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Angelina Jolie & SOS Children's Villages Announce Legal Fellow

Angelina Jolie & SOS Children's Villages Announce Legal Fellow

Angelina Jolie and SOS Children’s Villages have named Nathalie Nozile as the first Jolie Legal Fellow!

Nathalie will serve as an attorney concentrating on the protection of Haiti’s most vulnerable children and serve as a special assistant to the Haitian government.

“I am thrilled that Nathalie Nozile will be our first legal fellow in Haiti – where the need to enhance child protection is so great,” Angelina said. “Nathalie has a heartfelt commitment to improve conditions in her homeland, and brings to her work the unique perspective of growing up in an SOS Village. There, she learned firsthand the importance to a childhood of a stable and nurturing environment. Now, as a promising attorney, she will draw on her personal experience as she returns to help strengthen the Haitian judicial system.”

“Nathalie Nozile is a force…just wait and see. She will be doing many great things,” Angie added. “She represents the best of Haiti. She is an extraordinary example. I am proud to know her and extremely grateful to have the opportunity to work with her.”

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Credit: Chris Polk; Photos: Getty
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    Good job Miss Jolie !

  • horsewhisperer

    I’m so grateful to have Angelina in our world. She walks the walk.

  • wow

    Thanks Jared.Love Angelina.

  • hahhys

    awh, just the kind of thing angie would do :) what a kind, happy and beautiful woman she is :)

  • beautiful

    Angelina is a beautiful lady.Thanks Jared.

  • Susie K.S.

    Ms. Angelina Jolie will go down in history as one of the most
    generous & caring Hmanitarians on Planet Earth.

    kudos Angelina & Mr. Pitt.
    I am honored to be an admirer and a fan.

    (if the rest of Hollywood can be just 1/10 this caring to the needy)

  • sav

    Beautiful Angie!!!!!!

  • nakedoldjennifer

    Keep up the good work AJ,
    God bless Ms. Nozile with her efforts in SOS and to restore Haiti’ infrastructure.

  • http://Ta Dunchan alex ^_^ cute

    Why she hate people ? Hay hay hay relax relax

  • saywhat?

    Angelina was very knowledge about the need for getting a birth registry in place in Haiti and the infrastructure together to protect the children and all people of Haiti. Bless her for thinking of the legal needs of protecting the children. Nathalie Nozile is awesome for returning to her country and helping her “brothers and sisters” at SOS. Haiti.

    Thanks Brad and Angie for all you do for SOS. World Wide, including SOS.USA and everything around the globe. The Jolie-Pitt Foundation was founded because Brad and Angelina chose to help others instead of helping the paparazzi fiends and tabloids. No wonder they take so much grief and have revenge hurled at them. Rock on, Jolie-Pitts…rock on SOS and Haiti.

  • lady

    This woman is amazing.

  • Lara

    So beautiful, but more importantly, always thinking of the most vulnerable in society and actually doing something about it. Bravo Angie, and the very best of luck to Nathalie.

  • sav

    Angie is one wonderful person who has awareness of what is important in life. Her commitment to social justice is impressive. It is nice to see how she encourages young and intelligent people from Haiti to return and help their country. Angie is a smart woman loved by Brad Pitt.

  • lurker aka angel

    God bless her she is just awasome

  • groundcontrol

    Absolutely wonderful expansion of Angelina’s work with the legal community in assisting unaccompanied refugee minors in the US.
    Kudos to Angelina for continuing to explore and find myriad solutions to assisting the world’s most vulnerable successfully navigate this world.
    Kudos to Nathalie Nozile for her commitment to a meaningful legal career and congrats on her graduation.


    ..and made even more cool by the fact that Nathalie is an SOS child herself, how inspiring for the children to see that. :)

  • cool

    That is in their guest house which is now their office space.

  • thebookconquistador

    @Cool How do you know? Just curious….

    Great job to Jolie and what an exciting job for Ms. Nozile!

  • French girl

    Good Job, angie !! Jesus bless you.
    She is gorgeous.
    This dress seems like TT’s dress ???

  • 1 Week Passed..

    ..and Ang was not in the spotlight OHH NO !
    so pathetic

  • chocochips

    She had Haiti and the vulnerable children there on her mind. What a caring woman. Good luck to both her and Nathalie N.

  • The Irony

    I would luvs to havs one them doughnuts on that table that thems two fame HO anorexics havs no interest in …..ungowwa
    —– hungry Haitian.

  • !!!

    Haterz/trollz, start growing a HEART for a new year’s resolution. Then you might get to feel what real happiness is.

  • Those Knees !!!

    BONEY…………………….eat skel

  • Cristobal


  • t.m.delafonda

    Every time that I hear about Angelina or Brad’s humanitarian projects I am so proud to be one of their fans. While other stars are just as active on the humanitarian front, none can compare to the efforts of the JP’s. They constantly give without fanfare, asking for nothing, just doing, and, due to their work many people have begun to give, as well. In fact many stars did not even care about the problems that affected others around the world until they saw the notoriety that came to Brad and Angelina because of their giving. Now, there are many who give simply for the recognition it brings, but, some who give for the personal satisfaction, who have found a “calling”, if you will. This is what inspires me and what I most admire about Angelina and Brad. They always amaze me with their generosity.

  • Madhatter

    That lady with Angelina is Beautiful!
    Most people forget how attractive actors are- even the “character” faced actors- until they are photographed with average people.
    But, that woman is outshining even The Jolie! (at least in that photo)

  • vickifromtexas

    God bless them both.

  • xoco

    #24BONEY…………………….eat skel
    haters aka x fans always talk about physical = stupid
    Angie fans always talk about substance = clever
    That is the difference

  • Angelina FAN

    I suck up all Angie’s PR releases with a pink sillystraw…yum.

  • Ms. Nozile’s Giant Ring

    when I points dis giant ring at the Haitian govament theys going to have Mother Angie’s voice in theys head and hand over all the childjuns for adoption

  • Ruth

    I am not a fan of AJ but admire her humanitarian work enormously. She and Brad do a tremendous amount for so many people around the world and deserve praise for this particular project which is so important for Haiti.



    What a wonderful young woman. Her philanthropy is so targeted and well thought out and progressive. I was interested in seeing this week that Madonna is changing her approach in Malawi to much more mirror what AJ does.

  • Maddy

    She has always gone above and beyond Hollywood, before most of you people even knew her. Since 2001 she’s been invloved in these causes, not after her and Brad became an item, like you all claim. She there ya have it people. She’s legit.

  • busted

    I have to say I really applaud Angelina..

    When she was interviewed in Haiti she spoke about how important it was to have legal counsel for the children displaced. Especially those that have been separated from parents that have been lost in the Earthquake.

    We have seen how those children can be exploited when they don’t have an adult to stand up for them.

    She does what she says. And she obviously has obviously continued her support for Haiti and the SOS children Villages all over the world including the United States.

    BRAVO Angie.. Sad that fools can’t see the good through their nasty hate. But the children this will help outweighs all the nasty that idiots will post.

  • sindyisdatchu

    who she be ths natalie nozile???wat she be? where she coms at???
    n yu guys loves angelina too oooooooooooooooooooood damn much

  • andamentothat

    Fantastic.. WTG Ange!

  • honey

    Nathalie Nozile is beautiful and obviously smart. Good for her!

  • Issa

    Unstoppable in her (Angie) charitable work. Always thinking of others, especially of children from less fortunate families. Kudos to both ladies, Angie and Natalie. Lots of success in their efforts. Hope they don’t encounter bureaucratic snags. Love to Angie, Brad and their babies.

  • sav


    Here is the old JJ link where you can see Brad and Angie`s home.

  • hopeso

    Celebrity….A Legend in the Making. Glamourous, Mysterious. Angelina Jolie….Celebrity, Humanitarian, Mother Good Will Ambassador… Yes all that and she works tirelessly for the disadvantaged.

  • groundcontrol

    This picture was taken in one of the mid-century houses Brad pruchased for a song and had completely redesigned. They use it as an office and for interviews, receptions, etc. There are pictures of Angie with Marianne Pearl in this house.
    You can also see it in an old Jared thread and arpound the net. I think I have the original magazine that featured it.
    It is NOT their residence which is in the larger craftsman house with the many level roofs.
    It is a fabulous redesign.

  • info

    This picture is taken in the library of Brad’s Los Feliz home. The craftsman style house they live in while in LA.

  • E. Matiated

    Does anyone stop to think that if Ang doesn’t eat soon there will be no Angelina Jolie charitable orgs.?

  • info

    groundcontrol- my bad. Are you saying that this library is not in the main living quarters? Is this area right next to the big craftsman style home we see from aerial views?

  • emaloony2

    pix is taken at hollywood hills guest house cum office. JPs live in Los Feliz which is a hop and skip away.

  • groundcontrol

    # 45 info @ 01/13/2011 at 3:41 pm 0

    groundcontrol- my bad. Are you saying that this library is not in the main living quarters? Is this area right next to the big craftsman style home we see from aerial views?
    That’s right. This library is in another house on the compound. I think I may have spotted in in one of the aerial photos of the compound but I’m not sure which one it is in relation to the main Craftsman house which is actually their residence.
    Some of the aerials were taken when the houses were under construction and have blue tarps over the roofs. If you look at the modern house this picture was taken in on Jared’s old thread you can probably figure out which building it is in relation to the main house from a more recent aerial. But there are other mid century ranch houses ont he compound and nearby not ont he compound. Plus one of the larger mid-century houses Brad purchased was long ago sold to his chief of security who must live on the compound or next to it with his family.
    The Architectual Digest ( I think it was AD) that featured just the landscaping of the compound was spectacular.

  • interestingly enough

    Ang is a fan of Stickley Furniture..hee

  • Glee

    WHAT A WOMAN….God bless her and Brad the their six.

  • thelookoflove1365

    Happy New Year to all the fans, well late but…
    Angies’ commitment to disadvantage childre/people is really commendable. While some people has their PR release some BS about their shallow life, Angie just keep on doing meaningful and life enhancing decisions/actions.
    Cheers to you Angie and goodluck!