If you could design an ugly Christmas sweater, what would you put on it?

AL: I would put a reindeer in overalls or something, giving you something so urban like “Yo, ho, ho” — something stupid like, gangster reindeer rap.

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Photos: Justin Campbell
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  • Batsheeeet

    You 2 queers should date

  • Kaz simply amazing! Pretty!!!!!!!

    Adam so cute!

  • laverdadduele

    I wish Adam would stop kissing other guys during his performances. He’s a very talented singer and doesn’t need to play the slutt_y card.

  • Shania

    Awe, I wanna buy Adam teh little balck corvette now! LOL! Love this guy!

  • Txt

    Adam has most beautiful eyes!!!

  • LVC

    Adore Adam! Thank you Jared ♥

  • Mel

    I had a pink Barbie Jeep…and then my fat neighbor sat in it and broke it the day I got it.

  • http://t4miracles Marilyn

    Keep writing about Adam and I’ll keep coming back. : )

  • scc

    Aw I love adam

  • Josh


  • Josh


  • anonymous


    The kissing isn’t slutty; it’s sexy and adorable all at once! Plus, most fans love it. It’s only a small part of his performance. Something for everyone.

  • Adam

    Good job adam

  • TC

    @laverdadduele: why do the pearlclutchers keep coming to sites about Adam? GTFU. I’ll take a slutty Adam over idot whinny bigots who are traumatized by a kiss any day of the week.

  • Lonl

    Adam is a great person i love it.

  • jackie

    yup my sister had the pink corvette but i was the one who would drive it. then it broke but we still used it like a skate board. pretty good times. i want adam underneath my tree along with my tv husband joe flanigan (yes, im a sci fi geek) . great interview!.

  • Starr

    Does Jared even know that Adam is Jewish?? All these questions about his plans and memories re: Christmas!!

  • Jessie

    How adorbs! Love him.

  • Madhatter

    @ TC

    ;) Hey, I wear pearls (I live in Boston) and I think this kid seems cute!
    I don’t know his music, but, I love that he’s always smiling while rocking his punk look. Rather than that Momsen girl who is always pouting and comes across like she’s trying too hard.

  • http://www. V

    Happy (almost) X-Mas!!!!! ;D

  • scc

    @Starr: you can still celebrate christmas. I do and I’m not christian. I think his dad does. His mom is jewish.

  • Starr

    @scc – Adam is 100% Jewish. Both his parents are Jewish. And while you certainly CAN celebrate Christmas or any other holiday, the majority of Jews DON’T, and it appears from Adam’s answers that he didn’t or doesn’t. It seems kinda funny to me that Jared asked all these questions about Christmas, and Adam never acknowledged that he’s Jewish!

  • Lindsey

    He’s so cute!

  • Jennifer


    Adam’s mom is Jewish, not his dad. His dad tweeted the other day about going Xmas shopping.

    Adam has made it clear in the past that he doesn’t celebrate Christmas, but they did celebrate Hanukkah growing up. He’s just being polite here, and not making a big deal out of it. He might be referring to Hanukkah or even birthday presents here, just to be polite.

    FYI one of his best friends, Alisan Porter, is fully Jewish and said that she loves Christmas and celebrates it, and Adam and his mom went to the Porter’s on Christmas Eve last year.

    Thanks for the post, Jared! I love coming here and seeing new articles and pictures about Adam! :)

  • Leila

    Well I’m Muslim but we still enjoy the cards, the holidays and stuff.
    It is a public holiday all over the world.

    Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it :)

  • Leila

    Well I’m Muslim but we still enjoy the cards, the holidays and stuff.
    It is a public holiday all over the world.

    Merry Christmas to all those who celebrate it :)

  • Starr

    @Jennifer – You might be right about his dad, and I agree that Adam was just going along with it. It just seemed weird that question after question was asked about Christmas, and he didn’t mention that he’s Jewish. Esp. with the “Christmas tree” question – why not say he doesn’t have one?

  • Dera

    @SCC – cute interview! I love his interviews as much as I love his performances and his impeccable voice. I’m not Christian either but living in this country for most of my life it’s hard not to celebrate Christmas. Sometimes for the ones that aren’t Christian when people ask us questions about it we don’t want to say that we don’t celebrate it cause we do but it’s not like the way our Christian friends celebrate it. But I should say I enjoy the holiday seasons more than my own Christian friends. It’s less stressful. Plus each year I get a lot days off and bonuses. So I look forward to the perks I get at the end of year. I’m sure Adam enjoys visiting his close friends and family members after his hard work and successful Glam Nation tour for the past six months. Since it’s called season of giving, he’ll give and get love from people who are close to him. As he says “Money, Fame, Fortune, and even Sex don’t mean anything if you don’t connect”!

  • http://NONE ROLANDO


  • Dakota


    Oh my gosh!!! You do not enter Adam Lambert fandom casually. I used to be a normal person, school teacher, mother, wife, etc, now I am obsessed. Adam has the most incredible voice in the world, is funny, humble, really smart, kind, and always pushing himself to both excel and please his fans. It has been almost 2 years now and I see no sign that my admiration for Adam is fading. Come on in, the water’s fine. We welcome new recruits.

  • seaflea

    Thank you for interviewing Adam…he is PHENOMENAL!!!! love him sooo much!

  • Jo

    GGaaaaahhhhh HE’s JEWISH JEWISH JEWISH. For The LOVE of God people do your research BEFORE you interview a famous person.. and HOW completely inconsiderate to ASSUME someone celebrate’s Christmas.
    Adam shouldn’t have to acknowledge it because interviewers should KNOW. It’s not a big secret. He’s gotten sick of telling every damn person who asks him bout sh*t like this so he doesn’t.

  • Julia

    I adore him. He is so talented, funny, wonderful and sexy. <3 him!!!!!!

  • scc

    @ROLANDO: I don’t think his dad is christian.

  • Antonio

    He is so cute¡¡¡¡

  • HappyHolidays

    December 25th was celebrated in ancient world as beginning of winter. The only tree that was green at the time was pine. So people of ancient world decorated this pine tree and celebrated the coming of new season. Since birth of Christ wasn’t known exactly when it happened (some researchers are saying it might have happened during March) after Christianity came out of its obscurity about 300 years after his birth. Christians at the time picked December 25th as his actual birthday celebration. But in reality December 25th is celebration of new season. So I don’t see anything wrongwith non-Christians celebrating this day. I’m not Christian but I do celebrate this day for a mere fact that my ancestory goes back to the ancient world and regions of this ancient world still celebrate this day even though they aren’t Christian. They just celebrate and welcome the coming of new season.

  • Paulie

    As a fellow child of the 80s, just a correction for Adam. Skeletor’s hangout was Snake Mountain. He-Man and the good guys hung out in Grayskull. I had both playsets!

  • elbeemy

    @Jennifer: ADAM is so sweet. He is Jewish who never celebrate XMas, but like any NONChristian people, i think he meant that he celebrated “get together” holiday time and gifts exchange and enjoyed the holiday spirits that many Christian people are into. He does not discriminate anyone or anything….That makes him MORE LOVEABLE isn’t it ??

  • Butter_Fly

    Whether he celebrates or not I liked this interview and loved his answers!

  • ali

    @Starr: No, he’s half Jewish. His mom. He’s made it clear several times. Remember The View “My dreidle spins the other direction”. by example. he’s just too polite to make a fuss over it and Jared DID say “holidays” most of the time.

  • Macy

    Me too!!! I only love it when he sings and struts his ass but NOT watching him kiss other men on stage!!!!!! Get a room Adam!

  • allyr

    @Starr: No, he’s half Jewish. His mom. He’s made it clear several times. Remember The View “My dreidle spins the other direction”. by example. he’s just too polite to make a fuss over it and Jared DID say “holidays” most of the time. Read his dad’s tweets about going “christmas shopping”. Stop making a fuss, people.

  • hi

    Aw… how sweet. OMG I love those pictures of him :) Especially the one with the blue stockings :P He looks kinda awkward there (but adorable)
    Love his outfit!!! BTW, are you people seriously gonna argue about his religion? :)

  • Annie

    Love any interviews of Adam. He makes them all interesting, no matter the question.

    Thanks Jared for the Adam interview!

  • Sandyra

    Um, the guy is Jewish. Christmas? Do your research before you ask him such a question. Adam graciously ignored that faux pas. He knew what you meant.

  • Sandyra

    According to the Jewish tradition, if your mom is Jewish, you are too.

  • Starr

    @ali and/or allyr – Re: “my dreidel spins the other way!” – he wasn’t talking about his religion!! LOL!!

  • coondog

    he has such beautiful eyes…rocker makeup or not.

    Also, a very nice normal and down to earth guy- nothing plastic or fake like some singers or actors

  • boston61


    I agree. He is a skank!!!!! He is the poster boy of self hate.

  • Jokergurl

    I like those pants, seriously they look good on him with the black blazer and that black hair :)