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Golden Globes Winners List 2011

Golden Globes Winners List 2011

It was a big night at the 2011 Golden Globe Awards held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel on Sunday (January 16) in Beverly Hills, Calif.

The Social Network, Glee, and The Kids Are All Right were some notable winners in tonight’s big event. In case you missed it, we have all the winners right here.

Click inside for the full list of winners…

Best Motion Picture, Drama
The Social Network

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Drama
Colin Firth The King’s Speech

Best Motion Picture, Comedy or Musical
The Kids Are All Right

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Drama
Natalie Portman Black Swan

Best Actor in a Motion Picture, Comedy
Paul Giamatti Barney’s Version

Best Televison Series, Comedy or Musical

Best Director – Motion Picture
David Fincher The Social Network

Best Supporting Actress in a Motion Picture
Melissa Leo The Fighter

Best Actor in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Jim Parsons Big Bang Theory

Best Actress in a Television Series, Comedy or Musical
Laura Linney The Big C

Best Foreign Language Film
In a Better World

Best Supporting Actress in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Jane Lynch Glee

Best Screenplay – Motion Picture
The Social Network

Best Actress in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Claire Danes Temple Grandin

Best Actor in a Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Al Pacino You Don’t Know Jack

Best Actress in a Motion Picture, Comedy
Annette Bening The Kids Are All Right

Best Animated Feature Film
Toy Story 3

Best Original Score – Motion Picture
Trent Reznor, “Atticus Ross” The Social Network

Best Original Song – Motion Picture
“You Haven’t Seen the Last of Me” Burlesque

Best Television Series, Drama
Boardwalk Empire

Best Actor in a Television Series, Drama
Steve Buscemi Boardwalk Empire

Best Supporting Actor in a Series, Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television
Chris Colfer Glee

Best Miniseries or Motion Picture Made for Television

Best Actress in a Television Series, Drama
Katey Sagal Sons of Anarchy

Best Supporting Actor in a Motion Picture
Christian Bale The Fighter

DID YOUR FAVORITES win a Golden Globe?

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  • HCE

    I knew that Natalie Portman would win awards ever since I saw her in “The Professional” years ago.

  • Diane

    Portman’s speech was PAINFUL. Creation and creating? Please stfu.

  • Kim

    Congratulations to all! :)

  • Vicky

    I love Glee but please Chris Colfer did not deserve it.

  • Anita

    - Inception was robbed TWICE for music n best pic
    - The Chris guy from glee – i dont think he should have gotten it but i think they gave it to him cos of the “whole gays getting bullied” thing
    - Best song should have gone to Xtina for Bound To You but hey atleast Burlesque won a golden globe.
    - The Social Network was so overrated it unbelievable. It was good but it wasnt THAT good Ugh! the fact that it won for best score over inception just makes me sick. and it just makes me hate TSN even more.
    - #FreeRicky lol

  • yep

    congrats to all!

  • Me

    Inception TOTALLY SNUBBED! I just can’t believe it, The Social Network is nice but not all that, poor Nolan! GG is becoming ridiculous as all the awards lately!

  • sanjaya

    while i did enjoy social network, i think Inception had a way better original score

  • Celia

    Natalie Portman’s speech was nauseating.

  • Carly

    A HUGEEEEEEE Congrats To Jane Lynch, Chris Colfer & Glee For Their Golden Globes But An Extra Congrats To Colin Firth For Doing It For The Brits :D I’m From London And I Am Sooooo Proud And So Happy He Won A Golden Globe – Next Stop: THE OSCARS :D

  • Brazilan xixa

    Christian Bale
    Is so hot!!!!!
    Hope hes wife takes care of him tonight
    If not i can!!!

  • to HCE

    Well, isn’t that special.

  • yep

    did i miss the picture of catherine zeta jones and michael douglas? it was wonderful seeing michael! i was so happy for him! and for her!

  • Lisa

    Happy that Katey Sagal got recognized.

  • Brightside

    You go, Natalie…you deserved it. I applaud you. Big congrats.

  • salar bil

    where the helll is the award for bound to you ? for miss aguilera?

  • AJNano

    @Anita, as much as I LOVED and ADORED Inception, TSN deserved to win. I don’t want these prestigious award shows to lose their ways and start selecting films with not as much meaning and themes. Inception was great, but wasn’t as ‘meaningful’ as TSN.

  • Abigail

    I screamed like hell when Natalie Portman was announce the winner. She deserved it. Go Natalie!! You rock!!

  • Katherine

    Congrats to everyone especially Natalie! Inception should have won Best Score! The Social Network was a good movie. It deserves best screenplay and director, but I disagree with best picture and score.

  • Madhatter

    Natalie Portman’s dress was painful. WTF on the flower?
    As far as her acting: I really hope they don’t give her the Oscar. I will never be able to forget or forgive how bad she was in one of those Star Wars movies.
    Whenever I think of her, I always remember this one scene where she and Anakin were on a balcony and it was so bad we started cracking up in the theater because the acting was SO unbelievable. Like a bad Soap Opera actor…

  • e

    Worst speech ever.

  • ash

    christian bale and melissa leo!!!

  • wtf

    Ricky Gervais Bombed out.
    He was rude and insulting and no one was laughing.

    Natalie deserved to win. Her performance is outstanding in The Black Swan.
    Her speech……eh….

    I love Colin Frith
    J Depp should have one something….too hot for words.
    If Angie and Brad hate these things why do they bother going?
    No idea.

  • wtf

    WON something, sorry….tired.

  • lucy

    Diane @ 01/16/2011 at 11:43 pm

    get used to Natalie making a speech. she just may end up winning the oscar for best actress. so no, dear, she will not sfu.

  • curious

    what’s the big deal with Glee?

  • gerald

    Are you kidding me? Glee? Argh. And Cher, you never sounded better than Christina. This is sick. Congrats to Natalie and Colin though. Thay both deserve it.

  • Julie

    Natalie’s dress is ugly and she must’ve just learned to act. Because she has sucked in everything else.

  • carmensakura07

    Wow, I am so happy.
    I’m glad that Glee won! I am also really happy that Chris Colfer & Jane Lynch won too~! They totally deserved it! Congrats to them!

    Congrats to Natalie Portman too~! I think she really deserved, she’s one hell of an actress!

    OMG, Toy Story 3 won?! That totally made my day! Toy Story 3 definitely deserved it! GO TOY STORY 3!! Congrats!!

    Too bad inception didn’t win a thing. I thought they would….so I’m a little sad and disappointed there. Other than that, I think the everyone deserved their awards! Especially the one that I mentioned here!

  • Atrium

    So Glad Natalie won
    I Really Wanna Oscar 4 Her
    the Time is Perfect

  • Slig ^_^ cute

    Why winner?

  • e

    I was so happy to see Natalie Portman, Colin Firth, Jim Parsons and Toy Story 3 win their awards, they were my favorites.

  • Macchiato

    really glee best comedy ??? the first season maybe but the second one is just NOT good

    yeaaiijj toy story :D

    and i´m getting REALLY mad with the INCEPTION thing have the f@+*ing
    award people EVEN SEEN the film ?????????!!!?

  • lelah

    the acting in the movie is average, anyone could do as good or better, (anybody can act like a crazy biotch) I think she got the award just for being the flavor of month, and , with her acceptance speech what happened to all the class & harvard uppity schnuppity?

  • K

    I am bitter over the fact that Sofia Vergara and Modern Family didn’t win in their nominated categories…besides Chris Colfer Glee is won big overrated piece of $#*!

  • lw

    she inspires a lot of vitriol in people, which makes no sense to me at all. she’s pretty, sweet, and dorky (her laugh is adorable). she was magnificent in Black Swan – as she was in the movie with Jake Gyllenhaal and Tobey Maguire and Closer and The Professional.

  • http://virenne Virenne


    I totally agree with you. The Social Network is indeed way overrated. Inception is way better, like 100x better. I fell asleep watching social network, in less than 15 minutes which is a brand new record for me. I also think the best song should definitely go to Hans Zimmer. I can’t complain about Natalie Portman, she was stunning in Black Swan.

  • Liv

    Inception was really really robbed, but I’m glad Toy Story 3, Natalie Portman and Chris Colfer took their prizes.
    People doubting Chris should see him on Glee, he is an amazing actor and by far the best in his series.

  • ashlynn

    Inception > The Social Network for Best Score…….seriously……..

    Also, 2 nomintations for both the Tourist and Love and the Other Drugs? Did they run out of films to pick actors from!? Not that they were badly acted, but surely there must have been better out there from 2010/11!

  • Letisha Malcolm

    Yes Nat you won i am so glad

  • vale

    what about johnny depp? nah 9 nominations to golden globes and just 1 won in 2008 for sweeney todd?, sure is a depp boicot like the academy awards he’s the best actor in the world and havent a academy sh*ty award LOL XD this is just being ridiculous the best part he hates go to this sh*ty events and didnt care an stupid award everybody knows he’s the best LOL XD including leonardo dicaprio hasnt an academy award and a golden globe? he’s too one of the best actors, so what’s up? the best actors arent labelled WOOOW amaazing xd

  • Robert

    I love little Nat, she is so pretty

  • ciro


  • Anthony

    Her smile was so quite, and her laughter was so weird, but something that was so captivating at the same time

  • Anthony

    so cute, I love her weird laugh, so captivating but weird